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By Mari Strachan | Comments: ( 756 ) | Date: ( May 25, 2020 )

A gripping and moving portrait of a society emerging from the shadow of war, and of an unforgettable woman out of kilter with her time In the aftermath of the Great War, Non Davies wakes one morning to find her husband crouching under the kitchen table in a cold sweat and with fear in his eyes, shouldering an imaginary rifle During the intense heat of that summer she forcA gripping and moving portrait of a society emerging from the shadow of war, and of an unforgettable woman out of kilter with her time In the aftermath of the Great War, Non Davies wakes one morning to find her husband crouching under the kitchen table in a cold sweat and with fear in his eyes, shouldering an imaginary rifle During the intense heat of that summer she forces herself to sit and watch him, knowing she has to discover what has changed her Davey so completely A mysterious letter addressed to Davey gives her the clue she needs and takes her to London in search of an answer When she returns home Non realizes that the dark secrets of his behavior are working their way ever closer to the surface secrets that will shatter the fragile happiness of their community if they ever become known This wonderful piece of storytelling is rich in atmosphere and full of characters that leap from the page.

  • Title: Blow on a Dead Man's Embers
  • Author: Mari Strachan
  • ISBN: 9781847675316
  • Page: 285
  • Format: paperback ARC

About Author:

Mari Strachan

Mari Strachan was born into a Welsh family in Harlech, on the north west coast of Wales, and was brought up there with Welsh as her first language.After graduating from Cardiff University she qualified as a chartered librarian, and worked in a variety of libraries, from academic through public and prison to school libraries, with occasional forays into other occupations.In 2007 she acquired an MA with distinction in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University.As well as writing and reading, Mari s interests include the past and its people, and the future, in the form of sustainable living.She and her husband now live on a tiny smallholding in Ceredigion.

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Comments Blow on a Dead Man's Embers

  • Nikki

    Dead Man’s Embers is a mostly quiet story set in a small Welsh village just after the Great War, where everyone knows everyone, and you still might be more likely to go to someone who knows their herbs than to a doctor. It deals with the aftermath of war, in one thread, and of the development of understanding of not obviously physical illnesses and disabilities (featuring PTSD, dementia and what is presumably autism). It also deals with the tribulations of dealing with a family where you’re [...]

  • Teresa

    I thoroughly enjoyed Mari Strachan’s first novel, The Earth Hums in B Flat, set in rural Wales in the 1950s with its unforgettable 12 and a bit narrator, Gwenni. Blow on a Dead Man’s Embers is set in an earlier era, it is 1921 and Non (Rhiannon) knows she should be relieved to have her husband Davey safely returned from the Great War where so many perished. Davey might be physically present but Non worries about his emotional and mental state and she is determined to “fix” him and make h [...]

  • Kirsty

    Blow on a Dead Man’s Embers follows Strachan’s wonderful début novel The Earth Hums in B Flat. The novel takes place two years after the end of the First World War in a relatively small town in the Welsh countryside.The protagonist of the novel is twenty nine-year-old Rhiannon Davies, known to all as Non. She is the wife of Davey, a man who fought in the war and returned to Non in an almost unrecognisable state: ‘The War has taken her husband as surely as if it had killed him, and returne [...]

  • Barb

    I found this novel by Mari Strachan a pleasant book to read. The story is set in Wales, 1921, just after World War I. Rhiannon Davies is struggling with the changes that the war has had on her easy going husband Davey. Several mornings in a row she wakes to find him in a trance under the kitchen table where he is re-enacting his experiences in the trenches.Rhiannon, 'Non' for short, decides she must do something to help her husband, she wants to understand why he is suddenly behaving this way. S [...]

  • Lindsay

    Rhiannon Davies, known as Non, the main character in this novel, is a wonderful creation. A fascinating character I thought, a strong character, she seems almost ahead of her time. She copes with the two children of her husband’s first marriage, lovely Wil and more difficult Meg, plus another child, the mysterious Osian, who her husband brought into their home and asked Non to accept with no questions asked. On top of this her kind father in law is unwell, and most difficult of all, her husban [...]

  • DubaiReader

    Full of feeling.I loved The Earth Hums in B Flat and could see the resemblance in this book, with the emotional descriptions of Davey's fearful episodes after his return from WWI. Mari Strachan seems to be particularly good at this type of writing.Again set in Wales, the story centres around Non (Rhiannon) Davies and her husband Davey. He has two children from a previous marriage and a younger son, Osian, who he mysteriously turns up with, as a baby, one day. Osian shows signs of autism, though [...]

  • Louise

    I really like the way this lady writes.e seems to make small Welsh villages seem almost magical, but captures perfectly how everyone knows everything about you, sometimes before you know it yourself.I guessed at Davey' s secret long before the reveal,I think there were so many clues not to.but didn't guess how non' s whole childhood would unravel before her as a pack of liesInteresting stuff.

  • Bettie☯

    Dedication:IAdam, Lilo, Cai, a Rachelhefo cariad mawr.Opening: Something is weighing on her breast, squeezing her heart.3* The Earth Hums in B Flat 3* Dead Man's Embers

  • Gail

    Well written, but didn't go anywhere.

