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By Omar Francia Mac Walters John Jackson Miller Michael Atiyeh | Comments: ( 886 ) | Date: ( Feb 19, 2020 )

The Illusive Man sits at the center of many of the galaxy s greatest mysteries and is a key figure of Mass Effect 2 and beyond Now, for the first time anywhere, the origin of the Illusive Man is revealed, in a story exclusive to this graphic novel Featuring Evolution 1 4 and short stories from MySpace Dark Horse Presents and USA Today Story by Mass Effect 2 and 3 leThe Illusive Man sits at the center of many of the galaxy s greatest mysteries and is a key figure of Mass Effect 2 and beyond Now, for the first time anywhere, the origin of the Illusive Man is revealed, in a story exclusive to this graphic novel Featuring Evolution 1 4 and short stories from MySpace Dark Horse Presents and USA Today Story by Mass Effect 2 and 3 lead writer Mac Walters For fans of Star Wars and Serenity The ultimate sci fi epic for today s gamer

  • Title: Mass Effect: Evolution
  • Author: Omar Francia Mac Walters John Jackson Miller Michael Atiyeh
  • ISBN: 9781595827593
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Omar Francia Mac Walters John Jackson Miller Michael Atiyeh

Omar Francia Mac Walters John Jackson Miller Michael Atiyeh Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Mass Effect: Evolution book, this is one of the most wanted Omar Francia Mac Walters John Jackson Miller Michael Atiyeh author readers around the world.

Comments Mass Effect: Evolution

  • Sesana

    Originally published as a 4 issue miniseries, Evolution is a sort of origin story for the Illusive Man. Sort of, because a lot is still left unanswered. Set just after the First Contact War with the turians, Evolution gives us a canonical name for the Illusive Man and explains where those eyes came from. (This isn't really a surprise. I expected something like this, but not set so long before the start of the games.) It still doesn't really explain where Cerberus came from, or how it got to be a [...]

  • Katie

    Against all odds, I really enjoyed the Illusive Man's backstory. I think I hate him less now?

  • Norah

    very interesting, seeing the backstory of tim + eva coré. maybe he mourned her. a little too sexualised to be perfect however

  • Terry

    Humanity’s first contact with an alien race leads to intergalactic war. The human colony of Shanxi is decimated by the turians, but mercenary Jack Harper strikes a blow for the resistance, capturing a turian general and learning of an ancient alien artifact. The artifact has the power to spark evolution, and Harper’s passing exposure to it gives him mastery of alien languages and a psychic connection to the monolith. Now Harper and his mercenaries must track down the artifact before the turi [...]

  • kraeras

    can't say I understand everything but hey, backstory! a it provided more info on some known characters and gave some insight into the First Contact War, and I can't say I find it lacking in anything other than some closure regarding TIM's transition.

  • Emelie

    Best in the series to far. The story is really interesting, it fleshes out characters, and give background to mythology and the history.

  • Naufri

    Mucho mejor que el primer número en todos los aspectos. Si bien todavía no llega a una nota de sobresaliente, los personajes esta vez están bien construidos y la trama engancha hasta el final. Además de conocer el pasado del Hombre Ilusorio, también veremos al famoso turiano Saren y al general Williams, abuelo de Ashley Williams, durante la Guerra del Primer Contacto entre humanos y turianos.

  • Ran

    I can't decide which idiot I care less about: Saren Arterius or Jack Harper. This graphic novel fills in the backstory of the First Contact War period and the Illusive Man's shiny blue eyes. Also, in the shorter piece, Aria's still purple. I'm confused by this concept. The Collectors come to Omega for an ass-kicking.

  • Kyle Austin

    It's so weird that these comics are so good and yet the latter Mass Effect series was so bad. Some great backstory and world building here, very strongly recommend

  • Will Johnson

    Now that's better. My reaction to ME: Redemption was. . .well. . t good. I felt the universe kind of went backwards in that edition and took a nice poop on some of the characters.Evolution, however, does a great job of fleshing out a number of characters, settings, and mythology without sacrificing our vision of the gameplay that is the ultimate canon.Evolution is about the birth of The Illusive Man and it is written so well that I can hear Martin Sheen delivering the lines in my head. But, with [...]

