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By Raymond Radiguet Fay Weldon | Comments: ( 978 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

Hailed by Jean Cocteau as a masterpiece, and by the Guardian as Bret Easton Ellis s Less Than Zero, avant la lettre, this taut tale written by a teenager in the form of a frank confession is a gem of early twentieth century romanticism Long unavailable in the U.S it is here presented in a sparkling new translation Set in Paris during the First World War, it tHailed by Jean Cocteau as a masterpiece, and by the Guardian as Bret Easton Ellis s Less Than Zero, avant la lettre, this taut tale written by a teenager in the form of a frank confession is a gem of early twentieth century romanticism Long unavailable in the U.S it is here presented in a sparkling new translation Set in Paris during the First World War, it tells the story of Francois, the 16 year old narrator, who falls in love with Marthe, an older, married woman whose husband is off fighting at the front What seems to begin as a charming tale of puppy love quickly darkens, and they launch into a steamy affair In the tense environment of the wartime city, their love takes on a desperation transcending their youthfulness And as the badly kept secret of their relationship unfolds, scandal descends, leading the story to a final, startling conclusion and causing the book itself to become a scandal when it was first published in 1923, just before the author s death at the age of 20.

  • Title: The Devil in the Flesh
  • Author: Raymond Radiguet Fay Weldon
  • ISBN: 9780141194646
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Raymond Radiguet Fay Weldon

Radiguet was born in Saint Maur, Val de Marne close to Paris, the son of a caricaturist In 1917 he moved to the city Soon he would drop out of the Lyc e Charlemagne, where he studied, in order to pursue his interests in journalism and literature He associated himself with the Modernist set, befriending Picasso, Max Jacob, Jean Hugo, Juan Gris and especially Jean Cocteau, who became his mentor Radiguet also had several well documented relationships with women An anecdote told by Ernest Hemingway has an enraged Cocteau charging Radiguet known in the Parisian literary circles as Monsieur B b Mister Baby with decadence for his tryst with a model B b est vicieuse Il aime les femmes Baby is depraved He likes women Note the use of the feminine adjective Radiguet, Hemingway implies, employed his sexuality to advance his career, being a writer who knew how to make his career not only with his pen but with his pencil 1 2 In early 1923 Radiguet published his first and most famous novel, Le Diable au corps The Devil in the Flesh The story of a young married woman who has an affair with a sixteen year old boy while her husband is away fighting at the front provoked scandal in a country that had just been through World War I Though Radiguet denied it, it was established later that the story was in large part autobiographical Critics, who initially despised the intense publicity campaign for the book s release something not normally associated with works of literary merit at the time , were finally won over by the quality of Radiguet s writing and his sober, objective style.His second novel, Le bal du Comte d Orgel, also dealing with adultery, was only published posthumously in 1924 Radiguet had died the previous year, aged 20, of typhoid fever, which he contracted after a trip he took with Cocteau In reaction to this death Francis Poulenc wrote, For two days I was unable to do anything, I was so stunned Ivry 1996 Alongside these two novels, Radiguet s works include a few poetry volumes and a play.

Comments The Devil in the Flesh

  • Barry Pierce

    One of the greatest tragedies of 20th century literature was the death of Raymond Radiguet in 1923. Having written this novel in his teens he finally succumbed to typhoid at the age of 20. In his short life he dazzled France's artistic community, becoming friends with Picasso and Jean Cocteau, even Coco Chanel arranged his funeral. When we discuss him we can only make assumptions and question what he would have become if he hadn't died so young. However, we can keep him alive by reading what lit [...]

  • Duane

    Le Diable au corps (The Devil in the Flesh). Raymond Radiguet was 16 when he started writing this novel, was 18 when he finished it, and two years later he would be dead from typhoid fever. It's the story of a 16 year old French boy who has an affair with the 19 year old wife of a WWI soldier away from home. It caused quite a stir when it was first published. It seems to have been partly autobiographical since Radiguet himself, at age 14, had an affair with a soldiers wife. In spite of Radiguet' [...]

  • Rowena

    This book has been on my radar for a while now since hearing that one of my favourite authors, Yukio Mishima, counted Radiguet as one of his influences and hoped to emulate his writing style. The story itself is intriguing, and not as explicit at it may sound like at first. A 16 year old boy falls in love with a 19 year old married woman whose husband is fighting at the front during WW1. The couple embark on an affair, one that brings out rollercoaster emotions in the boy; one moment he is havin [...]

