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By Stasia Ward Kehoe | Comments: ( 235 ) | Date: ( Jul 09, 2020 )

When high school junior Sara wins a coveted scholarship to study ballet, she must sacrifice everything for her new life as a professional dancer in training Living in a strange city with a host family, she s deeply lonely until she falls into the arms of Remington, a choreographer in his early twenties At first, she loves being Rem s muse, but as she discovers a surprisiWhen high school junior Sara wins a coveted scholarship to study ballet, she must sacrifice everything for her new life as a professional dancer in training Living in a strange city with a host family, she s deeply lonely until she falls into the arms of Remington, a choreographer in his early twenties At first, she loves being Rem s muse, but as she discovers a surprising passion for writing, she begins to question whether she s chosen the right path Is Rem using her, or is it the other way around And is dancing still her dream, or does she need something This debut novel in verse is as intense and romantic as it is eloquent.

  • Title: Audition
  • Author: Stasia Ward Kehoe
  • ISBN: 9780670013197
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Stasia Ward Kehoe

Stasia Kehoe grew up dancing and performing on stages from New Hampshire to Washington, DC She now writes books for young adults and choreographs the occasional musical.

Comments Audition

  • Jasprit

    (4.5 stars)“Am I lonelier nowThan when my sad imaginationHad him disappear?Heart torn,Loosing tiny dropletsOf sorrowNo tape can measureNo needle can mend.”I was ecstatic when I found out my library had a copy of Audition, as it was one of my highly anticipated books of the year. The greatest surprise was my library having a copy four days after its release date!! I wasted no time in downloading my copy (yes my great library does free e-books!!) and getting stuck in straight away. Let me tell [...]

  • Nomes

    Audition is Stasia Ward Kehoe's highly anticipated YA verse novel debut. At sixteen years, Sara leaves her friends and family, moves away on a scholarship to a prestigious dance school. Sara feels lost amongst her peers, who too often are pitched against one another competitively to form true friendship. Dancing is a constant discipline in which dancers strive for perfection with their routines and in their bodies. It is not an easy burden to bear, and you can feel the shackles and tension in th [...]

  • Eva

    As a former dancer, I love movies and books about dancers---I'll never dance again (long story) but it is nice to be back in the world of dance for that short period of time; it's good to read about/watch girls who struggled with the things I struggled with in the ballet world.However, I wasn't a big fan of Audition. First of all, it was in verse, without actually being in verse, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you're going to write in verse, don't just write sentences and periodically hit [...]

  • ~Bellegirl91~

    I actually didn't like this book as much as I thought I would. I found it interesting for the first half of the book and after that it was way too much romance for me and it was kinda lame. Too much kissing and not that it was extremely descriptive, but after awhile it got old and too repetitive for me in all honesty and felt it had no point to it personally. and the end, I mean, I felt it lacked a true ending. it was ok but at the same time, I thought it didn't have that strong of an ending. Bu [...]

  • Sarah

    I don't read a lot of novels in verse, nor do I read a lot about dance. The former is more because I don't really know how to sift through the good stuff and the bad stuff, the latter because dance (especially ballet) kind of freaks me out--the body obsessive, intense grind of it is extremely disturbing to me. However, despite my reluctance with both of these elements, Audition was a fantastic read. Lots of interesting themes are tackled in this one:-Fish out of water, rural girl in an urban, so [...]

  • April

    It’s offical. I love books written in free verse. I love how these books play with form and how the sparseness can sometimes hit me harder than prose. Audition by Stasia Ward Kehoe is awesome, plus it’s nice to read a free verse book that’s not about the dangerous world of drugs.Read the rest of my review here

  • Abbie

    I thought this was quite depressing. Did Sara find her happiness in the end? And I was really hoping that Remington would get AIDS or break his leg. Ugh, what a complete arse.

  • Aleeeeeza

    this book gets published on my eighteenth birthday! ha--thought that was kind of cool :D

  • Kristi

    A beautifully told novel in verse from debut author, Stasia Ward Kehoe. I love reading novels in verse. The gift of some authors to be able to tell an emotionally powerful story with just a few words. It blows my mind! Although I wasn’t familiar with some of the literature pertaining to the specifics of ballet, I never felt lost, I just simply imagined the graceful moves that I’ve seen ballerinas preform several times. Sara, at the age of sixteen, is a child in many ways when she arrives in [...]

