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By Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz | Comments: ( 197 ) | Date: ( Jun 05, 2020 )

When Froggy and his pals decide to build a tree house with lots of help from Dad , their plans don t include inviting Frogilina to hang out there for pizza parties Boys only says Froggy But things don t go as planned for lovable but trouble prone Froggy, and in the end, it s Frogilina who saves the day and the pizza

  • Title: Froggy Builds a Tree House
  • Author: Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz
  • ISBN: 9780670012220
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jonathan London Frank Remkiewicz

Jonathan London is the author of several celebrated children s books His commitment to honoring the wonders of the natural world has been lauded by readers and critics alike He is the author of than 70 children s books, many of which are about nature He s also the author of the popular Froggy series He lives in Graton, California with his wife and two sons.

Comments Froggy Builds a Tree House

  • Shawn

    Froggy is a great character that children can relate to. He has to do things he doesn't want and does want and makes the common mistakes kids will make in funny ways. Extremely relatable for children. They all love Froggy. The illustrations are fun and bright and really pull out the action and funny parts of the tale. In this story, Froggy collects all his friends to help him build a treehouse, which then becomes a club meeting place.

  • Karen Mahtin

    This book seems to me to expose kids to not-very-nice behaviors without any consequences, and it serves to maintain the "gender divide" between boys and girls.Froggy enlists his friends to help him on his project, for example, and then when they get pizza at the end of the day, it has a topping that only appeals to him - not to his friends who are of other species. The only acknowledgment of this is the upset looks on the friends' faces. I think that there should have been some sort of calling o [...]

  • Ethan Wesley

    Not a huge fan of Froggy series. Froggy is kind of a dipshit. I dig the whole "No girls allowed- fortress of solitude" thing but felt like he was kind of a prick to his friends with the pizza at the end. I think he realized it too because he ordered 5 more after dominating the first one, much to their dismay.

  • Cora Pop

    Between zip! zoop! zup!s and zee-zaw! zee-zaw!s this is another funny tale of my beloved Froggy. Loved it!

  • Brian

    I don't really thing kids books should count on here, but now that we are reading a bunch of these I think reviews are in order.This is not a great book. Froggy is demanding, sexist, selfish, all around not a great "kid." He is solely focused on pizza - also not a great message.We read it once, and resolved to toss it. But, we didnt get to it quick enough and had to read it again the next night. Hopefully this character doesnt stick.

  • A.C. Paige

    Froggy builds a treehouse with his friend and dad. However, the girls want to hang out too. Could have done a better job including the girls with building.

  • Kevin

    My son and I found this book to be on the dull side. I suppose we're not much for amphibian literature.

  • Emma

    I have always wanted a homemade tree house.

  • Renee

    I love Froggy Gets Dressed but none of the other books in the series really do it for me. I'm using this for a Build a Better World Prek Story Class.

  • David

    Froggy Builds a Treehouse (Froggy) by Jonathan London, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz finds Froggy and his friends building a tree house (with much assistance from Dad) that is meant to be "For Boys Only!" But when troubles ensue, will help from Frogelina end up changing the boys' original plans? London's colorful, humorous illustrations match well with the story and the action. My favorite images are cover, title page, Frogailina warns Froggy, Froggy orders the pizza, Frogelina saves the pizza [...]

  • Dolly

    This is a fairly typical story in the Froggy series by Jonathan London and Frank Remkiewicz. Froggy and his friends build a treehouse and at some point in the story, as usual, Froggy ends up looking more red in the face than green. It's a good story and the illustrations are as comical as we've come to expect. Our girls love to read the "flop, flop, flop" parts as we read it together.

  • Sarah Adamson

    Ok this is a sort of fun storybook about Froggy having a plan, recruiting help and carrying it out. I had a few concerns. Firstly there are quite a lot of safety issues! It is inspirational to go and get a saw and hammer and get building but Although Froggy has accidents and near accidents, it's all a bit risky and dangerous! There are no suggestions how to improve the safety of the plan! Also this is completely sexist - the girls are told to go away and are not allowed to help apart from to pro [...]

