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By Kathy Reichs | Comments: ( 212 ) | Date: ( Feb 22, 2020 )

Dificilmente uma autora estreante consegue obter um sucesso editorial t o surpreendente como Kathy Reichs alcan ou ao publicar o aclamado thriller forense Testemunhas do Sil ncio D j Dead Foi bestseller em v rios pa ses, traduzido para mais de vinte l nguas e vencedor do prestigiante Ellis Award de 1997, na categoria de Melhor Primeiro Romance Agora chega ao p blicoDificilmente uma autora estreante consegue obter um sucesso editorial t o surpreendente como Kathy Reichs alcan ou ao publicar o aclamado thriller forense Testemunhas do Sil ncio D j Dead Foi bestseller em v rios pa ses, traduzido para mais de vinte l nguas e vencedor do prestigiante Ellis Award de 1997, na categoria de Melhor Primeiro Romance Agora chega ao p blico portugu s Cad veres Inocentes , o segundo, e tamb m j aclamado, romance de Reichs.No cemit rio do convento abandonado, o sil ncio da g lida noite de Mar o apenas cortado pelo silvo l gubre do vento e pela colher de pedreiro com que Temperance Brennan, antrop loga legista do Qu bec, cava o solo duro na tentativa de exumar os restos mortais, j centen rios, da irm Elizabeth Nicolet Mas esta tarefa aparentemente pac fica ir desvendar algo insuspeitado sobre o destino obscuro da freira que o Vaticano poder vir a canonizar Brennan ter , no entanto, menos tempo para investigar o caso do que pensava No sop das montanhas Laurencianas, a norte de Montreal, um chalet acaba de ser palco de um inc ndio de origem criminosa que deixou aos investigadores um cen rio dantesco de morte e horror Sete pessoas foram selvaticamente assassinadas Quem seriam elas O que as conduziu a um destino t o tr gico Para a ajudar a responder a estas perguntas, Brennan conta com a ajuda de Andrew Ryan, detective de homic dios, e juntos v em se envolvidos num labirinto de mundos obscuros regidos por um culto sinistro, com del rios sot ricos, que estende os seus tent culos ao Canad e Estados Unidos para onde Brennan ter que voltar e ceifa a vida de inocentes adultos e crian as.

  • Title: Cadáveres Inocentes (Temperance Brennan #2)
  • Author: Kathy Reichs
  • ISBN: 9789722327428
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de M decine L gale for the province of Quebec She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences A professor of anthropology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D at Northwestern She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials.Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1998 Deja Dead

Comments Cadáveres Inocentes (Temperance Brennan #2)

  • Wendi

    I started watching the TV show "Bones" (on Fox) last season, but I had known that the show was based on Kathy Reichs character Temperance Brennan. That's about all the similarities that there are between the TV show and the book. You could stretch and say that Quebec Detective Ryan is Seely Booth, but that's reeealllyyy reaching it.I like a good mystery, detective novel, and this book does not fail me! Not only is there a nice chunk of CSI thrown in there is also one of my favorite topics, cults [...]

  • Thomas Strömquist

    This is a series that I won't be pursuing. Almost 20 % into the book and it reads a little like a Standard Operating Procedure for lab work. If you've done any such, save yourself the boredom. The only other mentions is hinting of the title character's all good traits; she's hard-working, honest, virtuous, beautiful, slim, nice, did I mention beautiful?. And she handles pipettes and forensic tools with the same determination and purpose as she prepares her meals and

  • Heather

    ***SPOILER ALERT***This author annoys me. This story was WAY too similar to the first book. Best friend missing to sister missing.der in house? oh, just a cat on fired all that crap about some buzzing in her memory cells all the time! I also get tried of all the metaphors, but that was better in this book at least. So far I just find the writing amateurish and it feels like she's trying too hard.I also HATED the ending. We did not get to see any of the links unfold, she just summed it up for the [...]

  • Miriam

    Death is on the menu today at your international chain restaurant murder cult. Luckily for crime prevention, you coincidentally happen to live part time in all the locations that possess these sanguine establishments. And because you work a bizillion hours a week you go out to eat a lot.

  • Lightreads

    Meh. I am once again taken in by the mistaken belief that surely books this popular and well discussed must have something to them, right? People do have a modicum of taste and literary judgment, yes?Apparently, people have a taste for plots which are entirely held together by a soupy glue of wild coincidence and random chance. A lot of criminal activities and organizations have specific ties to both Charlotte and Quebec, you know. Oh, and it is very common for the various family members and lov [...]

