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By Robert Burleigh | Comments: ( 129 ) | Date: ( Feb 28, 2020 )

Experience all the drama of Charles Lindbergh s history making flight on May 20, 1927 as you travel along with the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Follow the courage and endurance of one man who dared to make his dream come true Full color.

  • Title: Flight
  • Author: Robert Burleigh
  • ISBN: 9780698114258
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Robert Burleigh

Over the past 35 years, I have published poems, reviews, essays, many filmstrips and videos, and than 40 children s picture books Born and raised in Chicago, I graduated from DePauw University Greencastle, Indiana and later received an MA in humanities from the University of Chicago I ve published books for children since the early 1990s My books including numerous unpublished ones run a broad gamut, from stories geared for pre schoolers to survival stories and biographies aimed at seven to eleven year olds My work is wide ranging because, basically, I m a generalist by experience and inclination In addition to writing, I paint regularly under the art name Burleigh Kronquist and have shown work in one person and group shows in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere around the country from robertburleigh

Comments Flight

  • Yang

    This book by Robert Burleigh .It's an amazing book to know that part history.From this story I have this feeling. When you try do something hard you should know that can not be always successful. When you get problems, you should keep doing, or find why this happen. Like this man in the story, when he feel sleepy, he feel tired, the weather is not good. He know if he give it up he will die, so he still flying that he got successful. So in our life if you choice a right ,whenever if you got probl [...]

  • Linleigh

    Flight is a historical picture book that tells the story of Charles Lindbergh's flight from New York to Paris. Charles has dreamed of flying to Paris for years and wants to become the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and change the history of aeronautics. He and his plane, Spirit of St. Louis, had practiced and prepared extensively for the amazing feat they hoped to accomplish. He flew for thirty-three hours across the land, water, fog, and cities and kept a diary of his thoughts and [...]

  • Daniela

    Used this as a biography read aloud for 1st and 2nd graders. This enrichment group struggled to understand some of the language used, but could follow along just fine. We had to talk about what 10 feet looks like, compare his 100 mph to today’s airplane speeds, etc. lots of numerical details you could use to do some math. The book describes Charles Lindbergh ‘s flight from take off to landing. Includes excerpts from his journals set off in italics. Provides some specifics about that flight. [...]

  • Joseph Pitts

    This book takes kids on the historic flight of Charles Lindbergh. As he spends 33 hours straight flying and not veering off course in the slightest. Truly a historic achievement. This book documents the flight through his journal that he kept with him throughout his flight. The story is short and sweet and the illustrations are bright, well done, and attractive.

  • Emily

    It's difficult to write an objective review on a book about Charles Lindbergh, as I've no great admiration for the man's character. However, this illustrated book for children captured the excitement, trepidation, and awe that marked Lindbergh's historic flight.

  • Aisha Perreira

    Flight tells the story of pilot Charles Lindbergh who flew non stop across the Atlantic from New York to Paris, France. The story is a retelling from Lindbergh's diary that he had kept during his adventure. It truly is an amazing story of a pilot who risked his life to accomplish this. Along with the story, the illustrations are appealing to look at.

  • Julie Oliver

    "Flight" is a fantastic story about the flight of Charles Lindbergh. The illustrations for the story are vivid and really aid to the telling of the story. The story itself is very condensed, which I think is a great asset to this book -especially for when studying biographies. The story is riveting and gains the attention of readers and listeners alike. A great read for teachers and students!

  • Janna Gifford

    Flight: The Journey of Charles Lindbergh written by Robert Burleigh and illustrated by Mike Wimmer is a biography of Charles Lindbergh and his flight across the ocean, the first solo Atlantic crossing. This book won the 1992 Orbis Pictus Award and is intended for the primary age group. I would rate this book a four based on the illustrations and the easiness of reading. The illustrations in this book are remarkable because they are so life like as well as the watercolors really create the scene [...]

  • Megan Nelson

    In May of 1927, Charles Lindbergh left New York for Paris, France in his airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis. The flight was over 3,000 miles and was going to take him thirty hours or more to complete. On his journey, Lindbergh experienced loneliness, fear, sleep-deprivation, and hunger; however, he did not give up on his dream to make it across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris, and he never lost hope. After many hours of flying over the ocean, Lindbergh finally began to see some land: he [...]

  • Kaelyn O'Brien

    The book Flight tells the story of Charles Lindbergh, who had a dream to fly from New York all the way to Paris, France. Charles starts in New York City and boards his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis. On May 20, 1927 he takes off to fulfill his dream. He will have to fly over 3,600 miles away. Charles travels high and low to the ground and brings along his diary to keep track of everything. As he is flying he comes across many obstacles. He comes across a sky full of storm clouds and he has to fl [...]

  • Andrew Upchurch

    The book tells the story of Charles Lindbergh, who had a dream to fly from New York all the way to Paris, France. Charles starts in New York City and boards his plane, the Spirit of St. Louis. On May 20, 1927 he takes off to fulfill his dream. He will have to fly over 3,600 miles away. Charles travels high and low to the ground and brings along his diary to keep track of everything. As he is flying he comes across many obstacles. He comes across a sky full of storm clouds and he has to fly above [...]

