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By Paul Auster | Comments: ( 113 ) | Date: ( Jun 03, 2020 )

This is the story of a young man s struggle to stay afloat By turns poignant and comic, Paul Auster s memoir is essentially an autobiographical essay about money and what it means not to have it From one odd job to the next, from one failed scheme to another, Auster investigates his own stubborn compulsion to make art, and describes his ingenious, often farfetched atteThis is the story of a young man s struggle to stay afloat By turns poignant and comic, Paul Auster s memoir is essentially an autobiographical essay about money and what it means not to have it From one odd job to the next, from one failed scheme to another, Auster investigates his own stubborn compulsion to make art, and describes his ingenious, often farfetched attempts to survive on next to nothing From the streets of New York City and Paris to the rural roads of Upstate New York, the author treats us to a series of remarkable adventures and unforgettable encounters and, in several elaborate appendixes, to previously unknown work from these years Here are three plays that contain the seeds of inspiration for some of Auster s future work, a tabletop baseball game complete with cards and rules , and a pseudonymous detective novel the author s first full length novel Each is an example of Auster s effort to make money each is an illustration of the artist s mind at work The result is a book of manifold delights and discoveries, an autobiography that resembles no other.

  • Title: Hand to Mouth: A Chronicle of Early Failure
  • Author: Paul Auster
  • ISBN: 9780805054064
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Paul Auster

Paul Auster is the bestselling author of Report from the Interior, Winter Journal, Sunset Park, Invisible, The Book of Illusions, and The New York Trilogy, among many other works He has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature, the Prix M dicis tranger, the Independent Spirit Award, and the Premio Napoli He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Commandeur de l Ordre des Arts et des Lettres He lives in Brooklyn, New Yorkul auster

Comments Hand to Mouth: A Chronicle of Early Failure

  • Helene Jeppesen

    This was a reread, and this second time around was just as good as the first time. "Hand to Mouth" is one of Paul Auster's autobiographies. This one (his first one out of two, if I'm not mistaken) is very controversial as it deals with Auster's failure of a life and career during his twenties. Auster lays out the bare facts and hides nothing, and it's refreshing to read this honest account. However, what's peculiar about this autobiography is that only 125 pages is the actual autobiography. The [...]

  • KamRun

    بازگشت به گذشته و روایت یک دهه ناکامی و بدبیاری. ماجراهایی که از سر گذرونده خیلی معمولی بود، نه اون‌قدر پر سوز و گداز و جگرسوز و نه اون‌قدر پر از ماجرا و آوارگی. از این جهت جذابیت چندانی نداشت. از طرفی چون بین ماوقع و زمان نگارش بیست تا سی سال فاصله هست، ماجرا از دهن افتاده و نوی [...]

  • Mohammad Ali

    من که باهاش حال کردم - البته مثل همیشه بعضیا هم اصلا حال نکردن؛ اختلاف سلیقه اس دیگه. بیش از همه اون روحیه ی پشت این همه ماجرا برای من جذابه؛ اون تصمیم و اون تمایلی که این داستانا همه تبعات و ظواهر اون سنخ نگاه و زندگی اند. البته اون نوع زندگی آمیزه ایه از نکات مثبت و منفی و همینه [...]

  • Yulia

    God knows what impelled someone at Le Monde to call this flimsy and indifferent work "one of the most original and audacious autobiographies ever written by a writer." In fact, from its writing, you'd never guess Auster made his living as a novelist or even as a newspaper staff member reporting on hit-and-runs and smog levels. From the first line to the very last, this book is a manual on how not to write.He had lots of experiences (none of which he deigns to mention), met many people (whom he n [...]

  • Oscar

    ‘A salto mata’ es una novela corta que narra los duros inicios de Paul Auster en el mundo de la escritura. Paul Auster nos cuenta sus problemas con el dinero, cuya falta le llevó casi al desastre. Tuvo que realizar diversos trabajos (tripulante en un petrolero, traductor, crítico, etc.), ninguno de los cuáles tienen nada que ver con el trabajo de escritor, pero que sin embargo le ayudan a conocer a todo tipo de personas. Todas estas experiencias vitales repercutirán en su narrativa futur [...]

  • Nastaran

    اونقدری دوست نداشتم کتاب رونمیگم بد بود نه، گاهی وقتا اتفاقا خیلیم جالب بود ولی صرف اینکه صدو چهل صفحه کتاب بخونی فقط در مورد ده هزارتا کاری که پل استر از بچگی تا چاپ اولین کتابش کرده. اونقدری جذاب نیستگرچه بغضی جاها بود که واقعا طرز تفکرش منو متحیر می‌کرد مخصوصا تو دوران نوجو [...]

  • Ramin Azodi

    با خودم عهد كردم، دست كم كتاب‌هایی كه براى تولدم كادو گرفتم رو به تولد بعديم نرسيده بخونم. و اين كتاب هم از اين قاعده مستثنا نشد. تقريبا همه نويسندگان دنيا متفق القول اند كه از راه نوشتن قرار نيست پولِ درست و درمونى گيرت بياد. اينجا نويسنده ها دو دسته ميشن، اون هايى كه شغلِ پول [...]

