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By Rebecca Pawel | Comments: ( 946 ) | Date: ( Jan 20, 2020 )

Absolutely riveting Rebecca Pawel s first act of surprising courage is to make her main character not one of the romantic Republicans of folk song and Hemingway story but an officer of their much hated enemy, the dreaded Guardia Civil Chicago Tribune Rebecca Pawel s expansive knowledge of the city and the era brings alive its grim streets and harsh martial law Absolutely riveting Rebecca Pawel s first act of surprising courage is to make her main character not one of the romantic Republicans of folk song and Hemingway story but an officer of their much hated enemy, the dreaded Guardia Civil Chicago Tribune Rebecca Pawel s expansive knowledge of the city and the era brings alive its grim streets and harsh martial law This is a fascinating tale from a promising young writer I m already looking forward to her next book Rocky Mountain News The immediate aftermath of the Spanish Civil War provides the bleak setting for Pawel s stirring first novel Unsparing in her depiction of the casual brutalities spawned by war, but also offers evidence of the power of little civilities and kindnesses in a novel that easily transcends the formulaic crime story Publishers Weekly starred Pawel anchors a tense and exciting story with a terrific and complex plot Detroit Free Press Spain, 1940 A mountain village is Carlos Tejada s first independent command But he soon discovers that this promotion is a mixed blessing There is no one to meet the train when he and his wife arrive, the officers of the small Guardia Civil post are far from welcoming Is it just that they are suspicious of an officer with a Republican sympathizer for a wife Tejada discovers that the officer he is replacing was shot to death and that the village is a center of smuggling and guerrilla activity And then worse befalls a new outbreak of the Civil War, financed from abroad, may be about to take place with his post as its epicenter Tejada must ultimately find a way to reconcile his duty with his love for his wife.From the Hardcover edition.

  • Title: The Watcher in the Pine
  • Author: Rebecca Pawel
  • ISBN: 9781569477823
  • Page: 303
  • Format: ebook

About Author:

Rebecca Pawel

Rebecca Pawel was born in 1977 and was raised in New York City She spent a summer studying in Madrid in 1994 and fell in love with Spain She also majored in Spanish language and literature at Columbia University.Death of a Nationalist was nominiated for Best first Novel for both the 2004 Anthony and 2004 Macavity, and won the 2004 Edgar Best First Novel It was also a finalist for the LA Times Best Mystery.She is currently a teacher at the High School for Enterpirse, Business and Technology in New York City.

Comments The Watcher in the Pine

  • Olgalijo

    As a Spaniard living in far away Alaska I took "The Watcher in the Pine" with a little bit of incredulity. I couldn't picture somebody from a different culture being able to portrait accurately the day to day life of a small town in the Picos de Europa. Moreover the time period is one of political unrest and strong division in the country. Also, I lived for a number of years in Oviedo, the capital of one of the provinces divided by the Picos de Europa. So it was a pleasant surprise when I starte [...]

  • Susan

    When Carlos Tejada, a lieutenant in the Guardia of Franco’s Spain married Elena, whose sympathies were on the other side of the civil war, he knew life was going to get difficult. However, when he is posted with a very pregnant Elena to a ruined village in the mountains in the middle of winter, things could not get much worse. It becomes clear that there is still a strong Republican sentiment in the village because, as explained by one of the inhabitants, they gave books to the schools. A litt [...]

  • Dianne

    See my review of Summer Snow

  • Matt H.

    In book 1, I despised Tejada for what he did early in the story. In book 2, the focus seemed more on Elena, and I managed through that one. Here in book 3, I loathe Tejada. I do not think he is a redeemable character. He does not grow or learn in any significant way. He does not love his wife, Elena; in fact, I am pretty sure he does not even like her. He admits page after page that he does not understand her. This lack of understanding occurs at a fundamental human level. Their worldviews (poli [...]

  • LJ

    WATCHER IN THE PINE (Pol.Proc-Spain-1940) – VGPawel, Rebecca – 3rd in seriesSoho, 2005- UK Hardcover- ISBN: 156947379X*** The Civil War is over and Lieutenant Carlos Tejada has received his first independent command so he, and his very pregnant bride, Elena Fernandez, move to the small mountain village of Potes. It quickly becomes clear this was not the idyllic posting they’d hoped. Arriving in a snowstorm, there is no one to meet them. There are no quarters suitable for a couple so they r [...]

