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By Laurell K. Hamilton | Comments: ( 915 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, novelIt s a dark world out there with shapeshifter crime and were creature struggles I may not have seen Jean Claude, the Vampire Master of the City, for six months, but I need his help now, whatever the consequences Someone is targeting the lycanthropes and we have to save them.

  • Title: Narcissus in Chains
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A 1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis with her family.

Comments Narcissus in Chains

  • CJ

    The beginning of the end. I was fascinated with the whole human servant thing. I was fascinated with the werewolf added into the fray thing - talk about a messy love life! I thought that her powers increasing was fine - they had to if she was hanging around the kinds of monsters that were in her coterie. The twist with her being able to have a vampire servant bound to her was a nice oneter all, her power is to control the dead, and what are vampires but dead? But it was never enough. It got to t [...]

  • Rick

    [My opinion, for what it‘s worthexactly:] With the exception of Micah, I've read the entire Anita Blake series up to this point (Blood Noir, #16) and, in the aforementioned opinion, Obsidian Butterfly was the last decent book, after which the series should have been renamed Anita Blake, Vampire Humper since the majority of what little action takes place occurs in the bedroom, the back seat of automobiles, on the kitchen table, the bathroom floorc, etc, etc. Beginning with Narcissus In Chains, [...]

  • Tilly Slaton

    This book is the beginning, the core foundation of everything to come.All of the books prior to this one were filled with death, gruesome and violent homicide scenes, bestial pornographic rape scenes to unquestionable love. Totally weird stuff, but worth every minute of couch time!This book takes the entire series, and swings it into a completely different direction. This book really rocks the boat, and takes you by surprise. The once innocent and strictly moral and you must be in love to have s [...]

  • Crystal Starr Light

    Anita Blake is spending some much needed time with her friend, Veronica "Ronnie" Sims, when she gets a call. Apparently, submissive Nathaniel went to the club, Narcissus in Chains, and got into some BIG TIME trouble. Against the wishes of Ronnie, Anita calls Jean-Claude to give her an assist. At the club, she reunites with her other lover, Richard. From there, BIG changes happenTE: For some odd reason, the only audiobook version I could find is the abridgement. So I'm sure there are tons of nuan [...]

  • Grace

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah. You know who I'm thinking of here? Marion Zimmer Bradley. That is not a compliment. Talk talk talk sex whine talk cry sex cry sex sex talk whine politics whine sex talk talk mope sex pine sex sex talk cry. Except with Anita, so there's also stomping, threatening violence, and being a total asshole. The outfits in this book are a cross between a West Village queen's fever dream, the erotic etchings of a courtier during the reign of the Sun King, and the yearnings of some sort of [...]

  • quinnster

    It's really sad the direction this series has gone. The first few books we SO GOOD! Scary and tense with a little sexual tension, but mostly just scary and tense. Then she introduced Richard and things started to go downhill. I don't mind a little romance in my blood & gore, but this is ridiculous. If I wanted to read supernatural porn I'd read the Merry Gentry's series. Wait, I already did. So why would I want to read this crap?It's no longer about the baddies that come out at night. It's a [...]

  • Stacy

    This is probably my favorite book in the series. I loved loved loved this one. I know many people think that after Obsidien Butterfly things went down hill and there was nothing but sex sex sex all the time, but if you look at the emotions involved and Anita's blossoming power in this book it is more than any book yet, plus there is nothing wrong with liking a little bit of sex (or alot) with your reading. So Since I do like those things I name this book my absolute favorite and I'm sure there a [...]

  • Jilly

    Just your average book named after a transvestite, sado-masochistic were-hyena. I swear that market is getting flooded! My Internet is out until Monday and I'm using my phone, so I'll keep it short. Anita is still annoying, Richard is still a dick, Jean Claude is still awesome, and Nathaniel is still sweet.

  • Damecatoe

    TOTALLY SPOILERY, BEWAREHamilton managed to work in at least two Triple Word Scores with use of terms that resonate well with genre fans: ouroboros (remember Scully's tattoo, anyone?) and oubliette (yay! Jareth would be so pleased). But the newest term created for the Blakeverse? Panwere. Because it was not enough to have werewolves, wereleopards, wererats, wereswans, weresnakes, weretigers, werehyenas, weredogs and werebears. Nay, we also have to have someone who can shapeshift into multiple an [...]

