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By Lloyd Alexander | Comments: ( 629 ) | Date: ( Jul 12, 2020 )

Vesper Holly is surprised as her guardian, Brinnie, when she receives a mysterious summons to Central America signed by Alain de Rochefort Vesper sets sail at once to find de Rochefort and explore the land that she has inherited On her arrival she makes a terrible discovery de Rochefort represents the evil Dr Helvitius, who plans to build a canal on Vesper s land, uproVesper Holly is surprised as her guardian, Brinnie, when she receives a mysterious summons to Central America signed by Alain de Rochefort Vesper sets sail at once to find de Rochefort and explore the land that she has inherited On her arrival she makes a terrible discovery de Rochefort represents the evil Dr Helvitius, who plans to build a canal on Vesper s land, uprooting the native Chirica Indians for pure profit Can Vesper overcome the dangers of earthquakes, volcanoes, and the evil doctor in time to save her Indian friends

  • Title: The El Dorado Adventure
  • Author: Lloyd Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780141304632
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Lloyd Alexander

Lloyd Chudley Alexander was an influential American author of than forty books, mostly fantasy novels for children and adolescents, as well as several adult books His most famous contribution to the field of children s literature is the fantasy series The Chronicles of Prydain The concluding book of the series, The High King, was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1969 Alexander s other books have also won the National Book Award and the American Book Award He was also one of the creators of Cricket Magazine.

Comments The El Dorado Adventure

  • Madeline

    "Miss Vesper Holly is the only Philadelphian of my acquaintance to own a volcano. I can think of no one better suited to deal with explosive real estate. Despite her accomplishments in languages, art, music, science, and mathematics, the dear girl finds eruptions and other nerve-shattering events irresistibly magnetic."Vesper Holly and her delightful guardian/lapdog Brinnie are back at it, about a year after their adventures in The Illyrian Adventure - based on plot descriptions I've read of the [...]

  • Marty Reeder

    I meant to reread this at a different time under different circumstances. I intended on starting the series with the first of the six, The Illyrian Adventure. I figured I would read it during breaks at school and on the walk home.Instead, while waiting for my wife to brush her teeth before going to bed, a matter of only a couple of minutes, I lightly grabbed The El Dorado Adventure sitting innocently with our bedstand books, and read a page you know, just to pass the time. The next night I did [...]

  • Laura Verret

    There is perhaps no one so indelibly suited to the ownership of a volcano than my ward, Miss Vesper Holly. Indeed, though I, Professor Brinton Garrett, saw no profit to her owning such a thing, I could not help but admit a sort of poetic justice to be found in the circumstance. However, when an opportunity came to visit her land holdings, I set my mind absolutely – such a thing was not feasible. It would not be done.Two days later we set sail for Ocotalpa, as her volcano was called. Our passag [...]

  • Jenny

    This one was funnier than the first one. Both of my teenage girls enjoyed it.

  • Andrea Hussey

    My first impression of the book was that it was written by a really intelligent person, almost too intelligent, especially for a teen’s novel. It was a lot to keep up with and follow the train of thought, especially with the big words being thrown out frequently, such as fractionating, hydrocarbons, esophagus of galvanized iron, versifiers, laconic and calumniating. I know that if I had read this when I was a young teen I wouldn’t have had any idea what was being said and would have been jus [...]

  • Heather Culley

    Strong teen girl. Adventures in foreign lands. Also I like that Lloyd Alexander.

  • Phoebe Salomon

    Vesper Holly recently found out that she owned a volcano. She and her guardian, Brinnie, went off to the Central American country of El Dorado, where her volcano is. Vesper makes two friends there, Smiley and Slider. Then, she and Brinnie went with a man, named Alain de Rochefort, to her volcano. Instead, he kidnapped them, because he knew that Vesper didn't officially own the volcano yet. He locked them in a room, on a train.De Rochefort wants to illegally build a canal on Vesper's land, which [...]

  • pdarnold

    Vesper Holly and Brennie are at it again. They head to South America in response to a mysterious letter pertaining to Vespers ownership of land, which contains a volcano. Again, Vesper is ever wise and has the detective skills of someone beyond her years. De Rochefort is a man wanting to talk with Vesper about her ownership and his plans for a canal. Much adventure, mystery and deception abound. I liked this better than the first book of this series, perhaps because I knew what to expect from th [...]

