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In his fourth book, Colum McCann turns to the troubles in Northern Ireland and reveals the reverberations of political tragedy in the most intimate lives of men and women, parents and children In the title story, a teenage girl must choose between allegiance to her Catholic father and gratitude to the British soldiers who have saved the family s horse The young hero ofIn his fourth book, Colum McCann turns to the troubles in Northern Ireland and reveals the reverberations of political tragedy in the most intimate lives of men and women, parents and children In the title story, a teenage girl must choose between allegiance to her Catholic father and gratitude to the British soldiers who have saved the family s horse The young hero of Hunger Strike, a novella, tries to replicate the experience of his uncle, an IRA prisoner on hunger strike And in Wood, a small boy does his part for the Protestant marches, concealing his involvement from his blind father.

  • Title: Everything in This Country Must
  • Author: Colum McCann
  • ISBN: 9780312273187
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Colum McCann

Colum McCann is the author of two collections of short stories and four novels, including This Side of Brightness, Dancer and Zoli, all of which were international best sellers His newest novel Let the Great World Spin will come out in 2009 His fiction has been published in 26 languages and has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, GQ, Paris Review and other places He has written for numerous publications including The Irish Times, Die Zeit, La Republicca, Paris Match, The New York Times, the Guardian and the Independent In 2003 Colum was named Esquire magazine s Writer of the Year Other awards and honors include a Pushcart Prize, the Rooney Prize, the Irish Independent Hughes and Hughes Sunday Independent Novel of the Year 2003, and the 2002 Ireland Fund of Monaco Princess Grace Memorial Literary Award He was recently inducted into the Hennessy Hall of Fame for Irish Literature His short film Everything in this Country Must, directed by Gary McKendry, was nominated for an Academy Award Oscar in 2005 Colum was born in Dublin in 1965 and began his career as a journalist in The Irish Press In the early 1980 s he took a bicycle across North America and then worked as a wilderness guide in a program for juvenile delinquents in Texas After a year and a half in Japan, he and his wife Allison moved to New York where they currently live with their three children, Isabella, John Michael and Christian Colum teaches in Hunter College in New York, in the Creative Writing program, with fellow novelists Peter Carey and Nathan Englander Colum has completed his new novel, Let the Great World Spin It is scheduled for release in the U.S on June 23 rd, 2009 An extract was published in the Paris Review in fall 2008 The British and Irish release will be in August, while European publishers will quickly follow up in what amounts to an unprecedented international publication in September 2009 The novel begins in August 1974 as a tightrope walker makes his way through the dawn light across the World Trade Center towers, stunning thousands of watchers below Using the true story of Philippe Petit as a pull through metaphor, McCann crafts a portrait of the city and a people There s Corrigan, a radical young Irish monk, who struggles with his own demons as he lives among the prostitutes in the burning Bronx A group of mothers gather in a Park Avenue apartment to mourn the sons who died in Vietnam they soon discover how much divides them even in their grief Further uptown, Tillie, a 38 year old grandmother, turns tricks alongside her teenaged daughter, determined not only to take care of her babies but to prove her own worth Elegantly weaving together these and other seemingly disparate lives, McCann s powerful allegory of 9 11 comes alive in the unforgettable voices of the city s people, unexpectedly drawn together by hope, beauty, and the tightrope walker s artistic crime of the century McCann s most ambitious work to date, Let the Great World Spin has already been described as a triumphant American novel Let the Great World Spin will be published June 30th Advance copies will be available here on GoodReads

Comments Everything in This Country Must

  • Chrissie

    "Everything In This Country Must" is quite simply too short. The title story only lasts 23 minutes. I am listening to the audiobook performance. Yes, it feels like a performance, not the reading of a story! The narration by Clodagh Bowyer, in her young feminine Irish patois, was fantastic. The book’s narrator is a fifteen year old. Her perception of the event is that of a young Catholic Irish girl. She saw the body of the male swimmer. That is what she would see. She saw the agony and frustrat [...]

  • Tanuj Solanki

    Two stories and a novella. The novella is an absolute stunner, a thing of beauty, and ranks as one if the very best pieces I have had the fortune to read. Think of McCann as Joyce mixed with Hemingway, although this is a stupid way of putting things. But if you liked Old Man and the Sea, you will love this. All three works have an adolescent protagonist. McCann really captures this age of flux perfectly, and in a serious tone. This is quite unlike what others, say David Mitchell, do with their a [...]

  • Richard Derus

    Okay, so, see, there's this place called Ireland? And it's really poor? Or, well, anyway, it used to be and stuff. So anyway, this Irish guy comes here, I mean to America, and he writes about these Irish people from when it was all poor and stuff? And so these stories are, like, really really sad and the people are all poor and kinda mean and they don't seem like they ever smile or anything? But they're all, like, really really trying to be good but something Irish just won't let em! Honest!If " [...]

