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By Laura Resnick | Comments: ( 111 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

Everything you know about vampires is wrong After a grisly murder casts a pall over The Vampyre, an Off Broadway play in which Esther plays a vampire victim, she and her friend Max confront a dizzying array of suspects among the vamparazzi the rival factions of vampire groupies and anti vampire obsessives who surround the theatre every night Meanwhile, Esther s almost wouEverything you know about vampires is wrong After a grisly murder casts a pall over The Vampyre, an Off Broadway play in which Esther plays a vampire victim, she and her friend Max confront a dizzying array of suspects among the vamparazzi the rival factions of vampire groupies and anti vampire obsessives who surround the theatre every night Meanwhile, Esther s almost would be boyfriend, Detective Connor Lopez, fears that she may be the killer s next target Esther s quest to thwart Evil and ensure a decent run for her play ultimately brings her into conflict with real vampires, vamparazzi, and an ancient cult of vampire hunters with whom her friend Max has a checkered past Her adventure takes her into the forgotten tunnels and vaults beneath New York City, where Esther learns that having your neck gnawed upon by a bloodthirsty prince of the night isn t nearly as much fun as she makes it look onstage.

  • Title: Vamparazzi
  • Author: Laura Resnick
  • ISBN: 9780756406875
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Laura Resnick

Laura Resnick is an award winning science fiction and fantasy author, the daughter of prolific science fiction author Mike Resnick She was the winner of the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction for 1993 She also writes romance novels under the pseudonym Laura Leone

Comments Vamparazzi

  • Amy

    PB/Urban Fantasy: This is book four in the series and my last. I gave it one more chance after the last book. Granted, this book is better, but Lopez needs to go. In my argument of the last book, it's time that Lopez believed what Max & Esther are telling the truth about all things paranormal. It's getting old and Lopez needs a replacement. I really wanted to like this book, but I figured who was the vampire by the second or third chapter. There were no surprises in the plot or Esther's love [...]

  • Melindeeloo

    I have really liked the past Ester Diamond books but the pacing in this latest installment makes Vamparazzi just ok.Vamparazzi is slow to start, a grinds to a halt for a flashback in the middle, and finally wraps up with a frantic frenzied run to the finish. I still like Ester, and I used to like Lopez who pops in and out at key moments but at this point they need to be either an item or he needs go away altogether - which is too bad, since I think that they could have been interesting together. [...]

  • Melinda

    This book is crazy. I've been listening to this series (done by Graphic audio) and I think that they are brilliant. The voices the sound effects- totally add another element to this book (and series). And I think this instalment hilarious. Maybe it's just my sense of humour, but the bizarre encounters that Esther has, the places she find herself in, the inane banter, the cast of sidekicks.me parts are dead set laugh out loud.

  • Ladiibbug

    #4 Esther Diamond series - Urban Fantasy - Mage/Magic/Vampires4.5 starsThank you to my friend and Good Reader Yvensong for sending me this book. I'm kicking myself for letting this funny, well developed, really cool book sit on the shelf so long. I laughed through much of this highly entertaining book. The characters are a kick. The great plot is another bonus.Esther Diamond, a struggling actor in NYC, takes a part in an off-Broadway play "The Vampyre", which develops a large and enthusiastic cu [...]

  • Loralee

    First of all, it's hilarious. I could hardly stop laughing. Not only is it a murder mystery with vampires and a 350 year old magician, but there's also backstage intrigue at a play featuring a wanna-be vampire and vampire groupies who mob the theatre every night (the vamparazzi).For someone who's hooked on paranormal mystery/urban fantasy, but who can't find hardly any up to my storytelling standards, this book was a welcome discovery. Don't worry that it's book 4 (unless you want to read the ot [...]

  • Shane Phillips

    Funny twist on Vampire lore.

  • Shelley

    *Rating* 3.0*Genre* Urban Fantasy*Review*Vamparazzi is the fourth novel in the Esther Diamond series by Laura Resnick. Esther once again finds herself in the middle of a supernatural quagmire when she portrays Jane Aubrey in a play called The Vampyre. When a body of a woman who previously attacked Esther is discovered exsanguinated, Esther is introduced to the real world of vampires who she thought were a myth.If you haven’t followed this series, pretty much everything that Esther has ever kno [...]

