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By Noah Cicero | Comments: ( 355 ) | Date: ( Feb 23, 2020 )

Fiction BEST BEHAVIOR, the new novel by Noah Cicero, is his boldest work yet As the subject matter becomes increasingly autobiographical, the landscape bleak, its impact is blunt, brutal, but somehow still hilarious This is the literature of pain of living in a world where nothing is right a temple to capitalism with no room for any kind of human spirit and, despiFiction BEST BEHAVIOR, the new novel by Noah Cicero, is his boldest work yet As the subject matter becomes increasingly autobiographical, the landscape bleak, its impact is blunt, brutal, but somehow still hilarious This is the literature of pain of living in a world where nothing is right a temple to capitalism with no room for any kind of human spirit and, despite everything, trying to find some way to deal with it then eventually failing BEST BEHAVIOR might be the truest story ever told BEST BEHAVIOR is slice of life, and that s as it should be Where the classics have beginnings, middles, and ends that are relevant to the mainstream consciousness of the times, BEST BEHAVIOR is a couple of days in the life, making it a honest and useful cultural artifact Rebecca Haze.

  • Title: Best Behavior
  • Author: Noah Cicero
  • ISBN: 9780984603770
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Noah Cicero

Noah Cicero Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Best Behavior book, this is one of the most wanted Noah Cicero author readers around the world.

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  • Xian Xian

    I feel like this review will piss people off. I didn't really love this, I liked it, but I just couldn't wait to finish it. Noah Cicero was introduced to me through the Other People podcast and I really enjoyed that episode. So what I did like about this novel, well it's pretty much what the narrator wanted to do. The novel that defines a generation. The generation of young people who are jobless, lonely, obsessed with drinking and drugs, and kind of just depressed about their dreams that they'v [...]

  • Jackson Nieuwland

    A fantastic novel in typical Noah Cicero style. More autobiographical than his previous work. The writing seemed very cyclical to me, the narrator would go off on tangents and eventually cycle back to the main action of the story, the story itself came full circle. Great document of a moment in this literary 'scene'. Made Zachary German seem really crazy to me. My only complaint is the copy-editing, step your game up Civil Coping Mechanisms

  • Ryan Bradford

    Really great stuff here. I was initially curious about this book cuz I heard it was a thinly-veiled recount of Cicero's travels to NY to get interviewed by Nylon Magazine (along with a bunch of familiar faces if you pay attention to Muumuu House/Tao Lin). So, while I was hoping for maybe a tabloid-style, dishing on people who are more famous than me, I found a very hilarious, honest, and heartbreaking memoir. Cicero's barely tries to hide his contempt and boredom with the people he surrounds him [...]

  • Gary

    There were times while reading Noah Cicero’s Best Behavior that I felt like I might be reading a less insane, more introspective Bukowski. Yeah, I know—saying someone writes like Bukowski has almost become meaningless, a kind of anti-populist currency that people tend to squander without much thought. But there are some Bukowskian moments in this book. Take for example the last few paragraphs of the foreword:"But there are consonants between the generations that must be recognized, everybody [...]

  • J.

    Absolutely amazing, sad, and hysterical all at the same time. The narrator here has the same trouble that the narrator of The Insurgent has--trying to figure out how to exist in late-Capitalism, where day to day life is defined by a feeling of disconnect and unease. Unlike that narrator, though, this one finds no way out. In fact, rather than follow the Kerouac example, this narrator rejects the Beats entirely. What is unsaid by the characters is much more important than what they say, and at on [...]

  • AdamMcPhee

    Really liked this. (view spoiler)[I tried to remember the first time I read each book. I was still in high school when I read The Sun Also Rises and On the Road. They made me very excited about life. The books assumed that life was really great and that happiness was awesome. I learned recently that much of the 20th Century's happiness was caused by the industrial use of oil, natural gas, and coal. Which led to a food surplus. Which meant these old great novels, where the reader is supposed to a [...]

  • Maddy

    this was the first book i checked out from my new college library :) i think i checked it out from my old college library in 2012 and returned it without having opened it when it was due six weeks later. at this library it’s not due until december 24th, which is four months from now, which seems so crazy. when i saw that i was entitled to keep it for four months, i said “welcome back to college, dang,” to the people at the check-out desk. the copy i checked out from this school is much thi [...]

  • Joan Mayans

    Que no us enganyin. El “Best Behavior” de Noah Cicero no és una novel·la. Pot semblar-ho, però si un se’l mira de prop, no ho és. Sí, hi ha algun personatge, li passen algunes coses, però tot plegat és una excusa per a que Cicero connecti reflexions, impressions i idees sobre la seva vida i el context en el que viu.Benny Baradat és el protagonista. Un alter-ego de l’autor que hi comparteix origen, edat, professió i, se suposa, molts més aspectes de la vida. Costa, de fet, imagi [...]