  • Jillian

    Only okay. This one is a little bit more activity-heavy than other Froggy books, and yet the parents are around a little less. With some activities that's okay, but building a treehouse with saws and hammers.I'd want dad around for more than just a smidge of advice.I also wasn't fond of the "no girls allowed" bits, because even though Frogilina *does* eventually get to come over, it's only because she saved the day and brought Froggy a treat. (A treat that his other friends weren't all that enth [...]

  • Julia Jasztal

    Mommy's review from 1/3/12 - I'm not a huge fan of this Froggy character and I'm not sure why. He's plain. Nothing wrong with plain. I'm plain in a lot of ways. But then, I'm not a character in a book.The story isn't bad but it's nothing to write home about either. Froggy decides to build a tree-house and with his friends help he does. Girls aren't allowed, girl saves the day, girl is allowed, everything Froggy dreamed of doing in his tree-house happens.There's just nothing new. And there's not [...]

  • Amy_Read to My Heart's Content

    Michael @ superreadingkids says:I was so happy when I found this book because I have a stuffed animal frog and it looks exactly like this Frog too. It is about a frog and his friends building a tree house all day so they can order pizza, play games and just hang out. My brothers and me also have a tree house too and it made me think of when we helped our papa build our tree house.This was fun to read and I even read it to my baby brother too!This is one of our picks for Summer Reads books on our [...]

  • Anna

    I read this book to my son once then threw it out. I try to discourage my kids against discrimination of any kind, and this book doesn't help me drive that home. I'm referring to the gender discrimination in the book of course. Additionally, Frogilina wasn't allowed in the tree house without giving Froggy a surprise. I don't want my kids to think it's acceptable to buy friendship. Not a fan of this book.

  • Christina

    This is a cute story about realizing the importance of having younger siblings and how they aren't necessarily always annoying but can be helpful too. I would probably not use this as a read aloud but would have it available for students to read in my classroom library. I would recommend having it in a first grade classroom.

  • Mary Ann

    Froggy, the star of this popular series of picture books, announces to his mom that he wants to build a tree house with his friends. The friends set about sawing, nailing and building their own fort - every kid’s dream! While I missed some of the call-and-response phrases of other books in this series, the focus on Froggy's creativity and the lesson in including girls was nice.

  • Chase and Leslie Read Everything

    Froggy is a jerk to everyone and introduces us all to bold sexism. Nah dude, not here for that "no girls allowed" stuff, not now not ever. Even without him being a jerk the storyline lacks. One star because I can't give no stars.

  • Dona

    What is better than a tree house? Not much besides eating pizza while in the tree house which is what Froggy and his friends do in this fun Froggy adventure that has my children insisting that we have pizza for dinner tonight too. (Minus the flies.)

  • Ruth

    I always like Froggy books. I love the illustrations. Froggy always makes me laugh. His parents are so patient. I need to learn from them. I don't know if I'd be able to handle one thing dropping on my head without having a screaming fit. I'll pass on the extra flies on my pizza. :)

  • Kelly

    Not a fan. The illustrations are cute but the story was willy-nilly and a little negative in some parts.

  • Edward Sullivan

    Froggy and pals getting into trouble and having fun. Extra flies on my pizza, please!

  • Joy

    Frrooggyy!Froggy decides to build a tree house with his friends so they can do fun things and order pizza. Can they do it without destroying everything?

  • Beverly

    although dad helps, the kids do a lot of the work

  • Rachel

    This book is a good book. The pictures are great and colorful and the wording is fun.

  • Tiffany

    A cute book to read. Little ones might like this as a read aloud.

  • Heather Jo

    megan spring reading 2016, children's book, picture book, series, froggy, tree house, friends, building, pizza, prek, kindergarten, first grade

  • Jeff Lewis

    One of the greats.

  • Samantha

    So this Froggy book didn't annoy me as much as the other ones. This one was actually rather good. =)

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