  • Faye

    First read: June 2006Re-read: December 2017Rating: 4/5 starsThis is the book where the Anita Blake series takes a huge turn away from the urban fantasy/police procedural plots that endeared the character and the world she lived in to an awful lot of fans and introduced a concept changed the way Hamilton wrote this series for years to come.*SPOILERS AHEAD*Anita returns to Jean-Claude and St. Louis after her self-enforced six month absence. Following the events of Obsidian Butterfly Anita has real [...]

  • Lisa (Harmonybites)

    This for me is where the series went to crap. Before this I'd rate no book in this series lower than a four, but this one falls off a cliff. I held on and read to book 18, Flirt, because I had genuinely loved the series until this book, and back then once I invested in a series I kept with it, and with the books published up to The Harlequin, momentum kept me going, at least until I had to wait for the next book to be published. But Hamilton did something here that made me want to hurl the book [...]

  • Fangs for the Fantasy

    I normally begin my reviews with a summary of the book’s plot. So I’m going to scrape some plot out here to write aboutAnita has, after the drastic events of the last book, decided to end her 6 month separation with Richard and Jean-Claude and re-bound the marks since without the marks being properly linked all three of them are walking around with a great big target painted on their foreheads. Unfortunately, because Jean-Claude is an incubus, uniting the marks means Anita gains the adeur, b [...]

  • Cat Russell(Addicted2Heroines)

    "I crave you more than you will ever crave the man in your arms."Another re-read for me. I had forgotten how good this one was!!No detective work this time, but still a lot of wonderfully entertaining problems arise. I'm just going to sum up the fun stuff and what annoyed me.Anita has been gone for six months distancing herself from her men and spending time with Marianne in an attempt to sort things out and focus on gaining better control of her magic. When in need of assistance regarding probl [...]

  • Lahnna

    *le sigh*So, this is one of my least favorite novels of all time. In and outside of the Anita Blake series. I began reading this series as a senior in high school (about 2002) and was enraptured by this giant world of were-folk, vampires, and our favorite ball-busting, vampire staking, caustically witty Anita Blake.I followed the series dutifully and enjoyed every page. Obsidian Butterfly was wonderful with more Edward! But I got to this novel and became extremely dumbstruck and disappointed. Wh [...]

  • ***Dave Hill

    (Original review, Dec 2006 hill-kleerup/blog/2006/12/ )Overall: 3/5Story: 2/5Re-Readability: 4/5Characters: 2/5The tenth installment in the Anita Blake novels is where the series really, truly, goes off the rails. This is as far as I’ve gotten, both in my original reading and in this current rereading of the series — though I’ve every attention of going on from here — but this book exemplifies what’s gone wrong with this series from its initial excellent start.1. If things don’t seem [...]

  • mlady_rebecca

    This is still one of my favorite books in the Anita Blake series. Part of that is that it was the last book I read when I first discovered the series and read them in one great rush. (In other words, "Cerulean Sins" was the first book I had to wait for.) But a lot of it is the fact that I like the possibilities this book opened up.This book represented a turning point in the series, one that many readers disliked, but I was quite fond of. There is an underlying theme in these books. Anita goes f [...]

  • Denisa

    3.5, closer to 4 though.I have no idea how to rate this book. Everyone seemed to hate it so I started it with really low expectations. What can I say, I was surprised.Some were good surprises, some not so much.On one hand, there were a lot of things that I didn't like. The long, maybe useless descriptions were annoying (but I got used to them by now). I didn't like the "new" Richard and how he seemed to change from the guy I was used to. I didn't like the sexual relationships (if you can call th [...]

  • Jenn

    It's funny, while rereading these I'm noticing that Anita is kind of a hypocrite. Maybe because I'm older now then when I last read them but I'm seeing Anita in a whole new light. But luckily, because there's so many other characters that I still love, it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the series.In this installment, Anita is dealing with the fallout of having left for almost 6 months while trying to get her metaphysical shit together. And of course, when she comes back she expects everyone to ju [...]

  • Chris

    I liked most of the previous Anita Blake books (the exception being Blue Moon), but this really is were the series shifts. The hint at the end of OB that Anita wants to get her life under control is not fulfilled here. In fact, it is almost like Anita has become a totally different character. There is no real plot to this book, honestly. The melding that occurs seems to have been pointless, and just made Anita weaker, in the form of enslaving her to sex. Considering that Hamilton always teased w [...]

