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Em 1976, aos oitenta e cinco anos de idade, morria Agatha Christie, a escritora mais famosa do mundo A sua obra estava publicada em mais de cem pa ses e os seus livros haviam vendido cerca de dois mil milh es de exemplares Agatha Christie conseguira o imposs vel desde a d cada de 1920 que escrevia mais de um livro por ano, e todos eles eram incr veis bestsellers mundiaiEm 1976, aos oitenta e cinco anos de idade, morria Agatha Christie, a escritora mais famosa do mundo A sua obra estava publicada em mais de cem pa ses e os seus livros haviam vendido cerca de dois mil milh es de exemplares Agatha Christie conseguira o imposs vel desde a d cada de 1920 que escrevia mais de um livro por ano, e todos eles eram incr veis bestsellers mundiais A sua imagina o prodigiosa, bem como o seu alucinante ritmo de trabalho, causam ainda hoje grande perplexidade As pistas para os seus m todos e personalidade veriam a luz do dia em 2004, ano da morte de Rosalind, filha da autora Na mans o da fam lia, foram encontrados os cadernos privados de Agatha Christie um extraordin rio legado de setenta e tr s volumes escritos m o Mas foi apenas quando o arquivista John Curran come ou a decifr los que a verdadeira dimens o deste tesouro se tornou bvia Neste livro, ele desvenda os grandes segredos da Rainha do Crime as origens dos seus carism ticos detectives e enigmas surpreendentes, enredos alternativos, cenas eliminadas, e at mesmo planos para livros que n o chegou a escrever A investiga o de John Curran revela uma grande quantidade de material nunca antes publicado, e inclui duas hist rias completamente in ditas O Incidente da Bola do C o e A Captura de C rbero.

  • Title: Os Cadernos Secretos de Agatha Christie
  • Author: JohnCurran
  • ISBN: 9789892310602
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover

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  • Jane

    “In August 1948 Penguin Books made publishing history when they issued one million Agatha Christie novels on the same day – 100,000 copies of each. This venture was such a success that it was repeated five years later.”That’s an awful lot of books. And how many more have been sold – and borrowed – since then? How many films? How many television dramatisations? Amazing numbers!You would think that everything to be said had been said by now. But no! This lovely book offers something ne [...]

  • Jeane

    I have to thank my obsession and love for books,the pleasure I get from reading to Agatha Christie. At the age of seven years I was receiving books as present, Agatha Christie books. I started my collection at that age and it gave me a never ending love for books. In the end the books that give me back that pure feeling, the coziness, being me and my books are Agatha Christie books.The Irish John Curran has an admiration for Agatha Christie which he brought with him in examining her left noteboo [...]

  • Cathy Ace

    I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie's work, and have finally found the time to sit down and read both this and the "companion piece" by the same author, "Murder in the Making". I realise I'm a bit late to the party, but, believe me, it's a party worth attending!I enjoyed this book, but probably only did so because I've read all of Christie's works, and I expected it to be what it is: a "decoding" of the author's diaries. Mr Curran has obviously put his passion for Christie's work to good use, ded [...]

  • Dovilė

    Bet A. Christie gerbėjams, norintiems pasigilinti į tai, kaip žymi rašytoja žymėjosi mintis apie būsimus kūrinius, sužinoti šiek tiek leidyklų su A. Christie bendravimo ypatumų, gali net ir labai patikti.

  • Sheila Hollinghead

    I'm a huge Agatha Christie fan, but I felt this book was a waste of my time and money. I did learn a little about Christie's writing habits--she had terrible handwriting most of her life (ironically getting better as she aged. What's up with that?), made lists of scenes and rearranged them to suit herself, and often did not know who the murderer would be when she began to plot the book. Interesting tidbits but not worth trudging through the book to learn such trivia. The two short stories were a [...]

  • Amy

    This book is intended to be read by Agatha Christie fans. I thought I was a fan but after reading this book I realize I must not be a big enough fan. I read her autobiography and enjoyed it. I read a majority of her books and love them. I read this book and was darn near bored to tears.

