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By Jenny Han Siobhan Vivian | Comments: ( 446 ) | Date: ( Jun 03, 2020 )

New Year s Eve ended with a bang and Mary, Kat and Lillia may not be prepared for what is to come.After Rennie s death, Kat and Lillia try to put the pieces together of what happened to her They both blame themselves If Lillia hadn t left with Reeve If Kat had only stayed with Rennie Things could have been different Now they will never be the same.Only Mary knowsNew Year s Eve ended with a bang and Mary, Kat and Lillia may not be prepared for what is to come.After Rennie s death, Kat and Lillia try to put the pieces together of what happened to her They both blame themselves If Lillia hadn t left with Reeve If Kat had only stayed with Rennie Things could have been different Now they will never be the same.Only Mary knows the truth about that night About what she is She also knows the truth about Lillia and Reeve falling in love, about Reeve being happy when all he deserves is misery, just like the misery he caused her Now their childish attempts at revenge are a thing of the past and Mary is out for blood Will she leave anything in her wake or will all that remain be ashes

  • Title: Ashes to Ashes
  • Author: Jenny Han Siobhan Vivian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Jenny Han Siobhan Vivian

Jenny Han Siobhan Vivian Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ashes to Ashes book, this is one of the most wanted Jenny Han Siobhan Vivian author readers around the world.

Comments Ashes to Ashes

  • Becca

    So this is what needs to happen in Ashes to Ashes: Mary needs to leave Reeve alone, stop being annoying, and go haunt someone else. Alex needs to grow some balls, forget about Lillia, and admit he's got feelings for Kat, stat. Kat needs to get accepted into Oberlin. Reeve and Alex need to beat the crap out of the guy who raped Lillia. Rennie needs to, like, come back alive because her death is gonna shake up a whole bunch of drama. And last, but certainly not least, Reeve and Lillia need to live [...]

  • Jenn Churchill

    No. No no, no no, no no, NO.There are so many things that upset me about how this all ended. The pacing throughout was atrocious. The prom was about to start and I thought, ok well there's no way this is all getting wrapped up in the space they have left, so it must not be the last book. No, it is the last book. Mary's sudden change of heart was far too abrupt and way too selfish in nature. There was no emotional impact in that final scene. I wasn't glad Mary "found peace" in the least.And the e [...]

  • Faye, la Patata

    Warning: there will be a lot of cussing involved in this review, because I am pissed off as hell. I'll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, but I cannot give any guarantee about the cussing. My mind is on fire, and the need to vent is insanely banging the insides of my stone-cold heart. Okay, maybe it's not stone-cold, but it's hurt and disappointed and it needs to raaaage.First of all, let it be known that I absolutely loved this series. I was completely immersed in each of the three gir [...]

  • Aj the Ravenous Reader

    I am not entirely happy with how things ended because dayum! . *Sniffs* But I suppose the authors are just trying to keep it real or as real as a contemporary-slash-paranormal YA could get and yes, you read that right. The series turned out to be a paranormal-mystery-thriller and I honestly enjoyed it. All the while I thought it was going to be a fun YA chick-lit read because of the covers. (lol!). So I won’t be saying anything more than what’s already said because it’s really best to read [...]

  • Khanh (the meanie)

    I really wish I hadn't read the summary for this book, because it just spoiled me for book 2.Goddamn it.

  • Melanie

    See more reviews at YA Midnight ReadsBurn for Burn and Fire with Fire are some of the best high school revenge stories I've ever read. Han and Vivian manage to create drama that doesn't feel aimless or overly melodramatic and characters with incredible depth and growth. It's safe to say that yes, I loved this series up until this very last instalment which has pretty much tainted my feelings towards the entire series. Words do not even begin to explain how disappointed I am with this series e [...]

  • Harmonie

    This book was headed for 5 stars until the end. I was NOT happy with the way they wrapped it up.

  • Carrima Quinones

    I just finished Fire with Fire like two seconds ago and I can't fricken breath !!!!! I need ashes to ashes to come out like right now ! I can't wait any longer , I petition for an early release !!! *dies*

  • pdbkwm

    Wow, it sure is crazy how much this book didn't live up to the hype I had for it. I loved Burn for Burn. Fire with Fire was just okay, mainly because it felt like some of the characters didn't act like themselves and the whole reveal about Mary the Ghost. I really hated that reveal. Sadly, Ashes to Ashes takes all of the things that I didn't like from the second book and intensifies it here.After the reveal about Mary being a Ghost and seeing Rennie die in a horrific accident, I thought the book [...]