  • Diane S ☔

    Almost everyone I know has read, and said good things, about this author. I decided to start with a book of smaller stories of his and than go from there. I loved them. I loved his writing, simple yet elegant he presents the reader with wonderful and uncluttered visuals. All these stories take place and are said to represent all side of Northern Ireland. The first short story shows us a young girl, not understanding her father's politics. The second story, which was my favorite although the firs [...]

  • Laurie Notaro

    Brutal, sparse and a straight shot to the bone; McCann pulls no punches. In two short stories and one novella, we see how the unrest in Ireland in the 80's and 90's was like any other horrific war; it sunk into the core of its people, where it stayed and turned to concrete. McCann is unflinching when it comes to his descriptions of how it fundamentally changed people, and the undeniable outcomes that are stark, stripped and tragic. Quick read, but not quickly absorbed. This one will take a while [...]

  • Camille Maio

    I was interested in reading this book because of my family's cursory connection to "The Troubles". I have never read anything about them, though, so I expected to be swept up into a story that grabbed my emotions and made me feel what it was really like to be there. This didn't happen. There were interesting bits - I liked the creative touch of the boy and his mother making chess pieces out of bread and about the countdown of his uncle's weight as he sat in prison. I might have been more drawn i [...]

  • Erin

    This is my first Colum McCann book. After reading this one, I will definitely read more. His writing, while spare, considered and focused, was almost lyrical in its use of language, and drove me to re-read many sentences I found particularly lovely. As an example, I quote this from the first story in the book (**potential spoiler**):"The ticking was gone from my mind and all was quiet everywhere in the world and I held the curtain like I held the sound of the bullets going into the draft horse, [...]

  • Zoë

    Everything in This Country Must is a small collection by Colum McCann which includes two short stories and one novella. The book begins with the title story "Everything in This Country Must" which is the story of a father and daughter whose lives have been ruined by the death of the mother and daughter at the hands of soldiers. However when their best draft horse is about to drown it is soldiers which come to help them pull it out of the water, something the father is unable to make peace with. [...]

  • Joanie

    After thinking about it for a few days I'm changing my rating from 4 to 5 stars. This is a collection of two short stories and a novella, all set in Northern Ireland during "The Troubles" of the late 70's, early 80's and all told from a child's point of view. McCann not only explores the politcal struggles of that time, but the struggles kids face when they feel pulled in two different directions. In the first story "Everything in this Country Must" a young girl struggles with her feelings of gr [...]

  • Mom

    A quiet and powerful trio of stories set in Northern Ireland during the years of political turmoil. In each, the center of the story is not the turmoil but the individuals living in that environment and the emotional tension they endure. Written with delicacy and restraint, there is little sense of us/them, but rather an emphasis on the humanity of everyone involved. My favorite story was "Hunger Strike," a bittersweet and heartbreaking tale of a boy's coming-of-age while remembering his decease [...]

  • Ferris

    AudiobookListening to Colum McCann's prose is like listening to poetry, regardless of the subject matter. He is an excellent writer! This is the first time I have read his writing in the shorter format of novella and short stories, and I think he is masterful at it. All I will say, is settle back in a comfy chair with a beautiful view and listen. You will be carried away to the tough and demanding world of Ireland and its day-to-day realities. It's worth the time!

  • Beth F.

    Another brilliantly written book by Colum McCann. His prose is amazing and there are so many phrases I want to hold on to and turn over in my mind again and again. I "read" both Transatlantic and this book by audio and find myself in both cases wanting the hard copy to be able to flip open a page and find some unexpected gem.

  • Robert

    Stellar storytelling from McCann, this time detailing the complex nature of the more recent Troubles in Ireland. His writing depicts characters of all sorts and shame-free while the stories themselves stay with you for a long time after you've read them.

  • Karen


  • Elizabeth

    Unsurprisingly, a complete tour de force - I one hundred percent ached for Ireland while reading these two short stories and novella. McCann is an incredibly disciplined and restrained writer, yet somehow also lyrically soulful and emotionally evocative. I don't know how he's able to put me so completely and fully in his world(s), but he does. Hunger Strike, in particular, is probably one of the best pieces of writing I've read in a while in terms of its vividness and restrained but palpable emo [...]

  • Perry

    Some interesting imagery, but I can't say that I was sure what the author was driving at.

  • Suzanne


  • Tim Love

    2 short stories and a novella, all having a youth as the main character, whose same-sex parent is dead or invalided. They all feature "The Troubles". The short stories feature a first-person youth. Katie in the title piece is 15. She says things like "I stretched wide like love", and "The night had started stars. They were up through the branches. The river was spraying in them". The son in "Wood" doesn't yet shave. He begins by saying "It was just past night-time when we brought the logs down t [...]