  • Kristine Brancolini

    Watcher in the Pine is my favorite book so far in the Tejada series. I enjoyed the other two, but this one demonstrates additional complexity in both plot and character. I actually guessed part of the truth about the situation, but Pawel skillfully revealed the novel's intricate relationships.I really love the time and place of this novel: 1940 in Northern Spain. Lieutenant Carlos Tejada and his wife Elena have moved to the town of Potes, where the lieutenant assumes his first command. It's a bl [...]

  • rinabeana

    Tejada and Elena's relationship is much more developed in this book. It's a classic case of not living happily ever after. They both knew going into their marriage that they'd have differences of opinion, and it may be a challenge to overcome them. Though some spats were inevitable, I thought that they both made some mistakes in how they dealt with each other. I was not enamored of the prisoner that Elena befriended, or the fact that she wasn't upfront with Tejada about her visits, no matter how [...]

  • Kirsty Darbyshire

    Unexpectedly delightful! I now wish I'd started at the beginning of the series, but sometimes when I do that I wish I'd just tried a book from somewhere in the middle. Can't win really.I had to look up the background to this book, set in the aftermath of the Spanish civil war, as I was entirely hazy on the whole concept. I was surprised to find the main character, Tejada, on Franco's side (sort of). But it becomes clearer as the book goes on that there is more to it than that. I'm guessing that [...]

  • Tim

    Having skipped the second book in the series, things have changed mightly for Lt. Tejada, as he moves with his pregnant wife to a rural posting in 1940 Spain. Elena, his wife, is a major and welcome character in the book, humanizing the Nationalist guardia even more with her Republican sympathies and allowing a deeper connection to the new place. The rural setting moves slower than the city, but the war's violence has touched here as well. The characters are well drawn and the mysteries and the [...]

  • Jonathan

    So I think Pawel finally stumbled a bit with this one, but I still enjoyed reading it. It seemed as though the whole who done it aspect of the story was a little forced.I didn't mind the slow pace of the writing, I rather enjoyed getting to know these characters a bit more fully. That said, I I still wanted a little more 'action' as it were with the Maquis and the Guardia. I continue to appreciate how Pawel has yet to back away from having Tejada do some rotten things as a guardi, I like the hon [...]

  • Nikki

    Lt. Carlos Tejada of Franco's Guardia Civil and his bride, Elena Fernandez, from a completely different background, travel to the mountain village of Potes as the war in Europe heats up and Loyalist guerrillas are still fighting in the mountains. Although Carlos' and Elena's politics are different, they share a basic integrity that allows them to be together. This episode in their story was more interesting for the characters than for the plot, but still very much worth reading.

  • Jane

    I read this for book group. What I liked was the sense of time and place. Northern Spain, post civil war. The protagonist is a policia, his wife, a liberal. Their relationship was very interesting; the mystery, less so. The book I read just before, City of Thieves was far more beautifully written.

  • Charles Kerns

    A city-dwelling, communist sympathizer marries fascist Civil Guard officer at end of the Spanish Civil War (before WW2) and has a hard time finding happiness until she has a baby and gets kidnapped. A perfect anti-fem book with spunky gal getting spelunked. Found as a last minute airplane read. Tries to detail some north Spain history (gets one star for trying, another because I am a nice guy).

  • Ann Tonks

    Because the premise of the relationship between Red and Gardia is clear, this book isn't as exciting as the first in the series but still a fascinating picture of Spain at the end of the Civil Wa in the form of a murder mystery.

  • Tuck

    a not bad mystery/fiction from viewpoint of a guardia civil in a little picos de europa village (read hillbilly country) who is a thinking man so this cop has to try and hold back the natural redneckedness of the town and fight the "terrorists" too

  • Jemera Rone

    Another in the series by Rebecca Pawel, who does a good job with the exotic setting of a remote village in the recently war-ravaged Spain of the 1940s and the improbable husband (Falangist) and wife (Republican/Communist) pair.

  • Gypsy Lady

    Aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.

  • Dana Woodaman

    Another compelling read

  • Ruth

    This should actually get 3.5 stars -- it's better than your average decently-written book, but not quite as good as Rebecca Pawel's debut novel.

  • Tim

    Reviewed for PW

  • Jeanne

    It was one of those books that are page turners, but good for plot not the writing. Beach book.

  • Leo

    More of a 3.5, but a fine book. I started with book 3 because that was the only one at the bookstore. It is well written, good characters, semi mysterious plot. The mood and setting are the real stars. Not that I'm an expert in Spanish Civil War, but Pawel is able to give the sense of place and time that few books are able to do successfully. Looking forward to more books in the series.

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Download ↠ The Watcher in the Pine : by Rebecca Pawel Í
    303 Rebecca Pawel
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