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By Emily Belle Freeman | Comments: ( 230 ) | Date: ( May 29, 2020 )

Describes the meaning behind seven gifts of Christmas, each tied to a figure in the Nativity and celebrated by a tradition.

  • Title: A Christ-Centered Christmas: Seven Traditions to Lead Us Closer to the Savior
  • Author: Emily Belle Freeman
  • ISBN: 9781606418390
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Emily Belle Freeman

Emily Freeman and Simon Dewey collaborated on the bestselling book The Ten Virgins For nearly 20 years, Emily has addressed groups of women as a writer, songwrite, and motivational speaker Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a strong desire to find their application in modern day life Emily and her husband, Greg, are the parents of four children and live in Lehi, Utah Simon Dewey studied at a London art college before launching his career In 1999 he entered the world of published fine art and soon became on of the bestselling artists of LDS religious works He is the artist of Beloved Savior This Is the Season, Beloved of the Year and He Lives.

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Comments A Christ-Centered Christmas: Seven Traditions to Lead Us Closer to the Savior

  • Verona

    Although this book could best be utilized by families with young children, I learned so many new insights into the Nativity and the Spirit of Christmas. I intend to pass along these traditions to my children and their families to bring the focus of Christmas back to CHRIST! It is a wonderful book full of practical, easy ideas to use with your family to have a more Christ-centered Christmas.

  • Kathy

    My husband and I had been discussing that we wanted to do something for Christmas this year to make it special. Our kids are getting a little older and only the youngest still believes in Santa Claus. We really wanted to focus less on getting and more on giving to others this year.I have heard Emily Freeman speak at Time Out for Women and think she is a wonderful speaker and author so I was excited when I received a copy of her book A Christ-Centered Christmas to review. As I started reading thi [...]

  • Alexis

    How do you start Christ-centered family traditions if you didn't grow up with very many? You need Celebrating A Christ-Centered Christmas by Emily Belle Freeman! She has 7 awesome traditions that are centered on Christ that she shares with you. Each tradition is focused on one of the members in the nativity. She shares stories, songs to sing, scriptures from the Bible to read, and activities to do with your family. I love that this book is really for family of all ages. You can adjust the activi [...]

  • Amanda

    I got this with a nativity set at Christmas. Though I'm not usually inclined to read books that start off with the assumption I need help re-centering my own life (I'm too arrogant, apparently), I actually didn't get the "holier than thou" impression from this book that those kinds of books can give off. Instead, I found a fairly simple, and yet profound guide to pondering the figures in a typical nativity set. I enjoyed the brief personal stories and the songs and scriptures the author compiled [...]

  • Mindy

    I was excited to review this book with the holiday season upon us. Even more so, to take the time to reflect on and read a lovely book centered on Christ and Christmas. I really appreciated the author's introduction and what inspired her to write this book. I loved how each chapter started with a verse of scripture, and ended with a summary of each tradition with suggestions how to incorporate it in your life. As well as a sweet paragraph describing the tradition. The author's heart-felt stories [...]

  • Kara

    My bestest friend gave us this book for Christmas last year and I finally got around to reading it. I don't know if I'm just extra weepy this year but the thoughts in this book really touched my heart and I cried through almost the whole thing, especially the section about Mary. I'm hoping to implement at least a few of the ideas this year and try to change our focus to the real reason for the season; our Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Andrea

    We are definitely doing all of this as a family for Christmas this year. If you've been searching for a simple way to make Christmas more meanigful, pick up this slim little gem.

  • Amber

    Some absolutley fabulous ideas that I am going to employ in my Christmas celebrating from here on out.

  • Shanae

    It's a book about studying one figure from the nativity a week or a month through the Christmas season and building traditions to focus on the reason for the season. It's good. You can use it as an open, read, do, lesson book.I expected to like this book more than I did. I don't know if it's because I was listening instead of reading it. I'm reading her Christ centered home one and really like it. I just felt like there weren't as many nuggets in this one. And I felt like I could take the idea a [...]

  • Natalie

    I love the sweet and simple ideas presented for adding meaning to family Christmas traditions. I shared many with my husband and hope to include some in future years. The explanation of the roles of each figure in the nativity will stay with me and help me remember their importance in the birth of our Savior.

  • Becky

    There are great ideas in this book. I wish I had a family to do the activities with.

  • Debbie

    Wonderful reminders of how Christmas should be celebrated.

  • Heidi Tucker

    A short quick read which inspired me to change my focus at Christmas. Love this!

  • Rachel

    I am excited to put into action a lot of the ideas Freeman suggested. I am grateful when people share their ideas and talents with others.

  • Jan Ostler

    Great book!

  • Meg

    I enjoyed the ideas in this book, and look forward to using them as my children grow a little older!

  • Shauna

    Emily Belle Freeman is my "go-to" when I need a book that will draw me closer to Christ.And this book does just that!I LOVE her starting story.She was in her car with her little daughter listening to Christmas songs when her little girl said:"Mom, I believe in Santa Claus and you believe in Jesus Christ."Right then Emily decided that they were going to spend the season teaching about Jesus Christ as much as they taught about Santa ClausOTHER THING I LOVE ABOUT EMILYe takes where you are at and b [...]