  • Jeremy Maddux

    This is my favorite Cicero book. It's not a 'multilayered extravaganza', nor is it a 'mosaic novel of different American cultures' or any of that crap that a book critic would ordinarily dream up. It's just solid writing that is Zen in its simplicity.We see many different facets of American behavior, each one equally as stunning as the next in its own way. We have Amanda crying as she writes checks to pay the bills. Fresh from earning a Masters Degree, she has emerged as a force in the white col [...]

  • BeccaAudra Smith

    This was published last year, and reading it, it felt very current, very internet motivated. Lines like, 'the television notifies you what to wear and eat. (p.109). I had moments of empathy, ''Marissa screamed, FUCK YEAH! MONOPOLY!'' I was terrified of Monopoly' (P.49). This felt very accurate. The way he introduces each character with a short paragraph explaining their demographic, their way of life and philosophy, if they had any, was initially amusing, and then saddening. My favourite bit was [...]

  • Borja MF

    No seré yo quien critique la labor y las publicaciones de Pálido Fuego, pero va siendo hora de que alguien le diga que su línea editorial -excelente- queda reducida a nada si cuenta con unas traducciones tan pésimas. En este caso, la traducción no es de Jose Luis Amores, pero en mi opinión de mierda, tengo la sensación de que es muy floja, como sucede con el resto.Con este libro me ha ocurrido como con otros leídos de la editorial, llega un momento que me chirría tanto lo que estoy leye [...]

  • Jesús

    Después de pasarme todo el invierno leyendo a Cicero, desde de 'The Humar War' (2003) a 'Go to work an do your job. Care for your children. Pay your bills. Obey the law. Buy products' (2013), creo que 'Best Behavior' es su mejor novela, aquella en la que consigue componer un relato reconocible de su generación y en la que mejor encuentra el equilibrio entre la biografía, la filosofía y la política, entre el existencialismo y el aburrimiento, entre la frustración y la belleza fea de lo coti [...]

  • David

    For a book concerned with disconnection and living daily in a world that seems to have had the life drained out of it, Cicero brings out some surprisingly beautiful moments. Yeah, our world is crushed at the same time that is capable of functioning endlessly that way. No, we have no idea what to do about it or perhaps even capability to do anything. However, Cicero finds a human approach within a life lived in such a dehumanized environment. There are some wonderful images and some absolutely dy [...]

  • Matt

    It's when author Noah Cicero breaks from political motivated structure --even though I truly love those sentences -- that he connects with people, their pain, and their desire to feel something. In that Best Behavior glides to be one of his best pieces of work. From fingering a girl on the bus to not telling a girl she's pretty because she expects it that huma nature and the longing that defines us as that Best Behavior cannot be missed.

  • Carmen Daza Márquez

    El autor es bueno, eso es innegable, y su poder de observación es también indiscutible. Pero le falta distancia y perspectiva, además de no saber muy bien a qué carta quedarse: es parte de los desencantados pero no del todo, quiere integrarse en el grupo pero al mismo tiempo distinguirse de él. Mucha nada para tan poco libro.

  • Dan McGrady

    My introduction to alt-lit (not including some VICE articles by Tao Lin). This was great. The intro referencing other authors who defined a decade (norman mailer, hunter s thompson etc) or era is what drew me in. One of the best overviews of the hipster/over-educated but unemployed urban culture that exists today.

  • Damion

    Awesome book. When you read Noah Cicero, you feel like you are reading great fiction like Hemingway or Bukowski. I loved the descriptions of working in the chain restaurants, and love how living in Youngstown Ohio is contrasted with living in New York. He has an uncanny eye as a writer. Highly recommended. You won't be able to put the book down.

  • Matt

    Oddly charming and graphic and depressing. I charged through it because I'm not sure how long I could live in Cicero's world without becoming angry. Or sad. Or . . . I dunno. Whatever emotions normal people experience.

  • Emilye

    really good 'sex scene'

  • Jonny Ross

    pretty dope

  • "Hipster"

    A 'poignant' vignette of post-Bush America.

  • Carolyn DeCarlo

    a whole lot of hours/pages of mundane leading up to a small assemblage of disappointing experiences in nyc. fantastic epilogue. distracting lack of copy editing from ccm.

  • Bill Shaner

    my comments: thingsbillshanerwritesdown.tum

  • Omar Z

    *effeminate male voice* loves it!

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