  • Caroline Siewert

    This is the story of Charles Lindbergh, renowned aviator. Charles Lindbergh had a dream of crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Paris by airplane in one single trip; a feat that had not been done before. His dream turned to reality in 1927 when he made his historic flight from New York to Paris in thirty-three and a half hours on his airplane the Spirit of St. Louis. Flight depicts this story well in a way that is easy for children to comprehend and enjoy. The story is written to capture Lindbergh’s [...]

  • Linda

    This picture book offers quite a good short version of the exciting story of Charles Lindbergh’s solo flight from New York to Paris, the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean without stopping. Of course I know about this historic event, yet reading this story brought me again to this amazing feat. What courage Lindbergh had, and according to the story, he had spent a sleepless night preparing, then took off for the thirty-three hour flight. The book tells that he had been up for sixty hours! [...]

  • Shaundell

    On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh made his famous flight from New York City to Paris, France in his plane called Spirit of St. Louis. Leaving at 7:52 a.m. he must travel about 3,600 miles to reach his destination. He is in the air for over 33 hours and at times has a difficult time staying awake. He writes in his little diary as he goes keeping track of times & places, extends his arm outside the cockpit, leans his face her the open window to feel the cool air, sips water from his canteen, [...]

  • Kelsey Winters

    "Flight: The journey of Charles Lindbergh" tells the story of the 33 hour flight Charles took from New York to Paris in 1927. The book is detailed and descriptive, and could be used as a great read aloud because it is interesting and engaging for the adult reader, and captivating for the young listener as well. I also think this would be great to include in the classroom because male students would be intrigued by this book. The illustrations in this book are very realistic, and relate to the ov [...]

  • Stephanie Palmer

    As a reader, I truly enjoyed this non-fiction book. Many non-fiction books are boring, but the illustrations and storyline of the this book kept me engaged. You are experiencing Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic, and the descriptions he uses makes the reader feel as if they are in the cockpit with him.As an educator, I would use this book in my classroom. There are several curriculum connection that can be made using this Orbis Pictus award winning book. You can make curriculum conn [...]

  • Stephen

    Mike Wimmer's art grabs the eye immediately and doesn't let go. The brief, staccato storytelling is effective, but mainly as an augment to the beautiful visuals, perhaps contrary to expectations. Through the use of atmospheric colors and close-up views of Lindbergh and his plane, you're there to share the thrill, exhilaration, and terror of the solitary pilot. This is a perfect book to convey the excitment of flying--especially its early days--to young readers, and a fine tribute to one of Ameri [...]

  • Hayley Swanson

    Follow Charles Lindbergh on his epic journey from New York to Paris by plane. It's 1927, and no one has ever flown a plane across an ocean before. Through intense fog, cold, dark, exhaustion, and hunger, Charles flies for nearly forty hours to fulfill his dream, and in the end is considered a hero.I give this only an 'okay' rating because the story itself really was just 'okay.' The pictures were lovely, but there was too much text per page and the formatting was unattractive. It was more of a s [...]

  • Vicki Kier

    A nail-biting glimpse of Lindbergh's historic thirty-three-and-a-half hour flight across the Atlantic. Although Wimmer's illustrations are lifelike and provide alternating views from inside and outside the plane, they take an obvious second-seat to the text, which fills large sections of most of the pages. The text is highly suspenseful and awe-inspiring for older readers and listeners, but some young readers with short attentions are likely to lose interest. No references are provided. Recommen [...]

  • Peter Hall

    This is a fantastic book for children to read because the sentences are nice and short and easy to read. To go along with the the well written sentences it has absolutely gorgeous illustrations. They really depict the critical sentences to enhance the understanding of the reader. I also think that this book is one that can be used in a classroom very easily. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick and easy understanding of the Charles Lindbergh Story.

  • Michael Scourey

    This is about the journey of Charles Lindbergh, the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean nonstop. This book contains beautiful illustrations to complement easy flowing sentences. The book would be great for young readers due to the simple sentences Burleigh uses throughout the book. It also has historically accurate information that would be helpful for a project in the classroom.

  • Cheryl M.

    The story is well told with interesting details of Charles Lindburgh's trans-Atlantic flight (he left his parachute and radio behind?) The illustrations show different perspectives like what the cockpit looked like if you were sitting there in the plane. The third graders found it to be an amazing true story.

  • Melissa

    The illustrations are vivid and realistic, and the story-telling is great! Enough info to captivate an adult and probably enough interesting descriptions to captivate a young person. (I wasn't reading it to a child, I was reading it to myself.)

  • Kay

    Amazing story of Charles Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic. Great attention to detail and emotion of what Charles went through during the historical flight. Great addition to our 6yo's "Flight" lapbook.

  • Lara

    Interesting story of Charles Lindberg's solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927. The text is great, but I really wasn't a big fan of the illustrations in this one. Definitely worth a read for kids interested in flight, though.

  • Matthew

    There are few books that could parallel this for its portrayal of Lindbergh Transatlanic flight. This is the best work I've read by Burleigh with the exception maybe of Night Flight about Amelia Earhart's similar accomplishment. This truly is a wonderful book.

  • Heather

    1992 Orbis Pictus Award Winner

  • Tracey

    Making Meaning Grade 4 Resource Kit

  • Bob

    Written an illustrated to perfection! In only a few pages, it was like riding along with Lindbergh.

  • Karol

    Fabulous. Well written with captivating illustrations. Nice way to share history without it feeling boring or educational.

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