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By Helen Ward | Comments: ( 359 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

Retells the events of the famous race between the boastful hare and the persevering tortoise Includes a key to the various animals pictured in the illustrations.

  • Title: The Hare And The Tortoise
  • Author: Helen Ward
  • ISBN: 9780761309888
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Helen Ward

Helen Ward won the first Walker Prize for Children s Illustration and twice won the British National Art Library Award She has also been short listed for the 2003 Kate Greenaway Medal She lives in Gloucestershire, England.

Comments The Hare And The Tortoise

  • Cheryl

    Requested for the art, which is indeed stunning. But the story is marvelous, too, with details I've not seen in other versions, including the unbiased referee and the challenging river crossing.4.5 stars rounded up because, while I don't think *everyone* needs to read it, it's my favorite book of one of the best/ most relevant of Aesop's fables, and the GR community rating is confusingly low.

  • Kathryn

    4+ stars. Loved this retelling!!! The story is told simply but, oh, with such flavor! I couldn't stand the hare from page one!!! What a pompous, careless, self-centered little creature. (Possibly adults get a little more out of the story, knowing how such individuals really do run around and make havoc in our lives, haha!) The tortoise, on the other hand, doesn't make a stink about it--he simply goes along calmly with his own life, not getting upset, allowing the hare to build his own destiny (a [...]

  • Ann

    What I loved about this book was the variety of animals it featured, everything from a cheetah to a giraffe, to a sloth and a lorikeet! Not to mention that at the end of the book are little facts about each of the animals - like which is the slowest animal in the world, the fastest, etc.The illustrations were quite nice as well - pretty accurate, but still with a child-friendly cuteness.The story itself is pretty much the same as always but it includes a few fun twists because of the variety of [...]

  • Errin Tucker

    This book is considered to be a folklore and is written for children P-I. This is a story about a hare who is faster than the tortoise. After a race the tortoise proves to be smarter than the hare.I gave this story a rating of 5 stars because there was a theme and lesson to be learned that it's not always important to be first but that you finish your task, or in this case the race. The pictures in the story clearly compliment the story line. I think this book would be appealing to children of d [...]

  • VadaK

    This retelling of Aesop's fables is wonderfully done. The illustrations are a delight that the reader encounters on each page. The placement of the text around and sometimes through the illustration adds to the forward motion and feel of the story. This retelling go the fable includes a wide variety of animals not usually seen in other books. The illustrations bring the characters and the other animals to life during the story. This striking version of the Tortoise and the Hare retold and illust [...]

  • Bridget Allebach

    Title: The Hare and the TortoiseAuthor: Helen WardGenre: FableTheme(s): Slow and steady wins the raceOpening line/sentence: “There once was a very fast hare…. and a very slow tortoise.”Brief Book Summary: This rendition of the classic story includes a very arrogant hare and persevering and thoughtful tortoise. It tells the classic story of the rambunctious hare who gets a little too sure of himself and ends up losing to the strong-willed tortoise. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: (3) [...]

  • Yvonne Shute

    Characters: Tortoise and hareSetting: Somewhere in Africa, or so I am assuming based on the animalsTheme: Fable Motif: A wise and a foolish beast Summary: One day, hare was running wildly through the forest. He tripped on the tortoise, and fell into a bush full of thorns, which angered him. The hare called tortoise names. Rather than responding in kind, tortoise challenged hare to a race. When the race began, the hare jumped from stone to stone to cross a river. However, one of the stones was a [...]

  • Mary

    This is a re-telling of the Aesop's Fable, The Tortoise and the Hare. The large colorful illustrations and short sentences on each page will appeal to the pre-schooler and toddler alike. As the race between the tortoise and the hare takes off, animal spectators fill every page. At the end of the book is a helpful "Key to the Animals" providing information on all and a helpful index of who's who. This is a bright, colorful picture book that is very appealing to the eyeP Summary:Retells the events [...]

  • Chelsea Yarworth

    The genre of this book is folklore and would best fit in a kindergarten through third grade. In the story it began when a hare claims to be able to run faster than all of the other animals. Only the tortoise is brave enough to match him in a race. The boastful hare is confident that he will win, but he takes a rest near the end of the race and falls asleep. The tortoise still was slowly but steadily finishing the race and won. I rated this 5 out of 5 stars because of the moral of the story and w [...]