  • Célia

    Li este livro por duas casualidades: primeiro, recebi este livro de oferta na compra de outro, e depois decidi lê-lo agora devido a uma iniciativa no , o National Readathon Day, em que nos comprometíamos a ler durante um certo período no dia 24 de janeiro; escolhi-o por ser pequeno e me parecer que a leitura devesse ser rápida. De Paul Auster, ainda só li um livro, O Livro das Ilusões, que adorei. Lembro-me de alguns contornos da história, o que é extremamente positivo uma vez que já l [...]

  • M. Sarki

    A pathetic self-serving attempt by an otherwise very good writer. There is nothing of worth in this memoir. For a person of Auster's literary stature, I am surprised he would want this out there. It just was not that interesting and it was written as chronological straight reportage. In the long run, this will not help Auster's standing in the literary canon.

  • Matthew

    "In the three and a half years I lived in France, I had any number of jobs, bounced from one part-time gig to another, freelanced until I was blue in the face. When I didn't have work, I was looking for work. When I had work, I was thinking about how to find more. Even at the best of times, I rarely earned enough to feel secure, and yet in spite of one or two close calls, I managed to avoid total ruin. It was, as they say, a hand-to-mouth existence."Rather than lament failure, Hand to Mouth is i [...]

  • Cat

    Segundo livro que leio de Paul Auster e que não me consegue cativar na totalidade. Não sei se é a escrita, se são os temas, a verdade é que não me conseguem entusiasmar.'Da Mão para a Boca' é a autobiografia de Auster nos anos antes de ele ser conhecido e fala dos múltiplos falhanços que o autor sofreu até ser quem hoje é.Embora tenha reconhecido a ideia de quem luta pelos seus sonhos consegue alcançá-los, mesmo depois de muitas e dolorosas quedas, a verdade é que achei aquele Pau [...]

  • Elham Ghafarzadeh

    پل استر از نویسنده های زنده ایه که خیلی رمان هاشو دوست دارم و چقدر برام جالب بود که بدونم تو زندگی شخصیش بیچاره چقده سختی کشیده سر نویسندگی و پول درآوردن قسمت جالب این کتاب هم برا من شرح سفرهایی که رفته و تجربه هایی که خواسته و ناخواسته کسب کرده بودنکته دیگه هم اینه که فک کنم ای [...]

  • Debbie Robson

    For me Paul Auster is a literary godfather. Not only is he a key to New York with his New York settings, particularly my favourite The Brooklyn Follies, but he is also, like me fascinated by synchronicity and coincidence. From the stories in The Red Notebook it was obvious that fame hadn’t come quickly to Paul Auster. In Hand to Mouth we find out just how much a struggle it was. Here is the opening paragraph:“In my late twenties and early thirties, I went through a period of several years wh [...]

  • Azra

    تمام ماجراهای کتاب حول محور " فرضیه پردازی غلط " می چرخد. پل استر بنا بر این اصل که پول در برابر ایده ها و نقشه های ذهنی فاقد اصالت است، به دنبال خواسته ها و ایده آل هایش می رود.سوالی که بعد از خواندن مطرح شد این بود که آیا حقیقتا راهی برای تشخیص غلط یا درست بودن تک تک فرضیه هایمان [...]

  • Motahareh

    پل استر جزو نویسنده های محبوبمه و برای همین خوندن این کتاب و درک زندگی سخت و شکست های تلخش خالی از لطف نبودبعد از خوندن این کتاب بین شخصیت های اصلی آثار پل استر و خودش شباهت های زیادی پیدا کردم خصوصا شخصیت اول کتاب سانست پارک و یا کمی شاید بشه گفت کتاب هیولا که هر دو انگار قسمتی [...]

  • Roya

    ترسناک بود رویای شیرین نویسندگی چندان هم شیرین نیست، در واقع اصلاً شیرین نیست. پول همیشه حرف اول را می زند- حتی در جایی که نباید. پوف! دلم می خواهد از سرم بیرونش کنم برو بیرون پل آستر! بیرون! بیرون! بیرون!

  • Matteo Fumagalli

    Videorecensione: youtu/6X8jJt3DBco

  • Adem Yüce

    Paul Auster'in okuduğum ikinci kitabı Cebi Delik yazarın otobiyografik eseridir. 1997 yılında yazmış ama kitapta 1981-82 yılına kadar olan hayatı yani 35 yıllık hayatını, çok ilginç bir yazar ilgi çekecek bir hayat hikayesi paranın yokluğunun bir insan hayatını nasıl şekillendirdiğini ya da etkilediğini acı bir şekilde anlatıyor ilk kitabı 1982 de basıldı. Polisiye içerikli ve maddi yokluk yüzünden sadece para kazanma amaçlı 3 ayda yazdığı taklit kurgularda [...]