  • Annina

    I really quite loved this book. I was surprised at how easy it was to read, seeing as what kind of a nonfiction book it is. I expected it to maybe be a book which I would read a little here and there and then again go back to later and read some more. But I read it straight through. The short stories were a bonus too. However, I think you do have to be a Christie fan to appreciate it. I would also recommend it only after reading quite many of her books because there are spoilers. The author has [...]

  • нєνєℓ¢ανα

    Fifty years of mysteries in the making quite interesting report of how Christie knew about the mechanics of storytelling! You can study here Christie's narrative strategies and much more compelling to the core.

  • Raphael Andrade

    A dona da porra toda era mesmo a dona da porra toda <3

  • Mary Corbal

    La verdad es que solamente me he leído los dos episodios inéditos protagonizados por Poirot, que es lo realmente interesante de este libro, en especial el cpítulo sobre la pelota y el perro. Lo demás son curiosidades acerca de Agatha Christie.

  • An Odd1

    Prefer annetoronto1/2013/ Not "secret", more tag-end trivia of a big life. More reference text than fan illumination. Only for the ultra-dedicated or legally committed (to a job, not an asylum). Comprehensive, hard without having read. seen or remembering all her work, has spoilers. Microscopic lens on massive undertaking.Meant to impress reader, justify diligent scholarship, meticulous research, cross-referenced lists, illegible photocopied notebook (partial) pages (~ every 30 pages, no index), [...]

  • Sarah

    I love notebooks--have tons of them--and so I thought I would like this book about Agatha Christie's notebooks, and so I did. The excerpts illustrate Christie's fertile imagination, her ability to keep coming up with ingenious plots which were often simply another variation on a theme. As author John Curran points out, however, Christie's plots are not the only reason for her success and popularity. Other authors formulated ingenious mysteries too. A key factor is the sheer readability of Christ [...]

  • Luciana Darce

    Embora eu seja uma leitora entusiasmada da Agatha Christie (e tenho por futuro projeto ler e resenhar todos os seus livros por aqui), se não tivesse ganhado esse livro de presente, é provável que tivesse passado batida por ele. Biografias, com algumas exceções, não costumam ser minha prioridade de leitura.Só que Os Diários Secretos de Agatha Christie não são exatamente o que se pode chamar de biografia – não no sentido de que ele conta a história da vida da autora. Mais exato seria [...]

  • Marci

    If you like and are well read in Agatha Christie, you will like this book, which delves into the great author's working notebooks and comes up with quotes of scene and character lists, ideas, and workings-out of plot details.The best parts are where the notebooks reveal how many ways Agatha Christie could have worked out a particular plot--you come away with a glimpse into a truly astonishing level of creativity and ability to vary details to make a set of different stories out of the very same [...]

  • Astrid Lim

    This is a wonderful, marvelous read for all Agatha Christie fans. Yes, it contained lots of spoilers so beware if you still haven't read the titles mentioned in each chapter. But for you who already read them, this Secret Notebooks is a true gem. We were taken by John Curran to delve into the notebooks (that still have limited access up to now) that had been used by Christie to develop her ideas, write the plot of her stories and even to have conversation with herself. It's amazing to see how a [...]

  • Durdles

    A book for Christie completists. Two previously unpublished short stories make this a must. Those not so obsessed may be slightly disappointed at some of the discoveries; that Christie changed the titles of her books and characters' names sometimes is not very exciting but it is fascinating to discover that, often, she had no idea who the murderer was going to be, even as the plots were almost fully formed. If you are hoping for some insight into her genius you won't find it here as her thought [...]

  • Paul James

    An enjoyable book - but you obviously have to like the books & plays of Agatha Christie. I found the book a bit repetitive in places and at times I felt that the book assumed that you knew the works of Agatha Christie in depth. So it may say that AC changed the ending of such and such a book, so that 'she' didn't do it, and 'he' did instead -- but unless you know the books, you have no idea who he or she is. So it is assuming that you know more than the average reader probably would.Two thir [...]