  • Geneva Roberts

    This fairy tale has always been one of my favorites. The hare is always teasing the tortoise for being so slow. The tortoise tells the hare he will beat him at a race and the hare laughs and tells everyone what he said. The hare accepts the challenge and thinks he has it won before the race started. The turtle takes his time at a slow and steady pace, while the hare speeds out of sight. The hare grows tired and thinking he has plenty of time winds up falling asleep. The tortoise keeps going and [...]

  • Daisy Johnson

    the Hare and the Tortise is the story we all know and love but it is illustrated through the eyes of all the other animals watching the event. this traditional book teaches lessons of life in a fun way that children can relate to. one lesson being "patience is a virtue" and "if you are caring and thoughful you will always win the race." what i like the most about this retold story is that in the back of the book there is a key to the animals. it goes through the story once more pointing out each [...]

  • Sam Shaneybrook

    This is a great book for children from 5 years and older. This is a classic tale that I heard when I was a little kid. This retelling of the tale is really amazing because it has such a variety of animals and pictures of animals that the writer has a glossery in the back with all the different animals. This story also has such a great moral to the end. I recommend this book because kids will learn that there are other kids out there that act like the Hare but as long as your going at your own pa [...]

  • LCL Children'S

    This is a beautiful beautiful book, consistent with Helen Ward’s work in general. Her ability to draw interesting and realistic looking animals is well suited for this story. She also adds a few quirky twists to the original story line, though she sticks with the classic, basic message and ending. Text is artfully arranged and there is, most definitely, not too much of it (good thing in this case). Because the amount of text is reasonable and the illustrations are huge and beautiful, this woul [...]

  • Danielle Siddon

    A boastful hare claims to be able to run faster than all of the other animals in the forest. Only a tortoise is brave enough to challenge him in a race. The boastful hare is so confident that he will win that he takes a rest near the end of the race, but falls asleep in the sun. The tortoise meanwhile slowly but steadily finishes the race and wins.A simple story portraying a clear message.Age range 4 – 7 A suitable book to read to the class, or to have on the class bookshelf.

  • Kelli

    This version of The Hare and the Tortoise is very similar to Aesop's story. Nothing is actually different except maybe the illustrations, but the moral is still positive and encouraging. Slow and steady wins the race, as the slow tortoise demonstrates while the speedy hare gets too caught up in trying to win. The hare actually falls behind when he's distracted, letting the tortoise cross the finish line before him.

  • Elizabeth

    This is the traditional story of the hare and the tortoise. I'm not sure that I would choose this book to read aloud due to the use of the word "stupid" as well as the mild violence. It is very mild, but there are many more versions of this story that are much more light hearted which is what I prefer when doing story time.

  • Aiden Dunnigan

    The hare and the tortoise is one of my favorites. It teaches kids to forgo arrogance if they are naturally gifted at something. It says be grateful for your talent, just don't brag and be an ass about it. The tortoise's patience and perseverance through the finish line is also a great lesson for readers saying that when the going gets tough, keep going.

  • Rakisha

    A really good read aloud version of the AESOP classic. Perfect for group story times with kindergarten to second graders. The ink and paint illustrations are large but does not clutter the page, which allows the text of the story to be seen easily by both the reader and audience.

  • Taylor

    Love the illustrations in this rendition of the Hare and the Tortoise. The back of the book also has some special pages filled with extra readings and things to share with your students. Love that part!

  • Kiah Ballard

    I enjoyed this version of the tortoise and the hare. The illustrations were very captivating. I think this book would be a good example for children, that if they keep trying at something then they will succeed.

  • Gabriela Murillo

    The hare and the tortoise was very good book it teaches us not to think highly of once ability and think less of others because it could turn out the opposite. I think good book that will teach young kids a good lesson.

  • Karalynn

    This is a cute version of the Tortoise and the Hare, significant for its detailed and realistic illustrations. In the back of the book, Ward has included the specific names of every animal included in her book. Animal lovers will enjoy this book!

  • Dan Fleming

    I like this retelling because it includes all the other animals from the forset instead of just the tortoise and the hare. Aesop's fables are great for children because it teaches them life lessons.

  • Olivia Bailey

    The book is a retelling of the tortoise and the hare. The hare carelessly trips over the turtle and calls him names. The turtle challenges him to a race. The rabbit is too boastful and arrogance that the hare wins the race and the rabbit learns not to be mean again.

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  • Free Read [Science Book] ↠ The Hare And The Tortoise - by Helen Ward ✓
    466 Helen Ward
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