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By Keith Ablow | Comments: ( 377 ) | Date: ( Jun 04, 2020 )

The trial of twenty five year old Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter Caylee was the most sensational case in America since O.J Simpson s with a verdict every bit as stunning After being acquitted in July 2011, Ms Anthony instantly became one of the most infamous women in the world Dr Keith Ablow distills tens of thousands of pages of documents he has obtaineThe trial of twenty five year old Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter Caylee was the most sensational case in America since O.J Simpson s with a verdict every bit as stunning After being acquitted in July 2011, Ms Anthony instantly became one of the most infamous women in the world Dr Keith Ablow distills tens of thousands of pages of documents he has obtained, his behind the camera, one on one interviews, and his decades of experience in the world of forensic psychiatry to make sense of a woman whose defense attorney described as an innocent victim of childhood sexual abuse, but the state insisted was a cold blooded murderer Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony delivers an incisive, riveting way of understanding this troubled young woman.

  • Title: Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait
  • Author: Keith Ablow
  • ISBN: 9781250009142
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Keith Ablow

Keith Russell Ablow is an American psychiatrist, New York Times best selling author, and television personality.

Comments Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait

  • Ruth Turner

    Read January 2014The title dragged me in. "A psychological Portrait." Yes, I thought! This'll be a great read, I thought!Wrong!I didn't like the book for many reasons, the main one being that Keith Ablow didn't interview Casey Anthony, or any of her family. Difficult to get inside someone's mind if you don't speak with them. Or so I would think.Another thing that put me off was the description of Casey giving birth in George's presence, with him "staring at his daughter's vagina." This was menti [...]

  • Lori

    Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portraitwouldn't you think, by that title, you would get some insight as to what psychological issues Casey Anthony faced? Wouldn't you think you, from an author who is a forensic psychologist you would get some actual psychological theories as to why the players in this case acted the way they did? You would think, wouldn't you? But no, Keith Ablow, M.D. plays a lot of "in my imagination Casey is thinking this" or if I had been there this is how [...]

  • Stephanie

    1.5/5If you haven’t heard of Casey Anthony, then you’ve more than likely been living under a rock. She is a young single mother who was accused of killing her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008, although the jury determined she was “not guilty.” I don’t buy it, for even one second. The evidence against her is astounding, and I was sickened when I heard she was let off. Anyway.Keith Ablow is a very famous forensic psychiatrist turned author. In this book, he examines the cas [...]

  • Terri

    Dr. Ablow tells a very fascinating portrayal of Casey Anthony's psychological makeup, trying to explain why she acted the way she did and told all the lies she did. The thing is, he never once spoke to her. He uses documents and interviews to base his analysis. I think a lot of it is probably accurate, but I also think a lot is conjecture. Essentially, he believes that all of Casey's behavior is the result of the pathology of her parents, particularly her mother, Cindy. He repeatedly asserts tha [...]

  • Dalonna

    message 1: by Dalonna - rated it 1 star 1 minute agoAccording to Dr. Ablow you could not sum up Ms. Anthony as your typical sociopath, because she tried so hard to be liked by everyone, she was so wounded by her oppressive, controlling mother, sexual abusing father and molesting brother, that she buried all reminents of her own self as a defense mechanism. She became a camillion who would be compliant and angelic, all the while she lied, stole and killed without compunction. He coined a new psyc [...]

  • Julie

    The information about her family history was interesting but I got tired of the metaphor about there being no oxygen in the family home and Casey psychologically dying in childhood. The first time I read that it was fine but it was repeated so many times that it became repetitive. Also the description of Casey giving birth in the presence of George was appalling the first time but it was referred to so many times I felt like saying yes, I know I remember! I also could have done without all the t [...]

  • Erika Nerdypants

    I really didn't like this book, and can't believe I even finished it. Nothing like his case study on Scott Peterson. To begin with, Ablow acknowledges that he was unable to interview any of the Anthony's, and yet, he professes to know them and their relationships with each other very well. Most of his writings are pure speculation, and there are parts of the book where he freely admits that he is giving people "fictional" responses. His disdain for Casey's parents comes through over and over aga [...]

  • Francine

    Not worth reading. But I read it cover to cover 'cuz I was looking for more information about the Anthonys and a life that would make one kill their child then get a Bella Vita tattoo; talk about crying every night over the loss of a daughter, then quickly segue to the cute boots and bomber jacket Casey Anthony wanted to buy when she got out of jail. It's a lot of psychobabble and rehashing of the same stuff. This author didn't do much research into the case.

