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By Dee Henderson | Comments: ( 584 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

Scott Williams turns to God to mend the broken spirit of the beautiful yet troubled Jennifer St James, the embodiment of all his wishes, who unexpectedly captivates his heart and wins his unconditional love.

  • Title: The Marriage Wish
  • Author: Dee Henderson
  • ISBN: 9780373785193
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Dee Henderson

Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Dee Henderson is the author of 14 best selling novels, including the acclaimed O Malley series and the Uncommon Heroes series As a leader in the inspirational romantic suspense category, her books have won or been nominated for several prestigious industry awards, including the RWA s RITA Award, the Christy Award, the ECPA Gold Medallion, the Holt Medallion, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Golden Quill Dee is a lifelong resident of Illinois and is active online.

Comments The Marriage Wish

  • Jeremy Payne

    In one word, Dee Henderson’s, “The Marriage Wish” is: Touching! Dee Henderson does a superb job of connecting and drawing in her readers, because this book does not speak to the head, but the heart! Healing takes place and dreams come true as the lives of Scott Williams and Jennifer St. James intertwine. Both characters show a willingness to face the obstacles and challenges that come with bringing two hearts together, after those hearts have been broken before. This is not an easy book. N [...]

  • Denise

    This is the first Dee Henderson book I have read and ironically, it's the first book she wrote. This book gives me great hope in writing my own book one day.It's not at all what I was expecting. It's an easy read that makes you want to see the couple get together in the end but the intense healing that has to take place is deep.Final thoughts on reading itI'm thankful for healthy kids and I don't ever want to take for granted them or my husband.Also, I may need a puppy.

  • Carolyn Vandine west

    I read this many years ago. It was clean but very early writing by Dee her later books especially the O’Malley series are great. Don’t miss them

  • Edith

    God's Gift and The Marriage Wish are two of this author's earliest published books. These are Ok, but the series she's written since are much improved.

  • Helen Newton

    I really enjoyed this book. It was great to read a book where the characters' Christianity was so naturally a part of their lives and just flowed through the book. It was difficult to read in places and there was a heartbreaking theme but I thought it was handled very well. Patience was shown, care and understanding given following a difficult few years for one of the characters but the message that God can restore life came through. The first Dee Henderson book I have read. I will look out for [...]

  • Marie-Antoinette

    Dit is eerlikwaar 'n baie mooi boek en ek het dit so geniet om te lees. Ek kon die boek nie neersit nie. Drome, wense en ideale is iets wat elkeen koester! Om hulle waar te maak, vra egter geduld, vertroue en deursettingsvermoë. 'n Droom van 'n vrou is geskryf vir elke leser om te deel in die hartseer van 'n vrou wat die smart van haar man en kind wat sy aan die dood afgestaan het, moet verwerk.

  • Yolanda

    3.5 simply because this is her very first book and she truly improves as she continues to write. I love all of her books, but this was a tad to simple. Also, she needed a better editor as there were lots of mistakes with the characters, so for me that was a tad frustrating.

  • Jane Jantzen

    Nice read.Romantic . Theme: overcoming fear in relationships. Strong characters.I would have liked more story about the couple during the Marriage years. Book ended to soon.

  • Saralyn


  • Kindra Ropp Nitschke

    Great readI really enjoyed this book. It was real. Though at times I felt Jennifer's fears were over dramatic I can see why it would pull in the female audience.

  • Dani

    I loved this book! It made me feel along side the characters! I cried and laughed the entire time!

  • Michelle

    I admit to reading the reviews before reading the book, just to get a feeling at what other's were saying, so I read this after people complained that this was the author's first book and did a poor job Sorry, I don't agree on the poor job part. Her writing style was very simple, and a bit puzzling at times, but it was so necessary because it fit Jennifer so well!!! I LOVED how this book was written! I LOVED the story line! I LOVED Scott, and must say that he is definitely too good to EVER be tr [...]

  • Bev Walkling

    This novel was apparently Henderson's first published effort and is quite good with that understanding though it does not match up to some of her more recent books.Scott William's makes a wish at his 38th birthday to meet his future wife. He is a man of strong Christian faith and his wish is expressed as a prayer. Shortly after he meets Jennifer St. James and it isn't long before his interest is sparked. Sadly, she is dealing with an overwhelming grief after the sudden loss of her husband three [...]

  • Englandjennifer

    Pathetic. Just not my kind of book I suppose.

  • Diana Barrick

    READS Library loan for Kindle. This book definitely had a predictable story line. The characters were terribly perfect, rich, beautiful, talented, and most of all so morally excellent. The hero of the story, Scott, is a saint. The story of the heroine, Jennifer, reads like an example of "why bad things happen to good people" and thus was the main plot of the book. This was an easy book to read with a lot of dialogue. Except for Jennifer's sad past, I kept waiting for the punchline, which didn't [...]

