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A roaring, supernatural adventure that spans New York, and the globe After their parents plane goes down over the ocean, Leo and his brother Hollis are forced into the custody of their rich and enigmatic uncle Crane, a dealer of rare and probably illicit antiques But almost as soon as he s settled or as close to settled as he can get in the bleak Brooklyn mansion, surroA roaring, supernatural adventure that spans New York, and the globe After their parents plane goes down over the ocean, Leo and his brother Hollis are forced into the custody of their rich and enigmatic uncle Crane, a dealer of rare and probably illicit antiques But almost as soon as he s settled or as close to settled as he can get in the bleak Brooklyn mansion, surrounded by his uncle s dubious staff Leo receives a mysterious package his father put together long ago, to be opened on his 13th birthday With the package, Leo discovers he has an amazing ability He can hear the history of any object by touching it But when Leo finds a strange helmet buried among his uncle s artifacts, and hears a pained cry coming from it, a mystery unravels as to its origin.To find out about Sound Bender, and to continue the Sound Bender Experience, please visit Sound Bender World

  • Title: Sound Bender
  • Author: Lin Oliver Theo Baker
  • ISBN: 9780545196925
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Lin Oliver Theo Baker

Lin Oliver Theo Baker Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sound Bender book, this is one of the most wanted Lin Oliver Theo Baker author readers around the world.

Comments Sound Bender

  • Jen

    Do you ever stop and listen to the sounds around you? I mean really listen? The ticking of a clock? The rhythmic sound of tires running over pavement? When you're listening to a song, do you only hear the lyrics or do you hear the sounds all the other instruments are making? How about objects? Do you hear the sounds they make? Can you hear the danger in them? Twelve year old Leo Lomax can. Following the sudden death of his parents, Leo and his ten year old brother Hollis, are sent to live with t [...]

  • Emily

    I received this book through First readsLeo Lomax and his younger brother Hollis have just moved in with their uncle Crane after a terrible plane crash took their parents. When the brothers arrive at their uncle Crane's Brooklyn warehouse, they're less than impressed; their uncle was a dealer of priceless artifacts, yet there was no hint of luxury. That was, until Klevko, their uncle's assistant brought them to the huge penthouse on the top floor of the warehouse. Leo can tell already that thei [...]

  • sydtheghostkid

    Rating: 4/5 Stars I first picked this book up at a used book store, for like, one dollar (cheap, compared to most paperbacks these days) and I thought,interesting premise, I'll give it a shot when I get home later. Later turned into two months. And now, here I am, finally reviewing this book with a desperate need to catch up to my reading challenge. Alright, I was skeptical about reading this. Middle Grade is something I haven't read in a while. And the coverEh, not a big fan of it. It could be [...]

  • Mz. Diana Gagliardi

    Sound Bender- a name, an ability, a title, a book. I met the authors, mother and son, this fall. This sound-centric book is based on real things that Theo Baker did- wonder with a tape recorder, facinated by sounds and listening to the world around him. Years later he and his mom (co-writer of series of books with Harold Winkler, etc) took that concept and gave it an S/F bend. Leo Lomax (named after the incredible father and son recording team of the 1930s- I asked :)) is about to turn 13 when h [...]

  • Michele

    I won this book on . My 12 year old is reading it now - I will update this when he is done since it is geared toward the younger crowd. That being said, I enjoyed the book. Of course, the parents die in the beginning and he and his brother go to live with an uncle. It is about a boy discovering new talents and how to listen to his inner voice that tells him what is right. He learns he has a new power on his 13th birthday. I don't like to list too much about the story itself but it was a good rea [...]

  • Collin

    I just finished Sound Bender, and am so glad I checked it out. It has a truly unique and fascinating premise. It was a fast and engaging read, terrific for middle grade or young adults who love adventure and music. I highly recommend this book.

  • Music Luver

    Sound Bender is one of the best books ever! There is a little mystery on every corner!I cannot wait till the second book!Lin Oliver did good.

