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By Mary Calmes | Comments: ( 131 ) | Date: ( Feb 17, 2020 )

Six years ago, Noah Wheeler went to meet his boyfriend, Dante Cerreto, at the airport, and his world ended Dante was kissing someone else and claimed to be in love So Noah took his heartbreak and the sonogram pictures of their surrogate child and closed the door on the big picture of what he thought his life would be, focusing instead on the piece of the dream he got toSix years ago, Noah Wheeler went to meet his boyfriend, Dante Cerreto, at the airport, and his world ended Dante was kissing someone else and claimed to be in love So Noah took his heartbreak and the sonogram pictures of their surrogate child and closed the door on the big picture of what he thought his life would be, focusing instead on the piece of the dream he got to keep, being a father Now on vacation in Las Vegas, Noah accidentally runs into the Cerreto family, and then the man himself, and learns that not only was he deceived, but Dante was as well Now Dante wants to make up for lost time, six years worth, and to do that he needs Noah, the only man he s ever loved, and Grace, the daughter he didn t know he had, to give him a chance at happiness Dante s going to have to take a crash course in communication and seduction, though Noah s not going to fall in love just to be broken again.

  • Title: Again
  • Author: Mary Calmes
  • ISBN: 9781613720554
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Mary Calmes

Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja follow her on Twitter MaryCalmes, connect with her on Facebook, and subscribe to her Mary s Mob newsletter.

Comments Again

  • ☆ Todd

    GAH! OMMFG. Nope. I can't. Not with ANY of this.In the 6 previous Mary Calmes books that I've read, I don't remember any of them going totally off the rails, through the weeds and off the side of a mile-high cliff quite the way that this story did for me.I'm not even sure where to begin.Okay, I think I'll start with the fuckery where Dante's CIA boss broke up a loving, MARRIED couple, just so that his operative wouldn't retired. Because, it's just the gays, so fuck them, right?Then the fact that [...]

  • Fee

    1.5 starsAnyone else want to scream "take a breath for christ sake!!!"Im pretty disappointed with this book and my feelings are more messed up than Noah's by the look of it, I really like books where the writing just flows at a steady stream but this just seemed to have no breaks and made me feel like i was holding my breath from as soon as Dante turned up to the end of the book. It was too much too fast.I can hardly even remember what ive just read and ive only just put it down this minute to w [...]

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠

    I have avoided this book like the plague. I think forced separations and secret kids may be my least favorite trope. But, it is Calmes and I needed something quick to read, it was on my Kindle and well, it is Calmes.This was totally unbelievable and what happened made no sense but I enjoyed every second of it. Love survives and conquers all and you know, the romantic in me just ignored everything else and smiled big.Who cares that it has been 6 years and you didn’t know you had a kid? Who care [...]

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    *2.5 stars*Um what?The narration of this audiobook was fab and the sex was hot, but the plot just crazy town. There is just no way that you would divorce your husband over a phone call or letter without confronting them. No way. I wouldn't even breakup with my high school boyfriend over the word from someone else instead of them. The plot was just ridiculous, so much so that I found myself huffing and snorting as I was listening. I actually made me mad, and I got even madder that Noah just took [...]

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠

    How I failed to talk about this, or mention this or at least SCREAM MY FUCKING HEAD OFF about this is mind boggling to me. It's Mary's witchcraft. Somehow she has the ability to make you just fall in love and not so much bitch. WellI have some bitching to do.Oh wait, I did bitch, kind of, at least a complaint. I did use one word. TRICKED. See? Not enough but that is what re-reads are for.How in the ever loving fuck did Dante's Boss decide this love story was not meshing with what was best for th [...]

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Might contain spoilers*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱I like Mary Calmes' writing, I do. I believe that's what keeps making me come back for more. However, her stories just, for the most part, doesn't work for me. I mean, I do love a 'second chance at love' story, but not when it take a day. I like it a bit dragged out, more pain and more frustration just more. Getting back just because he says so in one day just doesn't work for me. Things were forgiven too easily. I also miss depth in Ma [...]

  • Rosa, really

    Noah does going dancing with a bunch of women (unfortunately, any dancing takes place off page).Said women then explain to Noah how really, really good looking he is even though he knows he's quite, quite average.There is a pregnant character.There is a super sweet almost 6 year old who is just so fantastic that everyone who meets her sees that she's a shining light in this world. Have these people never run into a screaming child in the toy aisle of Target?Dante calls Noah "baby" 12 times.We're [...]

