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Kicked out for refusing to join a cult, seventeen year old Jamie must find a way to survive on her own.Jamie should have known something was off about the church of the Right and the Real from the start, especially when the Teacher claimed he wasn t just an ordinary spiritual leader, but Jesus Christ, himself But she was too taken by Josh, the eldest son of one of the chuKicked out for refusing to join a cult, seventeen year old Jamie must find a way to survive on her own.Jamie should have known something was off about the church of the Right and the Real from the start, especially when the Teacher claimed he wasn t just an ordinary spiritual leader, but Jesus Christ, himself But she was too taken by Josh, the eldest son of one of the church s disciples, and his all American good looks Josh is the most popular boy at school too, and the first boy outside the drama geeks to give Jamie a second look But getting her Dad involved in a cult was not part of the plan when she started dating Josh Neither was her dad s marriage to the fanatic Mira, or getting kicked out, or seeing Josh in secret because the church has deemed her persona non grata.Jamie s life has completely fallen apart Finding her way back won t be easy, but when her Dad gets himself into serious trouble, will Jamie be ready to rescue him, and maybe even forgive him

  • Title: The Right and the Real
  • Author: Joelle Anthony
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Joelle Anthony

Jo lle Anthony started out life in Portland, Oregon as a talker, then a reader, eventually a writer, and by her teen years, the sirens of the stage were calling her name With a BA in theatre, and absolutely no other marketable skills not even waitressing , she got some headshots made and called herself an actress Believe it or not, some people fell for it, and if you look really closely, and don t blink, you can see her in movies like What The Bleep Do We Know and The Temp The desire to write remained strong though, and was her real calling After many years of practice, and lots and lots of reading, her first novel, Restoring Harmony, was published It went on to be long listed for the American Library Association s Best New Young Adult Fiction, and chosen as the Feature Title for Cincinnati s Teen on the Same Page Festival Her second novel, The Right the Real also an ALA s Best YA Fiction nominee was named a Bank Street s 2013 Best Books of the Year Her third novel, a new YA published under the pen name J M Kelly called Speed of Life was hailed by Publisher s Weekly as a believable portrait of blue collar teens struggling to make it work against tough odds and her first Middle Grade, A Month of Mondays will be released March 7th, 2017 She enjoys teaching writing workshops to writers of all ages Visit her on the web at joelleanthony and jmkellywrites Follow her on Twitter joellewrites

Comments The Right and the Real

  • Kelly

    2.5.Jamie's father just got married to Mira, and they've both signed themselves over to the church of The Right & The Real. But when Jamie's standing there with them and asked to give herself over, she can't. Though she was the one to initially suggest this church as the right one for her and her family, signing over everything to the Teacher feels wrong. It feels too . . . cult-like.When she leaves, everything else in her world crumbles. She loses all contact with her father, who packs up h [...]

  • Jenni Arndt

    You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.A big thank you to Penguin/Putnam Juvenile for providing me an ARC for review.The Right & The Real is too right and way too real. Joëlle Anthony has weaved a story that feels as if it was ripped from the headlines. It's a story of fanaticism and how it affects your life. It's a scary thing, and I too have been outcasted from the life of a person who was very important to me for not succumbing to their beliefs. It's a harsh reality that someon [...]

  • Laura

    Wow.That was just wow.The Right & the Real is hardcore. Like, I totally believed every word of it, and would have to put the book down due to chill bumps.It tells the story of Jamie, a high schooler that has adulthood thrust onto her unjustly. Basically, she falls for this guy that goes to this "church." She starts attending said "church," and brings her dad along. He gets wrapped up in it, marries into the "faith," and it all goes downhill from there. Joëlle Anthony has created a compellin [...]

  • Lenore Appelhans

    Jaime is so into her new boyfriend Josh that she doesn't realize the danger his fanatical church poses until it's too late and her own father has joined their cult and disowned her. Jamie is only a few months from turning 18, but until then, she has to find a way to live on her own without raising the suspicions of her friends or the authorities who might send her off to live with her estranged mother in another state.For some reason, I've always been drawn in by stories of people surviving cult [...]