  • Dolores

    Most of this book happened in Ablow's mind not in reality.

  • Amy

    Oh boy! This book . Oh I don't even know what to say. I gave it 2 stars because it was mildly interesting, but really, if I had it to do again, I would skip it! To start, the book seems very "thrown together". There is no real time line, it jumps back and forth. Things of little consequence are repeated again and again. It just seemed like a rough draft to me. The author asserts his opinion more than anything. I guess in this case it would be necessary for a substantial sized book, but this was [...]

  • Rebecca

    This book is full of psychological Mumbo jumbo and I can't even fathom half of it is true. The author claims the Anthony family is so crazy because they do such and suchl the while I'm thinking "I know people who have done those very things and I do not think they are crazy". Well, I still think Casey Anthony killed Or had something to do with killing her daughter but this book did not convince me of that.

  • Alyce Rocco

    After finishing "Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait" by Keith Ablow, I did not feel I had gotten inside Casey's mind. Some of the book is interesting, especially the psychological parts, yet it was all conjecture based on author's interviews with "sources in several states", review of thousands of pages of legal documents, reviews of videotaped testimony, and many years of experience as a forensic psychiatrist. Ablow seems to crucify both George and Cindy Anthony. He pick [...]


    (From Barnes & Noble Overview)The trial of twenty-five year old Casey Anthony for the death of her daughter Caylee was the most sensational case in America since O.J. Simpson’s—with a verdict every bit as stunning. After being acquitted in July 2011, Ms. Anthony instantly became one of the most infamous women in the world.Dr. Keith Ablow distills tens of thousands of pages of documents he has obtained, his behind-the-camera, one-on one interviews, and his decades of experience in the wor [...]

  • Susanna

    From the forensic psychiatrist standpoint, Ablow wrote his view and discussed his analysis of Casey Anthony’s psyche. He traced back three generations of dysfunctional family history and credited the lack of “emotional oxygen” to Casey’s stoic lethargic behavior. He also expressed his theories in what has had happened and led to the demise of little Caylee. All the theories sound plausible. They all have their merits. The constants are 1) the dynamic of the Anthony’s household was noxi [...]

  • Amy

    I was wrong, the author is a psychiatrist. And I'm not entirely sure what I just read. He made a lot of inaccurate and bizarre accusations that he seems to feel justifies that Casey Anthony killed her child so her child would be safe. Ablow never spoke to or interviewed Anthony and there were parts of the book where he acted out what he believes Casey was really thinking or feeling in family conversations and during her interviews with the police--those bits were really out there. I am giving th [...]

  • Verna

    It was actually a fascinating peek into the mind of the author, Keith Ablow since he was basing his hypothesis about Casey Anthony upon nothing but pure speculation and imagination. While, there could be an actual case for Casey Anthony having "Identity Suppression Syndrome," we will probably never know because Ablow never interviewed her nor spent any time with the suspect accused of murdering her small daughter, Caylee. I tired of hearing Ablow repeating ad nauseaum his conviction that Cindy A [...]

  • Jane

    The first half of this book answered questions I had about the functioning of such a person as Casey Anthony. Dr Ablow went to the trouble to investigate the family that produced her back through three dysfunctional generations. Cindy Anthony's pathological powers of denial (to such a point that she never noticed her daughter was seven months' pregnant) are explained. I certainly have a new understanding of Casey now, even if I remain unsure about the veracity of sexual abuse charges she levied [...]

  • OliviaMyers

    I really liked the way he wrote and I was looking for just this type of book. At first, I disregarded this book because how could he have interviewed her or drawn any conclusion about her since she has never been truthful to anyone. Also, he never treated or worked with her in any capacity. He is a forensic psychiatrist whose job it is to piece together testimony and observations into a comprehensive whole, which is what was done here. His book is the first, in my opinion, that actually gives an [...]

  • Andrea Clark

    This book is a personal opinion not a psychological observation as far as I am concerned family interviews are included.This man was very obsessed with Ms.Anthony's father in the birth-room,insinuating sexual misconduct throughout the entire book,about the father and his daughter's vagina.Details are well explained in describing the case,yet unprofessional opinion ruins the whole book.I had to make myself finish this book.That is a very rare circumstance for me.Not recommended.

