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By Gérard Genette Jane E. Lewin | Comments: ( 666 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

In Narrative Discourse Revisited Genette both answers critics of the earlier work and provides a better defined, richer, and systematic view of narrative form and functioning This book not only clarifies some of the complex issues in the study of narrative but also provides a vivid tableau of the development of narratology over the decade between the two works.

  • Title: Narrative Discourse Revisited
  • Author: Gérard Genette Jane E. Lewin
  • ISBN: 9780801495359
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Gérard Genette Jane E. Lewin

Genette is largely responsible for the reintroduction of a rhetorical vocabulary into literary criticism, for example such terms as trope and metonymy Additionally his work on narrative, best known in English through the selection Narrative Discourse An Essay in Method, has been of importance 2 His major work is the multi part Figures series, of which Narrative Discourse is a section His trilogy on textual transcendence, which has also been quite influential, is composed of Introduction l architexte 1979 , Palimpsests Literature in the Second Degree 1982 , and Paratexts Thresholds of interpretation 1997 3 His international influence is not as great as that of some others identified with structuralism, such as Roland Barthes and Claude L vi Strauss his work is often included in selections or discussed in secondary works than studied in its own right Terms and techniques originating in his vocabulary and systems have, however, become widespread, such as the term paratext for prefaces, introductions, illustrations or other material accompanying the text, or hypotext for the sources of the text.

Comments Narrative Discourse Revisited

  • Roof Beam Reader (Adam)

    First, please note that it is necessary to read Genette's "Narrative Discourse: An Essay in Method" before approaching "Revisted." Genette himself called this text an addendum - it simply adds some thoughts to the original text + also responds to some of the criticisms that arose following the publication of Essay in Method.That being said, this is an engaging, helpful and often funny addition to the original work and to the study of narratology. Those who read and enjoyed Essay in Method will w [...]

  • Charles

    Review published in The French Review 58.5 (1985): 742-743.

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  • Free Download [Travel Book] ¾ Narrative Discourse Revisited - by Gérard Genette Jane E. Lewin õ
    477 Gérard Genette Jane E. Lewin
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