  • Cass


  • Cathy

    It wasn't hilarious but it wasn't terrible. There were way more descriptions of backstage activities than mystery solving or action, but I'd read a few reviews complaining about the pacing so I was expecting it to be worse than it was. I guess expectations are funny like that, if I'd still been expecting it to be as good as the first few books in the series, I'd probably have been disappointed, but since I was prepared to have some reservations, I was OK with liking it well enough. I am pretty t [...]

  • Ami

    3.5 starsTwo months after the events in book #3, Esther is now starring in an off-Broadway play about vampires, The Vampyres and of course, manage to get herself in trouble with real ones :). I agree with one of the reviews for the series, that Esther Diamond is like Stephanie Plum for urban fantasy. Though not as humorous as book #1 and #2, this book still triggers out-loud laugh, especially when portraying crazy actors and the insane fans. My loudest and longest laugh is during the part where [...]

  • Don

    A little thin in comparison to earlier Diamond stories. Resnick creates an interesting and clever mythology here but it doesn't make up for a kind of strange-seeming pacing. I'm not sure how that could have been coped with, given the setting of the novel, but the repetition of place makes some sections seem like they go on forever. Not in the sense that they are dull, but you go through a hundred pages and little time has passed in the novel. It feels very oddly compressed.Light and fun, I'm gla [...]

  • David

    This is a really fun book, the 4th book in Resnick's "Esther Diamond" series. The characters, as always, are interesting and the laughs come fast and furious. I actually did laugh out loud a couple of times.It's also a pretty good twist on all the old vampire lore. These aren't your sparkly vamps. It does slow down a bit with a lot of backstory, and the book itself takes place over only a couple of days. It ultimately feels like not a lot happens, and the timeline for a couple of the characters' [...]

  • Shanna

    I absolutely LOVE this series! Esther cracks me up. There are some staple characters, but each book always has a new cast of quirky characters that keep this series fresh. In this particular book, she is working in a terrible off-Broadway play based on a gothic vampire novel. They have a crazed level of fans, due to the popularity of the main actor, who claims to be a vampire himself. There's a murder, a sneezing supernatural dog, Esther kicks ass in a Victorian dress, "real" vampires who think [...]

  • Stephanie

    Another great book in the Esther Diamond series. This one, as the title suggests, is a peek into the world of vampires and everything we know is wrong - well almost. The story is wild, fun and very interesting. The mystery is well hidden and we get another piece of the Lopez puzzle and we finally find out what is up with Max and the Hungarians.My favorite of the three and anxious to land the first (it is a recent reprint) and will have to patient for the next one.

  • Unwisely

    Another series that is a ton of fun and keeps getting better. And we finally have some explanation on the Lithuanian thing. And more Lopez, woo!

  • Debbie

    Another good book in this series. I look forward to the next book in the series.

  • Michelle

    I can't take it anymore! Lopez and Esther either need to figure things out or she needs to meet someone new yesterday! If they don't get together in the next book I'm done.

  • Greg

    Cheesy cover but a fun read. Story was a little slow, but I found the banter witty and fun enough to make it all worthwhile.

  • Michel Sizaire

    I enjoyed the humor in this one

  • Kate

    The Esther Diamond series is one which I got into after discovering the second and third books in the devastated fantasy bookshelves when Borders went out of business. I have very much enjoyed it as a urban fantasy series which really doesn't focus on the love life of the heroine, has a main character who has really no special qualities at all, and the quirky side characters are always good for a few laughs. While this installment continues to have all of those characteristics, I am a little dis [...]

  • Daniel Wentzel

    I really enjoy the Esther Diamond Series. This has been my least favorite so far, but I still very much enjoyed the book.On the back of the book it says "Everything you know about vampires is wrong." This is why I generally do not like modern books with Vampires. A huge chunk of this book is spent explaining why THESE vampires are different from the vampires you may have read about before. Usually, I don't mind the exposition as Esther learns how the supernatural baddy of the week works, but thi [...]