  • Meg Ulmes

    I enjoyed this book because it put forth a theory and then analyzed and supported it. The author wrote it in an interesting way, providing actual texts of interviews and conversations. I think that he made a lot of sense out of a situation that made no sense and resulted in the death of an innocent child--for which no one was held accountable.

  • Sarah

    It was an interesting read. Having watched the trial I knew much that was in this book except for the history of Cindy's parents. I didn't really like how the book pretty much blamed Cindy for everything. Cindy was the monster in this family and drove poor Casey to do something to Caylee. That's the direction the book went in and I didn't really like it. He also based his entire psychological profile on Casey being sexually abused by her father and brother. This was brought up as the opening sta [...]

  • Allison Relyea

    This book was really really good. I love stories like these - although they are sad and a bit creepy, i'm so entertained by them. This was the story of Casey Anthony, who most people know as the mother who killed her 3 year old baby girl. Now I remember a while back hating her, i thought how could anyone kill their own child? But after reading this book, my whole thought and opinion changed on Casey Anthony. The book is spoken from a physiological point of view, from a psychiatrist who studied C [...]

  • Rebecca

    Really not what i expected & pretty disappointing. I do not agree with some of what the author thinks happened & i think he put way too much blame on Cindy & George. Casey was a grown woman & yes she was most definatly living in a controlling dysfunctional family but many people do as well & they don't kill their child. Also i'd like to point out that she had no problem telling her parents especially her mom to fuck off on several occasions so why would it be so hard for her [...]

  • Diana Long

    I really debated with myself over reading/listening to this work because I was too emotionally invested in this real life tragic drama and felt let down when the verdict was read. So justice for Caylee after all, at least not in this world. I have read some of the negative reviews and most seemed to specify it being irrelevant as the main characters were not personally interviewed.speaking exclusively for myself, does it really matter since this entire family does not live in the real world and [...]

  • justablondemoment

    I remember when this happened and how it made me want to cry for the loss of such a precious innocent little girl. I got to say I didn't settle any questions I had over this case from reading this book. While I do believe Mr. Ablow has done his job with the research needed to write a true crime book, it felt like he was trying to convince me of how innocent she was and I'm not sure she is. Lots of people have bad upbringings. See the thing is she may not have done the killing of her little girl [...]

  • Beth

    As far as pure theory and conjecture goes, very interesting for people interested in true crime and psychology. I feel the book should have called "Inside the minds of the Anthony family", as Dr. Ablow makes a great case for the whole family being to blame for the death of poor sweet Caylee. If the good doctor is correct, Casey isn't entirely responsible for what she did. And yes, I said "what she did". I know she was found not guilty in a court of law, but that doesn't mean she was innocent - i [...]

  • Caitlin

    I enjoyed reading this book to find out details I didn't know about the Casey Anthony case and her history, but unfortunately that wasn't a big part of the book because the whole thing seemed like a giant, presumptive theory on the part of the author, Dr. Ablow. I have to say I wasn't surprised when I finished the book and read on the back cover that he's a contributor on Fox News. He seems very extreme and was also very snarky and annoying while I read. I disliked how he would butt in while rec [...]

  • Christina

    What I loved about this book was that I didn't feel as though Ablow was pressuring the reader to believe she's guilty or non guilty. He laid out the facts in a professional way, and let the reader determine whether or not, in your heart of hearts, you thought justice prevailed. I read this two weeks ago, and besides the small bits and pieces I knew or had heart about in regards to the Casey Anthony trial and disappearance of Caylee Anthony, I was surprised to discover how pathological the entire [...]

  • Marianne Jay

    From day 1 when I heard about this case and listened to George and Cindy Anthony speak - I was very bothered. I said that there was something dark and disturbing within that family. This book proved me correct.A lot of people did not like this book - I did. It was interesting and insightful. If Dr. Ablow would have been allowed to interrogate George and Cindy Anthony at the trial - I think more people would have believed as I did - that something very disturbing happened to that child - but I di [...]

  • J.M.

    This is just what the title says -- a psychological portrait of the woman accused (and acquitted) of murdering little Caylee Anthony. It didn't give any insight into the case itself, but it did provide answers to who the Anthonys are and why Casey might have acted like she did after the disappearance of her daughter and during the investigative phase of the trial. Interesting, especially for those who want to know the WHY more than the HOW or WHAT.

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