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By Paul Heyne David L. Prychitko Peter J. Boettke | Comments: ( 404 ) | Date: ( Jul 05, 2020 )

Meant for a one semester survey course in general economics, this book develops the basic principles of micro and macroeconomic analysis, and employs them as tools rather than ends It introduces a method of reasoning to think like an economist through example and application It presents the errors in much popular reasoning about economic events.

  • Title: The Economic Way of Thinking
  • Author: Paul Heyne David L. Prychitko Peter J. Boettke
  • ISBN: 9780131543690
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Paul Heyne David L. Prychitko Peter J. Boettke

Paul T Heyne was a professor in economics at the University of Washington, Seattle, United States.

Comments The Economic Way of Thinking

  • Angela

    Can't believe I'm giving five stars to a textbook! But then again, I can't remember ever actually reading a textbook through, start to finish. This book really was amazingly well written, insightful, and informative. n.b: it is written to a freshman-in-college level audience, but that mostly shows up in some of the examples used. I think I would have read it even if I hadn't had to!

  • Marek Svoboda

    The best textbook of ANYTHING I ever read - in other words, not only valuable in content but the very best in methodology and approach. Stimulates thinking about economy and in general.

  • Tornike Bratchuli

    5 ვარსკვლავი არ ეყოფა ამას :(((

  • Fiddlinmike

    This is an economics textbook that actually teaches something useful. There are some charts and graphs, but the main focus is to develop a thought process, not to present vocabulary and formulas to memorize. The first half of the book focuses on basic human interactions that define "economics" using simple examples. Armed with that understanding, the reader moves to the second half to understand more "macro" issues that will be familiar to anyone who pays attention to national news. The concepts [...]

  • Paul Bard

    "The Economic Way of Thinking" is THE best piece of economic writing. In five pages Heyne gives a WHOLE SEMESTER of knowledge. The language is transparent like no other economist's has ever been.Theologian and economist Paul Heyne selects five concepts as doorways into economics: economizing actions, marginal decisions, opportunity costs, interactions between economizers, and markets and prices.The essay and other words by the author are available at the Online Library of Liberty: ollbertyfund/c [...]

  • John

    I always used to want to write my ideal economics textbook. Then I read this book and realised that Heyne, Boettke, and Prychitko had already written it. Clear enough in its exposition to be accessible to the general reader whose interest in economics might have been piqued by something like Freakonomics, and heterogeneous enough in its outlook to interest and challenge a well read but orthodox economist, this is one of the best books on the subject I've ever read.

  • Eugene Griaznov

    Эта книга познакомила меня с экономикой, как с наукой о процессах, происходящих в обществе. Она убедительно рассказывает о том, что само собой сложившиеся вещи складываются по определённым законам. А осознание этих законов позволяют предсказывать будущее. Давно прочитал [...]

  • Lisa

    This book opened my eyes and changed my life for the better. Once you understand basic economic concepts, it is much easier to discern which politicians are telling you the hard truth about your economy, and which ones are saying what people want to hear in order to get themselves elected. Every voter who wants to be informed should understand economics (the basics, because it is a big complicated field of study) and this is a great book to start with.

  • Yilin Wong

    Just read the review and realized that this is a textbook =_=||But it's very interesting book to read even just for recreational purposes. Although I'll highly recommend to take some notes while reading.

  • Trent Rock

    This a pretty good book for a general overview of economicsThe author has a witty style and uses great real life examples.If you read it cover to cover I think you should have a pretty good grasp of the dismal science

  • David R

    This was literally the worst textbook, let alone micro economics textbook I have ever used.

  • Tina

    ტვინის ჭმა :v

  • Tista Kundu

    Yet to read this book

  • Zachary Holter

    Good for learning basic Economics

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Download ↠ The Economic Way of Thinking : by Paul Heyne David L. Prychitko Peter J. Boettke ↠
    155 Paul Heyne David L. Prychitko Peter J. Boettke
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