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By Walter Farley | Comments: ( 126 ) | Date: ( May 26, 2020 )

Auf einer Schiffsreise von Indien nach New York sieht der junge Amerikaner Alec, wie in einem arabischen Hafen ein bildsch ner Rapphengst an Bord gebracht wird Zwischen dem Jungen und dem ungez hmten Pferd entsteht eine tiefe Zuneigung.Nach einem Schiffbruch in schwerem Sturm wird Alec von dem Hengst gerettet und auf eine Insel gebracht Doch dies ist erst der Beginn dramAuf einer Schiffsreise von Indien nach New York sieht der junge Amerikaner Alec, wie in einem arabischen Hafen ein bildsch ner Rapphengst an Bord gebracht wird Zwischen dem Jungen und dem ungez hmten Pferd entsteht eine tiefe Zuneigung.Nach einem Schiffbruch in schwerem Sturm wird Alec von dem Hengst gerettet und auf eine Insel gebracht Doch dies ist erst der Beginn dramatischer Ereignisse

  • Title: Blitz, der schwarze Hengst
  • Author: Walter Farley
  • ISBN: 9783505046636
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover

About Author:

Walter Farley

Walter Farley s love for horses began when he was a small boy living in Syracuse, New York, and continued as he grew up in New York City, where his family moved Young Walter never owned a horse But unlike most city children, he had little trouble gaining firsthand experience with horses his uncle was a professional horseman, and Walter spent much of his time at the stables with him He wasn t the most successful trainer of race horses, Mr Farley recalled, and in a way I profited by it He switched from runners to jumpers to show horses to trotters and pacers, then back to runners again Consequently, I received a good background in different kinds of horse training and the people associated with each Walter Farley began to write his first book, THE BLACK STALLION, while he was a student at Brooklyn s Erasmus Hall High School and Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, and finished it while he was an undergraduate at Columbia University It was published by Random House when he was 26 He used his first advance to go traveling and after that hardly stopped longer than it took him to write another book He traveled and lived in Mexico, Hawaii, the South Seas, most of the South American countries, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe.The appearance of THE BLACK STALLION in 1941 was hailed by enthusiastic boys and girls all over the country An avalanche of mail urged Mr Farley to write about Alec Ramsey and the Black But World War II intervened Mr Farley went into the US Army, where he spent the next five years Most of the time he was assigned to Yank, the army weekly magazine, and he was also trained in the Fourth Ard Division.After the war Walter Farley resumed the adventures of Alec and the Black with THE BLACK STALLION RETURNS This was followed by SON OF THE BLACK STALLION Then Mr Farley tried his hand at a story about a new boy, Steve Duncan, and a new horse, Flame, in THE ISLAND STALLION Mr Farley s readers were just as delighted with this book as his others.Mr Farley went on to write many stories about the two stallions, and about other horses as well Children of all ages have found Farley titles to enjoy, since many of the later stories were written for Mr Farley s own children when they were too young to read his Stallion novels And older readers and adults have been gripped by his fictionalized biography of America s greatest Thoroughbred, Man O War Walter Farley s titles reached a grand total of 34 The 21 Black Stallion and Island Stallion stories are still in print and selling steadily His readers respond with passion, writing him thousands of letters and emails every year In May 1949, the first Black Stallion Club was founded, in Kentucky Mr Farley designed a membership button for it the button was in constant demand among his readers for years The Black Stallion books were so popular in the late 1940s and 50s that they York Times annual list of best selling children s books Three nationwide Black Stallion contests were held Walter Farley s books have been published abroad in than 20 countries, including Austria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, Israel, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaya, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and Switzerland, as well as in the United States and Canada.All his life Walter Farley remained a keen spectator of the racing scene, and he enjoyed nothing than hobnobbing with horse trainers and other professional horsemen It is thanks to these people that his books are so full of authentic details of raising and training horses When not busy working or traveling, Mr Farley liked to ride dressage and high school Lippizaner horses He also sailed and sometimes raced his 35 foot auxiliary sloop Circe Mr Farley and his wife Rosemary, had four children Pam, Alice, Steve, and Tim, whom they raised on a farm in Pennsylvania and in a beach house in Florida In addit

Comments Blitz, der schwarze Hengst

  • Manybooks

    Although I enjoyed Walter Farley's Classic when I read the novel as a teenager, I never liked it quite as much as Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague series (and other horse series that were part of my childhood). And I never did warm up to any of the sequels. Part of the reason The Black Stallion has always been a bit of a miss for me is the fact that some of the scenarios described just sound a bit too good to be true, a bit too convenient and at times, almost unbelievable (and I really d [...]

  • Trish

    No idea when I first read this but I was very young. This is the German edition and I always loved the covers (just looked into the English ones and am not convinced so I probably won't re-buy them). I was never the girly type of girl that was into horses, but the fierceness of the Black Stallion, the majestic way it was portrayed in the movie (as well as the Arabian kept in the stables where I had my lessons), and the adventures sucked me in. With the generous backing of my grandfather (who lik [...]

  • Tiffany Reisz

    Pretty adorable. Basically a romance novel except the alpha-hero is a horse, an actual horse.