  • Brian

    Not really accurately subtitled, as Auster goes long stretches being fine financially. And oddly enough, he writes nothing at all about his climb out of penury. I was looking forward to him detailing his process for writing "The New York Trilogy," but the book simply peters out before this event. The best part though, is his incredibly visceral dislike for overweight women, a gaggle of which he encounters at Big Mary's Place in Tampa, Florida. Auster describes the scene in a number of ways, some [...]

  • Jill

    I seriously loved this book, but it speaks to me personally, which it may not do for everyone. I see a lot of similarities between myself and Auster, who writes here a memoir of his life through his twenties. the narrative revolves around Auster's interest in being a writer and his journeys in youth and the way the need for solvency affected those journeys and the choices he made in life. I think it's a wonderful novel for anyone interested in becoming a writer. It outlines, in an energetic a co [...]

  • Solanderdog

    I'm not sure how to rate this book because I didn't dislike it but I also don't want to say it was okay. Most of it seemed rather plain and pointless. The autobiography portion didn't really offer any great insights into anything, the baseball card game was of no interest to me, and the three plays were cringe-inducing. Having said that, the detective novel isn't the worst thing I've ever read, but it had too much about baseball in it for my liking. When it comes to baseball, I prefer none. The [...]

  • Ruth Jalfon

    disappointing - the first 100 or so pages were indeed autobiographical and enjoyable and you can see where he gets alot of his ideas for his novels especially the last two I've just read where there is a young male student protagonist in anguish (Moon Palace and Invisible). But then the rest of the book is made up of his early works including a failed enterprise at launching a baseball card game - none of which I read more than a few pages of. It seems that this book was just bunged together wit [...]

  • Shahrzad Shojaei

    کتاب فوق‌العاده‌ای بود، بخصوص که یه قسمتایی از کتاب تو شرایط مشابهی با نویسنده قرار داشتم واسه همین خیلی دوسش داشتم.

  • Alberto Jacobo Baruqui

    En este libro Paul Auster nos comparte como lo haría a un amigo: Con esa emoción que dan sus primeras experiencias para atender al llamado interior a ser escritor.Su compartir, nos lleva por su etapa de avances y retrocesos y de cómo fué logrando sobrevivir, con la fuerte educación de unos padres que vivieron el periodo de recesión de los 20´s y donde cada uno tomó lo vivido para reaccionar en polos completamente opuestos: El padre como un hombre que no gastaba mas que en lo estrictament [...]

  • Ensiform

    The first 130 of 450 pages is Auster's autobiography, detailing his home life, his early jobs, his depression over not amounting to anything, and finally his first steps to the road to success as a writer. (He wrote the movie Smoke among other things.) The rest of the book is made up of some of his prose. Here 'tis:"Laurel And Hardy Go To Heaven," which is basically Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Waiting For Godot And Building a Wall For Some Reason."Blackouts," a weird hard boiled version of [...]

  • Octavio Villalpando

    No estoy muy seguro de como llegó ésta obra a mi biblioteca, pero de plano no es lo mejor que se pueda leer de Auster. Se supone que es un intento de autobiografía, y supongo que cumple con creces su propósito, sin embargo no es comparable a otros trabajos del autor. No sé, se siente como algo hueco, como un simple ejercicio de escritura, pero no como un trabajo digno de pasar a la historia.Creo que es bueno para los fans de Auster que estén interesados en el periodo previo a su consolidac [...]

  • ZaRi

    خودم را چیستان می دیدم، محل ناآرامی های وصف ناشدنی، موجودی بی وزن با نگاهی پریشان و اندکی احساساتی، احتمالا مستعد غلیان های شدید روحی، تغییر موضع های ناگهانی، غش و افکار اوج گیرنده. اگر کسی از راه درستش با من ارتباط برقرار می کرد، راحت، جذاب و به شدت معاشرتی بودم. در غیر این صو [...]

  • Laila

    Classic Auster. I enjoyed learning more about the author's eccentric early years, from his family life as a kid to his wanderlust-inflected early adulthood. There were several appendices that included early works of his, unfortunately I could not read the plays because I despise reading plays. However, one of the appendices was an early detective novel that he wrote. This is not a type of book I generally I read but I found it clever and very likable.

  • Yvonne

    Er zijn weinig schrijvers wiens leven altijd geheel in het teken van het schrijven heeft gestaan. Paul Auster is één van die zeldzame schrijvers. Hij verhaalt hiervan onder meer in 'Van de hand in de tand': 'Ik had geen concrete behoeften wat betreft materieel bezit, en het vooruitzicht van armoede boezemde me geen angst in. Het enige wat ik verlangde was een kans om het werk te doen waarvan ik meende dat ik het in me had.'

  • Taha rabbani

    ناامیدکننده.چطور می‌شه کسی سال‌های هیجان‌انگیز و درخشان دهه‌ی شصت و هفتاد را دیده باشه و از یاد آن دوره چنین خاطرات بی‌شور و خشکی بنویسه؟ سرتاسر این کتاب نشان‌دهنده‌ی حسرتیه که نویسنده بابت نداشتن زندگی کارمندی می‌خوره. نظر من درباره‌ی پل استر (با توجه به اینکه تنها کتا [...]

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