  • Jonathan Smith

    Typical ColumAwesomeGreat prose and characters. A quicker read, for me, than his other short story collections. Read if you are fan.

  • Eric

    Colum McCann's collection containing two short stories and a novella with the pieces all centered around a basic themes hitting mostly on contemporary politics and society in Northern Ireland, Everything in This Country Must, seemed a promising endeavor. I did enjoy Hunger Strike, the novella, but the second story of the collection, Wood, failed to match the emotion Hunger Strike and the eponymous story.Wood is the story of a young boy living with his mother, who takes care of the blind father, [...]

  • Arti

    A book compiling two short stories and a novella, Everything in this Country Must reaffirms my admiration for Colum McCann's spare and powerful writing.McCann is the author of the 2009 National Book Award winner Let The Great World Spin. In my review of that book, I noted how he'd intricately woven together seemingly unrelated stories against the backdrop of the Twin Towers, crafting a moving tribute to NYC.Before NYC, McCann had written about his home country Ireland. Everything In This Country [...]

  • Frank

    Not quite up to the standard of Let the Great World Spin, but these are much different stories on a different scale.The two short stories and novella in this collection all revolve around “the Troubles” in the North of Ireland which haunted generations of Irish people on both sides of the border as well as in Britain for decades. Significantly, none of the main characters are directly involved in direct conflict. In the first, titular, story a Catholic farmer and his daughter receive unwante [...]

  • Dorothy

    A slim volume of one novella and two short stories set during "The Troubles" in Ireland. I have read quite a few novels set in Ireland this year and I find that each author has a slightly different view of events that led to so much violence. I don't necessarily agree with the blurb on the cover which states that this is "the only book" to read on this period of Irish history. It is such a complicated issue that I feel the more we read, the more we can try to understand the events and how they a [...]

  • Darryl

    Everything in This Country Must consists of two short stories and a novella, which are set in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. The first short story, "Everything in This Country Must", is narrated by a farm girl whose mother and sister were killed by British army troops, who struggles vainly alongside her embittered father to rescue his beloved draft horse from a raging river, until British soldiers come to their aid. "Wood", the second short story, describes a poverty stricken boy and his [...]

  • Glen

    This is a powerful collection, particularly the first and third stories ("Wood" I found a little bit cryptic by comparison). For those who like good fiction and want a look at the Northern Ireland "Troubles" from within, so to speak, this is a good choice. The third and longest story, "Hunger", tells the story of the 1981 hunger strikes by imprisoned IRA members that resulted in 10 prisoner deaths from the point of view of an adolescent boy whose uncle is one of the strikers. All three stories a [...]

  • Miguel

    This was my first approach to the Irish author McCann, I found in his writing a beautiful description of the cruel world from the young characters, the author involves history, feelings and doubts in the three stories of the book, taking the reader into a deep topic: The guilt. Every main character is the representation of revolution, each of them are full of questions and prejudice, asking what is good and what is bad, and the most important: doubting about their parents and suffering about the [...]

  • Lainie

    First let me say that I'm a huge fan of Colum McCann. This collection of two short stories and one novella offers the beautiful writing you would expect to find in any of his books. The stories are all set during the Irish Troubles in the late 1970s/early 1980s. In the novella, an adolescent boy is trying to get his head around the fact that his uncle (whom he does not know well) is a part of The Irish Hunger Strike (of 1981). It guts him but he takes pride, also. It's a sad but lyrical story, l [...]

  • Emily White

    Calum McCann visits many of the issues involved in the Northern Ireland conflict of a few years ago. One story tells of a protestant family that secretly makes wooden flagpoles for their Catholic enemies so that they have enough money to live on. Another tells of a young man displaced with his mother from their home so that they can stay safe. So much is explored in this tome, much of it heartbreaking, but much of it about learning from our experiences as well. I heard Colum McCann speak once ar [...]

  • Jack Long

    Colum McCann's Everything in this Country Must consists of a novella and two short stories with the backdrop of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. In the title story, a teenage girl must choose between allegiance to her Catholic father and gratitude to the British soldiers who have saved the family's horse. The protagonist of Hunger Strike, a novella, tries to replicate the experience of his uncle, an IRA prisoner on hunger strike. In Wood, a small boy does his part for the Protestant marches con [...]

  • Anna

    Had it on my shelf because I loved "Zoli" from McCann.a collection of two short stories and a novella, it is formatted in a manner suitable for 'easy reading'-- and that's exactly what it was. Perhaps it is the kind of book that needs to be read slowly, or more than once, to be fully appreciated. I didn't get much out of the stories other than in-the-moment entertainment, but as a quick read, I was compelled to finish the book in two sittings. The writing is bare. Enough to tell a story, but not [...]

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