  • Fen

    What a disappointment. The first book wasn't fantastic, by any stretch, but it was so much better than this. I guessed every single plot point along the way, except for the ones where information was deliberately kept from the reader. Which brings me to one of my major complaints about this book it used a lazy writer trick that happens to be a big pet peeve of mine: the character knows information but doesn't share it with the reader. It's something that a writer can sort of get away with if the [...]

  • Robert Beveridge

    Kathy Reichs, Death du Jour (Arrow, 1999)Death du Jour is the first book I've read in 2003 that made me want to not put it down until I had turned the final page. It's well over twice as long as most of the novels I've read over the course of this year, and yet it took me less time than many of them to get through. It does have its problems, but readability is certainly not one of them.Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who divides her time between North Carolina and Quebec, is in the [...]

  • Tommy Marx

    Kathy Reichs is a fairly good writer. She does have an obsession with clumsy similes that are often so bad they take me out of the story completely, but that aside, she generally is a good writer. That said, this book annoyed the hell out of me.My first complaint is that Reichs constantly creates fake mysteries that are only mysterious because she won't state what the characters figure out. At the beginning, Tempe (her main character) discovers something important about a would-be-saint from the [...]

  • Catten

    I hate it when someone ruins a movie or a book for me especially a book, because that's a bigger investment of time and imagination. So I'll tell you a little about Kathy Reichs's Death Du Jour, but I won't ruin it for you.First, you need to know that this is her second book. Deja Dead from 1997 was a great ride, taking the reader into the world of anthropological forensics and shining a bright light on a murder investigation from a new point of view.Tempe Brennan is the main character in both b [...]

  • Kasia

    The second book in the series was wonderful, somehow it was even better than the first which I found to be a bit long and overly wordy ( yet enjoyable never the less) this left me hungry for more, what better in a continuing story line than a hook line and sinker type of feeling, reading "Death du Jour" made me crave the next book right away. I almost never read a series one after another, I give myself a break because it's always better to crave the next than get stuck in a similar story and fe [...]

  • Kate

    I hate to say that I was disappointed in this book but I really was. I really have loved the other Temperance Brennan books that I've read by Kathy Reichs so I'm hoping the rest of the series is more like the others that I've read. Death du Jour was a predictable slow-burner for me. I also think one of the reasons I wasn't as drawn to it as the others is because it was extremely unrealistic. I felt like there were 2-3 stories going on in one book and while they all did connect back, they were fa [...]

  • rachel • typed truths

    I don't know what it was but somehow this managed to be a lot more enjoyable than the previous book. While Tempe is still a pain in the ass, the rest of the book made up for her unlikableness. The mystery was fantastic. I loved that everything tied back together and I didn't guess a thing. I was constantly on my toes which I loved, nothing is worse than predictability. Also the Ryan moments were worth the wait.

  • Bettie☯

    Warning for Wanda: includes grisly baby killings.3* Déjà Dead (Temperance Brennan #1) 1997CR Death du Jour (1999)3* Deadly Decisions (2000)3* Monday Mourning (2004)4* Break No Bones (2006)3* 206 Bones (2009)

  • Mike

    Brennan runs into religious zealots, tries to identify a nun who may be declared a saint, and helping her sister avoid a cult.

  • David

    Pop quiz! This book is about:A. The exhumation of a French nun;B. Murders that were followed by arson;C. The disappearance of a college student;D. The disappearance of the sister of the protagonist;E. Drug-related murders on an island sanctuary;F. A sinister cult;G. It's not about anything. It is just a device for Kathy Reichs to insert her research on entomology, forensic science and cults;H. All of the above.If you chose (H) you pass! I am not through with this book, and surprisingly, I am enj [...]

  • Carol

    "How does one explain madness?"This one quote alone explains a bit of my quest to readTemperance Brennan Novels. I picked up Death Du Jour, the second in the series as sometime long ago I read the first, Deja Dead. I don't quite remember the whole of that story but knew that I wanted to delve more into the life of fictional forensic anthropologist Tempe. I was excited in 2005 when Fox aired the pilot of Bones. The initial programs based loosely on the real life of Kathy Reichs, just whetted my a [...]

  • Jasbr

    Die Serie "Bones - Die Knochenjägerin" schaue ich mir wirklich gern an, vor allem weil die Hauptfigur Temperance Brennan mit ihren analytischen Art sehr sympathisch finde. Ich wusste zwar, dass die Serie auf Büchern basiert, hatte aber noch keins gelesen - bis jetzt.Ich wurde nich enttäuscht: Gerade die Protagonistin ist einfach genial: Sehr intelligent, sie analysiert alles und jeden und hat sehr viel Mut. Ich hatte Spaß daran, ihr und ihren Ermittlungen zu folgen.Etwas verwirrend fand ich [...]