  • Ami

    3.5 starsOkay, let's see what DOESN'T WORK first. One: since the story is pretty much fast-forwarded 5-years after the first chapter (in which we read about Noah being miserable after Dante dumped him for a woman), I expect MORE on the reunion. I don't care what Dante's reason is (or that someone else actually ruined their life for them), I totally NOT expect (view spoiler)[Noah to welcome back Dante so easily, and to jump into sex, and to be in HEA. It's just way too quick. Plus having Dante's [...]

  • Cindyo

    I really wanted to like this book, I generally like Ms Calmes writing method, but this book just rubbed me the wrong way. Dante was just so unappealing as a character that it took everything in me to give up on this book. One, he was gone 6 years and had the resources to find Noah if he chose to but did not. Second, the way Noah capitulated to him did not seem like a love thing, the way he gave in to dante was just too easy in my opinion, there was no resolution to address the 6 year absence. Th [...]

  • Emma Sea

    EDIT 27 Apr 2012: So once I came to terms with the Jory-ness, this has become one of my favourite stories of all time. When I have a really tough day this is short enough for a feel-good, melt-my-heart read in bed before I go to sleep. It has a 100% success rate at de-stressing me.Original rating was 3 stars, revised rating = 5 stars.Original review follows: So, big mistake! I read the Matter of Timeseries in a solid 24 hours, because i just love, love, loved it. I always steered clear of Mary C [...]

  • R * A Reader Obsessed *

    4 Hearts Well… *clears throat*That was quite the hot little number from the infamous Calmes.I suspect fans of hers would say this is everything one would want and expect.Noah and Dante have been apart for years, both victims of a horrible manipulative boss interfering with their lives with no remorse or conscience. These two never stopped loving each other despite believing the other wanted out. Fortuitous circumstance allows Noah and Dante to meet up 6 years later and surprise!!! This results [...]

  • Gigi

    I wasn't able to get behind this Mary Calmes book 100% because of the over confident alpha-maleness of MC Dante. He freaked me out just a bit too much. I also found the misunderstanding to be a bit hard to take and a tab convoluted.Not for me!

  • BWT (Belen)

    Wonderfully narrated by Nick J. Russo with great character voices, terrific timing, and good pacing.The story begins with Noah who went to pick up his husband, Dante, at the airport and found him Dante kissing his partner, his female partner, and was told their relationship is over.What’s worse? Noah had arranged for his twin sister to be impregnated with Dante’s sperm and she’s pregnant with their daughter. He never even gets to show Dante the sonogram picture. Once the shock wears off, a [...]

  • Monique ~ Sinfully

    Mary Calmes has such an easy style of writing, it is engaging and funny and really portray's the characters personalities to a T. It is real, feel good kind of read that leaves you smiling.I loved this book, and it follows the previous books of hers that I have read, of the main characters, one is big, dominate, alpha type, incredibly built and sexy, whilst the other is as cute as a button and everyone loves and adores him.I loved it, great little read:)

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★

    Noah to Dante-- Six years ago, Noah Wheeler who IMO was So, Diva-Delicious! went to meet his boyfriend, Dante Cerreto, at the airport, and his world ended. Did he live him? And, that question was how this book began.This book is riddled with a whole lot of crazyI love when they find their way back to each other. Though this book is filled with a whole lot of holes and doubt. It unbelievable. Yet. I could read it over and over again and still want more. It was filled with sweetness and it was suc [...]

  • Catherine

    This was the literary equivalent of a runaway train - out of control from the very first scene. The writing felt a little paint by numbers in parts and it had a lot of the "you know you love me and only me" posturing that absolutely drives me up the wall. But, you know it wasn't unreadable.

  • T.J.

    I loved it, as I usually do with Mary Calmes. My only complaint was that I felt it was too short! I could easily have seen this expanded into a novel that could have offered a bit more explanation into the backgrounds of Noah and Dante.

