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Under no circumstances are girls EVER to be allowed anywhere near dragons THE PENALTY FOR ANY GIRL CAUGHT BREAKING THE FIRST LAW IS DEATH Kira is twelve, and strong willed The daughter of a retired dragon knight, she yearns for adventure and dreams of following in her father s footsteps astride her own magnificent mount But this can never happen According to the stupUnder no circumstances are girls EVER to be allowed anywhere near dragons THE PENALTY FOR ANY GIRL CAUGHT BREAKING THE FIRST LAW IS DEATH Kira is twelve, and strong willed The daughter of a retired dragon knight, she yearns for adventure and dreams of following in her father s footsteps astride her own magnificent mount But this can never happen According to the stupid laws of the kingdom, she must be married by thirteen Kira hates it, but being a girl she has no choice Then Lord Dorcon arrives, in a whirl of destruction and fire and Kira knows the real fight is just beginning To stand a chance of seeing her family again, and to protect the life of her younger sister, she will need every bit of willpower she can find Let the battle commence.

  • Title: Kira
  • Author: Kate O'Hearn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Kate O'Hearn

She started her career in the fashion industry, spending several years working in the showroom of a large accessory firm in New York, then top management at the Calvin Klein corporation and then to Oleg Cassini in Toronto Canada From there she moved into film and television and finally into writing books There is a wonderful song that I feel best describes me I was born under a wandering star.This is true I was indeed born under a wandering star Coming from Canada, I was mostly raised in New York City Although we did live in other cities such as Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, San Francisco and several small towns along the way But I guess New York City was the closest I came to actually calling any one place home.For me, all these cities and places were one big adventure after another I can remember one particular occasion when my parents were moving us out west from New York to LA We stopped in Galveston Texas just after a hurricane had blown through Our hotel was on the beach, and right across the street was a large carnival that had been abandoned because of the storm Unable to resist the temptation, my three brothers and I snuck out of our hotel and entered the fairgrounds We had the whole place to ourselves The rides, the fun houses, games and prizes were all ours to play with What surprised us all the most was the popcorn still in the machines while seaweed, sand and shells covered the whole area Our time in that Play Park was a child s dream come true and one of my fondest childhood memories.It was adventures such as these that fuelled my active imagination and love of everything different So many times I would be in New York and walking down 5th Avenue, imagining that I was actually soaring among the city s canyons on the back of a wild dragon Then when we lived in Florida, we would go down to the sea and I was suddenly living amongst the whales Laughing and breaching in the sea heavy swells.Then driving through a west Texas night, a star studded sky was yet another undiscovered playground When we moved to England, and then toured Europe, I was exposed to all the exciting and rich history of the area So much so, that my imagination spilled over and I started to write And although I have had many unusual jobs and careers, it has always been writing that has given me the most pleasure.All these things came together in me They added to my love of reading and the fantastic stories my parents told us on our long journeys It wasn t long after that I was making up my own stories filled with strange and wonderful characters that I came to care deeply for.Now I want to share that pleasure with everyone Tell stories of wild adventures in strange lands but filled with people who are just like you and me And of families who face terrible dangers and come together as they fight for a common goal.

Comments Kira

  • Naomi

    Creo que retomar libros desde el punto en que los abandoné no es buenoPrácticamente había olvidado la mayor parte de la historia transcurrida anteriormente, pero necesitaba terminar ya este libro si o si.Para ser un libro infantil/juvenil el ritmo de lectura me pareció muy pesado, leía dos páginas y ya sentía la necesidad de abandonarlo.La idea me sigue pareciendo muy buena, simplemente no consiguió atraparme.La verdad no creo continuar con el segundo libro.

  • Ryan Grundvig

    This book is easily one of my top ten favorites of all time! It was the summer before 5th grade. I told myself I had to read at least one book before school started. I optimistically chose to read the Help yeah, like that happened. I had about one week left until summer was over, and I still had not read a single book! I finally just picked this book at random. It was one of the best random choices I've ever made! I fell in love with this book from the beginning, and stuck with it till the very [...]

  • Mags

    This was an amazing book. It shows the true power of family and team work. This book is just amazing.

  • Heather

    I could not put this book down. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a similar type genre to Brisingr and Eldest but I thought it was a much easier read and more enjoyable. Great for pre-teens on up. kidswantbooks

  • Christie

    I loved this book. The beginning started out a little slow, but by the time I finished, I couldn't put it down. I had been reading 1-2 chapters a night before bed. I got to the last 4 or 5, and I stayed up until 1 am just to finish it! I can't wait for the second book in the series to come out.

