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By JeffreyAnderson MichaelWallace | Comments: ( 810 ) | Date: ( Jan 24, 2020 )

Neurosurgeon Julia Nolan places cortical implants into the brains of field operatives to record data from their auditory and visual cortices One of her subjects, an operative named Ian Westhelle, suffers a psychotic break and kills his handler before he can be recovered.Julia tracks Ian to an asylum where the CIA warehouses insane former soldiers, scientists, and others wNeurosurgeon Julia Nolan places cortical implants into the brains of field operatives to record data from their auditory and visual cortices One of her subjects, an operative named Ian Westhelle, suffers a psychotic break and kills his handler before he can be recovered.Julia tracks Ian to an asylum where the CIA warehouses insane former soldiers, scientists, and others with security risks too great for conventional psychiatric wards Agents from the national intelligence directorate discover her snooping and target her for elimination.A collaboration between international bestselling authors Michael Wallace and Jeffrey Anderson, Implant is a heart pounding thriller that will keep readers guessing until the final, chilling conclusion.

  • Title: Implant
  • Author: JeffreyAnderson MichaelWallace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

JeffreyAnderson MichaelWallace

Jeffrey Anderson, MD PhD studied abstract mathematics and neuroscience at Northwestern University before completing residency and fellowship in neuroradiology at the University of Utah Dr Anderson is Director of Functional Imaging at the University of Utah, and runs the Brain Network Laboratory He is author of 2 national bestselling science thrillers, and has unsuccessfully tried for years to explain to his four children why he doesn t do something cool like crew for the Jonas Brothers.

Comments Implant

  • Pat aka Tygyr

    This was part of a bundle called - 7 Deadly Thrills. I have greatly enjoyed each and every one.In this book Julia Nolan is a neurosurgeon doing breaking edge research on implants of tiny microprocessors into the brains of volunteer soldiers. Her latest 2 she feels were deployed too soon. She hadn't really completed her analyses, and what is up with the computer geek who keeps hanging out in her lab. He claims he is trying new protocols on the animals she has experimented on, uploading newer soft [...]

  • Marianne Søiland

    Jeg har nettopp ferdiglest Sci-Fi eboka "Implant" av den for meg totalt ukjente forfatteren Michael Wallace. Interessant hva man tilfeldigvis kommer over, må jeg virkelig si! Jeg tror jammen jeg må føye boka inn i listen over det Bokelskerinnen kaller "Flyplass-thrillere" :-)Litt om bokaNevro-kirurgen Julia Nolan jobber for CIA og installerer databrikker i hjernen til feltoperatører for å kunne registrere data både fra det de ser og det de hører når de jobber "under cover". En av hennes [...]

  • Patricia Santamore

    A good readWas interesting. Not the greatest but definitely not the worse. I did want to finish and that is always a good sign.

  • Gerold Whittaker

    Two operatives from the CIA are fitted with cortical implants and sent on a mission to Namibia (in South West Africa). Once there however, the implants start to behave unexpectedly causing the operatives to be compromised. Soldiers in the camp are killed as is one of the operatives.In a bid to determine what went wrong with the implants, Neurosurgeon Julia Nolan tracks down and visits the surviving operative in a special government asylum and this begins a process where her own life is at risk - [...]

  • Bob

    Another good read from the Kindle Free shelf. Government scheme to implant hardware/software in the brains of agents to record what they see and hear when on clandestine missions is used by a scheming head of the National Intelligence to insert commands to agents tasked to infiltrate a Chinese compound being built in Namibia. Their job was to discover what sort of forces the Chinese had and how the hired security force was equipped. One of the agents dies and the other is captured and the neuros [...]

  • Renee

    Ian and another operative have implants placed in them by Dr. Julia, and then are sent on a mission to Namibia. Something goes wrong, and Ian ends up in secret govt. insane asylum (outside of Nephi, Utah). Julia rescues him and they are on the run. Meanwhile back in Namibia there is a coup about to happen. Julia and Ian return to Namibia, and end up in the center of everything, and back home in the US there is some stock market manipulation. A fun, fast read, lots of action, and I wish I underst [...]

  • Naomy Stewart

    This was an interesting novel. Not my typical genre but well worth the read. I was looking through all my unread books and picked this one because I wanted a change. It is a well written spy, sci-fi , Wall Street book, enough romance to make you feel good and it had some really great fight scenes. Just what I needed for the mood I was in.

  • Betsy

    I was hoping this would be a medical thriller, but it ended as what I consider more of a political thriller, in which the story line was too hard for me to follow. I wanted to hear more about the implant as the beginning of the book began with, but all the description of the combat at the end, I found tiring to read bout.

  • Kim

    Wow! At first I wasn't sure how I thought about this. It seemed to start slow, and I was close to regretting my choice to read it, but somewhere along the line it dragged me in and hooked me. Great plot line, and good character chemistry. Even though some parts were predicable, it was the good kind. Thoroughly enjoyed. Makes me want to meet a South African CIA operative.

  • AndyLangford

    This could very well be New Zealand rather than Namibia, the oil fields, the backhand government agreements, the #GCSB.It was predictable near the end, except for one event.Recommend reading this book

  • Sue

    Although this sounds like science fiction, I wouldn't be surprised if there might be experiments being done now on something like these implants. I thought this book was exciting and interesting. I'm going to look at some other books by Anderson.

  • Jeanne Mccartney

    At first I thought I would be reading a medical thriller, which I love. This was a thriller, but not as much medical as I am used to. I did get drawn into the book and needed to find out what was going to happen and the involvement of the various players.

  • Ken


  • Patty White

    A good thriller wrote about a CIA agent. This book keeps you hopping and is a hard one to put down. It is a fast pace read.

  • Cyd Taylor

    really enjoyed this book even though I normally avoid military types but it was good

  • Kiersten

    Good plot, fast moving. I couldn't put it down. It's a great medical thriller!

  • Joe Barnett

    Great techno-medical-spy thriller, lots of great on the edge of your seat scenes. Great likable characters very worthy of reading.

  • Brian

    A lot different then what I have been reading, but I enjoyed this book. Good story, kept me interested. What next now? Not sure.

  • Angel

    The action was hot, but I would have liked more of the medical stuff. Overall I think this was pretty good. Needs editing.

  • Linda Anders

    Heroine with brains, a refreshing change! Action and plot twists kept it interesting.

  • Irene

    Interesting concept.

  • Emilie Smith

    Believable in that this is something being researched in the real worldt to this extent, but very well written, gripping, and worth the read.

  • Eric Aeschliman

    This was a fun, light and easy read. I found it to be a real page turner! If you like a thriller but just need a bit of fluff to distract you, this is your book!

  • Carmel McCartin

    An unusual storyline but a truly great read!

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  • [PDF] Download ☆ Implant | by Ù JeffreyAnderson MichaelWallace
    496 JeffreyAnderson MichaelWallace
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