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By Blaine Harden | Comments: ( 809 ) | Date: ( Apr 04, 2020 )

The powerful and the powerless are here in dramatic narratives that explain a land swept up in change, lurching between an unworkable Western present and a collapsing African past By focusing on individuals, Blaine Harden uncovers an Africa that endures behond the sum of its statistics.

  • Title: Africa: Dispatches from a Fragile Continent
  • Author: Blaine Harden
  • ISBN: 9780393028829
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Blaine Harden

Harden is an author and journalist who worked for The Washington Post for 28 years as a correspondent in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as in New York and Seattle He was also a national correspondent for The New York Times and writer for the Times Magazine He has contributed to The Economist and PBS Frontline.Harden s newest book, King of Spies, is out in October of 2017 It s the untold story of Major Donald Nichols, an American spy in Korea who would become America s Kurtz He operated in a shadowland of executions and torture, while sending hundreds of his agents to their deaths inside North Korea His reign ended suddenly, when he was secretly removed from South Korea, locked up in a U.S military hospital in Florida and subjected to 50 rounds of memory obliterating electroshock Harden is also the author of The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot Viking Penguin, 2015 , Escape From Camp 14 Viking Penguin 2012 and A River Lost Norton, revised and updated edition 2012.

Comments Africa: Dispatches from a Fragile Continent

  • Phil Williams

    There is a dearth of good literature in English about the continent of Africa and its general history, and a great deal of ignorance for the outsider looking in. With this book, Blaine Harden made an admiral effort to give an insight into the continent, creating vivid pictures of very unique pockets of African history, society and culture. Now dated by over two decades, this is both a readable analysis of the modern history of certain African nations and a source of history itself, thanks to Har [...]

  • MuriukiMD

    My first read on issues affecting contemporary Africa and I loved it. Harden not only gives a balanced opinion about a continent often seen as being plagued by hopelessness, he takes readers through all that real and imagined desolation and manages to conjure a sense of optimism. Apart from learning a little history, I thoroughly enjoyed his literal prowess and witty humor. I hope he writes a 21st century sequel.

  • Lucius

    This book was banned in Kenya because of what it had to say about the leadership at that time. Harden did a great job of showing the reality of the time. Wish he had continued to write about the continent through the intervening years.

  • Vikram

    Good on Kenya, quite enthusiastic on Nigeria, some interesting stuff about kinship and the Big Men, but it's dated. The author thinks discredited free market policies and structural adjustment programmes work. He was writing in the End of History 90s though

  • Tim

    A bit dated now but for its time, a very well-balanced view of Africa. Presents it as a continent of incredible people plagued by appalling despotic leaders, all completely unaccountable to anyone.

  • Hartley

    This really opens my American's eyes to the blindness we permit mass media to not discuss. Sometime smells rotten and I think it starts in my wallet.

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  • [PDF] ↠ Free Read º Africa: Dispatches from a Fragile Continent : by Blaine Harden ã
    472 Blaine Harden
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