  • Roxane

    J’ai craqué pour un autre Comics de l’univers Mass Effect. tout simplement, parce que j’avais envie d’en apprendre plus sur le personnage de Jack Harper.Encore une fois, on retrouve Mac Walters, le scénariste des jeux Mass Effect 2 et 3, et c’est un pur bonheur. cela permet de retrouver un univers fidèle, puisqu’il est à l’origine du récit. Le seul petit point aqui m’a manqué, est l’humour présent dans les jeux, cela est peut-être dû à l’ambiance. Mais c’est vraim [...]

  • Matthew Ciarvella

    My local public library has a new service for borrowing digital copies of graphic novels and I decided to load up on the Mass Effect graphic novels to try it out.This book serves as an origin story (of sorts) for the Illusive Man, one of the characters of the Mass Effect video games. He's a pretty prominent character through the second and third games and as he's a pretty mysterious guy (the name says as much), it's interesting to find out more about him.Except that this book doesn't really answ [...]

  • JoãoJorge

    “Mass Effect: Evolution” is a gold mine of lore in the ME universe. There´s all sorts of information about “The Illusive Man” and his actions in the “First Contact War”. You get to see Saren and find out how his hatred of humans began, you get to meet the real Eva Coré and there´s even a cameo by Ashley Williams´ grandfather. You cant get better than this! And there´s more that I wont spoil, but yeah there´s much more. So if you´re a ME fan you cannot afford to miss this comic [...]

  • Paige

    So this one was doing some interesting stuff! You've got the humans being jerks not recognizing other places that someone has said were sacred and they're trying to ruin someone else's land and live on it. They even mention colonization! So it makes sense if dominant people in power kept on with the way things have been that would happen in space. Then you have the Turian people being weird and complicated and shrowded in secrecy. That's about all that's interesting. Lots of people being dicks. [...]

  • Jeff Lanter

    Like a lot of the people leaving reviews for this book, I am a big fan of the Mass Effect games though I actually preferred the first and third to the second which I think is unusual among fans. One character that I did really like was the Illusive Man and so I'm glad there is something like Evolution which explores the character's backstory. I wouldn't say that this story will blow your mind or change the way you will look at the Illusive Man, but it does nicely explain some of his abilities an [...]

  • Pedro Veloso

    Good graphics and simplistic story line. Still a nice read for fans of the ME universe.

  • Owen Williams

    Review: 8.3/10So issue 2 managed to not only meet but surpass my expectations. I am surprisingly really enjoying this series. Unfortunately it does not seem to be answering too much about the Illusive Man just yet, but the way they are handling things is really cool. It kind of feels like I am reading a Codex entry in a more entertaining fashion and I feel like this is what these comics should be. It does not necessarily have to fill in gaps of the story, it merely had to tell an intriguing stor [...]

  • Dmitry Yakovenko

    Истинный пример того, какими не должны быть по комиксы, созданные по мотивам какой то вселенной, созданной не в комиксах. Всего два более-менее интересных персонажа на всю историю, зато в сюжете присутствует куча героев пустышек, ужасного качества диалоги, а также не интере [...]

  • SamuelRodríguez

    Leí este comic hace tiempo y me decepcionó profundamente; he decidido darle una segunda oportunidad y me sigue pareciendo malísimo. Tiene una serie de problemas, pero el principal y más grave es la falta de coherencia, tanto por lo absurdo de algunas situaciones como por las contradicciones respecto a lo que se cuenta en la saga de videojuegos. Esto, unido a unos diálogos simplones y unos personajes insulsos, me hace imposible considerar esta historia como canon dentro del universo Mass Eff [...]