  • Arminzerella

    Kira’s country is ruled by a tyrant who has made it very inhospitable to girls. Because of a prophecy foretelling the downfall of the monarchy, the king has decreed that girls must be married by the age of 13 – or else (one of a series of laws restricting girls’ and womens’ rights). When Lord Dorcon arrives to draft Kira’s family for the war effort he intends to take her and her sisters to Lasser – a prison for unmarried girls (and other criminals). Kira and her younger sister Elspet [...]

  • Jessie

    This was a fun story and it will be a great series. Young readers will like it 5th- 8th grade especially. **stop here for spoilers*** Our heroine has grown up in a world where girls are not allowed many rights. We find out later that it is because the King heard a prophecy that a girl riding a dragon would kill the King, This made the King not let girls go to school, learn how to ride dragons, and they can't choose their own husbands, as well as they have to be married at a young age. This was w [...]

  • Lara

    Great book one of the best ive ever read love the bit when she gets her own dragon. Lord dorcon is so evil and lasser commons sounded horrible. Really recommend it!

  • Daniel

    One word. Niiiiiice.

  • Whiteraven191

    Short spoiler-free thoughts: This book wanted to be a girl-empowerment novel and failed hard. Tamora Pierce does this sort of novel 1000 times better.(view spoiler)[Cover: It looks like the cover to a terrible, low-budget, direct-to-DVD movie. Which isn't entirely inaccurate I suppose. The thing that bugs me the most about it is the girl. This novel is set in generic medieval fantasy Europe and the character spends half the novel living in a cave in the mountains. Why does she look like she has [...]

  • Carter W

    Kate O’Hearn is a amazing author that rights good fantasy books. This book really got me into reading her books, her books explain important details in life, “A girl can do anything in life a boy can do”. This got from my personal thoughts about this book. The book really get you going on deep emotional thoughts. This book is about a girl named kiri, and her little sister elspeth. In the beginning her mom died by murder by lord dorcon. Her dad goes to the palace and trains dragons for a li [...]

  • Sierra

    This book was epic full of unexpected twists and turns here and there that could somehow be a bandit or your friend or even a dragon! Like the other books by Kate 'o' hern this book was full of adventure and time together with faith with us as we gather around the nervousness and sadness and herded it away from me. From us.

  • Cathy or Gabe

    AmazingI can easily see why so many people say that this is as good as the Pegasus books. I can't believe just how addictive this book is and I can't wait to read the next.

  • Sydney

    I loved it so much but I do like the next book better than this one.

  • Santiago

    Este libro fue una total sorpresa , me gustó mucho,necesito su continuación ,recomendado para las persona que quieran un libro de fantasía no muy complejo con personajes increíbles.

  • Rhea

    Three stars isn't a fair rating. But I read this a couple ofyears ago when I was less experienced with the fantasy genre and I couldn't stop reading! I was reading this at the same time as Tamora Peirce's Circle of Magic, which was so boring, and to make myself finish CoM, I decided to "reward" myself with Kira.It didn't work.I guess I loved the idea, and the execution was addictive, and I couldn't free my self of the book's clutches so there you go. It deserves extra points for that.Now, I don' [...]

  • Frenchie

    Once upon a time, there was a day when we had very little time but still needed to pass by the Library. I told the children to grab a few books from the children's section. They just took books blindly from the shelves hoping that they had not read those already.Kira was among the books my children took. I have always loved dragons so, I started to read it. And I could not put it down. Kira maybe young, only 12, but she is brave and wise beyond her years. When a knight, rival to her father, atta [...]

  • Sharon Bhojwani

    WOW I certainly didn't expect to like this book. I pick this book from the library randomly without looking up reviews or the rating just cause the blurb looks interesting. The book starts of with Kira, a 12 years old girl who was to be engaged due to a bunch of stupid rules this world has for girls called FIRST LAW and breaking the any of the rules meant death. (view spoiler)[ the number of things girls can't do it this world is crazy, they aren't to be educated, not allowed to travel anywhere [...]

  • Maeganthomas

    i loved it. it was so good but when it ended on a cliff hanger i did not like that but otherwise it is AWESOM!!!!! it is a must read book i couldnt even put it down.

  • Laura

    Aquest llibre ha sigut una sorpresa agradable. El vaig agafar de la biblioteca sense saber massa què agafava i vaig pensar que seria un altre llibre de dracs i nenes que sense voler es tornen heroïnes. I sí, precisament és això: dracs, dolents i heroïnes. Però té detalls interessants. Els dracs no són "bons" com en moltes històries, ni són els "enemics", com en moltes d'altres. Els dracs són uns animals que els humans han domesticat (si és que se'n pot dir així) i els fan servir co [...]

