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By Muriel Mandell André Letria | Comments: ( 150 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

In a small village in Anatolia, even the poorest villager is expected to pay tribute to a tyrannical Mongol ruler, but the wiseman, Nasreddin Hoca, finds a way to make an aged donkey seem most valuable.

  • Title: A Donkey Reads
  • Author: Muriel Mandell André Letria
  • ISBN: 9781595722553
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Muriel Mandell André Letria

Muriel Mandell André Letria Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Donkey Reads book, this is one of the most wanted Muriel Mandell André Letria author readers around the world.

Comments A Donkey Reads

  • Tasha

    This adaptation of a Turkish folktale features Nasreddin Hoca, a 13th-century teacher, judge and imam whose writings are well known in the Middle East. This is the story of a village in Anatolia that was conquered by the Mongols. The Mongol leader demanded that every family pay tribute, but one family had only a worthless donkey to offer the leader. When the Mongol leader reacts with fury at the tribute, Nasreddin speaks up and tells the him that the donkey is worth something, in fact Nasreddin [...]

  • Kayla Edwards

    A delightful Turkish folktale that makes me (and my students) giggle every time! Beautiful illustrations.

  • Kay

    The story is set in a very poor village in Turkey. The Mongols ruler insists that each family give him a gift. The family can only spare an old donkey. The father convinces the Mongols ruler that he can teach the donkey to read. The father is tricky in how he feeds the donkey so by the time they return to the palace, the donkey appears to read for the ruler. This is a cute folk tale which teaches us about another culture.teaching application- I think that in today's society it is beneficial for [...]

  • Sarah

    This was a great book to accompany our studies of Turkey as it is an adapted tale from that country featuring one of their folk heroes, Nasreddin Hoca. The story is entertaining and the illustrations are fun and colorful. A great book to read with your kids!

  • Melanie

    In ancient Anatolia, what is now Turkey, a tyrannical mongol demands tribute from each family in his realm. Mustafo and his family are poor and the only thing they have to offer in tribute is their old, worn-out donkey. So Mustafo reluctantly agrees to take to donkey to town. However, the mongol is infuriated that Mustafo dared to bring such a creature as tribute! Musatfo is do be beaten. However, the village wise man, Nasreddin Hoca (an actual historical figure), comes to the rescue and promise [...]

  • Kelly Tannhauser

    This book consists of an old Turkish folktale about a donkey. Mongols took over a small village and requested every villager to contribute something despite their wealth status. Mustafo and his family were poor and only had an old Donkey to offer. The Mongol was unimpressed but the wise village man offered to take him home for a month and teach him how to read, to attempt to impress the Mongol. Something that I noticed from the beginning of the book is that some of the words used or a bit advanc [...]

  • Abigail

    A Donkey Reads was a fun book with not much meaning behind it. Children would love the context of it because of the sense of humor it contains. When a less fortunate family presents a lousy gift of a donkey before the tyrant, a village wise man steps in and accepts the donkey to prevent punishment for the family. The wise man objects that the donkey is intelligent because he will teach the donkey how to read. The tyrant gives him one month to teach the donkey to read or else there will be a puni [...]

  • Stacy Ford

    A poor family cannot provide anything to the new Mongol ruler in thier native Turkey. All they have is a scrawny donkey that is good for nothing. They know that the new ruler will only be infuriated by the donkey, but they have nothing else to give. So, the father takes him to be presented to the ruler and their worst fears come true. Luckily the local imam, Nasreddin Hoca intervenes. He tells the ruler he will teach the donkey how to read. A good tale. Useful for showing traditional stories fro [...]

  • Arthur Pengerbil

    Reading Level: Grades 3 - 5When an evil Mongol invader demands tribute from everyone in a small Turkish town one family can only offer an old donkey. Nasreddin Hoca saves the day by promising to teach the donkey to read in one month. How is that possible?For more book reviews from the HPPL Youth Department, click here.

  • Traci Bold

    Clever retelling of a Turkish folk tale. A clever wise man back in the days of Mongols ruling part of Asia outsmarted the leader of the Mongols.Can you teach a donkey to read? Well, the wise man did or didn't he? You be the judge.A tale of wit and humor.Written by Muriel Mandell, illustrated by André Letria. Published by Star Bright Books.#folktale #donkey #wiseman #PB

  • Yahya Han

    In a small village in Anatolia, even the poorest villager is expected to pay tribute to a tyrannical Mongol ruler, but the wiseman, Nasreddin Hoca, finds a way to make an aged donkey seem most valuable. By teaching a donkey to read –or so it seems- Nasreddin Hoca outwits a Mongol ruler, saves villager, and gives an entire Turkish town a laugh they won’t soon forget.

  • Sonic

    Excellent children's book adapting a Mullah Nasruddin story with wonderful illustration!

  • Jen

    hilarious. good pictures. multicultural. folk tale.

  • Dustin

    A really fun book.

  • Mary N

    Recommended by kids for NYRA 2013, this is an interesting adaptation of a Turkish Folktale.

  • Heather

    A clever retelling accompanied by highly attractive illustrations.

  • Leslie

    A clever Turkish folk tale, but the characters are confusing for me and I envision kids being mystified.

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  • Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ↠ A Donkey Reads - by Muriel Mandell André Letria ↠
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