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By Atsuko Asano | Comments: ( 347 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

2013 NO.6 2 12

  • Title: No.6, Volume 1
  • Author: Atsuko Asano
  • ISBN: 9784062755238
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Atsuko Asano

Japanese writer

Comments No.6, Volume 1

  • Raffaella

    No.6 is a special story. If you're looking for a good psychoanalysis about human society, you're in the right place. If you're thinking to snob it because it's a light novel, you are missing out quite a bit. No.6 is a suffocating dystopian utopia: public transport runs on time, you get whatever you want as long as you have money, security is the most important thing and the people of the city are the happiest in the world, because they're so lucky to be living in such a peaceful place that compl [...]

  • branewurms

    Note: Read this as a fan-translation, available here. Eta: Previous person seems to have dropped the project, but there is another person still translating here, already half-way through vol 2.Good lord, these kids are broken. I'm going to have to disagree with the majority here and say that so far, I think this works better in the anime. Certain things just come across better - like Nezumi's drama-queening - but I feel like the book also is adding to my understanding of the characters and event [...]

  • Dia

    "Time ambles along.Everything changes.But I'll never forget."This is a review for he entire No. 6 light novel series. Shion lives the good life in Chronos, the elite part of his beloved city No. 6. This status was given to him during his birth after he certified with an extremely high IQ and likely positive future. Things are easy in No. 6; no crime, everyone's happy and well off, people treat each other with respect and kindness Virtually flawless. Everything is going right for Shion and his mo [...]

  • Inigomontoya

    1/5/2016Now that was a good dystopian. More to come.

  • Aleksandra

    I'm totally biased, as I watched the anime before and fell in love with the story and characters m/m romance that is adorable not in-your-face, what more can I ask for? I read a fan translation, THIS ONE, and I think someone did an awesome job there!Now, I don't think any of the materials related to this story are perfect (still have to read the manga); the anime- many people say the manga is better, the light novel- I do not think it's a genius-masterpiece, and in many instances it feels like a [...]

  • Serith

    This is a hard one to rate because I have never loved an anime series as much as No.6 But the novel just wasn't what I was expecting. I’ll start off by stating that the version I read was a fan-translation, so for this review I tried my best to ignore style and just see the content. Which is very VERY hard. Nearly impossible because what I did like in the book was shown better through the show, so it seemed pointless to suffer through the rough translation when I could just pop it on and watch [...]

  • Eri

    ~“And to take another guess, you’ve probably never read Molière, Racine or Shakespeare before.”“I haven't.” Shion didn’t argue otherwise. He was too overwhelmed.“Then what do you know?” Nezumi asked, running a hand through his wet hair. I read a fan translation which can be found here. Because of that, of course, I can't say anything about the language, but from what I could discern by reading the translation, it should be quite appealing.I mainly fell in love with this story be [...]

  • Jeannette López

    Vi el animé de No.6 cuando estaba en emisión y siempre quise 'echarle mano' a las novelas, así que he comenzado.Es el primer volumen y como tal tiene de todo un poco; nos sitúa en el universo de la historia, nos presenta a los personajes y nos da las primeras aproximaciones a los problemas que los rondan —con su justa cuota de misterio e intriga—. Creo que con todos estos elementos es un muy buen inicio. Si bien no nos llena de información si suelta bastante como para hacerse una idea d [...]

  • Oz Barton

    I actually read a somewhat crappy fan translation of this. However, even if the translation had been perfect it wouldn't have changed the terrible pacing or the fact that the characters spend a stupidly long time just sitting around yammering at each other instead of advancing the plot. The character/relationship development in this series is absolutely delicious, but it would be stronger if so much of it didn't take place in these long, talkative scenes almost completely devoid of actual plot.I [...]

  • Alexandria

    *Spoler alert*Devo dire che l’idea di una light novel distopica mi affascinava parecchio. Il fatto che fosse anche shonen-ai, mi ha letteralmente convinta a leggerla.L’ambientazione eccezionale (la città stato che impone sui cittadini un controllo assoluto, dalla nascita alla morte, obbligandoli alla fedeltà persino pronunciata nei luoghi di lavoro al timbro del cartellino, che controlla la posizione di ognuno tramite le card identificative, le case di tutti, tramite codici di allarmi e se [...]

  • Damiless

    Ya no puedo recordar la primera vez que tomé esta novela que está traducida por fans y para fans, claramente esto influye en cosas como algunos errores ortográficos, pero a pesar de todo no cambian ni alteran la coherencia del texto. Se me ha hecho muy corto y como era de esperar, tiene un corte abrupto muy propio y adecuado para hacer presentación a la segunda novela que comenzaré pronto <3 Estoy muy feliz en la forma como se presenta la trama y es algo que claramente nunca podremos apr [...]

