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Genealogist Torie O Shea delves into a family s historyd ends up investigating a murderShortly after the birth of her third child, genealogist Torie O Shea finds herself than ready to get back to work So when she s asked to write a biography of the late Catherine Finch, a famed 30 s jazz singer who was a resident of the small town of New Kassel, Missouri, whereGenealogist Torie O Shea delves into a family s historyd ends up investigating a murderShortly after the birth of her third child, genealogist Torie O Shea finds herself than ready to get back to work So when she s asked to write a biography of the late Catherine Finch, a famed 30 s jazz singer who was a resident of the small town of New Kassel, Missouri, where Torie lives and serves as town historian, she jumps at the chance In a lucky coincidence, Torie learns that her new stepfather county sheriff Colin Brooke has just purchased the contents of the Finch estate.At first Torie is thrilled to have unfettered access to all of Catherine Finch s personal documents and belongings But when she uncovers old newspaper clippings about the unsolved 1938 kidnapping of Catherine s baby boy, she becomes haunted especially when a baby s skeleton turns up at a nearby, condemned building To make matters worse, a dead man was found in the same building only days before Torie suspects a link between the two murders, but could investigating the killings along with the shadowy history of the Finch family finally have gotten her in over her head

  • Title: Killing Cousins
  • Author: Rett MacPherson
  • ISBN: 9780312983253
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Rett MacPherson

Rett MacPherson was born in Saint Louis, Missouri She is the author of the popular Torie O Shea mysteries and helped to pioneer the sub genre of genealogical mysteries She is also a bead and fabric artist and loves wineries, cemeteries, genealogy, history and of course, books.

Comments Killing Cousins

  • Peg

    Can I just say that Torie O'Shea is a lot of fun? Her familiar narrative style makes it seem like you are sitting right next to her listening to her tell her story. Immediately gets me involved. Great way to start a slow day. Read a chapter and I'm raring to go.

  • Katie Hilton

    Genealogist Torie O'Shea is to write a biography of a famous singer from her hometown whose life was destroyed when her baby son was kidnapped from his crib, a situation reminiscent of the Lindbergh kidnapping. Torie's discoveries solve the mystery and a homicide that occurs in the interim. An interesting read.

  • Torimac

    This was my introduction to this series. I am going to go back and read the others. I really liked the author's sense of humor and her use of place. I started off the first 2 chapters thinking it was going to be a boring tale of how a 'superwoman-mom' managed to juggle EVERYTHING and solve standard mysteries with the cliche nods to supportative characters we could only wish existed in real life. But as I read more I found it harder to put down. I didn't find the book to be laugh out loud funny, [...]

  • Grey853

    I really like this series. The main character Torie O'Shea is quite the character. It's odd. I don't normally like books with a female lead, especially one that has 2 or 3 kids, depending on what book it is. However, Torie's just so damn determined to be the nosiest woman on the planet, I can't help but smile at her tenacity. In this particular book, she's just had her third child and is on leave. She's been given the tasks of writing a local history about a famous citizen, a jazz singer from th [...]

  • Kristen

    n the 5th installment of the Torie O'Shea Genealogical Mystery series, Killing Cousins, by Rett MacPherson, Torie got stuck into another genealogical puzzle. This time, it happened after she gave birth to her third child, Matthew, she had gotten back to work at the Gaheimer House. Besides being a mother of three had given her a full plate on her hands, she was more than thrilled to be asked to write and work on the biography of Catherine Finch, a famed jazz singer from the 1930s. Not only that, [...]

  • Patty

    This series just keeps getting better. There was a lot less genealogy in this one, at least the serious digging type of genealogy but the mystery was very well done. It involves a 60 year old disappearance of a baby, a murder of that baby's cousin and the complicated relationship between Torie and her new step-father, the Sheriff. Pretty much everyone that has been introduced in town was involved in this one. There is some sadness in this book, proving that if you write (or read) a series you ha [...]

  • Mary

    This was another Torie O'Shea Mystery, the second one that I have read. Torie works for the Historical Society and has lived in the town of New Kassel Missouri all her life. Which does give her a wide variety of friends and knowledge of the town. This book starts out when she is on leave after having her third child. She is trying to stop riverboat gambling coming to her little town and when they start to tear down the house where they want to put the main casino, they find some strange things i [...]

  • Cindy

    Torie O'Shea, genealogist and amateur snooper, gets 2 new jobs. Her boss asks her to write a biography of a prominent local citizen and jazz singer, and her new father-in-law asks her to catalog the same celebrity's estate for sale at his antique shop. But just as she starts to work, she uncovers a mystery. The singer's young baby disappeared years ago in the middle of the night and was never found. Several children were in the house the night the baby vanished. Now those children are all grown, [...]

  • Rachel

    Another example of a small town woman who has a weird hobby (other series have chefs, quilters, crocheters This one is a geneologist) who solves mysteries. I haven't read the other books in the series, but I'm willing to bet that there is an extremely high murder rate in this small Missouri town. Anyway, this was entertaining and far better written than the last book I read in this vein (see review for "The Deed in the Attic"). I don't plan on looking for any more books in the series, but I woul [...]

  • Jennifer

    I love these books. I think part of the draw for me is that I grew up in the area the stories are all set in, but the characters drew me in from the first book. I hope there will continue to be more new titles in this series. I have combed through many used book stores looking for the old titles.

  • Mary

    I loved this book so it's highly recommended. Lots of excitement and a darned good tale. Torie O'Shea is one of my favorite heroines and I am on a hunt for the early entries in this series. There are only a couple more that I haven't read available as e-books so I have my fingers crossed. Ms MacPherson - keep 'em coming!!

  • Kristin

    Once again, Rett MacPherson delivers an enticing mystery solved be an everywoman sleuth in small-town Missouri. I will say that I liked the idea of this plot/mystery more than the actual execution of the plot at times. I felt there could have been a more climatic discovery and resolution. That being said, I never regret a minute I spend in New Kassel.

  • Kathy Fong

    I really enjoyed this book. When I make a dent in my reading backlog I'm planning to go back and read more of this series.What I really enjoyed about this book was how you would read some details and then later on find out that they are key to the solution.

  • Kay

    Another delightful book in the Torie O'Shea series. Torie is a historian/genealogist and while working on family trees she always seems to stumble across a murder. I love doing genealogy and am happy enough to just discover those ancestors without murders too!

  • Sara

    Small town, plucky problem solving woman, old mystery solved. It was a great 'mindless' summer read. Quick and easy, finished reading it the day I started.

  • Kathy

    Although the heroine's relationship with her new stepfather gets somewhat annoying after a while, the rest of the mystery is interesting and the "solution" is not necessarily what a reader expects.

  • Mary

    Torie O'Shea is a little brash & whiny for my tastes but like most of the secondary characters & the small town ambience rings true.

  • Ellen

    Torie #5

  • Kae Cheatham

    Lively first person. Believable characters. a book of deductive reasoning, not high intrigue. Nicely done.

  • Linda

    I dearly love this book is so good.

  • Debra

    Torie O'Shea tackles the case of what happened to baby Byron Lee Finch, who disappeared during the night 50 years ago, after his skeleton is found in the wall of a house being demolished.

  • Wendy

    Fun read!

  • Felicia

    A cozy and charming southern mystery.

  • Janet

    entertaining, amusing (Torie O'Shea series, set in rural town near St. Louis)

  • Cindy

    Not my favorite in the series. I don't want to give away the plot, but this book made me feel very sad by the end.

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