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By Olivia Gates | Comments: ( 589 ) | Date: ( May 27, 2020 )

He was as tall and dark as the devild was her family s hated adversary But that didn t stop Selene Louvardis from wanting Aris Sarantos with her every breath Or grabbing her one chance for a forbidden night with him.He was never supposed to learn she d borne his child But when Aris stormed back into Selene s life and discovered the truth, nothing would stop the rutHe was as tall and dark as the devild was her family s hated adversary But that didn t stop Selene Louvardis from wanting Aris Sarantos with her every breath Or grabbing her one chance for a forbidden night with him.He was never supposed to learn she d borne his child But when Aris stormed back into Selene s life and discovered the truth, nothing would stop the ruthless billionaire from claiming his own Not her family, not the billion dollar contract at stake and certainly not something as inconvenient as love.

  • Title: The Sarantos Secret Baby
  • Author: Olivia Gates
  • ISBN: 9780373730933
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

About Author:

Olivia Gates

Olivia Gates Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Sarantos Secret Baby book, this is one of the most wanted Olivia Gates author readers around the world.

Comments The Sarantos Secret Baby

  • Morganofthesea

    This has to be the very best 'secret baby' book I've ever read. Two powerful, passionate characters butting head and reaching out to each other and bonding over their baby while all the time falling fathoms deep in love. Perfect pacing and development of story and characters makes this a keeper and a frequent re-read! Highly recommended!

  • Lucky

    5 stars is not enough! This is the best secret baby story I've ever read and I've read dozens. Aris is an incredible alpha irresistible, complex, dark yet so sympathetic. Selene is his perfect foil. And their passion is way off the charts from the first chapter. Baby Alex feels so real, and his developing relationship with Aris is one of, if not *the* best relationships between father and a baby son I've read in a romance. Outstanding story and writing! A triple re-read so far and on my keeper s [...]

  • Amelia

    Emotional situations are described right from the start of the book, and any choices made could have lifetime consequences. Olivia Gates knows how to tell a story which portrays the deepest inner feelings of her main characters, and each set of circumstances does this superbly in THE SARANTOS SECRET BABY. What a fabulous addition to the Billionaires and Babies series in the Harlequin Desire line. Although Selene Louvardis once had a crush on Aristedes Sarantos, she knew the successful Greek busi [...]

  • jo_t

    Parenthood and passion between rivals.Aris Sarantos's toughest business rival is a man Aris secretly admires and by who, he wishes to be recognized. Sadly, the man dies without acknowledging Aris at all. Worse, somehow Aris feels affected by his unexpected departure, specially after being the last person who argued with him. Aris attends his funeral in spite of being unwelcome. He has to be there, he needs the closure too. What he finds is a way to channel his unexpected sorrow with the daughter [...]

  • Kathy Jund

    Olivia Gates delivers another high-powered emotionally charged and wonderfully sensuous tale in The Sarantos Secret Baby. Billionaire, Greek Shipping Magnate, Aristedes Sarantos could teach the devil a lesson with his out of this world good looks and the icy stare and heart to match. At ten years his junior, attorney Selene Louvardis knows this first hand, as she has held a place for him in her heart since she was fifteen. How can she explain to her heart that loving Aristedes is the ultimate be [...]

  • Lorna Rennicks

    What do I think?. wow, wow, wow. I have to say that it is a long time since I enjoyed a romance book so much. Should you wish to buy it, be prepared for not being able to put it down until the very last page. The emotional roller coaster journey between the main characters Serena Louvardis and Aris Sarantos is absolutely thrilling. What you have here is a strong, sexy, passionate alpha male(be still my beating heart) and a beautiful, successful equally sexy lady and of course their adorable baby [...]

  • Jennifer Mcpherson

    my very first read of a Olivia Gates book and this is one of the best written book.You are a fabulous story tellerI love your creativity,style and humour.I am now your number one FAN l books have to be a Olivia Gates first

  • Maria Lina

    Olivia Gates proves in this book that she can write Greek tycoons as alpha, smoldering, and romantic as she writes her sheikhs. The father/baby bond is such a fabulous bonus, you won't want to put it down.

  • Shanique

    one of the greatest story ever told love your books

  • Caridad

    This book opens with a bang that left me gasping. I didn't expect that hot, hot, hot love scene in the very first chapter. But as I sat tingling with the power of it, I felt apprehensive that the steam had all gone out of the book and that it would be downhill from the on. Boy, was I wrong. Olivia Gates keeps cranking up the pressure and the emotion and the sexual tension up to the very end. And that's only between the hero and heroine, Aristedes Sarantos and Selene Louvardis. But the other elem [...]

  • Ladyacct

    Great book about a lost soul finding love.

  • Elizabeth

    Aristedes Sarantos is the ultimate alpha hero. Hard and powerful and inaccessible and tormented, and then in the hands of the woman and the baby he loves, he's playdough! :-D I loved, loved, loved this book from the first explosive chapter till the last one where Selene's brothers gang up on Aris, the one thing that can bring them together being defending their sister. And though this was a one-off book, not part of a series, it would be a crime if we don't get the stories of those three Louvard [...]

  • Jenn

    WOW!! What an intense read. The last couple of chapters in particular had my heart beating so fast I had to calm myself down! Here's the deal- a strong, successful, sexy, pure alpha Greek tycoon who understands women and absolutely ADORES the heroine. And, a strong, successful, sexy heroine whose feminine strength matches his masculine strength and they compliment each other in the most fabulous ways !!!That's what we're dealing with here. Add a gorgeous baby and 3 over-protective Greek brothers [...]

