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By Regina Griffin | Comments: ( 253 ) | Date: ( Jan 18, 2020 )

Funny, gut busing one liners that make you LOL and yell OMG The conversation igniting book you can t put down.Women love it Men secretly praise it

  • Title: Ish - Getting the 'Ish Out in the Open (VOL I)
  • Author: Regina Griffin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Regina Griffin

Regina Griffin is a quick thinking, life loving, coffee addicted, lifestyle indulging, social media guru This Georgia peach and Atlanta native is the author of the bestselling, conversation igniting Ish series Ish Getting the Ish Out in the Open VOL I, Ishues A Second Helping of Del ishcious Ish VOL II and Ishpirations In Memoriam Celebration of Life VOL III Originally inspired by a stenciled phrase on a wall, Regina used her in your face personality and life s follies to craft this engaging series The explosive culmination is a 3 part series of page turning, gut busting, make you wanna sayuuuuum expressions.Regina is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who holds a bachelor s degree in Broadcast Journalism Her former writing credentials include editor s choice blogger, contributing newspaper writer and speechwriter for a former Commissioner of Public Safety.This author, publisher and entrepreneur enjoys traveling the country and dishin the Ish with readers at book signings and speaking engagements.

Comments Ish - Getting the 'Ish Out in the Open (VOL I)

  • Bet Lantaff

    This was a very, very short read (180 pages) that was full of cute, smart, memorable statements that you have most likely heard before (some you haven't) but forgot so long ago that they sound good again. The book will take all of 30 minutes to read at most. The font and page set up reminds me of the "Happiness Is A Warm Puppy" Charlie Brown book that I read back in elementary school. There were several that I had never heard before and a few had me grinning, even laughing out loud. I got this b [...]

  • Gina

    This is a book that has 163 short sayings/stories that everyone should live by. It reminds me of the book Kids' Random Acts of Kindness. The stories and sayings remind me of the kind of things your mother tells you that you can only understand as an adult. I liked the book was cute and fast. The fact that it starts with the letter I also helps alot for challenges. 3 stars.

  • Mimi Barbour

    I read this book a while ago, laughed my head off and never bothered to write a review. But I changed my mind because many of the thought-provoking sayings keep coming back to haunt me. I've gotten a kick out of them over and over. I figured if a book can do that for me, it deserves a darn good review.

  • Renee

    I did read Ish in one sitting and at times I thought I would end up just putting it away. It is funny and does make you laugh, think and reflect but my advice for this book is read it in small bits like a bit each day.

  • Saleris

    I didn't know what to expect - but it was a charming little book. I read it in less than half-an-hour.

  • Anna Markland

    I rel-ISH-ed reading ISH. It's an easy, quick read, but I don't think the author intended it to be read from start to fin-ISH in one sitting. I suggest one ISH a day will keep the blues away!

  • Shelly Vasquez

    Funny. And true

  • Barbara Walker

    If you have never heard or read the phrases within this is for you. It make you laugh and out loud too.

  • Tunkabean

    It's like a recipe for life. Some very good tips and pieces of advice! Take what you can from this book and have a happier life :) Be a better you and always remember, wipe until the paper is clean

  • micki

    i really enjoyed it and some 'ishes made me laugh

  • Patricia Mason

    This book is often laugh-out-loud funny. But it's also heartfelt and profound at times. I especially loved 'ish #146! Great!

  • DC

    This could be read in one sitting, but this may be best read like a coffee table book, one page at a time.The book presents simple enough advice, statements and general to-dos that are weird, wacky, and rather deep. They are presented one page at a time, one sentence at a time. The ideas are random, although I was pleasantly surprised at more than one page.This would probably make a good coffee table book, because you could always pick it up, randomly open it to a page, and ponder the thought pr [...]

  • Bettina

    This was quick to readd pretty stupid. Each page is a single sentence of "advise" on how to conduct yourself or what you should do. Too bad I didn't think to write a book like this to try to make some money. Unless you have absolutely nothing else to read, don't waste your timeunless you have to read "x" amount of books to fill a quota.

  • Claire

    I wanted fluff, and I got it! Read this in one small sitting and am annoyed that I used up my month of Kindle Lending Library over it, but it's my own doing. This is a bunch of one-liners. Some them are cute and thought provoking, but I didn't "laugh our loud" like some of the other reviews.

  • Marjorie Smith

    Read it twice.It does make you think, and that's a good thing. Some are great conversation starters. Tell your friends one and them their thoughts, you can learn so much about them from their answers. I'd even suggest a few of these to ask on a blind date.

  • Lollie

    most pointless book ever

  • Mindy Sauve

    Meh, a few gems. A few turds. It was free on my kindle. Worth the price I paid.

  • April Cothern

    good advise but not really a book

  • Amanda Hicks

    Why did I choose to read this again?

  • Karine

    Not worth your time

  • Stacy

    A bad chain email best. This was a free Kindle download and I feel that even that was too expenssive.

  • Gina Wolf

    really stupid and not worth your time!

  • Regina Griffin

    The eternal coffee table book that both sexes will want to read and debate.n and again!

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