  • Joshua Van Dereck

    Just two books into this series, and Alexander begins to flounder in The El Dorado Adventure. Sharply begun as a sort of souped-up rewrite of the first novel, The El Dorado Adventure was well seen and amusingly constructed for about half or two-thirds of the narrative, and then it completely unwound. Stuck in a sort of Groundhog Day misery of endless sketches of the protagonists escaping and being recaptured by the villain, who explains all of his notions and never actually kills them, the novel [...]

  • CatherineMustread

    Loved the setting in this second book in the Vesper Holly series -- a fictional Central American country with a greedy developer trying to push through a canal. The natives were a bit unbelievable (totally unrealistic) as was the influence Vesper had on the women in such a short time, but I can chalk that up to literary license. Brinnie's continued use of "my dear girl" is annoying. I'm moving on to re-read book #3, The Drackenberg Adventure which I previously read in 1988.

  • Prudence (aka - Lizzy)

    Okay so what if I did change my favorite doll's name to Vesper? (Her name now runs so: Vesper Anastasia Romanov Brown of Clan Lamont just for those interested so much with conventional names! ;))You all know me as a fan of Lloyd Alexanders beautiful work of literary art, and this book is no exception in my estimation! its a wonderful story, with the Lloyd Alexander-isms abounding!A must read! Period no buts about it! :)*Lizzy smiles- "Vesper Rules!"*

  • Joy

    Lloyd Alexander is one of my favorite YA authors, and has a very well-deserved reputation for writing creative and fun adventure stories. The Vesper Holly Series is a cross between Indiana Jones and the penny dreadfuls of the Victoria age. The intelligent and spirited heroine, Vesper Holly is an independently wealthy orphan, and follows her nose to all kinds of adventures, with her faithful guardian and chaperon trailing in her wake.

  • Jenna

    This series is like Indiana Jones, girl style. When the heione's parents die, she goes to live with her father's co-partner/gardian. She has many adventures in excotic lands which usually end up in life and death situations.Ratings (out of 10):Plot: 9 little hard to follow if you are younger than 12Characters: 9Writing Style: 9Adventure: 10Originality: 10Total: 49/50 (A)

  • Brandy

    Danielle, I can tell why you like these! It's unusual to find such a capable, confident, intelligent, and strong-willed female character in children's/youth literature. Vesper never questions herself, which is refreshing, even if it does make her a bit larger than life (but don't girls deserve to have an Indiana-Jones-like heroine?). I'll have to see if I can track more of these down.

  • Tiffany Adams

    I really enjoy how Lloyd Alexander manages to write at such a high intellectual level, but still make it a (readable!) children's book. Not for the average kid, but perfect for those Nancy Drew readers who are a little ahead of the pack

  • Michaela

    Vesper Holly is at it again! And with a predictable, yet still perfect, reappearance of Helvetius, these are the books I call delicious. He's the worst kind of villain: smart, handsome, culturally savvy, and absolutely barbaric as well.

  • Laura

    Oh goodness. Vesper Holly deserves her own thrilling television show. BBC? But as for the book, Lloyd Alexander never ceases to write a bad book--and the Vesper Holly series is among his most exciting.

  • Anthony Faber

    Vesper Holly #2. Plucky, smart girl heroine drags her guardian into adventures. Pretty good, if anachronistic. Set in the 1870s or thereabouts.

  • Emily

    I just love this book from beginning to end. What else could I say?

  • Wendy

    Even if this is a childrens book, the plots are fun and characters pleasing.

  • Julie

    Part of my summer reading from the library, I think - the year I was on the huge Lloyd Alexander kick.

  • Parsa

    Coool one!!!!

  • Liz

    I'm enjoying flying through this series.

  • Jess

    Entertaining and fast-paced, with some humor interjected by the narrator's obtuseness, but some troubling white savior elements and eye-rolling moments with the fictional tribe of Chiricas.

  • Abby


  • Kate

    This book is going kind of slow for me. I don't read it all the time. The first book started a little slow too, but was really good at the end, so I'm trying to stick with this.

  • Ami

    This is the second book in an enjoyable series. It is a very easy read and I really like the character Vesper.

  • Sora

    Re-reading this book from my childhood. I am slowly working my way through the series again. Who can resist adventures?

  • Kate

    Somewhat fun - still not as good as I remembered

  • Michelle

    bouncy, fun adventure story

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  • Free Download [Suspense Book] ô The El Dorado Adventure - by Lloyd Alexander ✓
    376 Lloyd Alexander
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