  • fyt

    I stayed up till 4am for this book and the ending just made me want to throw my book out the window but hug it at the same time. The epilogue was so realistic it hurt my feelings. WHY JENNY HAN & SIOBHAN VIVIAN WHY. WHY. WHY!!!!(view spoiler)[I want my Reeve & Lilia back together *CRIES HYSTERICALLY* (hide spoiler)]

  • Tina

    I really, truly wish I hadn’t read this last installment because it ruined the whole series for me. God, it’s midnight and I’m so fucking close to sobbing my eyes out I can’t believe it. I feel like I never want to read another series ever again.So even though it’s the middle of the night, I’m typing away on my laptop like crazy because I really need to get this off my chest and I’m probably making no sense right now, but I just HATED this ending. It couldn’t have ended worse. I [...]

  • Sarah

    This was an okay end to the series, but I found the pace quite slow. Mary really became quite psychotic in this book, blaming Reeve for her suicide – like he made her do it! Lillia was totally head over heels for Reeve, and Kat was Kat. The storyline in this was about Mary getting her revenge on Reeve, but the pace was really slow, and it seemed like not a lot happened compared to the length of the book.The ending was okay, but I was pleased it was over by that point.6 out of 10

  • Deanna

    The ending was bittersweet/sad. This book was just all over the place, which is perfectly fine when it comes to the fact that there are three protagonists (Mary, Kat, and Lillia). The issue was that there were too many problems/issues that were either handled too quickly, took forever to be addressed, or barely brushed over.As a person who disliked Mary since book 1, I enjoyed the fact that Mary didn't have as many chapters as Lillia or Kat did. As a person who likes Lillia, I was ecstatic to se [...]

  • Elena

    WHAT?! NO NO NO NO NO.I don't even know how to rate this. The epilogue destroyed EVERYTHING for me. I'm so pissed right now. I need a break.______________________________________So after calming down a bit, I think I am able to write down my general thoughts on this last installment. I absolutely adored the first two books and after all the revelations the second book left us with I couldn't wait for the third book to arrive. And in general it didn't disappoint me. Ashes to Ashes was exactly lik [...]

  • Bee (Heart Full of Books)

    THE ENDING MADE ME SO ANGRY.Angry enough for caps. Ugh, I'm so annoyed! This had so much potential to be great with amazing closure BUT NO. The ending felt like a rushed job and I was just shaking my head in disbelief at the epilogue. No thank you. If you read this series - and I would still recommend it, because the second book is FAB - then completely ignore the epilogue, because trust me, it feels unfinished whether you read it or not, but if you don't then at least you can pretend things wor [...]

  • Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)

    Actual rating: 3.5 starsThe series has come a long way since the beginning. The girls deal with bigger problems than what to wear to a school dance. The drama intensity was HIGH, to say the least. If you're looking for something with a Pretty Little Liars feel, where everything escalates almost to the unimaginable, this is it!

  • Alwiyia

    Pretty sure that was one of the worst endings I've ever read which really sucks.The second book was so good and I was so excited to see what would happen next and it was just disappointing. Only one thing was resolved in the end. It felt like all the build up throughout the trilogy fell flat.The only reason this is 3 stars is because I really grew to care about a lot of the characters in these books and I still flew through it and enjoyed the writing styles. It was just a disappointing ending.

  • Emerald

    Overall Thoughts All I gotta say it that this was such a fun and addictive series! Not to mention just totally off the charts with insanity. It really ended up going somewhere completely weird and unexpected but totally awesome. The second book was by far my favorite cause it had the most twist and turns. And everything leading up to it was just pure fun high school drama and who doesn't enjoy that? lol Really enjoyed this series. Seriously, read it.Until Next Time, Emerald BookWorm

  • Amber (Books of Amber)

    After a fantastic start book and an absolutely epic follow up, I was sure that Ashes to Ashes was going to go out with a bang and cement this series as one of my favourites. I waited (very impatiently) after the cliffhanger in Fire With Fire and I am so fucking mad that THIS is what I got. There will be spoilers in this review but I will hide them under a spoiler tag because everyone needs to know HOW FUCKING ANNOYED I AM.First of all, most of the story was okay. We had Lillia being a QUEEN and [...]