  • Heather

    There are so many things that I am not okay with about this book. The whole thing was about a 22 year old male and a 16 year old dancer having a regular and lengthy sexual relationship with no consequences. Not only is that illegal, but there wasn't any closure to the fact that the she is essentially being used the entire time. Does anyone else think it is creepy that Rem peeps on Sara while she is changing? I know teen/ adult liasons happen in the real world, but not okay! Add the fact that she [...]

  • ALPHAreader

    At sixteen, Sara is living many ballerinas’ dreams. She has been given a scholarship to study at a prestigious dance academy in the big city. But following your dreams is harder than it seems . . . Sara is in constant competition with her dance peers. Training is a gruelling affair and the weight of success rests heavy on her shoulders – when she thinks of all those who are so sure she will excel.The more Sara dances, the more she wonders if she even enjoys going through the motions any more [...]

  • Jennifer

    Sixteen year old Sara has spent her life preparing to be a dancer. So when she wins a scholarship to a ballet school, it seems like her dreams are right on track. And then there's Remington, the gorgeous dancer in his twenties. Caught up in an affair where she's part girlfriend, part muse - but never a ballerina - Sara begins to stumble. Working out her confusion in her school writing assignments, Sara discovers a new talent, and begins to realize that there just may be another, better dream wai [...]

  • Somer

    I love verse novels! I never thought I would like them because I thought they would be like hard to understand poetry, but they are so not! This novel, like other verse novels, was like reading a song. It flows effortlessly along, and before you know it, its over. The author chooses powerful words, because there are so few words used.The fact that Audition was a verse novel made me like the book. I did, however, have a few issues with the characters. Sara was the main character, and I just didn [...]

  • Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)

    This is not one I'm even going to bother reviewing on my blog. I finished it, but only through strength of will as I was completely bored to tears by the time I reached the end. I didn't like the main characters, they were all spoiled brats. And being in verse did nothing for this novel. If you want a good verse novel, go read something by Ellen Hopkins.

  • Rachel Kristine Tuller

    This book is awful. Simply put. It's flat out awful. Like, first of all, it's in verse. I personally am not a huge fan of verse to begin with. However, I figured I would give a chance. Maybe it would be good. But the verse was awful. It was like the author just hit enter in the middle of sentences and called it good. Which that didn't vibe well with me. There was no flow whatsoever to the verse. Not okay. Next, let's just talk about the main character, Sara. She is a whiny brat who is OBSESSED w [...]

  • Cass -Words on Paper

    3/5I was so excited to read AUDITION! I jump to the chance to read any dancing YA novel. I admit, I was worried that my expectations wouldn't be met, but for the most part I was quite pleased with what I found.This cover is also beautiful as anything, and I can definitely picture both models as Sara and Rem. The pose is intimate, and pretty dead-on. The cover could almost be a bit busy - if the quote wasn't blurred in like it is. The title & quote fonts are nice, and the title itself is simp [...]

  • Kayla (Kayla's Book Nook)

    As I used to participate in dance classes and I love watching the art form unfold, I adore reading stories about dancing. In addition to this, the premise of Audition sort of reminded me of that of a book I really enjoyed called Tiny Pretty Things, and thus I was tempted to try it.Audition, despite its average rating of 3.32 stars, was a fun and fast read. For those who do not mind reading stories in verse, you will breeze through it and adore its lyrical writing just as I did, but if you [...]

  • Cabiria Aquarius

    Powerful story about dance and dreams. A story of someone who is certain but becomes uncertain as she is pushed in different directions. As Remington’s Muse, as her parents daughter, as the dance student in the different level classes. Her teachers too. Powerful words. Amazing way to tell the story in a different format. Couldn’t put it down. It was amazing.As a dancer and writer myself I often wonder which way to turn. With other options as well.