  • Edward

    Introduction, by Fay Weldon--The Devil in the FleshAfterword, by Robert Baldick

  • Nickolas the Kid

    Ένας νεαρός μαθητής στην Γαλλία, στην διάρκεια του' Α Παγκόσμιου Πολέμου ερωτεύεται μια μεγαλύτερη του γυναίκα παντρεμένη, της οποίας ο άντρας βρίσκεται στο πεδίο της μάχης. Ο νεαρός θα νιώσει όλα εκείνα τα αισθήματα που νιώσαμε όλοι όταν ο έρωτας μας χτύπησε για πρώτη φορά [...]

  • Ivana Books Are Magic

    Two days ago, I read this novel. Did I like it? Quite frankly, I loved it. I just couldn't put this novel down. I must have read it an hour or so. I got up a bit more earlier that morning so I had time to read it with my morning coffee (it is not a very long novel but still it is amazing how easy it was to find one's self glued to those pages- and I was glued to them! I mean that in a nice way for it was a good feeling being so lost in the story). What a beautiful and unique piece of writing it [...]

  • Manny

    [Grey exterior, early morning. RADIGUET is bent over the motionless form of MARTHE. Enter the SASSY GAY FRIEND]SGF: Marthe is about to die a horrible death because of the callous neglect of her lover, Radiguet. Marthe, what, what, WHAT are you - RADIGUET: You're too late. She's goneF: [looking at watch] Are we on European time? I'm such a stupid bitch!RADIGUET: I'm afraid soF: Well no point wasting a trip. Let me come in again.[The scene rewinds and he comes in again, Spanish Inquisition style]S [...]

  • Roberto

    La felicità è egoistaIl periodo è quello della prima guerra mondiale, durante il quale la maggior parte degli uomini è al fronte.Lui è un ragazzino, ha dodici anni. Lei diciotto ed è sposata, ma il marito è a combattere. Iniziano a frequentarsi."La felicità è egoista", dice Radiguet, e infatti per rincorrere la felicità e le proprie sensazioni i due si dimenticano di tutto il resto, delle convenzioni, dell’età, degli impegni presi con altre persone. E tra loro sboccia il tipico amor [...]

  • AC

    Radiquet was the literary prodigy and l'enfant terrible of the Post-WWI Parisian literary scene, who died in Dec. 1923 at the age of 20 from typhoid fever. Undoubtedly something of a genius, certainly a libertine, he was the object of a nearly cult-like adoration by Jean Cocteau, though he (Radiquet) seems to have had many heterosexual liaisons as well. This book (a novella of only rapid 127 pages) was published a year before his death, at the age of 19. It is about an adultry of a 16 year-old b [...]

  • lorinbocol

    romanzo da una notte che in alcuni passi mi ha fatto venire in mente, estremizzando, quella battuta sui film a luci rosse. che per gli uomini sono bellissime storie d'amore da cui qualcuno ha tagliato tutte le parti noiose narratore - anonimo, insicuro, volubile e quindicenne - è travolto in egual misura dalle contraddizioni della sua età e dalla passione per la diciottenne marthe, maritata e con legittimo consorte al fronte. radiguet sta così ostinatamente lontano dal romanticismo da riuscir [...]

  • Laura لاورا

    "La felicità è egoista"Non avrei certo rischiato di rimanere complessata se anche non avessi mai avuto tra le mani questo libro, ma era da almeno una decina d’anni che rincorrevo l’idea di leggerlo. Pertanto, mi sono tolta il capriccio rendendomi conto che, tutto sommato, “Il diavolo in corpo” di Raymond Radiguet non è poi quel gran romanzo peccaminoso che m’aveva fatto intendere, a questo punto ingannandomi, qualche breve trama o recensione letta in passato non ricordo neanche più [...]

  • Marco Tamborrino

    Una lezione di immoralità coi fiocchi. Perché Raymond Radiguet è morto a soli vent'anni? Ed è incredibile se si pensa che scrisse 'Il diavolo in corpo' a soli diciassette anni. Ma che libro, signori! Che stile e che genio!Prima di tutto, se mai lo leggerete, fatelo durante una giornata noiosa. Questo libro ha la capacità di capovolgere l'andamento della vostra giornata. Cosa succederebbe se nella Francia della Grande Guerra, un ragazzo di sedici anni si innamorasse di una ragazza di diciann [...]