  • Candace

    Alex Ramsey first meets the black stallion when they're both booked on a ship called the Drake. When the ship is destroyed during a storm, the Black stallion and Alex are the only survivors. They wash up on a deserted island. Alex knows if it wasn't for the Black he won't have survived the shipwreck. When Alex is rescued from the island, he insist on the Black being saved too. Soon they are on a voyage to New York in America. What fate awaits for a boy and a wild black stallion?I can remember re [...]

  • Jim

    I know I read this as a kid & yet I couldn't remember a thing about it which is odd, although I hadn't remembered Misty of Chincoteague very well, either. Too many years, I guess. Anyway, I'm really happy that I had a chance to reread this as an audio book narrated by Frank Muller who did an excellent job.This is definitely a kids book, perfect for young teens & down. It's full of adventure & yet Alec never forgot to do his homework plus his parents were completely clueless while bei [...]

  • Grace Matlyn Buckner

    I don't like horses, or horse books, but I really enjoyed this one.

  • Tara Lynn

    I've been an avid horse fanatic since before I can remember. Unfortunately, when you're a kid growing up in the city, there's nothing a horse fanatic can do about it until they grow up and can afford (or work for) lessons of their own. When I was a teenager, my parents movied to Long Island, and I finally had the opportunity to work summers at a barn in exhange for riding lessons. Today I teach riding to little kids, and spend as much time in a barn as a can. In those years before my horse crazy [...]

  • Wanda

    ***Wanda’s Summer Carnival of Children’s Literature***Wow, talk about fantasy! And yet this is the book which ignited my passion for reading. Totally unrealistic and it was totally captivating to an 11 year old, horse-crazy girl. This is the book which started my life-long habit of identifying with male characters, because I wanted to be Alec Ramsey. I am also truly lucky to have had an indulgent father who purchased my first pony, Nippy, at an auction sale for $50. (We left home with a truc [...]

  • Ruth

    This book is clearly a product of its time, and not just because of the corny slang. The second page awkwardly gives us a dose of muscular Christianity ideology: "Never again would he think of a missionary's work as sissy work. No, sir, you had to be big and strong" The two female characters are completely boring. The Irish- and Italian-American characters are completely stereotyped. Egyptians are referred to as "natives" or as "the dark-skinned man"--I deduce that this person merited descriptio [...]

  • Chris

    It's no surprise that this book has stood the test of time, no surprise at all. Even without the movie and its beautiful images of horse and boy on the desert island, this book stands out in ways that other teen mets horse books don't. The possible exception to this My Friend Flicka (Black Beauty is about a horse, not a boy and his horse). Perhaps this is because both books have the horse be a horse. In other words, the Black Stallion is always a stallion. He doesn't get magically gelded and the [...]

  • Amanda NEVER MANDY

    I didn’t remember this book as being a race horse story. My memory of it was a child bonding with an animal. It’s funny how the mind can omit the things from memory that we don’t like or aren’t interested in. I remember the island part and the neighbor with a stable but everything else is gone. I guess it really wouldn’t have been that interesting of a story if it was just those parts as written without the exciting conclusion. Although if they would have made Alec and the Black’s ti [...]

  • Jessica

    The Black Stallion begins with a boy traveling home from India. He visited his uncle for two months during his summer vacations. When he boards the ship to take him to England a terrifying and wild horse is brought on deck. The men whip this animal and trick it to get on the boat. However, this ship is not equipped to carry animals so they have to make a makeshift stall. The boy, whose name is Alec, gradually befriends this wild stallion. The ship is wrecked during a terrible storm and Alec ties [...]

  • Kellyn Roth

    I read this when I was about ten on a horse-book spree. :P

  • Nancy

    It's an okay book, three stars by itself. Four stars, possibly five, if I were to let my undying love of the 1979 movie (starring Kelly Reno) influence my opinion. It's hard not to. I feel a general nostalgia for all the books I read in my horse-crazy childhood, and I desperately wanted a Black of my very own! It's interesting to note that Alec never experiences any issues with authority figures. The two boat captains, the two reporters, the policeman, his father - they're all kind, patient and [...]

  • Callie

    You know, no words can really express how much I absolutely adored this book. The beginning made me laugh until mine eyes watered, the ending made me cry until no more tears would come. This book really is iconic and glorious. It was almost like that black stallion who was written about on each page was galloping about my presence, neighing and whinnying until the cows came home. This horse became my best friend, even more so than any person I have ever known. As I read, I could see his black co [...]

  • Craig

    My paternal grandmother gifted this to me over thirty years ago and I, shamefacedly, never read it. "A horse book? This is for girls," I remember thinking, still so carefully trying to puff up my masculinity, lest anyone find out I was gay. clearly horse books are not just for girls. My grandmother was a very perceptive, prescient lady, so, as an adult, I find myself wondering: what's here that she thought I needed all those years ago? I aim to find out.Resiliencelf-reliancee wild exterior does [...]