  • Melanie Goodman

    I can’t remember the last book that kept me up reading through the night. They don’t come along often. I really love my sleep. But I loved The Right and The Real even more. I started it before bed, figuring I would read a few chapters, but ultimately could not put it down. And it was worth every bit of book hangover the next day.It’s hard enough for Jamie to watch her father get remarried, but things get a lot more complicated when his new marriage leaves her out on the streets. In marryin [...]

  • Elle!

    I could not stop reading this novel. I finished it in one night! My heart is still pounding. This book was like a jog and I was the jogger. This book was a drum and I was the drummer. Well you get it. This book is cinematic, superb , RIPPED FROM TODAY'S HEADLINES. You know those books written by dowdy woman who can't get the "aura of a teenager".Well this woman did, she wrote and tapped right into this generation and no. THIS WASN'T SOME PSEUDO TEEN READ this was real. Real everything, real frie [...]

  • Amy Acosta

    When Jamie refuses to join the cult-like church of The Right and The Real, she never imagined life as she knew it would cease to be. Kicked out from church and home, and unable to confide or count on anyone Jamie has to learn to survive on her own. As she soon finds out, it’s a hard, dangerous world for an underage girl, with little money, and no friends out there. Joelle Anthony's The Right & the Real is about mistakes, hardships, and forgiveness, and how a young teenage girl finds a way [...]

  • Videoclimber(AKA)MTsLilSis

    I really enjoyed this story because Anthony wrote Jamie as such a strong female character. It was amazing that she was able to overcome everything that was thrown at her at such a young age. It was quite easy to sympathize and identify with Jamie. I was so glad that she found a friend in LaVon, and he was one of my favorite things about the book. The writing was wonderful and I was able to finish reading in a few hours. The ending to the story was just what I was hoping for, and I felt was a per [...]

  • Carol

    Take a girl who has grown up privileged for her 18 years, and throw her out on the street. Cancel her cell phone and the insurance on her vehicle. This is what happened to Jaimie when her Dad joins a cult religion. She makes a lot of stupid mistakes which make her situation worse…arting with lying to her friends who would be willing to assist her, and clinging to a boyfriend who clearly isn’t willing to help. I think the author has perfectly captured a realistic series of events. She has suc [...]

  • Ashe

    "I was pretty.My naturally light blond hair framed a face with perfect skin, sparkling blue eyes, deep dimples, and straight teeth." - Page 3 of The Right & the Real And that's when I knew I wasn't going to like this book. Actually, no, I knew that when the first scene was two teenagers sneaking around, making out in a church (Note: I am still a teenager.) The church is a cult, so eff the rules, but any book that opens on a make out scene instantly loses a few points. The inner flap synopsis [...]

  • Melissa (i swim for oceans)

    Jamie's life is on the brink. There is beauty in first loves, but there is also that touch of hidden danger in taking the plunge and diving headfirst into a maelstrom of emotions. When Josh gives Jamie a second glance, Jamie is smitten, and the wheels of her young teenage life start turning. Piece by piece, she watches as her family is drawn into a world of deceit and lies surrounding the Church of the Right & the Real. It's a church where they not only worship Christ, but the head of the ch [...]

  • Book Whales

    Originally posted @ Book WhalesI totally enjoyed this book! Special thanks to Putnam Juvenile for giving us an ARC. Wow, the story blew me away. It is beautifully written, a light and fast read for readers who wants to read a book with no commitments. The story is about a “Cult” called The Right & the Real Church of Christ. Jaime was in a situation of loosing her dad to them. She was asked to sign a pledge, which she didn’t believe in. Her life has completely fallen apart. Not only did [...]

  • Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books)

    Joëlle Anthony’s sophomore novel is a harsh and severe look into the life of struggling teen Jamie, in the aftermath of her refusal to join a cult. The Church of the Right & the Real looks okay from the outside. Members are religious and kind and care for one another, but in reality, they worship a man who claims he is the Jesus and they give up their life at the drop of a hat. When Jamie’s dad gets sucked in, brainwashed, marries another member, and kicks Jamie to the curb, her life fa [...]

  • Book Sp(l)ot

    Author interview & book giveaway (ends May 13)Jamie always knew something was off about the church of the Right & The Real but she never thought too much about it because she was only there in order to spend time with her boyfriend. Josh was a member but one who claimed to also see faults with the church. A church whose leader, Teacher, sees as, literally, Jesus Christ - as do his devout followers. But Josh, the oldest son of one Teacher's disciples is also one of the high school's most [...]

  • Gary

    Doesn't the cover model look like Emma Watson to you? For some reason I just kept picturing her as Jamie, the lead character.Anyway.So allow yours truly to lay down the drama for you and see if it gets your attention:17-year-old Jamie's (the Emma Watson lookalike) father joins a religious cult at The Right & The Real church and kicks out his own daughter who refuses to join.Jamie's boyfriend Josh who belongs to the church has a dictating father and doesn't allow Josh to see Jamie.Josh, a sel [...]

  • Sally Kruger

    The Right and The Real is a church with over 1,000 followers. Jamie's father, on a search for meaning in his life, becomes involved in the religious group. Jamie finds something other than spiritual meaning; she finds Josh. It's hard to believe such a hot guy would find her interesting, but he seems to be head-over-heels in love with her.Jamie's early life was one train wreck after another because in her father's attempt to "rescue" her mother from a life of substance abuse, their family almost [...]

  • Shyleen

    This book was absolutely amazing to me atleast. I would say 4.5 stars is well deserved. I fell in love with so many of the characters along the way and grew to hate some. The ending was one of the most predictable, but there are some twist and turns along the way.At the beginning of the book it basically jumped into the plot. In music we have "pick-up" notes before you jump into the first measure and this book absolutely had no pick-up notes. I feel like Jamie's dad was a very weak individual be [...]

  • Tez

    Joëlle Anthony's The Right & the Real has a great concept, about a teen attempting to rescue her father from a cult. Who wouldn't want to read this? And it starts off strong, with Chapter 2 particularly heart-breaking, as a dad chooses his new love and the Right & the Real church over his daughter. Since Jamie Lexington-Cross won't sign the Pledge, she's forced out of her home and onto the streets. But instead of confiding about her homelessness to a trusted adult, or even her friends, [...]

  • Leann

    Mini-Thoughts: Seventeen-year-old Jaime is blindsided by her father when he kicks her out of their home after he marries into a cult-like church that Jaime refused to join*. Joining would mean losing everything she loves – her acting, her education, her future – so she's far from interested. Jaime's strength in facing exile from her home and her normal life is admirable. I quickly became captivated by such an intriguing if slightly terrifying premise. Fortunately, Anthony balances out the mo [...]

  • Chelsea

    Joelle Anthony has cemented her place on my shelf as an author I love. Her first book, Restoring Harmony, blew me away with it's originality and great characters. The Right & the Real has done it again.This is a scary book, but not because of anything paranormal. This story is very frightening because it feels so real. Ripped from the headlines. LaVon is such a cool character. I wish I could meet him in real life. He's one of those characters that I like to see so much in YA books - the one [...]

  • BAYA Librarian

    Jamie, a high school senior, started going to The Right and the Real Church because of her hunky, football-playing boyfriend Josh. Even after she learned that the church was really a cult whose leader claimed to be Jesus Christ, she went along with it. Her recovering alcoholic dad follows her lead and ends up in a marriage with a fanatical church member. When Jamie refuses to sign the church's pledge, her dad disowns her. She ends up homeless and worried that her dream of attending college is ov [...]