  • Susen liest

    Für mich ein Re-Read, da ich es vor etwa 15 Jahren schon mal gelesen hatte. Es handelt sich um den zweiten Band der Reihe um die Anthropologin Tempe Brennan, die vor einigen Jahren mehr Bekanntheit durch die Serie "Bones" erhielt - auch wenn es bis auf den Namen und den Beruf keinerlei Übereinstimmungen mit der Buchvorlage gibt. Tempe ist Anthropologie-Dozentin in North Carolina und hilft in den Semesterpausen als forensische Anthropologin in Montreal aus. Dieser Band spielt an beiden Orten un [...]

  • Hannah Ruthie

    I've always enjoyed Bones on TV, so picked up a couple of Kathy Reichs books in a charity shop to see how they compare. I believe that this is book two, but having not read the first did not seem to be a problem at all.I found this a fascinating read. It includes a myriad of detail about science, anthropology and other interesting input. I wouldn't describe her as a particularly descriptive author (ie, flowing poetic language) but the constant gush of minute trivia keeps the reader engrossed. Th [...]

  • K

    3.5 Stars-- this is the 2nd of this series I've now read and I find myself a bit frustrated with this author. Although she weaves a good, complex mystery, the story seems a bit too long or elaborate at times. And I grow weary of Tempe's tendency to shift between technically skillful and seemingly oblivious to danger signs that repeatedly appear. She seems a bit immature for her role in these stories, which makes me lose interest in her character. Perhaps it's just my preferences for a protagonis [...]

  • Jessi

    I absolutely love all of her books!! I own the whole 14 book series of Temperance Brennan & can't wait to own the newest one!! Currently re-reading the whole series for the 2nd time around waiting for the newest edition =)

  • Lucrezia

    Un caso davvero molto interessante e affascinante. Ho adorato il modo in cui l'autrice mescola la vita privata e i casi, le indagini e le lezioni sulle sette, le riflessioni, le domandeMi piace Brennan perché è un genio ed è anche tremendamente umana,piena di risorse e inventiva. Così come adoro Ryan e i nuovi personaggi come Sam, e la sua passione per i primati, Red e la storia della santa e il suo segreto. Amo il modo in cui la mente di Brennan le dà un prurito mentale e l'uso del sogno p [...]

  • Julie Barrett

    Well, that was disappointing. I read the first in this series and was entertained so ordered the next two from the library. I was not feeling this one. I didn't feel any sense of urgency surrounding the crimes and didn't find them scary even though on paper the murders seem gruesome. I also could not get over all the coincidences in this book. Really, her sister just happens to get involved with the cult being investigated?!?! And what was the point of the nun/church investigation sub-plot? And [...]

  • Sauron

    Una historia brutal basada en hechos reales muy conocidos pero que, desgraciadamente, esta horriblemente narrada. Pierde demasiado el tiempo hablando sobre la rutina diaria de la protagonista, y convierte cada autopsia y cada trabajo de campo en la lectura de un tedioso informe académico demasiado técnico y descriptivo

  • Delta

    I liked this book more than Deja Death, but it suffers from the same problems. Brennan is extremely capable, but tends to stick her nose in these cases instead of sticking to her primary job. However, I really enjoyed the plot of the story and getting to know Brennan better.

  • Lisa

    I liked this book even better than her first book, Deja Dead. The crime elements are interesting, and it's nice to see the chemistry picking up between Temperance and Ryan. I will definitely pick up more in this series!

  • Brian

    Typical Bones book. Easy read. Sometimes you just need to throw these easy readers into the mix!

  • Patrizia

    Bones ❤️

  • Dolceluna

    Con tre stelline striminzite promuovo questo mio secondo romanzo di Kathy Reichs, dopo Corpi Freddi, a sufficente thriller dal ritmo serrato e dalla lettura scorrevole. E mai titolo fu più azzeccato, dato che di poveri cadaveri innocenti, ammuffiti, martoriati, carbonizzati, in questo romanzo ce n'è per tutti i gusti: quello di una suora morta alla fine del 1800, quelli di un'intera famiglia con due gemelli neonati morti in un incendio doloso, quelli di una ragazza unitasi ad una misteriosa se [...]

  • S.E. Dunaway

    It is hard to go wrong with an opening scene of a large group of nuns huddled around an empty grave in an abandoned church the heart of a Montreal winter. The second book in the Temperance Brennan Series, Death Du Jour follows the exhumation of a potential saint with an extra large serving of death: two mutilated babies and a collection of adults who burned in a house fire; a dead college student who was attacked by dogs; two dead women hidden in an animal sanctuary. This sequel to Deja Dead is [...]

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Cadáveres Inocentes (Temperance Brennan #2) | by ☆ Kathy Reichs
    427 Kathy Reichs
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