  • Deena

    I'm giving up. I had problems with the format (interupted narrative for apparently unrelated bits of varying length) and I don't have much faith in the deconstruction of the mostly very cryptic notes Ms. Christie wrote. To make it worse, Curran focused mostly on my least favorite Christie titles - and I didn't have my copies handy (in many cases I no longer even own those titles) so most of the specifics he was talking about were lost on me anyway. I really wanted to like this; I've been a Chris [...]

  • Madisson

    Thorough examination of Agatha Christie’s private notebooks, seventy-three handwritten volumes of notes, lists and drafts outlining all her plans for her many books, plays and stories that will fascinate and intrigue anyone who has ever read a novel by the Queen of Crime. Plus, at the end of the book there are two complete Poirot short stories never before published: The Capture of Cerberus (The Labours of Hercules XII) and The Incident of the Dog’s Ball (From the notes of Captain Arthur Has [...]

  • Nicola Furlong

    Enjoyed getting a little into the mind of Agatha Christie. This book deciphers her numerous notebooks where she jotted down her ideas for plot points, scenes and characters, etc. Rating it was difficult as it's more for Christieophiles than average readers and I admit to skimming much of it; however, it was fun to glimpse some of her thought processes. I've always admired her work yet was blown away with her amazing output and longevity at the top of her game. How she did it remains a great myst [...]

  • Khairul Hezry

    Must be a fan of Dame Agatha to appreciate this book. Even so, the author tends to repeat the same things and this just makes me go *twitch*. Also, he assumes you have read all the mysteries beforehand because he has no qualms about revealing whodunit. In his defence, he does state in the beginning of each chapter which mysteries will be revealed within so can't blame him really.

  • Vaiva

    Knyga, skirta dideliam Agatha Christie gerbėjui ar net fanatui, nes visi kiti mirtingieji susidurs su didelėmis problemomis, siekdami prisiminti, kas ir kaip bei kodėl viename ar kitame jos kūrinyje nudobė. Tiesa, perskaičius Laura Thomoson “Agatha Christie, Anglijos mįslė” gal kiek ir lengviau orientuotis bent jau asmeniniame detektyvų karalienės gyvenime, bet visa kita sukelia didelę sumaištį dėl nesibaigiančių planuotų bei galų gale įgyvendintų užmojų pokyčių, kei [...]

  • Amanda

    This was a very slow read and it was easy to get bogged down in the details. It's not the fault of the author, who is very thorough. It's just not the kind of book that works well for sitting down and reading all at once. For the most part, it's better served as a reference book or a companion to the Christie novels. There are a lot of interesting photos and samples of Christie's handwriting and you learn quite a bit about her writing process (but not much about her personal life). This also inc [...]

  • Kristin

    The author approaches Christie’s notebooks like a mystery to figure out how she crafted her stories. Clearly well-researched and well thought-out, but aside for some basic overview information, it didn’t hold me. Too much detail for me I don’t really want to know all the mechanics, or supposed mechanics, behind the actual story. I wouldn’t have minded her giving her thoughts directly, but trying to figure out her thoughts doesn’t hold my interest.

  • Eduardo Garcia-Gaspar

    Un examen de los cuadernos de la señora Christie, en los que anotaba de todo, pero especialmente sus ideas para las novelas. Un buen análisis del origen de esas historias, sus antecedentes, las diferentes alternativas de cada historia y, en general, su proceso de creación; novela por novela. Más dos historias inéditas de Poirot. En fin, un muy buen libro para los fans de la escritora.

  • Margareads

    It is a very interesting book for Agatha Christie fans. It explains how the Dame of Crime thought about her stories and picked her murderers. If you are a fan, you have to read this book. One advice: don´t read it from cover to cover, this is a consultative book.

  • Laura

    Leuk: erg interessant om Christie's eigen notities te lezen en haar schrijfproces te leren kennen. Na een tijdje nemen de ellenlange notities echter de overhand en mist de duiding hier en daar. Ook houdt het boek vrij plotseling op - er mist een nawoord of echte afsluiting.

  • Jenny Teo

    Many previously unknown, behind-the-scenes details on how the Dame conceived her stories, as well as an insight to how the smart and savvy woman handled her extremely prolific and illustrious writing career.

  • PJ Manning


  • Jessica

    Same views on this book too :/review/show

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