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A class one medical emergency summons the Enterprise to the Federation outpost Tanis There, a grisly surprise awaits them Two of the lab s three researchers are decade, their bodies almost entirely drained of blood There are no clues No records of their research No remnants of their work There is only the oupost s sole survivor, Dr Jeffrey Adams A man with a secr A class one medical emergency summons the Enterprise to the Federation outpost Tanis There, a grisly surprise awaits them Two of the lab s three researchers are decade, their bodies almost entirely drained of blood There are no clues No records of their research No remnants of their work There is only the oupost s sole survivor, Dr Jeffrey Adams A man with a secret that will rock the very foundtions of Star Fleetd a terrible, all consuming hunger that will bring death to the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

  • Title: Bloodthirst
  • Author: J.M. Dillard
  • ISBN: 9780671644895
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

J.M. Dillard

J.M Dillard born 1954 , is a writer of science fiction and horror.She was born in Florida and studied at the University of South Florida, earning first a BA in Russian and then an MA in Linguistics After college she taught English as a foreign language at the American University in Washington, D.C before moving to the West Coast.

Comments Bloodthirst

  • Charles

    I actually wasn't expecting to like this as well as I did since vampirism and Star Trek don't seem a good match up to me. However, the book was well written and generated quite a bit of tension. I thought it did well with the characters. The explanation for the "bloodthirst" makes sense and there are good twists and turns.

  • Mike Crate

    A distress call from an uninhabited world is received by the Enterprise, on arrival they discover a secret bio lab with Starfleet level security and equipment, of the three people only one survives and he claims the other two were a murder/suicide. Investigation indicates that the lab could have been involved in bio-warfare research which is illegal within the Federation but then the Enterprise is ordered to abandon the investigation and ordered to deliver the survivor to Starfleet, an unusual r [...]

  • Tommy Verhaegen

    Again, for the umptieth time: a sci-fi topper ! Once the story gets started the reader stays clustered to the book until the finish line. For once i appreciate the psychological intervals als clarifying, necessary to be able to understand the tale and not bothering the general fast pace of the action. Partially located on earth, a starbase and a small research planet, but mostly in space . No big space battles though, just a small one :-). The story of Dracula in a Star Trek context - it had to [...]

  • Jerry

    Rather entertaining and enjoyable.

  • Heather Domin

    Vampires & Star Trek. It's like Christmas. Of course it's not really vampires, but it still totally is, plus Chekov says "wampires" which is instant win. Good OCs, fast pace, tight plot, short and spooky. 3.5 stars!

  • Jesse A

    Surprisingly good characterization (which is a weakness star trek novels tend to have) but just a soso story.

  • Kati Steinke

    For a good while I wasn't sure where the book was meant to go. Early dialogue established it as the written equivalent of a Halloween episode, and then it seemed to switch between "medical mystery" and "HEY IT'S VAMPIRES" (not really a spoiler as they start with it 30 pages in), and that damned amulet is still unclear When it did look like it'd settled, though, I enjoyed the direction it went in, and as for the underlying science, a virus as the cause *would* actually make sense even if I'm not [...]

  • Ronald Wilcox

    Pretty good ST novel with an unusual premise for ST and uses the core characters mostly true. The Enterprise sends down McCoy and a security officer to a small research outpost and find two of three scientists dead, their throats slit. The remaining scientist is mad and taken into custody and brought back to the Enterprise. There he escapes and begins to attack crew members, wanting to drink their blood. His psychosis is due to what they were researching and McCoy and the medical team have to wo [...]

  • Noelle Walsh

    This book was really good, in my opinion. The story itself reads like a Halloween episode and it kept the tension going with a well written plot and great characters. I think Trek fans would enjoy it.

  • Bryan

    It is what it is. Vampires in space. Read like an episode of the show. I enjoyed it but there was no big surprise or twist to me. I would recommend it to lovers of the original star trek show.

  • Heather


  • Mark

    Rather heavygoing in places, but not a bad story and the plot is well resolved.

  • Vanillabear

    I wanted a thriller that took place in the Star Trek universe. My wish was granted with this heebejeebie given book.

  • Surreysmum

    Yes, well, the title gives a bit of a hint. This story ostensibly deals with a death-dealing virus (in fact, two) but the symptoms are awfully like those afflicting Count Dracula: an aversion to light, an apparent return from the dead, a craving for blood. A researcher on an obscure station, by the name of Jeffrey Adams (the researcher, not the station), turns out to have been working not for Starfleet but for a small group of corrupt Generals within Starfleet who are interested in biological we [...]

  • Rich Meyer

    So very, very tired of vampires - either good ones (Stoker, Rice) or bad ones (Twilight, Twilight, Twilight). But J.M. Dillard manages to come up with a fairly good vampire tale for a Star Trek novel. We get a bit of background on an Andorian crew member, as well as a relative of a guest star from the Original Series. The pacing is a bit slow at times, and there are a couple of breaks in logic, but all-in-all it's an enjoyable tale and would've made an interesting episode.

  • Joe

    Its always fun to go back to some of the old Star Trek books I used to read as a teenager. While I liked Bloodthirst more back then it still is a solid entry in the Star Trek fiction realm. A little far fetched with the vampire-ish idea but the story does have some good action, particularly near the end when Kirk and company try to both keep the H-Virus from spreading while also exposing a corrupt Fleet Admiral.

  • Daniel Kukwa

    Holy mother of godis was fantastic! A taut, dark, claustrophobic thriller, with a powerful command of the main characters, a superb collection of supporting roles, and a murder mystery with many fascinating layers. This is easily the best J.M. Dillard novel I've read to date, and without a doubt one of the best original series "Star Trek" novels.

  • Kreg

    A poor attempt at a vampire thriller using Trek for it's setting. Characterizations were not very good, and the plot contained a lot of very weak sections.

  • J.D.

    Very, very fine book indeed! with a lot of action and twist and turns. True to characters as well. Touches nasty issues. Would make a fine episode.

  • Randy Wiggins

    This is another great Dillard horror novel set in the ST universe. Vampires on the EnterpriseRead and find out! :)

  • Cheryl Landmark

    Review to come soon.

  • Wetdryvac Wetdryvac

    Always fun, and my favorite of the Dillard books I've read.

  • Crystal

    One of the creepiest and bloodiest Trek novels, but full of suspense. Enjoyed it.

  • Travis

    The early Trek novels were pretty bland. Very few really stand out in my mind. This one is slightly better than most as it's Star Trek vs vampires.

  • Stephen Fender

    Dracula in Trek? Sure, and it makes for a great read! The story is plausible and well written. Even the supporting characters are well-rounded. It honestly gave me chills to read it

  • Miriam

    Star Trek + vampires!

  • Brad

    My dad gives me Star Trek books to read - this one is about vampires (my favorite monster). Its pretty good, plus Star Trek books always remind me of Dad.

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  • ☆ Bloodthirst || ↠ PDF Read by å J.M. Dillard
    170 J.M. Dillard
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