  • Brittany

    Sara is sixteen and from Vermont. She started ballet in a basement studio in her small town. She is thrilled and surprised when she is offered a scholarship to study ballet in New Jersey. She feels like she's finally on the track to becoming a professional ballerina. Once she is there though, doubts start to creep in. She starts to feel unsure of who she is and what she wants. Things get even more complicated when she starts to fall for twenty-something Remington. He has a girlfriend, but they s [...]

  • Joy (joyous reads)

    Dare I tell that since I came here to danceI have been giving pieces of my body awayTo ridiculous diets, To repeated injuries,To Remington?And that maybeI thinkWith each bit of my bodyI lose a little piece of my soul.This isn't a book about a girl's ultimate dream to be a prima ballerina at a prestigious dance company. This is a book about her realizing that dance is so far off her horizon, it's basically out in space. It was really hard to figure out how dance came to be Sara's life. Was it due [...]

  • Elizabeth Whitford

    I really loved parts of this book. Some things were just so beautiful and brilliant, but some left me a little disappointed and unsatisfied. The writing was what stood out to me the most as it was written in first person present tense, giving it that beautiful poetic feel. This book was also written in verse adding to the whimsical nature of the writing style.It seemed like the words were cut down to the most basic and simplistic form. To explain with just a few words a whole scene and achieve t [...]

  • Gretchen McNeil

    I first heard about AUDITION when Stasia and I toured together with Stages on Pages. After listening to Stasia speak so eloquently and passionately about dance (she's been a dancer since about the time she learned how to walk) I knew I needed to read this novel.Still, I'm not going to lie: reading a novel in verse kind of scared the hell out of me.But I was surprised. After about four of five pages, my brain had adapted to the style and the cadence of the verse (kind of like how when I read book [...]

  • Melanie Goodman

    After a terrifying audition, Sara wins a scholarship to the Jersey Ballet for a year. Though it’s not the most prestigious of the ballet schools, it’s certainly a step up for a dancer from a tiny school in Vermont. Sara moves away from her family and friends to live with one of the school’s teachers, attend a private high school, and then attend grueling hours of dance classes, tours, and performances.The dance world is extremely competitive. Sara is filled with self doubt, unsure whether [...]

  • Sara

    This book was just okay for me. It was actually quite sad. The main character, Sara, seemed to not know what she wanted, but did what others like her parents wanted. She wants to be a ballerina, and auditions and gets into a program on scholarship for her junior year. Through the hardships of being a ballerina, she struggles with how she feels about her life. Dancing, school, writing, friends. Then there is Remington. She gets a crush on him right away. And one day he invites her to the diner, k [...]

  • Morgan

    Audition was an amazing book. I won this on first reads and I must say I’m not disappointed! This book is about a girl trying to find herself. Sara has always wanted to be Ballerina she’s never thought of anything else. She puts everything in her dancing, no matter what people say. That’s until she meets Remington one of the choreographers at the studio. Soon they start to have a brewing, sexy, secretive relationship. She starts to consider a knew future. One with Remington. But does he f [...]

  • Jackie (No Bent Spines)

    2.5 starsthis book is covered in raw emotions and pure feelings; desire ( to win and to love), to make some one love you and be proud. it gives you an inside look on preformers. during audition, she was struggling to find both herself and ground to stand on. she wants him to love her, and she ends up giving herself away to a man that doesnt even truely loves, her. a man who uses her as a muse as inspiration and for sex. she thinks this is what she wants. while reading it i really struggled go se [...]

  • Gabrielle Carolina

    Audition is a novel told in verse about Sara, a ballerina who is struggling with her decisions. Sara was a very frustrating character, from page one she seemed unhappy with her dreams of being a ballerina, unsatisfied with her position as a dancer in the troupe. The only time I admired Sara was during her brief stints of confidence as Remington's muse. These scenes held my interest the most, even though any reader could see Rem was not the man Sara thought he was. Long Review TK

  • Glenda

    Not for younger secondary readers. A beautifully written verse novel.

  • ♥Rachel♥

    3.5 Stars Heartbreaking to come.

  • Pisinat

    La plume m'a plu, l'héroïne beaucoup moins.

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