  • N.T. Embe

    How do you ever talk through a review about a book you love? This was my first time re-reading this book since the first time I came upon the book series some ten years ago. I was overwhelmed with sentiment just seeing its title in the library, and it was the first book I picked out of a pile of seventeen I eventually brought home that day, but I held it close to my chest and cradled it--because just holding it felt like I was holding one of my dreams in my arms again.I always grew up dreaming a [...]

  • John The Rabbit

    As most everyone knows, The Black Stallion is a story about a singular bond between a boy and a wild horse who is almost an embodiment of nature's primal forces.This is the second time I've read it and I enjoyed both times, but this last reading (now that I am an adult) left me longing for something a bit more realistic and deep. It focuses almost exclusively on the boy's (Alec) immediate thoughts and never really fleshes out the world's scenery around Alec beyond the minimum necessities of the [...]

  • English315/educ510

    Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young. Just don't let it happen. Sometimes it's hard to prevent when others tell you that you can't do something. Especially if the people telling you this are older or in a position of authority. They might tell you that you are too small. They might tell you that you are not old enough. They might even tell you that you don't have the talent it takes to accomplish what you are trying to do.That is exactly what everyone told Alec Ramsey in The [...]

  • Carrie

    This is a great read aloud to kids book. Because it's a good story, and also because it's easy to skim ahead over some of the descriptive paragraphs and get to the good stuff. I actually teared up a little reading the final race scene to Lucy. She couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Alec and his stallion are two characters I loved when I was a little kid; their adventures were vividly written and never got old no matter how many times I re-read them. This is an excellent classic and definitely a great book for all ages.

  • Wendy

    This whole book is made up of two basic things--super-cool horse, and a boy and his horse. In fact, this book probably either invented them or codified them. It's very much wish-fulfillment, and in this caseat's not bad. Particularly since the book is aimed at children.The Black Stallion kicked off a twenty-book series, which also included a sub-series about another super-cool horse, The Island Stallion. While I wouldn't say the original stands head-and-shoulders above the rest, it was the first [...]

  • C

    Childhood Classic Something about "survival" seems to really appeal to young adults I had books all over that centered on characters who went out into the wilderness and survived off the land. I'm not sure quite what was so appealing about it, but those books landed in the "classics" section of my childhood library: Jim Kjelgaard books, My Side of the Mountain, the Black Stallion, Julie of the Wolves see a theme here? Even The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler is a "survival" book of [...]

  • Sheree

    The Black Stallion was one of my favourite childhood reads. I first read it a horse-loving 8 year old, re-read it until my copy became dog-eared and visited with The Black & Alec again as a 40 something child at heart. I believe this is the premise that makes The Black Stallion a classic, a book remembered fondly from childhood days, pieces of the story remaining with you over the years, then upon re-visiting as an adult, the wonder of this fantastic tale comes flooding back. The story begi [...]

  • Angela

    This is a book I think I would have liked the most out of all the horse books I've read. Alec Ramsay, our leading main character who falls in a deep love for this horse. The horse saves his life from a storm and he and his horse are stuck on this island. After being rescued, Alec strives to help this horse being a great racer, having him going against the two fastest horses, Sun raider and Cyclone. As the race begins, anger begins in the heart of Sun Raider the horse of a man named Mr. Volence. [...]

  • Kalen

    The Black Stallion is a good horse book but I wouldn't call it a great horse book. Like many horse books (and the black stallion wasn't the first, National Velvet was published before) a child, in this case Alec, acquires an amazing horse by equally amazing circumstances. And like many other horse stories, goes on to prove that this horse is the best. I think I would have enjoyed this book more had I read it when I was younger because the story moves on at a quick pace with mini climaxes and int [...]

  • Robin

    I most definitely give this book 5 stars!And I most definitely give the '79 movie made from this book 5 negative stars.Do not even bother watching the movie: it doesn't follow the plot; it doesn't have a horse who looks like the Black; the Alec character is gooby; Alec's father isn't even in the movie; the setting was changed for no good reason I can tell; and the ending (at the race) is asinine!Which is a horrible thing to happen to a book, especially this one, because this story is really, rea [...]

  • Kelly

    I was a horse nut as a child. I'm not sure that that phase has ever really gone away, but anyway. The Black Stallion was one of my favorite horse incarnations. I devoured every book in this series over and over again. I loved the headiness of it, the feel of the wind around my face just opening the book. Its searingly memorable all this years later, and I haven't opened a page of it in a decade. Perhaps this is where my love affair with the misunderstood Saetan character in literature began. Oh [...]

  • Kate Dee

    Oh the happy days! I practically devoured all his books about the Black Stallion and also those about the Red Stallion. I think those were the first books I read on my own and they made for a life of addiction to the written word. A must read for every kid that wants adventure - not just crazy little girls. :)

  • Jennifer Becton

    From this book, I learned to love horses, and it truly influenced the rest of my life. Even as an adult, I dreamed of riding the Black bareback across the beach, and as a result, I ended up buying my own black stallion--well, a mare. But she is black and of partial Arabian origin. This book will always be one of my favorites.

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  • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ☆ Blitz, der schwarze Hengst - by Walter Farley ↠
    313 Walter Farley
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