  • Ellie

    Non is a housewife in Wales, 1921, where thousands of lives have been forever scarred by the war. Her husband, Davey, returns a different man and she is determined to discover what happened to him in the war to change him so. She is raising a child that is not hers and does not speak and begins to wonder if Osian is a product of her husband's secret life.I was immediately drawn into the world of the Davies and didn't feel I had to make the effort to get to know the characters, they were there in [...]

  • Anna

    This is a book with a range of loveable characters and a beautifully dense atmosphere. I found it a satisfying read.Like some other reviewers, I cannot claim that the plot was as intricate as I would have expected, yet that almost seemed to suit the overall character of the book (and the main character). It approached a sensitive and potentially violent subject (war and the scars it leaves on and in people and society as a whole) with the tentative steps of a quiet young woman that is not quite [...]

  • Clare

    Far better than I expected it to be. Non (Rhiannon) was a very strong character, both easy to relate to and to admire. The other characters were each absorbing in their own ways as well so that it was easy to like the characters, except Catherine Davies who I really disliked. The story was excellent and absorbing. Some of the secrets that were revealed were easily guessed but others were a complete surprise and one revelation at the end left me thinking that there might have been more to the sto [...]

  • Anne

    This is a book to immerse yourself in, and I did it a grave disservice by reading it 50 pages a night. That said though, I loved it - very different in tone and content from The Earth Hums but the characters and setting leap off the page in just the same way. Much darker though, dealing with post-traumatic stress and buried secrets. The overall "feel" is that nothing much happens, but that isn't true - it's just an impression created by the character driven narrative and the oppressive heat of t [...]

  • Jo Barton

    When Non Davies's husband returns from the Great War, she is relived to have him home in one piece, and yet Davy bears unseen scars of war, and still lives with the horror of the trenches. Non must use all her skills and do what must be done in order to keep her family together.This quietly understated book is a delight to read, the story gripped me from its opening chapter, and kept me enthralled until its emotional conclusion. There is an underlying strength which comes from fine writing, grea [...]

  • Robert Palmer

    The story takes place after World War One in a small village in Wales. For me the story moved very slowing for the first third of the book,when it started to grab my interest when Non ( short for Rhiannon ) takes a trip to London and meets the woman that her husband has been writing to,she also has a meeting with a doctor.After returning to Wales many of the mysteries in her & her husbands life start to be explained .The only problem I have with the story is that it ended without explaining [...]

  • Grace

    Strachan's latest novel does not live up to her delightful and compelling first novel, The Earth Hums in B-Flat. While she creates an outstandingly strong female character in Non, the plot does not live up to her strength. So no matter how much I admire Non, I feel there is something left unanswered in the plot. It's not as if I need to have every detail answered, but the end of the novel is not satisfying. While I did not find the plot very engaging, I did admire the setting and Strachan's abil [...]

  • Alex

    Von Mari Strachans erstem Roman war ich sehr begeistert, so wollte ich auch dieses Buch lesen. Aber es hat mich diesmal gar nicht gepackt. Die Sprache ist nach wie vor sehr schön, aber die Geschichte vermag mich nicht zu fesseln, ich bleibe nur schwer dran.Die Idee, eine Geschichte über die Folgen des 1. Weltkrieges für die SOldaten zu schreiben, ist grundsätzlich gut. Aber die Geschichte bleibt oberflächlich, geht zu wenig in die Tiefe und die Probleme werden "einfach so" viel zu schnell p [...]

  • Helen Tate

    This started slowly, but about halfway through I really got into it and raced through. However I was left with a feeling I'd missed something when I finished it.ere were loose ends and I wanted to know more. Still, It's a good read and I enjoyed it.

  • Suvi

    Beautifully and movingly written book about the consequences of WWI for the Davies family in Wales. Non, the main character is very likable, strong woman, even though she doesn't quite know it herself. Her story captivates.

  • Lynne - The Book Squirrel

    A nice read about a welsh family trying to adapt to life after WW1 and the return of their scared men from the ravages of the trenches.Very well written and a joy to read.Wales

  • Deborah Dicks

    Didn't finish - bored me silly. I knew there was something wrong when I was not looking forward to reading and was finding something else to do to avoid picking up the book.

  • Marjorie Kubacki

    While I really enjoyed the author's writing style and her ability to capture the mood of post WW1 Wales, the plot did not live up to the set-up.

  • Erika

    Great story and I loved the characters. Very atmospheric and fascinating, will be reading more of hers.

  • Tara

    Set in Wales after WWI, about a young wife and her traumatised husband back from the trenches. Well-written and quite sweet, but somewhat lacking in direction.

  • Rhi

    I promise there will be a review for this soon.I am promising to myself more than anyone.

  • Ness Kingsley

    About the aftermath of the World War 1.

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  • [PDF] Download è Blow on a Dead Man's Embers | by ↠ Mari Strachan
    285 Mari Strachan
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