  • Christianne

    Draft BAYA reviewJamie, a high school senior, started going to The Right and the Real Church because of her hunky, football-playing boyfriend Josh. Even after she learned that the church was really a cult whose leader claimed to be Jesus, she went along with it. Her recovering alcoholic dad follows her lead and ends up in a marriage with a fanatical church member. When Jamie refuses to sign the church's pledge, her dad disowns her. She ends up homeless and worried that her dream of attending col [...]

  • Ciarra

    I liked it, especially the idea. My main blurbs/thoughts:- The plot was actually pretty good.- Jamie's boyfriend Josh was an idiot.- Jamie's whole mindset was completely melodramatic, but obviously her whole experience must not have been that bad if she kept the whole crisis a secret and got NO police involvement or help. - Where's the conclusive ending? What did happen to the Right and the Real?- The church was freaking creepy.- I was a sucker for the suspense. - Jamie = MAJOR dynamic character [...]

  • Julie

    So, cults right? Religious cults. Creepy and weird and make me feel icky. But I also find them fascinating. I was intrigued by the premise of the story and remember hearing a lot of good things about Restoring Harmony, so I decided to try this one.I really liked it while I was reading, but there was no major wow factor for me. It might just be me because as much as I've been enjoying what I read lately, most of them lack that special something that makes me fall head over heels, obsessively in l [...]

  • Mesa

    This book is a complete surprise. I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading, but I was sure, especially after watching the trailer, that I’ll enjoy it. However, I’m sad to say, I didn’t liked this book. It was an okay read. The concept of the book is very different from any YA books I read, which I loved. I’m a kind of person who gets tired reading the same thing over and over again. And in the novel, the concept was the only thing I liked. I didn’t like any of the main cha [...]

  • Deborah

    Had this book been advertised as the story of a teenager trying to make her dreams come true in a realistic fashion after her father kicks her out of the house, I wouldn't have picked it up. That's what it is, so I feel a bit cheated.The cult angle is there for maybe a third of the book, but it feels forced and bland, like someone felt the story lacked a hook. It wasn't even consistent. A conflict was concluded at the end, but it wasn't the conflict focused on for the majority of the book.A lot [...]

  • Melody

    I couldn't put this one down, I read it in one go. The plotting is excellent, the protagonist clearly drawn and very believable. "Relatable", I think they are calling it these days. I was swept up and carried along, hoping for the best. I flat-out adored LaVon. I loved the backstory, and found myself speculating about the mom, and how Jamie might be wrong about her. I'm always up for a story about an evil church, and the church in this book does not fail to disappoint.My only (minor) complaint i [...]

  • Jo

    Having mixed feelings. Not sure how plausible I find the main plot point, but not so lack of belief that I´m going to harp on it. My big problem with the book was the lack resolution. We had our big climactic conflict, a chapter of "We did it!" and then the book was over. I mean, the big problem -- "Help, my dad´s been brainwashed by a cult!" -- was solved, but the other problems caused by the cult-y brainwashing -- Dad signed the house over, Dad has no job, Dad´s been starved half to death W [...]

  • Eileen

    Right and Real by Joelle Anthony - Themes - Family relationships, Cults, Friends, Living alone.This aims for the older teenage market and does it beautifully. Fast paced, action filled, funny, a strong lead character and a religious cult. a great idea for a book and it did not disappoint. Dad marries a woman he has met from the Right and Real church. He can’t see the problems with the doctrines. His daughter Jamie (our main character) can’t commit and dad has to make a choice the new church [...]

  • Mary Farrell

    This book hooked me right away and I had to keep reading. Good writing. great story. I really like how Jamie, the main character, takes charge of her life after she is kicked out on the street by her father. I also enjoyed a couple characters who she meets, particularly the ex-con LaVon, who is not a stereotype. Of course, I was frustrated with Jamie hanging on to the boyfriend for so long, but I guess I was supposed to be. I was very frustrated with her reasoning for not telling anyone what was [...]

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