  • Anna Gille

    Sound Bender is about a boy named Leo Lomax. He records all different sorts of sounds, all the time and he is fascinated by the unique sounds in his life. Leo and his brother Hollis have lived a very normal life and they have been very happy with life too. Until their parents die in a plane crash, now they have to move to their Uncle Crane’s house. His house is filled with valuable artifacts, that he buys and then sells to the highest bidder. While Leo is there, he turns thirteen and Crane tel [...]

  • Sara Rasheed

    This was good. Another one of those book where you just pass by your cousin's bookshelves pick it up and read it! :PTwo things, from this book, were new for me to experience.Firstly: Sound.Yeah, Sound. I've never bothered to think that deep about the sound. Its everywhere. Its even here when I'm typing these words. This guy, Leo, I thought was too boring at first who just loved nothing else in the world apart from sounds, and not the music ones, sounds which general things in life makes where pe [...]

  • Ms. Yingling

    When Leo and Hollis' parents are both killed in a plane crash, they must move in with their uncle. Crane is a bit odd-- he buys and sells rare artifacts and may or may not be a criminal. Leo tries to settle in to his new life, but is unsettled when he receives a package for his 13th birthday from his father. It includes an odd recording. Leo loves sounds, and frequently hangs out at Jeremy's used record store, so takes the disk there. He finds out that he was not in fact born in New York, but on [...]

  • Diane Ferbrache

    When Leo’s and his brother Hollis’ parents die suddenly, they are sent to live with their step-uncle Crane. Crane lives in a warehouse filled with priceless “artifacts” that he buys and sells. Through a mysterious letter from his dad, Leo discovers he is a “Sound Bender” – he can sometimes make connections to the past through sounds that emanate from certain objects. One of his experiences leads him to a discovery that will change his life. This is an adventure aimed at middle sch [...]

  • Claudia Naranjo

    Fun, fast, easy, and packed with adventures. I think this book can be favorite for many children!After their parents' plane goes down over the ocean, Leo and his brother Hollis are forced into the custody of their rich and enigmatic uncle Crane, a dealer of rare and probably illicit antiques. But almost as soon as he's settled--or as close to settled as he can get in the bleak Brooklyn mansion, surrounded by his uncle's dubious staff--Leo receives a mysterious package his father put together lon [...]

  • Ryan

    Sound Bender I thought was a really good book. If you like action mystery and a little bit of sadness you have the right book. I liked that the mystery of the book made it a little more sad because of kind of following a trail his dead father left him to found out who he really was. Another thing that I liked out the book is that everyone in the book that can help Leo out try's to help him find out where he is from even the people that only knew his father. The only thing that I didn't really li [...]

  • Mandy

    After Leo’s parents die in a plane crash, he and his brother Hollis are sent to live with their Uncle Crane, an avid artifacts collector. On his 13th birthday, Leo gets a package at his Uncle Crane’s from his dad sharing that Leo is a Sound Bender: he can touch an object and see and hear its history. This ability somewhat frightens Leo, but really “hits close to home” when he feels he has to further investigate one of his Uncle’s artifacts that he gets evil vibes from.Spoiler:I really [...]

  • Bob

    A good piece of young adult fiction. I rated it as such; for an adult, I would rate it at 3 stars. Still. I was certainly entertained. Some logical flaws in the plot, but lots of fun. Even the bad guys are interesting, and a nice mix of good/bad/? in their characters. The authors dealt well with a 13 year old boy dealing with the loss of his parents and a change in his worldview at the same time. Nothing to offend anyone, and as such easy to recommend to your kids.

  • Nancy

    Good for middle school. It kept the boys reading and discussing. What more can a tutor wish for?

  • Lu

    I loved this book! I'm curious when the 2nd in the series will come out.

  • Praise

    This book was awesome. For Leo being a sound bender must have been weird and cool at the same time. I like this book.

  • Ian Wood

    This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

  • Blaise

    This book was really enjoyable. It is a really nice action/mystery book. Can't wait to read the next book.