  • Samantha (Book Lover's Cozy Cafe)

    this was an intense book, so much going on. Anita poor Anita it's hard to be a badass when your badassness is running on low. Richard at first I was like oh awesome he's becoming cool, calm and collected and getting with the program ummmmm WRONG!!!! This man was more up & down and more emotional than a woman on PMS.Jean Claude was as usual as calm and cool and sexy as always except when he attacked Micah now that was a trip. OK so what is it with he shifter boys, they all seem to be really h [...]

  • Jennifer

    oh dear. After possibly the best, tightest, most suspenseful Anita Blake book yet (Obsidian Butterfly), we get this WEIRD story. At first I liked it because Anita's back in St Louis and it looks like she's reuniting with both JC and Richard and apparently everybody is going to be OK with that (after god knows how much drama to get there). But then she gets attacked, contracts lycanthropy (supposedly), and wakes up with strange naked men, one of whom she pretty much immediately screws in the show [...]

  • Heather Codename: ♕Dutchess♕

    This book is probably the worst of the series so far. I couldn't even get through it. It got to the point where after chapter 8 (I think) I said screw it and skipped to the last few chapters and read them.You can't have a good book if you can't take the sex out and have a decent story line.Then there's the small fact that in the beginning, Blake was strong in her faith and believed in what she was brought up to believe through her religion. Now, she's pretty much her own god. Not to mention the [...]

  • Aifos

    Not very happy with this one. Before this book I already knew Anita had screwed up, don't need to be a genius to know that.

  • Lisa H.

    One of the things I initially liked about the character of Anita Blake was that she had a moral compass, and her job as an animator (the kind that raises the dead, not the kind that draws Bambi), her consulting position with the cops, and her burgeoning skills as a necromancer all kept putting her in positions where she had to evaluate her behavior and decide if she was still one of the "good guys." Not that I'm saying I'm the kind of person who carries multiple guns, hangs out with vampires and [...]

  • Mara

    Definitely where the Crazy Train finally departed. There were shades of things to come in "The Killing Dance," and "Blue Moon" put a little more icing on the cake, but this book? It became official. We have Narcissus, a hermaphrodite hyena shifter (?!), a panwere (!?!?), and the "marriage" of the marks between the main trio, something that comes off as a cheap way to avoid the final mark but has the same effect. (And frankly, if it was meant to BE that final mark, then the whole "immortality" th [...]

  • Aisha

    If I hear ARM WRESTLING one more time, I'll be shooting Anita Blake myself, and ask questions later.The character clothes are startlingly late 80s to early 90s kind of sexy, I wouldn't know I was a baby then but Bitch please! A healthy coat of vinyl body tight suit with matching boots ON A MAN'S BODY is hardly sexy! No matter how sexy that man is!Last book Anita was becoming this unrelatable character badass and the author tries to humanize her in this one by making her cry all the time and thro [...]

  • Regina

    This is often noted as the first book in the great decline of Anita Blake, but I noticed that it many of my GR friends have given it 4/5 stars. For me, this book was a weak book. It was weak because it lacked the horror and fear element. My favorite Anita Blake books are the ones with a very strong horror background. This was also a weak book for me, because really I couldn’t figure out why there was the conflict. It seemed to be a weak set up. And finally, the back and forth between Richard a [...]

  • K.T.

    Please excuse my crassness, but from the moment he was first introduced, I always felt the only reason for the character of Micah to exist was so there was a male love interest more well endowed than Richard. That's it. That was, I still believe, the only reason Hamilton ever created this character.Clearly, I have some very strong opinions about this book. I have them, though, because this book was the beginning of the end of my years long love affair with the Anita Blake universe. To be clear, [...]

  • Kipi

    2% (sucky) plot8% Anita gaining new powers10% bringing other characters down (no one can be even nearly as awesome as Anita)40% teeth-grindingly bad sex (everything from group to nearly-a-rape, YACK!)40% praising Anita for being such a hot/strong/wise/powerful/special person= CRAPIf I hadn't read Black Dagger Brotherhoods and Twilights, this would get 1 star.Edit: Oh yeah, erected penises waltzing around and "wet pounding"? Bitch, please.Edit: I'll take it back, this totally deserves 1 star.

  • Lauren

    Really a 1/2 star rating.

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