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By Stefan Molyneux | Comments: ( 344 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

From a short term, merely practical standpoint, you really do not want to read this book This book will mess up your life, as you know it This book will change every single one of your relationships most importantly, your relationship with yourself This book will change your life even if you never implement a single one of the proposals it contains This book will chaFrom a short term, merely practical standpoint, you really do not want to read this book This book will mess up your life, as you know it This book will change every single one of your relationships most importantly, your relationship with yourself This book will change your life even if you never implement a single one of the proposals it contains This book will change you even if you disagree with every single idea it puts forward Even if you put it down right now, this book will have changed your life, because now you know that you are afraid of change We are born to truth, yet everywhere we are enmeshed in error Superstition, irrationality and patriotism all work to cripple our natural affinities to rationality and empiricism This book, by Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, examines and explodes all the propaganda that stands between you and the simple truth of life, the universe and everything All the truths that you were born with, that were scrubbed out of your mind for the profit and fun of your elders, will be reawakened in this short but powerful book Begin the process of reclaiming your own reason, pick up this book, hold on for the ride, and arrive at the truth.

  • Title: On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion
  • Author: Stefan Molyneux
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux is the founder and host of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophical show in the world With than 2,600 podcasts, 10 books and 50 million downloads, Stefan has spread the cause of liberty and philosophy to listeners throughout the world.As the host of Freedomain Radio, Stefan has interviewed experts Noam Chomsky, Dr Nathaniel Branden, Dr Warren Farrell, Peter Schiff, Dr Peter Boghossian, Dr Mary J Ruwart and many others.Prior to launching Freedomain Radio, Stefan built a thriving career as a software entrepreneur and executive In 2006, he left his work in the tech industry to devote his efforts to Freedomain Radio Now a self identified full time parent and philosopher, Stefan speaks regularly at liberty themed events all over North and South America His speeches cover subjects ranging from politics, philosophy, science, atheism and economics to relationships, parenting and how to achieve real freedom in your life.Stefan is the author of two novels, Revolutions and The God of Atheists, as well as eight non fiction books on relationships, government and religion.Past live appearances include presentations at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, the Porcupine Freedom Festival, Libertopia, Students For Liberty, FreedomFest, LibertyNow, Capitalism and Morality, LibertyFest West, the Brazilian Mises Institute s Idieas em Movimento, Freedom Summit, and the Global Escape Hatch.Stefan has participated in a number of live debates, among them Bitcoin vs Gold The Future of Money with Peter Schiff, Zeitgeist Versus the Market with Peter Joseph, The Function of the State in Society with Professor Vladimir Safatle and How Much Government is Necessary with Michael Badnarik.In addition to hosting his own regular show, Stefan has been a guest on audio and television programs such as RT America s Breaking the Set with Abby Martin, Adam vs The Man with Adam Kokesh, The Keiser Report with Max Keiser and The Joe Rogan Experience with Joe Rogan.

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Comments On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion

  • John Wiswell

    An insipidly self-righteous self-help book. At under a hundred pages, Molyneux doesn't get caught up in things like empirical evidence or thorough arguments for why he might be right about culture, religion, the human mind or your personal life. He thinks he's right, so if you disagree, you're delusional and should re-read this book until you “liberate” yourself. The irony of believing what he tells you instead of what everyone else has ever told you is totally lost on Molyneux. All religion [...]

  • Elizabeta

    “There is nothing that is going to make people hate you more, and love you more, than telling the truth.” Free Audiobook: youtube/watch?v=8-coV

  • John Mladenik

    Molyneux is a philosopher that think like an Engineer. He is very precises and logical and very few flaws in his philosophy.

  • P

    Having seen and appreciated Molyneux's YouTube videos a number of times, I was actually stunned at the dogmatism he exhibits in this book. It was incredulous to read how, after apparently seeing himself as being 'abused' as a child, he projects all kinds of spurious motives on (seemingly) everyone else for not trying hard enough to 'understand' him. In his view, the whole world is wrong: everyone is lying - both to us and themselves - and has evil motives, and are merely playing self-serving tri [...]

  • Alex

    It seems to me that some people tend to seek absolute truth, or at least the notion of it in some way; the rest are content with the truth that was handed to them and seeking either happiness directly or through fullfullment of some kind. Stefan is definitely seeking absolute truth and his ideals concerning our statist society are easy for me to connect with. However his views on love are in deep opposition to my understanding. It is from his misunderstanding of love that his concept of faith is [...]