  • Adam20

    Sound BenderBy: Lin Oliver, Theo BakerIf you could here the history by touching it would you think you’re different? Sound Bender, A mysterious adventure with a sci-fi twist, After their parents' plane goes down over the ocean, Leo and his brother Hollis are forced into the custody of their rich and snobby uncle Crane, a dealer of rare and probably stolen antiques. But almost as soon as he's settled, or as close to settled as he can get in the dingy Brooklyn mansion, surrounded by his uncle's [...]

  • Adam Nielson

    Sound Bender is a fantasy book written by Lin Oliver and Theo Baker. The main character is named Leo Lomax. He was born on a primitive island, where the shamans titled him “Sound Bender.” This gives him the power to hear an object’s past. He often goes to a guitar shop, owned by a man named Jeremy. There he finds out about his birth. The Sound Bender is a good book, because the characters are not flat, especially Leo. Leo is a person who always wants to do what’s right, who is adventurou [...]

  • Mamatufy

    Another winner here. Leo & brother Hollis have recently lost their parents in a plane crash. Now they are going to live with their father's step brother Crane who runs an import export business. After moving into Crane's warehouse/home Leo is given a special disc from his dad that will unlock all the secrets of his life. Turns out he can hear & reproduce all kinds of sounds as well as see the history of the things he touches. There's a little bit of typical teen stuff but it pretty quick [...]

  • Josh

    Where to begin the setup wasn't bad. In fact it had me interested to see where the authors were going with it. But then the climax hit and it was a huge disappointment. The message was basically, "Humans are evil they are destroying the world," and the other part of the message was "Save the dolphins."I can't stand fictional books that hit you over the head with the moral point they are trying to get across. If you want to make a moral point then write a non-fiction book based on facts or at lea [...]

  • Jan

    When 13-year-old Leo's parents are lost in a plane crash, he and his younger brother Hollis are sent to live with their Uncle Crane, whose business is the import and export of antiques (and perhaps some more sinister items). Soon after he arrives at his uncle's house, Leo receives a letter from his father, which contains a mysterious disc. When he touches the disc, Leo becomes dizzy and passes out. It turns out Leo is a Sound Bender, and when he touches items from the past, he can hear the long- [...]

  • Chase A

    The story is by Lin Oliver and Theo Baker.The story takes place in the west upper side of new york. The weather was slightly icy.Leo Lomax (The main character)and his brother Hollis had lost their parents and want to live with a relative.Leo then receives a letter stating that all he knew about his childhood had been hidden and that he has a special power.Leo must learn to use this power for good and not sound insane stating that he has it.I like this story because I like uncovering mysteries.I [...]

  • Annessa

    I enjoyed the story a lot. It was kind of different from what I normally read but that's fine. I like that Leo shows his emotion because a lot of characters don't. My favorite part was when Leo and Hollis reunited because throughout the story Leo kept Hollis away from him because of his power so when they reunited it made me happy. I'm hoping to read the 2nd book so that I can find out what happens next. I'm just wondering if the second book is in the bookstore or not because I don't think it's [...]

  • Ina Montoya

    Good youth literature. Fast adult reading. I'm finding myself drawn to youth literature more. It saves me from reading adult issues. Very good plot, clear settings, but as a realist, I had a hard time finding the uncle character so willing to allow his newly adopted nephew (the main character) use of his private jet to the South Pacific for a school project researching dolphins. Other than that, I liked the story - especially capturing the grief of a young man who lost his parents and must now w [...]

  • Duncan Prescott

    A very interesting if not somewhat complicated premise. Main Character, Leo, was quite compelling and he was surrounded by equally compelling characters but unless there is a sequel most of them go for naught. The resolution of the Dolphins may have been resolved but the greater issue of his relationship with his evil uncle was not. It seemed like the authors ran out of their allotted pages and wound it up before it should have been.Still other than a lot of the science which went over my head, [...]

  • Rasma

    This book just didn't pick up the pace fast enough, the exposition was long and boring. Leo first must learn his fate after his parent's deaths then he has to figure out how to use this hearing of the past thing. Finally he has to find the one thing that "calls" to him and lastly he must fly half way around the world with his rich step-uncle's private jet which he wouldn't have access to unless his parents were dead. I just don't understand how this is worth it. I was looking for a quick read in [...]

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