  • Joshua Palmatier

    This is the fourth book in Laura Resnick's Esther Diamond series. It's a light-hearted, humorous, and fun series about an actress in New York City who happens to run into various paranormal situations and the books continue to improve. I think switching up the type of paranormal activity that Esther encounters in each book is keeping it fresh.In this book, Esther is part of a play called The Vampyre, playing a role opposite the lead who claims that he's a real vampire who drinks blood between sh [...]

  • Chandra

    This may be my favorite of the Esther Diamond books so far. To truly appreciate the book, it helps to be familiar with shows like Buffy and True Blood as well more traditional, non-Hollywood vampire mythology. The book slows a bit in order to explain the latter, but it's probably necessary and provides good world building.If you are a fan of vampires, but don't take it deadly seriously or are someone who doesn't get why vampires are popular, but enjoyed Buffy, then you'll get the most enjoyment [...]

  • Clay Rylee

    Vamparazzi, the fourth book in the Esther Diamond series was a very enjoyable read. The quirky humor that has been displayed in the other three books in the series comes out to shine full force. The story was interesting and entertaining but I was a bit disapointed that I figured out who the murderer and all the vampires were long before Esther did. Normally Esther is a bit more on the ball in figuring things out, but then again, you can't always be on top of your game in extream circumstances I [...]

  • Jan

    In this 4th book in the series, Esther has snagged a part in an off-Broadway show about vampires. The star of the show claims to be an actual vampire and has caused quite a stir around the production. When when bodies that have been drained of blood start showing up, Esther starts wondering if his claims could possibly be true.I really enjoy this series. This book is a bit of a departure. We find out more about Max, but he is not very involved in actually solving the mystery. Lopez, Esther's alm [...]

  • Leslee

    3.5 stars. This was a fun addition to the Esther Diamond series. We get some flashbacks to Max's past and finally find out the big deal about Lithuanians. Resnick continues with the trend of telegraphing the villain way ahead of time (do all of her bad guys have to be so predictably unlikeable?) Love the setting of the fact that Esther is playing a character based from Polidori's the Vampire in an off broadway play with a lead actor who claims to be a vampire and is apparently as popular as the [...]

  • HeyT

    Esther Diamond is a great character, a girl that ends up in some pretty strange situations but ends up getting out of them with her wit and some help from her friends. I like that she doesn't rely on super powers or other such special nonsense. As much as I like the character this book felt a little flat and not worth her involvement. The interesting take on the vampire mythos was entertaining but overall the story felt a little flat. I enjoyed this quick read but it definitely wasn't the best i [...]

  • Kristi

    So funny! Esther Diamond is a great character and no matter what she says, I'm rooting for her and Lopez to work things out. Her perspective on life is hilarious and her struggles to be a recognized, WORKING actress add another element of drama that keeps the story moving along. Her discovery of real vampires, the mystery of Lithuanians and what a real vampire hunter is like are at the heart of this story. The romance is well integrated but definitely not the focus. Enjoyable, easy to read. Give [...]

  • Diana Thayer

    Fun book, okay adventure, likeable characters; pacing is a little odd with Max's flashbacks that break up the story; Esther's insistence on dissasociating with Lopez doesn't make sense given his obvious involvement in anything that happens anyway, and his (obscure) abilitiesat's probably something that will be resolved or elucidated in the next installment, I'm guessing; and at times was a bit pedantic given the overall nature of the story/adventure - I didn't really mind it, but it did slow dow [...]

  • Jo(Mixed Book Bag)

    Esther has a good part in an Off Broadway play about Vampires. She and everyone knows that vampires are not real. Or are they? Esther is attacked by fans who are out of control. When one of the fans is murdered Detective Connor Lopez shows up to make sure Esther is all right. Esther seeks help from her friend Max, the 350 year old magician. All the gang is back along with some fun new characters. The only thing I would change about the book is to have more of Connor. Laura, if you see this "More [...]

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