  • Piepie

    I had never read Dee Henderson's earliest work before, just her suspense/thriller/action stuff. This first book of hers was refreshing, adorable, and romantic. Scott seemed to be a blueprint for all the other male main characters Henderson would create later, in other books. Jennifer was a well-thought-out character, an author, like a couple of other women in other books. I noticed also that Henderson recycled some of these names into other books: Ann, Rachel, Blackie, Jennifer. My favorite part [...]

  • Pauline

    I don't normally read a lot of the "Love Inspired" books, but I saw this listed on Paperback Swap and wanted to read it simply because it was Dee Henderson's first book. The dialogue was a bit stilted, she used the characters names way, way too much in dialogue and the story was predictable. What I liked about it was that it shows how far Ms Henderson has developed in her writing. I do not have the same critiques for any of her O'Malley series or newer books. I could see the "Dee Henderson I kno [...]

  • Ruth

    This was truely a good book that I read it in 1 day! Well, I had an unexpected day of no kids around that helped on that also!I have read many of Dee Hendersons' books a long time ago but this one was really different. It describes the pain and fear that one of the main charactors has experienced and that kept her from being able to move forward in life. A very loving and compassionate man helped her through it in a very amazing way. One can be very mad and angry with God about circumstances in [...]

  • Megan

    Fairly predictable, this book is nonetheless an enjoyable, light read. It's sweet and romantic, with a satisfying resolution. The main flaws I noticed are that the characters (especially the supporting characters) lack depth. Even Scott Williams, the main male character, seems too perfect on many occasions. I would have appreciated it if Dee Henderson took more time to flush out her characters and really explore their character flaws.I would suggest this book as light fluff for a beach trip or p [...]

  • joyce lynn

    if you're paying attention, you'll realize that i finished God's Gift, by this same author, PLUS, read this whole book of her's, all in the same day. as i said, she writes books that are VERY difficult to put down! and, i'd already read this book once before!! still, there were some details that came at me new, both because i'd missed a few the first time around, and, because i'm in a different place myself during this reading than the last one. again, if you like a little romance, but all of it [...]

  • Dianne Sidebottom

    A box of tissues required. Jennifer n Scott's story is written like her other material. Older people who want family or have been hit by circumstances/experiences that take a long time to recover from. Both families have strong support members. Our God experience taking knocks n being unsure if they/we can recover. (I just feel I missed out or missed the ideal of love from a man who wants to love) what to read next? I wasn't sure about the dialogue Jen was having with her memory of Jerry n Colle [...]

  • Debbie Grimmer

    I found Dee Henderson because her books were on a bookmark I got at the library. I absolutly LOVED the O'Malley series. This book, however, I didn't even get past page 50 before I returned it to the library. I think it was one of her first books and it did not grab me a bit. Blah and mundane and predictable. In my opinion, not worth my time. I have Her book The Witness on hold at the library for me today!

  • Alison

    Definitely not my favorite Dee Henderson, but it was all right. It's always interesting to read a talented author's early work and see how they've changed with time.Jennifer was the only character who felt fully developed, I'm afraid, and it read more like a story about grief and healing than a romance. There just wasn't much chemistry between Jennifer and Scott.

  • Christine

    Enjoyed the storyline and all the characters. I love how an author isn't afraid to add God and faith to their writings.The only downside for me, was the flow, as you were in one scene then immediately in another without a lot of breaks between paragraphs, I felt myself going back to read the previous sentence, to make sure I hadn't missed something.

  • Rose

    I expected the romance, but Henderson wove the right amount of mystery and questions in the story that kept me turning the pages. I was trying to figure out Jennifer's story right along with Scott. And the fast rate of the relationship seemed fitting to the situation. And of course the book had a satisfying ending. I would definitely read other love inspired romances by Dee Henderson.

  • Joan Arning

    Successful businessman, Scott, realizes he doesn't want to spend his life alone and makes a birthday wish for a woman of his dreams. Jennifer is mourning her husband and infant child. The two meet on the beach and Scott is immediately drawn to her. Scott has to overcome Jennifer's fears of loving again and help her turn back to the deep faith she once had.

  • Rebekah Tooley

    I have no words. This book was absolutely AMAZING!!! I usually am a bit wary of romance novels but I am so glad I read this one! This is the type of book that you will go back to read time and time again.

  • Susan

    I did not realize at first, that this was Dee's first book until I read some of the book reviews on . Although the story line was great, and the characters 19 were well defined I felt the book dragged on.

  • Lynette Miller

    On Scott's 38th birthday he decides he is lonely and needs a wife. He meets a widow named Jennifer who is a famous author. She struggles to overcome her grief and Scott tries to develop a relationship with her.

  • Jeanie

    Intriguing plot line but way-y-y-y too repetitive. Listen up: if you didn't understand the issues at hand the first time you read about them, not to worry there will be a dozen more opportunities to get it.

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  • Best Download [Dee Henderson] ↠ The Marriage Wish || [Travel Book] PDF ☆
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