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A Modern Twist on One of the World s Oldest Tales Bret and Sara Vreeland have been targeted Someone has plans for them, a plot that reaches into their past and threatens their future When one of Sara s patients dies, a mysterious old man, he leaves his fortune to her and her family They have no idea they are part of an experiment Satan once tested Job through trials, bA Modern Twist on One of the World s Oldest Tales Bret and Sara Vreeland have been targeted Someone has plans for them, a plot that reaches into their past and threatens their future When one of Sara s patients dies, a mysterious old man, he leaves his fortune to her and her family They have no idea they are part of an experiment Satan once tested Job through trials, but failed to break him Now Satan has sought God s permission to test the Vreelands with a 6,000,000 blessing As their lives take turn for the better, will their souls take a turn for the worse

  • Title: One Step Away
  • Author: Eric Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781613280140
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Eric Wilson

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Eric Wilson is a NY Times bestselling author, known for novels that explore Earth s tension between heaven and hell His novelization, SAMSON, will be available January 2018 His last suspense novels, ONE STEP AWAY and TWO SECONDS LATE, were ultramodern twists on biblical tales His novelization of the film OCTOBER BABY is also available He has also written DARK TO MORTAL EYES, EXPIRATION DATE, THE BEST OF EVIL, A SHRED OF TRUTH, and novelizations of FACING THE GIANTS, FLYWHEEL, and FIREPROOF films produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Sherwood Baptist Church He is the author of FIELD OF BLOOD, HAUNT OF JACKALS, and VALLEY OF BONES Jerusalem s Undead Trilogy.

Comments One Step Away

  • J.S. Bailey

    In Eric Wilson's One Step Away, Bret and Sara Vreeland come into a rather unexpected fortune after years of living from paycheck to paycheck and struggling to get by. It seems like the $6,000,000 is the answer to all of their prayers--but is it really? Because more is going on with the Vreelands' inheritance than meets the eye.This novel serves as a reminder that monetary wealth can create just as many problems as it solves. The Vreelands no longer have to worry about paying the bills, but their [...]

  • Michael

    Bret and Sara Vreeland don't have it all -- in fact, there are times when they wonder how they're going to make it through the month. But they have each other and they have their faith.But what if something were to happen that changed all of that?Eric Wilson flips the story of Job and instead of having everything taken away to test the faith of the Vreeland, the couple is given everything that could ever dream of (at least from a worldly perspective). But just as with Job, there are trials to co [...]

  • Michelle

    Wow. This book had all the makings of a thriller, but at the same time it was an allegory of sorts. I found the writing compelling and heartfelt. The author did a great job showing how hard it is to live from paycheck to paycheck and how sudden riches can cause a whole new load of troubles. But through everything God was working as the family made once choice after another. They were sifted, but fought for what was right, which I couldn't help admiring. There were some really intense scenes in t [...]

  • Stanley

    I liked the story and will read more from this author. but this one fell short. I think I expected more from Satan with the love of money/root of evil thread. I am still not clear on who was the main character. I liked the villain/stooge/scapegoat twist & I was surprised by the identity of mystery man but I was not at all impressed with the Pastor.

  • Reuben H.

    Wow. I'm impressed.I was given One Step Away by Eric Wilson at an event back in August. Focusing issues and other books needing to be read kept it away from me, but at long last it was the next item on my list. I was certainly not disappointed.[Book Description]"A Modern Twist on One of the World's Oldest Tales." Bret and Sara Vreeland have been targeted. Someone has plans for them, a plot that reaches into their past and threatens their future. When one of Sara's patients dies, a mysterious old [...]

  • Lauren Howell

    Seriously, who DOESN'T want to be a millionaire? I don't know anyone who doesn't want or couldn't use the money. You dream about buying just that "one" lottery ticket and hitting it big. Or getting an inheritance you didn't know you were even in the running for. Or, writing a book and being that one odd case that hit's it big right from the start . . .But let's face it, life USUALLY doesn't work that way. And have you ever REALLY thought about what would happen with all that money? Sure you've t [...]

  • Jill Williamson

    Review by Jill WilliamsonBret and Sarah Vreeland have been targeted by the accuser. And this won’t be like last time, with Job. Instead of a time of many trials, the accuser wants to shower the Vreelands with blessings in hopes of ruining them. The Almighty One agrees to the test. Bret and Sarah barely scrape by, but they are good people, faithful servants, and loving parents. Bret works hard and is a strong leader for his family, both spiritually and financially. He budgets everything. Sarah [...]

  • Ashley

    I absolutely loved this book! The characters are so real, it's like they leapt off the page and started living around me! Every heartache, every triumph, every underhanded deed and drop of blood grabbed me by the heart and wouldn't let go. I fell in love with the Vreelands from the start. It was as though I was living their lives with them. The romance between Bret and Sara wasn't some fairy tale perfect fluff, but the kind of romance that really lasts. Their faith, and the faith of their childr [...]

  • Kerry Nietz

    The latest novel by Eric Wilson defies the standard classifications. It is one part mystery, one part romance, one part action and a dash of supernatural thriller. The narrative is strong, with just enough tension to keep the pages turning. The characters are well presented—we all know people like the Vreeland family. In fact, most of us have been the Vreeland family at one time or another. And the villains…they remind me very much of the sorts of rogues you’d find in a book by John Grisha [...]

  • Catherine

    I enjoyed the twists of plot, the varied settings, the suspense and the theme of this novel. I'm especially impressed with Eric Wilson's ability to get inside the head and heart of characters -- very good people whose goodness is severely tested, and a very evil person who is used to do the testing, as well as a wide range of more conflicted, complex, shades-of-gray characters like people we meet every day. For instance, the description of what was happening in Bret's mind and heart as he led a [...]

  • Jeff

    *****SPOILER******I wasn't overly convinced of Sara's intention to seek Alex wholeheartedly so the end was a bit too predictable. Maybe Mr Wilson could have convinced me further by allow more intimate thoughts develop or maybe the timeframe of his death be so far back.Great book nonetheless. In the beginning Bret reminded me of Ned Flander's from The Simpsons with using EVERY situation as reference to God's Word. I didn't all the references, but I guess the author was trying to show us they were [...]

  • Evangheline Farcas

    Immmediately Eric Wilson captured my attention with One Step Away. This was a fast paced, easy read but more then that I found that I could relate to the characters both flaws and strenghts. It's kind of like watching a movie (by the way this should be made into a movie) and loving the character enough that you are actually praying for them to see the danger, to make the right choice It was an interesting twist to the story of Job that got me thinking, if somehow today I got millions would that [...]

  • D.M. Kilgore

    LOVED this book! It's a very suspenseful retelling of the story of Job but with a great twist! I cannot wait to continue reading this series next up "2 Seconds Late". I highly recommend this book and the author Eric Wilson. I have a huge to-read list with his name all over it!

  • Sayer Adams

    I really enjoyed this book as I've enjoyed Wilson's previous books. His characters are so believable and likable that you can't help but cheer for them. I don't usually read Christian fiction, but I think Wilson's exciting and fast paced plots can be enjoyed by anyone.

  • Kitti McConnell

    The characters are thinner than I like, tending to be either very good or very bad. I prefer more shades-of-gray, so I quit reading and gave the book to my mother.

  • Amie Billington johnson

    Insightful and exciting. This story really puts what's important into perspective.

  • Paula Vaughn

    I loved Field of Blood and the others that followed in the trilogy but I loved this book even more.

  • Jonathan

    great storyline, Eric.

  • Dawn Seeger

    Very interesting story, about receiving a large sum of money and what it does to your life.

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  • ☆ One Step Away || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Eric Wilson
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