  • Sotiris Karaiskos

    Μία τρυφερή αλλά ιδιαίτερα ρεαλιστική ιστορία παράνομου ερωτικού πάθους στη δύσκολη ηλικία της εφηβείας. Μία ιστορία που ο συγγραφέας μας τη μεταφέρει με κάθε λεπτομέρεια, εμβαθύνοντας στις σκέψεις και τα συναισθήματα, δείχνοντας μας όλη την ομορφιά του πρώτου έρωτα αλλά [...]

  • Emanuela

    Radiguet riesce a scrivere un romanzo dal contenuto più tragico di quello di Giulietta e Romeo.L'amore adolescenziale del protagonista, verso una donna di qualche anno più vecchia e sposata, mette in risalto la situazione doppiamente conflittuale del giovane: la prima determinata dalle situazioni psichiche instabili tipiche dell'età che oscillano tra il bisogno di autodeterminazione ed il difficile abbandono del gioco egoistico, la seconda causata dai sentimenti contrastanti come affetto e di [...]

  • Paul

    Very brief novel about teenage love, The protagonists are 16 (he) and 19 (she). She is married to a soldier at the front (set in WW1). Captures wonderfully the angst, passion, selfishness, obsession of teenage love. The boy is sometimes like a toddler having a tantrum and yet the subjects are much more serious. It is a looking back novel and he continues to wonder how selfish and stupid he has been and how little he understood. Yet this was written by a teenage boy. Radiguet wrote 2 novels, was [...]

  • Chim Cụt

    TIỂU TUYỆT TÁC“Nếu bạn chỉ đọc những quyển sách mà mọi người đang đọc thì bạn cũng chỉ nghĩ những gì mọi người đang nghĩ.”Mình chưa đọc Rừng Na Uy nhưng xin trộm mượn trích dẫn trên của bác tác giả. Mình không hoàn toàn tán thành câu này (vì sao thì sẽ kể lể vào một cơ duyên khác) nhưng nó chứa đựng một ý rất hợp gu đọc sách của mình: Thường né những cuốn được rất nhi [...]

  • Kaloyana

    Напълно разбирам защо Раймон Радиге е смятан за детето-чудо на френската литература. Писал е толкова мъдро на 18-19, така като хората и на 50 не могат да го докарат. Това е истинският талант.

  • Chiara Pagliochini

    Nel recensire qualcosa che è molto piaciuto, credo si possano seguire due approcci. Il primo, quello sentimentale, è ben riassunto dal contenuto di questo link:youtube/watch?v=CHJjImIl secondo, più acuto e distaccato e freddo, è quello che meglio si confà a una recensione. Se mi chiedessero cos’è Il diavolo in corpo non direi che si tratta di una storia d’amore, bensì della storia di un innamoramento, o meglio “di un apprendistato dell’amore”, quel tipo d’amore in cui non cont [...]

  • Evan

    I had seen both movie versions of this, both quite sensual, the French one from 1947 and the Italian one from the '80s. I remember there was quite a stir about the '80s one because there are explicit scenes of fellatio in it and it was one of the first "legit" Euro films to have X-rated scenes done by a "legit" actress. The 1947 film is quite remarkable for its day, a real advance in showing sex on the screen; it's also a masterpiece of the cinema, and still quite hard to see, for no good reason [...]

  • Carla

    Talvez sugestionada pelo facto de que Raymond Radiguet começou a escrever “Com o Diabo no Corpo” (1923) com a tenra idade de 16 anos, não consegui deixar de encarar a leitura do livro com alguma desconfiança, desconfiança esta que se foi acumulando à medida que avançava na leitura, até desembocar na certeza de que este é um livro escrito por um jovem maduro para a idade (porque muito bem escrito), mas ainda assim imaturo porque… só tinha 16 anos! Apesar de tudo, esta fragilidade d [...]