  • Marwa Hasan

    I don't usually agree with everything Stefen says but I always get back for more, cause I have certain curiosity for what he got to say. He sometimes got some very strong and eye opening points that makes my head goes *BOOM*This book is about parenting corruption and how those things affect children in adulthood, seeing those examples around me, experiencing such horrible life experiences myself. It baffles me how people esp in the arab world let parents get away with such abuse in the name of i [...]

  • Chad

    Excellent book.I love Stefan, but I didn't agree with all his assertions here. Nevertheless, it was a thought provoking book.

  • joan

    A narrowly argued philosophy book about honesty, goodness. Without trying to pick specific holes in it, ie offering only general criticism (more than a little unfair), it seems to be referring to a person somehow outside of time. The author talks about social relationships but leaves out the reflexive nature of these, ignores feedback. Maybe that's a deliberate focus. He's most interested in parent/child relationships where there's one unformed, weak participant - so maybe feedback is of a diffe [...]

  • Luis

    Smart philosophical book. Easy to read for the most part. And one thing that I really liked is that the author explained me some stuff that I haven't ever thought, and that surprised me. It felt like I could jump to the next level of consciousness, for a little while. I felt that I became a lot smarter reading this short book.Molyneux made me look at philosophy with another perspective, and this sentence resumes it perfectly:The purpose of philosophy is not thought, but action –just as the pur [...]

  • Anne

    To find the answer first ask the question, then brace yourself and listenThis book was uncomfortable to read. That was just the beginning. Being exposed to a lifetime of toxicity can sensitize you to healing truth as if it were acid. Hang in there, and let the process progress naturally. I don't agree with all he said. I don't have to agree to have my eyes opened to concepts I need to become aware of. Thank you Stefan for writing this.

  • Vladimir

    After I read this book I immediately decided to translate it to my native language, Serbian, and give it to several people I find dear to me or important. This book has changed dynamics of my relationships for better, and I'm very happy about that.

  • Karin

    not sure what i think.

  • Edelhart Kempeneers

    Een aantal interessante standpunten.

  • Rick

    Reading the free audiobook here: freedomainradio/FreeBooks/

  • Sol

    Excelente, muy claro en los conceptos! No apto para personas que no quieren encontrar la verdad!!

  • Michael Kovaleski

    Still Picking Up The PiecesI completely admit and understand that I do not fully understand and am still processing the information and principles that this book instructed me to examine and focus on. In my current best intuition, this is how Stefan would have wanted me to respond if he asked for an honest statement on his books content. The "villain" that Stefan portrays as someone who understands love as something to contractually give to someone for agreeing with one of your virtues while not [...]

  • Harley

    It would seem Molyneux did not have a very happy childhood, and he lashes out at that in this book. He makes many assertions, but few of them are qualified. Interesting book though. I do wonder how strongly he would hold to the opinions in this book today as compared to when he wrote it.

  • Pontus

    Interesting, listened to

  • JP Magalhaes

    O livro traz bons questionamentos sobre o que chama da mitologia na qual somos criados: o contexto cultural, moral e religioso em que somos inseridos desde criança; e bate incessantemente na tecla de que devemos quebrar estas 'algemas' através de raciocínio lógico, ciência e filosofia para evitar que nos tornemos escravos das mesmas e repliquemos os mesmos conceitos. Falha ao não desenvolver bem os temas ou apresentar uma visão mais aprofundada do problema e possíveis soluções. É uma [...]

  • Angelica

    part of this book does hit some good points there is also A lot though that i don't agree with. Also, based off what i read i can't help but feel bad that this author had to have had a pretty awful childhood. I don't understand how parents who carry and give birth and raise their children can be so horrible sometimes, just blows my mind.

  • Jacob Vivian

    We lose our curiosity as children. Once regained, we seek only the truth. This book is a short read but it's message is powerful. This book has helped me examine being curious about why something is instead of just being reactionary (which we all know too well).

  • Julissa Dantes-castillo

    Stefan became a member of my authors hall of fame with this bookThis deserve every star I gave, is the kind of book you wish had read sooner, and something life changing.

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  • ✓ On Truth: The Tyranny of Illusion || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ Stefan Molyneux
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