  • Experiment BL626

    CAUTION: SpoilersA Harlequin-like story. Instead of a baby-mommmy story, it's a baby-daddy story. The alpha-guy isn't a millionaire, billionaire, sheik, king, prince, CEO, etc he's CIADislike 1: The plot device of having the current boyfriend to be a total douchebag so that the protagonist can move on to love their supposed-soulmate guilt-free. Often used in Harlequin and Harlequin-esque romances.But was Keith really a douchebag? I mean, both Keith and Noah knew the relationship was not exclusiv [...]

  • Karla

    I wanted more, more, more!! Sweet, heartwarming read about re-united lovers that stayed away from each other far too long due to a mis-understanding. I adored Dante and his charming personality, and Noah's concern for his daughter's well being and putting her needs first, was so admirable. Dante's reclaiming of Noah was raw and passionate. Watching the three of them become a family was just lovely!

  • Mona

    Soooo.Not my cup of tea,unfortunatly things went too fast!

  • Jaime

    4 Stars for this short but sweet romance ~ Full review will be found here: Alpha Book Club after 7/17/17 @8aReviewed Book and Audio-book❥❥**´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•`*Review Copy provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Club

  • Amy Lane

    Like others, my only complaint was how short it was. But otherwise it was sweet, funny, and engaging. Dante was hilarious--you could see why Noah was such a sucker for him, and Gracie was wonderful. Noah was funny because he tried so hard to be 'rational' but when Dante was there he was a whole other person--and no, his supposed boyfriend DIDN'T get him at all. In a way, this felt like a salute to the Harlequin novels of yore--the theme was a familiar one for the old het romances and, Noah's det [...]

  • Lucy

    I really wanted to like this, because it starts off great, with funny and supportive characters. Noah is charming and engaging, and Gracie is wonderful. The downfall is the big misunderstanding, which is ridiculous in the face of Dante claiming to love Noah yet never bothering even once to call the man? Then there is Dante himself, who just wasn't likeable for me. Arrogant and DOES. NOT. LISTEN. So not worthy of Noah.

  • Kassa

    Again reads like a classic romance with the typical cheesy misunderstanding, super quick resolution to every conceivable problem and easy happy ending. That’s not bad if you’re looking for something short, sweet, and mildly funny. It’s not a story you’d remember or even care about as soon as you put it down, nor are the characters really that entertaining but the story itself is romantic enough for an easy read. The story starts with an excellent opening. Noah’s just been dumped by his [...]

  • Serena Yates

    ‘Again’ is a completely captivating, breathtakingly fast-paced, sweet fairy tale of a story. Forget realism, the focus here is on the whirlwind of emotions Noah, the narrator of the story, goes through. I don’t think I took a single breath between the first and last page and I loved every second of it. Mary Calmes masterfully condensed the feelings and events of what could easily have been a novel into the microcosm of a novella and, as a consequence, left me with the same response I alway [...]

  • Sara

    Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one but it's the currently May - the month of Mary - and I knew I needed to get to the few books of hers I hadn't ready yet. Why oh why did I wait so long to read this?When Noah first tells his friend Pete that he's lost the love of his life Dante just when he was picking him up at the airport to share the news that his sister was pregnant with their child, I had no idea how the story would play out but I trust in the goddess completely. I adored Noah [...]

  • Amy

    What a great short story! Loved the characters, loved the story, loved the HEA! And I love Mary Calmes writing style! It's so easy to read, but so full of feeling and emotion, you can feel what the characters are going through. I will definitely read more of her books :)

  • Makhda

    I would re-read it again and again and again. Didn't want this to end.Totally sweet. One of my de-stressing books.^^

  • Joyfully Jay

    Updated for audiobook review:Read Jay’s audio review in its entirety here.A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsThis book is classic Mary Calmes. Fast talking, smooth writing, easy reading perfection. God, I loved this one. It is so light and sweet and precious, not to mention sexy. How much do I love the sassy characters in contrast to the big domineering ones? Geez, Calmes does a wonderful job writing Noah and Dante. This story is all sweetness without any stress or angst or frustration. It’s e [...]

  • Sheri

    Welllll, this was weird.I felt a great deal of potential but needed MORE!The "miscommunication" that shattered them in the first few pages made absolutely no sense. None. And after I stumbled in the beginning, I found myself tripping over plot obstacles and falling into holes every few chapters. Which sucked. I liked Noaha lot.I even found myself coming round to Dante.I adored Gracie. But the storyline? Yeah, No. Didn't work for me. *2.5 stars*

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