  • Matthew

    This graphic novel reveals the origin of the Illusive Man, from Bioware's Mass Effect video games. This is volume 2 of the Mass Effect graphic novels. The artwork is excellent, just like volume 1. I thought the way in which they have set him up for his role in the game was rather interesting, and he retained his pro-human ideals. The main story is followed by two short stories. The first of them is about Aria T'Loak, "Queen" of Omega. She is as ruthless and powerful as in the games. Aria and her [...]

  • Caleb "PlagueWind"

    This is the second of the Mass Effect graphic novel tie ins. This serves as an origin story for the Illusive Man. It pretty much reveals all about him. You learn his real name, how he got his eyes, why he started Cerberus, and his anti alien agenda. The Illusive Man is one of the major players during the second and third game and it was nice to see more background on him. The story takes place during the end of the First Contact War with the Turians. Saren from the first game is one of the suppo [...]

  • Vitor

    Even though this graphic-novel gives the reader more insight about how the Illusive Man became the man that is he's today (in ME2's and 3's standards), I felt like most of the events presented weren't fleshed out very well - namely the First Contact War. The characters were fine, some more interesting than others, not enough time/issues to build an emotional connection to them.It was cool to see more of Saren, though. It just starts to build up his character a bit more and his motivations at thi [...]

  • Jose

    This is another 4-issue story from Mass Effect universe.Read from darkhorse during a sales on ME.It tells the story of the Illusive Man and where he can from, how he got his starry eyes and what's his agenda (barely).A lot of in your face humans are better than the rest of the universe blurb, but i guess it makes sense from the character perspective.Still good action and some more info on the plotlines from ME1 and ME2.I enjoyed it, being a ME fan. Maybe not for you if you never played the games [...]

  • Alex Jones

    Possibly my favourite of the (first three) Mass Effect graphic novels I've read so far. As a big fan of the Illusive Man it was great to see an adventure from his early past which tied into Saren and the later story of the games whilst still being its own and self-contained. The art looked great and the extra comics at the end were a nice bonus. Recommended if you like the Mass Effect series, but if not then this is still worth a read if you're a fan of sci fi.

  • Oscar Climent

    Very fun read. It is actually quite important in the understanding of both Saren (from ME 1) and the individual that will come to be called the Illusive Man (ME 2 and 3). It did fill in the gaps in left in the video games and actually made me care about characters I never thought I could. The art was good, but it's really the writing and story that will keep you turning pages. Recommended (if not mandatory) for any Mass Effect fan!

  • Lisa

    Brilliant, brilliant story that gives us so much insight into the story ans past of the illusive man, and even Saren himself. The artwork is brilliant, and i really feel like i know the illusive man so much better after reading this, i even understand his actions a lot clearer to. A must read for any fans of the game, and anyone looking for some more indepth lore on the amazing series that is Mass Effect!!

  • Cale

    An interesting back story for the Illuminated Man - I liked the story but it didn't seem like the same character from the game; his tolerance for aliens seemed much higher; maybe this story is what burned any limited tolerance away, but I didn't get that from him. Still, an enjoyable foray into the Mass Effect universe.

  • Anthony Galvin

    The origin of The Illusive ManThis one was waaay better than the first graphic novel, it was well written with a more involved story and the artwork looked like it had more time spent on it, fewer warped faces although The Illusive Mans eyes did keep changing colour.A much more enjoyable read.

  • This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For

    Better than the previous Mass Effect Graphic Novels, it tells a story which takes place well before the first game, describing the back story of the Illusive Man. It's not a perfect story and there are some timeline issues that seem slightly off, but it works fairly well. The art also seemed a bit better in this book than the previous ones.

  • Erica

    This graphic novel wasn't as good as the first one. I mean, I'm not the biggest fan of the Illusive Man. He is the best villain, but I just don't care much about him. I liked getting some of the background though. This one just felt a little dry compared to the firstbut that might be because I am obsessed with Liara and Shepard :D

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