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)

    I knew from the first page of the introduction that this would be a book with a great message. Emily Belle Freeman relates an experience with her daughter. Her daughter said that she believed in Santa Clause, while Emily believed in Jesus.This is a small book that focuses on seven characters in the nativity. Using the New Testament books of Matthew and Luke, the figures in the nativity are described and the significance they have in the Christmas Story. You can tell that Emily Freeman has given [...]

  • Heather

    fireandicephoto/2This book came right on time for me this year. So often in the hustle and bustle to buy presents and prepare for family gatherings I feel I lose the Christmas Spirit. More important than long wish lists and Santa Claus is the true meaning behind the holiday. A Christ Centered Christmas takes each nativity piece and centers a story and activity around that figure. The chapters are small but thought provoking. Also included are recipes for yummy Holiday treats like hot cocoa and c [...]

  • Jodi

    I started this book a little too close to Christmas to be able to really do the seven different traditions. Each of them has a devotional I was planning to do with the family, but some of them also include an activity to do for a full week--like secret acts of service, watching for tender mercies for a week, etc. So I think I'll put this away for next year and make sure to start seven weeks before Christmas next time. Or you could easily skip the longer activities and just do the song and script [...]

  • Terri Ray

    I really enjoyed reading this book and sharing it with my family. I had intended on reading it with my family this Christmas, but things got so busy that we read the first bit together, and then I finally wound up summarizing the rest to share where my thoughts were going as far as Christmas presents/traditions I wanted to share this year. Next year I am hoping we can read it the whole way through as a family. I have been not enjoying some of what I felt was too much commercialism at Christmas t [...]

  • Angela

    Very quick read whose sentiment is exactly what I've been wanting. I adore nativity sets! Some of Freeman's thoughts are precisely what I've been thinking, and she turned them into an easily readable book that's translatable into concrete traditions. My VT'ers (Cheryl and Myrna thank you!!!) turned this book into a treasure chest of gifts which have been being thoroughly enjoyed by our all of our children. Each day they can't wait to have our "Treasure Box" scripture study/discussion/activity/de [...]

  • Caroline Heeb Hicks

    I've only read 20+ pages and think this book is such a great idea! It shares how to discuss Christ more during Christmas using the individual characters in the nativity as the main topic of discussion. It recommends setting aside 7 days for the 7 characters in the nativity and then following each of those characters examples and reflecting on Christ the way they did. Such a great idea! I'm totally doing this in my family next year. :)I just finished the book and the ideas really apply to an olde [...]

  • Tina Peterson

    A Christ-Centered Christmas is a welcome book designed to teach your family (mom & dad too) about what Christmas is really about. Emily Belle Freeman carefully introduces a new way to lead your family to Christ. She began this tradition with her own family by introducing a new character from her Nativity each week and then she would teach her children about the true meaning of Christmas through carefully prepared activities. You have the choice of doing the traditions in the order you prefer [...]

  • Michelle

    I should have been genetically predisposed to absolutely love this. It's a book of Christmas traditions, centering on the figures in a nativity set. Perfect for an LDS woman who is nuts about Christmas traditions and has about 40ish nativity sets on display in her house--NOW. (there will be more after Thanksgiving). And I did like the sweet book, but it just didn't go deep enough, I suppose, to have been a life-altering kind of thing. I find it puzzling that any Christian woman could be married [...]

  • Missy

    Emily shares her tradition of focusing on 7 figures in the nativity and centering an evening around each one before placing it in the nativity scene. Christmas Eve or Christmas morning is when Jesus is placed in the manger. I just love how she thought about each piece and what they might have been experiencing and feeling that special evening. She shares some ideas on how she has made her Christmases more Christ-centered and it all started when her little girl told her one day that she (Emily) b [...]

  • Cheryl-Lynn

    I was really excited about this book. While I enjoyed reading it and learning a little more- implementing it in my family with a 6 and almost 4 year old has not gone so well. It says you can do it with any age and my kids have been excited to add the new figures- but for me it's been a source of frustration. I think the questions are too advanced even when I'm trying to scale them back and make them more age appropriate. It has also allowed me to realize how much I am doing to make sure the fami [...]

  • Heidi

    I loved this book and the different insights the author shared. As you read each chapter you add a different piece to a nativity set so that the last day you add the baby Jesus. That part helped make it fun for my youngest son. It was a great way to keep me and my family focused on what matters most during the Christmas Season. We read a different chapter each day during the week leading up to Christmas. We didn't do everything exactly like the author suggested, but it gave us a good start and w [...]

  • Kenzee

    A really nice way to bring more of the true meaning of Christmas into holiday celebrating. The lessons make for great family home evenings or a Sunday afternoon activity. Some "traditions" involve making a treat, doing service, or sharing thoughts about Christ and other nativity characters. They don't take too much effort and can be easily simplified for young kids. It also includes some good stories and thoughts from apostles/prophets. I think this will be a part of our Christmas for years to c [...]

  • Deyanne

    While geared more towards a younger family, this book does have some good suggestions for creating a more Christ centered Christmas. Delving more closely into the contribution of each of the figures in traditional nativity sets (the nativity), this tradition could establish more relevancy towards family members identifying with the characters that surround baby Jesus. It would be interesting to see how this could progress and grow from year to year not only in relevancy but also in understanding [...]

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  • Best Download [Emily Belle Freeman] Ô A Christ-Centered Christmas: Seven Traditions to Lead Us Closer to the Savior || [Mystery Book] PDF ☆
    447 Emily Belle Freeman
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