  • Courtney Chua

    Read a fan-translation of this here. :)It's an interesting first volume as it really does peek your curiosity, both for No. 6 and Shion and Nezumi's relationship. The science snippets found here and there also does make my inner nerd very happy as well!The world-building is awesome and feels complete, but at the same time, how Nezumi breaks down No. 6's security is also very believable.What's good about reading the novel is that we get a more indepth view of what really goes on in Nezumi and Shi [...]

  • Torrin

    This book was hard. It's short and really basic. I think the problem is that it's bland. This is basically a setup book and I have nothing to say about it. A long series, so I'm hoping it'll get better. Or at least get the yaoi going. The character dynamics are probably the best part, but even that leans heavily on tropes. Didn't like the writing, but I can't say much since it's a fan translation.

  • ◕ ◡ ◕ Mayday ◕ ◡ ◕

    those little unexplained things you see in anime/manga are narrated here. Oh Karan is actually chubby mommy and Nezumi doesn't have long hair. That's more realistic, actually. and honestly, Nezumi is a jerk. the whole No. 6 drama reminds me of certain middle east conflict, why I begin to think about it when I read its light novel, huh?

  • Ellen

    that was good thank u beane

  • Ari

    Delightful! ^^

  • Yukiko


  • Audry

    - 2015 reading book challenge - a book (this is a light novel but still) with a number in the title

  • Summer

    “It latches onto the host, sucks out all nutrients and devours it whole. That’s the kind of city it is. A parasite city…”I really want to give this book 4 stars, but structurally I just can’t. I give you, as a novel originally written in another language, you have to understand some things just translate oddly. As expected with a fan-translated book, there are some pretty big errors. However, the translation is excellent for free a book and unprofessional translation. I have to give se [...]

  • Cal

    Love the characters, the setting is a bit generic as far as dystopias go which is why it loses a star. Of course I read the fantranslation as no professional translation exists, so I can't speak to that much, the translation I'm guessing favors being close to the original over being entirely natural, but that's okay and I'm really thankfully fans were willing to put the time into this. I hope it gets published here someday, I'd be really curious to see what another translation would look like.I [...]

  • Mary

    I really like this book, because it improved my point of view. It shows, that many things are not as they seem. I enjoyed reading it a lot and I still read it again and again, because every time I do, I feel somewhat relieved. It‘s an awesome story with grandiose characters and a wonderful kind of thinking. You won‘t regret to read it, and even if you don‘t like it, you will think more about society and your surroundings. If you already read it, I would like to know, if you can confirm my [...]

  • Liat Spector

    3.5 stars :)I absolutely love this story, but I can't give it more than 3.5 stars because the English translation is just too choppy for my taste hehe. But I still absolutely adore Nezumi and Shion, and this sci fi story never ceases to draw me in. I'm excited to read the rest of the installments :)

  • Princesswindy

    After reading the manga adaptation of this series, I was eager to obtain this novel and it truly came up to my expectations. With the voice and opinions from the main characters' perspectives, the story is more engaging and thoroughly explored. Furthermore, the chemistry between Shion and Nezumi is still so adorable. Definitely continue with this series.

  • adriennne

    very good. better than the anime, and the anime was real good

  • Innastholiel

    Ugh. I am in love.

  • R.C. Rejino

    Video review to come.-----------------“If arrogance is knowing nothing and never having tried to know, and if my blissful life until now has been built upon this arrogance, then sure, I don't mind throwing everything away. Falling off my pedestal would be the best thing that could have happened to me.”Since there is no official English translation (at the time of this review), I read the following story via a fan translation online. I picked up No.6 partially due to previous interest in the [...]

  • Jakob Foust

    Being a fan of the anime series that spawned from this series of light novels, I felt that I had to read it, to feel what the story was about in it's first form, rather than from the interpretation of the animators.The story is set into the not-so-distant future, after a war has destroyed our planet, leaving few livable areas. No.6, or the Holy City as it's sometimes called, is one of those areas. Surrounded by a massive wall to separate the technological utopia from the barely-livable outside b [...]

  • Bito Dang

    Hay, một phần vì đọc manga quá dở nên phải tìm đọc nguyên gốc light novel. đúng là đọc cái gì thì cũng nên đọc cái gốc trước. vì đó là tinh thần vì sao nó nổi tiếng.

  • Laura

    No era tan feliz leyendo una novelización desde Revenge of the Sith de Stover <3

  • Adilene

    4.5 extraño tanto estos personajes :')

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