  • Harley

    Shadow of the DragonBy: Kate O’hearnKate O’hearn is in my opinion the best fiction writer that I have found. Kate has written several series that include the Pegasus, Valkyrie, and Shadow of the Dragon series. She has also written Herm’s Secret which is not a book that is in a series. Kate was born in Toronto, Canada. Kate wrote the first “Shadow of the Dragon” in 2008. All the books that I have read by this author I have loved them and wanted to read the rest of the series. Kate also [...]

  • Charlotte Woodcock

    This novel is set in a fantasy world that restricts young women under something called "First Law," which essentially tells them they must be married before thirteen, they aren't allowed to work with the dragons in the world - basically complete patriarchal oppression. A girl called Kira does not want to follow the First Law, especially when her father tells her she is about to be married. Before she's able to be married, evil Lord Dorcon shows up and takes her family away. Kira and her younger [...]

  • Clarissa G. 5

    Shadow of a dragon by Kate O'Hearn Is about Kira a fiery young girl who dislikes the rules of the kingdom. One day, she and her sister flee for their lives when strange men come and kidnap her family. She runs towards the infamous mountain where a two-tailed dragon is rumored to layThis book Is very adventurous and descriptive. It's has very creative and original ideas, it's very inspiring to read. It also really supported girl power, and not many books do that. It’s a very good length. There [...]

  • Tamara Richman

    Well, all I can say is, I was 20 minutes late to work today because I got so caught up this book. Which is sort of puzzling because it's actually not that amazing a book. All of the characters are quite one-dimensional (except maybe the dragons) and you've read the plot before (terrible king, prophecy of girl warrior, all girls must die, big war, suffering, escape, girl in triumph on dragonback). However the action is non-stop and there are enough tantalizing questions to make me not put the boo [...]

  • Terry

    There is no shortage of action in this fantasy adventure. Kira and Elsbeth are wonderful characters. They are well developed and genuine. My only quibble is that Elsbeth seems a bit mature for her age (8). Paradon is as his name suggests - a paradox. Sometimes his magic works, sometimes it does not, and that offer comic relief to what can be a dark story at times. Although this is really Kira's journey, I liked how the author gave Dane a voice. It allowed him to be the "voice in the prison" and [...]

  • B

    Girls can't be educated, they can't hunt or fight, or do anything considered boyish. They must be married by the age of thirteen, and under no circumstances are they allowed near dragons. This is the First Law and the penalty for breaking it is death.Kira doesn't want to be married. She wants to be a Dragon Knight, like her father before her. The evil Lord Dorcon, her father's enemy, burns her home to the ground. Kira and her younger sister Elspeth escape, but the rest of their family aren't so [...]

  • Sarah L

    Shadow of the dragon Book one: KiraBy: Kate O'HearnKira is twelve and strong-willed. Her dad is a old retired knight of the king. She wishes with all of her heart to own her own dragon.But sadly this will not ever happen because of the first law. In the first law all girls must be married by age thirteen. Kira despises it she has no choice. Then Lord Dorcon comes and burns down her house, takes away her parents, brother and sister. Only Kira and her younger sister Elspeth are not in his clutches [...]

  • Mary Paz Saucedo

    Quizá este es un libro infantil, pero debo admitir, que me ha encantado. Al principio me fui decepcionando ya que, en lo personal, amo los dragones, además de la hermosa portada que tiene. Luego las cosas se desarrollaban tan rápido que no podía parar de leer. Sin duda, no es un libro con la mejor narrativa, pero la trama y avance de este, te atrapan por completo. Aunque debo de añadir que tengo algunas dudas de sucesos que para mí no encajan. Ahora puedo decir que necesito con urgencia el [...]

  • Rachael Hansen

    Very pointless book with the same stereotypes with dragons and the fantasy genre. The writing is one of the worst I have seen published, and I tried holding out until the endbut about 80 pages before I couldn't take it anymore. The characters are very weak, and I still don't know what the main character is even like. I need more personality! Elspeth is also the basic little sister that we always read about. I want something new or different, please! I have a younger sister, and this is nothing l [...]

  • Susan

    According to First Law all girl can't leave home without her father or brother and must never travel further than the next town; never be educated; married by thirteen; etc. Kira is turning twelve when she must be promised but she wants to go to the mountain to see the famous rouge dragon. Then the soldiers come to take her family to the castle to work (Dad and Mom) and put the girls in the prison. I liked it enough to look for the next in the series but when I read the blurb, don't think I will [...]

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  • ☆ Kira || ↠ PDF Download by ☆ Kate O'Hearn
    318 Kate O'Hearn
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