☆ No Chinese Stranger || ✓ PDF Download by Å Jade Snow Wong

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  • Title: No Chinese Stranger
  • Author: Jade Snow Wong
  • ISBN: 9780060147327
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jade Snow Wong

Jade Snow Wong was born in San Francisco and brought up in a family that maintained traditional Chinese customs Due to the high importance her family placed on education and her own desire to learn, Wong graduated from Mills College in 1942 with a hard earned Phi Beta Kappa key She worked as a secretary during World War II, and discovered a talent for ceramics When she began to sell her work in a shop in Chinatown, it quickly found popularity Wong s pottery was later displayed in art museums across the United States In 1950, Wong published the first of her two autobiographical volumes, Fifth Chinese Daughter Her second volume, No Chinese Stranger, was published in 1975 Towards the end of her life, Wong ran a travel service in San Francisco, and died there in 2006.

Comments No Chinese Stranger

  • Mark

    I found much history that I had not previously known by reading this book. It was written shortly after Richard Nixon's visit in 1972 so it is, to me, a very interesting look into China visited by an American who's father was born in China and is of both worlds, American and Chinese. Most other readers of this book have summarily dismissed this book but I found it fascinating. But only if you like history and are fascinated by it would someone like this book.A glimpse into a diary really of some [...]

  • Leslie

    Excited to find a sequel to fifth Chinese Daughter . . . Will see how it is! Not nearly as good as the first.

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  • ☆ No Chinese Stranger || ✓ PDF Download by Å Jade Snow Wong
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