  • Geraldine Jefferson

    Fantastic book about how Aristedes Sarantos and Selene Louvardis turn from rivals to lovers, to parents. The best book I've read where a flawed and ruthless alpha hero develops into the best lover and father. Really amazing and believable transformation. Wonderful writing, emotional and descriptive. A very powerful book with great characters, and thrilling groundwork for more books for the very intriguing secondary characters of Selene's brothers.

  • Mariah

    The Sarantos Secret Baby is explosively passionate from the first page to the last. Aristedes "Aris" Sarantos is Selene Louvardis's family nemesis, but she wants him with every breath. After her father dies and he shockingly attends his funeral, messing up her convictions and bringing down her defenses. They spend a night out of time, consoling then losing themselves in each others' arms. But When he leaves without contacting her again, she considers he wants it to end there. But it doesn't end [...]

  • Tara

    I thought Olivia Gates wrote only series so I was wondering if I'll like a stand alone book from her as much, and boy, did I! Aris and Selene were fantastic toghether. She's so strong and no nonesense and wouldn't let him barge into her and her baby's life and dictate orders but work very very hard for them to let him in. The best secret baby story I've read and Aris is to die for.

  • Fanniny Moreno Zavaleta

    I don't like when heroines keep a baby from their fathers. Not unless they have a VERY good reason for doing that.

  • Fiona Marsden

    Who doesn't love an alpha hero brought to his knees by his love for a good woman. Aris is a classic hero, having fought his way up from poverty in Crete to be a multi-billionaire shipping magnate. He had a large family to support because his dad abandoned him but he is cold and distant even to them.Selene is a company lawyer and the daughter of Hektor Louvardis. His company fits out ships built by Aris but they have a difficult relationship. When he dies, Selene gets an opportunity to spend time [...]

  • Joy

    The Sarantos Secret Baby kept me engrossed from the first page to the last. I love enemies turned to lovers themes AND secret baby stories, and this had one of the best examples of both ever. I loved how Selene was strong and a match for Aris, the unstoppable alpha male, and how she and their son, turned this isolated man into a man who loves with all of him. Their journey was so touching AND passionate, I recommend it to anyone who will listen. :-)

  • Sruthi

    Why do heroines apply reverse-psychology when they dunno basics about it anyway? She wants him but she won't tell him so , when he proposes she rejects him. When she thinks he is not putting efforts to woo her she goes self-pitying. Some heroines are mess.

  • Theresa

    I adored everything about this book. How Aris and Selene came together, how they came back to each other, how they learned to become lovers and parents. Aris is an incredible alpha hero and Selene was made to fit him. Fantastic writing as usual by Olivia Gates.

  • Jenny

    OMG! Such an amazing love story. Could not put the book down. It sucked you in and it was written beautifully. The chemistry the heroes shared was so intense and their love so pure, and refreshing. Romantic, sexy and features the most adorable baby you'll read. I cherished every minute of it

  • Lena Kyrollos

    I was used to reading trilogies from Olivia Gates, so wondered how she'd handle this standalone book! And I found out how. Magnificently! Then I discovered she'd written many stand alones and went back and devoured all of them. Aristedes and Selene's story is not to be missed!!

  • Nina

    Amazing passionate scenes and a to-die-for dark and damaged hero who's healed at the hands of his match and the tot that brings them together in this perfectly plotted and paced story. Now I can't wait for the Louvardis brothers stories (the heroine's brothers)!!!!

  • Laila

    From the first explosively emotional and erotic chapter in this passion packed story, I was riveted to every word, and drooling right with Selene over Aris. Wow! I never liked Greek heroes, but this one is now near the top of my best heroes ever. Such a dark, tortured and irresistible alpha male. He's hard, he's seductive and when he melts he does it all the way and then some. The addition of a baby in the story adds such an awww factor, yet doesn't take a bit away from its passionate erotic nat [...]

  • Nas Dean

    THE SARANTOS SECRET BABY by author Olivia Gates is a Harlequin Desire release for April 2011.Selene Louvardis had a teenage crush on her family's sworn adversary, Aris Sarantos. When Aris arrived at her dad's funeral, she believed that Aris would miss the battle with her dad. She had hidden her crush from everyone but when he showed kindness, she went with him.Going together just for a bite to eat, they end up in bed for the entire weekend. The chemistry was scorching hot between them.Aris thoug [...]

  • Nahal

    A perfect book to read. Olivia has an amazing talent to write books. This book is sooo wonderful tht its one of my favorites. I cant stop reading it. I suggest everyone to buy this book as i promise u wont regret it.

  • Ker

    Lovely! ¡Hermoso! Amé a Aris ¡Que hombre para más romántico! Y Alex es una cosita preciosa. Quiero un hijo como él OkNo xD

  • Gracy Ursulino

    The book tells the story of the unexpected and passionate relationship between Selene and Aris. It has all the basic flavor of our Harlequin novels, but with Olivia we always have more. The word that defines Olivia's heroes is INTENSE. They're not afraid to feel, to surrender. They live the passion completely on edge. In some moments I was breathless, sighing like a fool with things that Aris said to Selene. Oww this Selene is a lucky woman! He is completely in love with her and to their little [...]

  • Chitra *CJ*

    "The Sarantos Secret Baby" is the story of Selene and Aris.Basically Selene Louvardis and Aris Sarantos are business rivals, who during a tragedy give into their attraction and have a one night stand that leaves her pregnant!When 1.5 years later they cross paths, Aris discovers Selene had his baby and the two decide to embark on a journey of self discovery and commitment.I love Gates' writing, and this was no exception. Well written, multidimensional characters, amazingly descriptive and scorchi [...]

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