  • Emily (Obsessed Reader)

    I feel like this series was one crazy, insane, non-stop whirlwind. I loved it. However the ending was so abrupt and not completely satisfying, but I didn't hate it like I thought I would considering other people's reactions. I'm sad it's over, honestly. I would highly recommend this series to anyone.

  • Mereice

    Ashes to ashes needs to come now, I need to know if Mary is dead or not. Reeve and Lillia need to be together and Alex and Kat need to be together. And although Rennie was so mean she can't be dead, it will create so much problems for Reeve and LilliaFinally, I've read the book!!! Well what can I sayFirstly I never knew Mary would be such a (Excuse my French) a b*tch! Why would she try to hurt the only people who cared for her? And I understand reeve has made mistakes but Mary needs to learn to [...]

  • Karin Falkner

    Ich wurde gut unterhalten, und mit diesem Ende kann ich mich anfreunden. Insgesamt 4,5 Sterne für die Reihe.

  • Peony

    i think this novel can go a variety of ways — the characters are all so complex, and we still have to learn more about mary. (to be honest, i haven't forgiven reeve for what he did to her. just because he's sweet on lillia doesn't mean anything. you can learn a lot about someone by the way they treat people who matter to them, and then the people who don't. i'm not falling for his ~*~nice guy~*~ act quite yet. not after he told mary to go fuck herself.) can we all agree that lillia's milkshake [...]

  • Jasprit

    What have I just read? Seriously Burn for Burn was a brilliant start to this wonderful series and Fire for Fire just made me so happy, but also ripped me to shreds. With Ashes to Ashes I just wanted to hug the book but also throw it across the other room. Basically the same feelings I had a year ago were dredged up once more.It was great being back with my favourite characters once more, yes their lives had been thoroughly shook up since the last book and I wanted to know how everyone had been c [...]

  • Rachel(APCB Reviews)

    Read the full review @ A Perfection Called BooksAshes to Ashes had great moments, it had okay moments, it had horrible moments.What I really enjoyed about Ashes to Ashes was the suspense. Readers were on-edge the whole time! This book is a definite page-turner. Having no idea what was going to happen next, I kept reading. There were lots of twists and turns, things I never saw coming. The plot truly attached itself to the reader.The three points of view really brought the story together as a who [...]

  • Jacquelyn

    Very disappointed. :( I didn't really see the point of this one. It was very boring and I felt like not much went on (to me). The ending was really boring and not mind blowing as I thought it would be

  • ♫✯Em loves Hollenstein✯♫❤the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation❤

    I felled ing love with this book series. I remember I put off reading it for months, but one night I finally sat down and opened burn for burn.And I devoured it. When my copy of this book was ready at the library, I was so excited. I was screaming happily, and when I got it I kept taking pictures of me and the book, and I kept staring at the cover. And the book did not disappoint.Just like the other two, the book starts with an intriguing line, and it makes you desperate to read more. I started [...]

  • Belén

    WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ.I'm so confused about this book.i think i loved it but damn i also think i hated it.Don't get me wrong, this book is amazing, but i feel like my insides are being destroyed because of that one thing at the end of the book that didn't come up the way i wanted it to go. Anyway i loved it instead of that and i really recommend these books.

  • Eriele the Mermaid ❤

    I received an advance reading copy of this book during the Jenny Han book signing event in Manila last June 21, 2014. (Thanks again to Jenny Han and National Book Store.)This review is totally unbiased; if you’ve seen my posts about other Han books, you’ll know I didn’t like most of them. Also spoiler-free but may or may not contain spoilers from the first two books.)Cover. Very pretty. I call this new edition the “No Filter” kind. If you noticed the other editions of Burn For Burn and [...]

  • Abigail (Read. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.)

    Long version found at The Rave Library.Rating: 2/5 starsWhat is it about: Continuation of Fire with Fire. At the aftermath of the of the New Year's Eve party, things happened all at once. Rennie got burned (literally), Reeve got hurt, and Mary finds out she's not the girl she actually wanted to be. Kat and Lillia are looking for her hoping to settle this revenge pact once and for all, even though Mary is planning to take both of them down.Review: Load your gun now, 'cause this one's going to be [...]

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