  • Simona Bartolotta

    "Mio padre e i miei fratelli si erano annoiati; che importava! La felicità è egoista."E' un romanzo che colpisce per la sua forza e incisività, tanto più se si pensa che fu scritto da un diciassettenne; incredibilmente dotato, è vero, ma pur sempre un diciassettenne. E' molto breve, ma non è di quei libri che si leggono tutti d'un fiato. Lo si può leggere in breve tempo, naturalmente, ma non si ha la sensazione di averlo divorato. Diciamo che lo 'mangi' a piccole porzioni, assimilando la [...]


    Originally published in 1923, "The Devil in the Flesh" (in French, "Le Diable au Corps"), is a tender and at times, heartbreaking story told by the narrator, who at 15, entered into an affair with Mme. Marthe Lacombe, a woman several years his senior he had fancied since his father had introduced him to her family several months before her marriage to her fiance, a soldier at the Front. The narrator is a rather precocious youth, who thinks himself wiser beyond his years. But as the affair procee [...]

  • Özgür Daş

    Raymond Radiguet bu kitabı yazdığında on dokuz yaşındaymış yirmi yaşında da ölmüş, kendisi yaşadığı hayatla birlikte ölümünü hissedenlerden:"Genç öleceğini bilen ve hayatı dolu dolu yaşamaya çalışan insanlar gibi acele ediyor, yanıp tutuşuyordum."(s. 109)"Kuraldışı yaşamış bir adam farkında olmasa da ölüme yaklaşırken, hayatındaki her şeyi aniden bir düzene koymaya başlar. Hayatı değişir. Evrak işlerini tamamlar. Erken yatar, erken kalkar. Kötü [...]

  • librivore

    Excellente lecture. J'ai trouvé la plume de Raymond Radiguet "savoureuse", ça nous change du style d'écriture actuel. J'ai apprécié le portrait psychologique de François, mais celui de Marthe m'a paru un peu inconsistant. J'aurais donné 5 étoiles si l'histoire n'avait pas été aussi banale et la fin aussi prévisible.

  • Eadweard

    I don't usually let characters get to me but this guy I couldn't stand him. "When the ties that bind us to someone aren’t yet strong enough, to lose sight of that person, all we need do is fail to meet them just once."----" I was drunk with desire. Marthe belonged to me, and it wasn’t me who had said it, but her. I could touch her face, kiss her eyes, her arms, dress her, damage her in whatever way I liked. In my frenzy I bit her where her skin was uncovered, so her mother would suspect her [...]

  • Lys

    La cosa più stupefacente di questo breve romanza è l'età di Radiguet quando lo scrisse.L'incisività, la freddezza e profondità analitica dello scritto, la capacità di distacco nell'immergersi nella (propria) vicenda sono veramente sorprendenti per un ragazzo ancora nel pieno dell'adolescenza.Ancor più sorprendenti in relazione all'epoca in cui è stato scritto.Eppure, eppure. Eppure se riesco a riconoscergli l'eccezionalità e a capire perché sia comunque considerato un classico della le [...]

  • Mary

    Tragic story of first love , beautifully written.Sad the author died young and one wonders what great novels would have been written!

  • Sandra

    Opera matura di un diciassettenne immaturo.Mi ha lasciato quasi stordita questo romanzo. La domanda che mi frulla per la testa di cui non mi capacito è come abbia potuto un diciassettenne scriverlo. Un banale triangolo amoroso (cui i critici hanno dato le più svariate interpretazioni psicanalitiche prendendo le mosse dalla mitologia greca) viene innalzato dalla maestria dello scrittore a uno studio, così approfondito che sembra fatto da uno scienziato al microscopio, della passione amorosa, c [...]

  • piperitapitta

    Il fuoco dentroSembra incredibile che nel cuore acerbo dell'io narrante del romanzo - "Coeur vert" fu il primo titolo dell'opera -, un ragazzo di appena sedici anni, possano trovare posto i tumulti amorosi, le passioni irrefrenabili, i turbamenti di un adulto già iniziato alle contraddizioni delle relazioni a due.Eppure, Raymond Radiguet aveva solo diciotto anni quando lo scrisse, e se non fosse per quella collocazione temporale che lo inserisce in quella terra di nessuno in mezzo alle due guer [...]

  • Laura

    C'est le récit d'une histoire d'amour entre un jeune garçon et une femme tandis que le fiancé de cette dernière se bat sur le front durant la Première Guerre mondiale. The original French text is available at La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec.

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Devil in the Flesh | by ë Raymond Radiguet Fay Weldon
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