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By Jeff VanVonderen | Comments: ( 407 ) | Date: ( Feb 21, 2020 )

This is a message to help you get off the works righteousness treadmill to help you discover the liberation of the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ and the rest that comes through what Christ has done on the cross.

  • Title: Tired of Trying to Measure Up
  • Author: Jeff VanVonderen
  • ISBN: 9781556610301
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Jeff VanVonderen

Jeff VanVonderen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tired of Trying to Measure Up book, this is one of the most wanted Jeff VanVonderen author readers around the world.

Comments Tired of Trying to Measure Up

  • Elizabeth Lane

    More therapy homework. Really good for people, like me, who constantly feel the need to live up to other's expectations in order to be accepted. Learning to simply love and be the person God made you is A.) the point of your existence and B.) a lot easier/less exhausting. I'll admit it is a little weird to use the self-talk method at first: "I'm lovable because God made me," "this isn't my fault," etc. but it does work whenever you feel attacked or triggered to doubt yourself.

  • Lisa Cline

    This book was required reading for a class in theology and while I have already learned some of this things he wrote about I also learned many new things as well.It really does teach you why you struggle with acting why you do and the solutions for it. I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with shame and anger.

  • Englandjennifer

    A very practical book that puts so much into perspective. Full of so much information I thought this was a stellar book for those who don't feel like they are good enough and put too much weight on what others think of them.

  • Brian

    I bought this book because the title provided me with a near perfect description of how I felt after I left Seminary.

  • Matt Hartzell

    Tired of Trying to Measure Up was an excellent read from a number of perspectives. VanVonderen expertly lays out the power that shame has in our lives, and how our sense of shame pervades our behaviors and actions. Not only does VanVonderen explain how shame arises in our lives, but also how we get out from under its destructive cycle by more fully believing and embracing the gospel. By far, the most helpful part of the book for me was VanVonderen's analysis of what shame is and how it works. Fr [...]

  • Savannah Moore

    Don't start this book if you're not ready for some deep soul-searching and psychological self-evaluation. Part 1 of the book is all about the flaws in our thinking, both psychologically and theologically. If you were to stop reading after the first half, you would leave thinking about how hopelessly messed up you are and how it's mostly your parents' fault (not to say that he does not communicate grace and healing--these are just the thoughts and feelings that often come up when evaluating one's [...]

  • Susan

    Worth readingI really liked it and will probably read it again. Or at least should. I'm also interested in reading VanVonderen's other books now. I'm not sure if it helped me feel better but it gives me something to think about. And maybe given time and another read I will get more out of it.

  • Rachel Wolverton

    This book has been life changing for many I know and is filled with great scripture based truths promoting (among other things) your innate worth in being made in the image of God, bring deeply loved by your creator, and that you are to live fully and freely in the Spirit because of Christ's act of the cross- not based in ANYTHING you can do, no matter how great. Focuses on grace vs shame based living (so important!). I'm giving it 4 stars for content and life changing material, but found myself [...]

  • Valerie

    Tired of Trying to Measure Up is written for people who live under a deeply ingrained code of expectations and rules that shame them and drain them of spiritual strength.Although this book has been written with Christians in mind, it would be helpful for anyone. If you struggle with addictions, low self-esteem, can't seem to stop doing the same things that you hate to do over and over, struggle with perfectionism, or laziness. This book could save your life and your relationships.Chock full of w [...]

  • Amanda

    This is a really good book about how shame informs our lives and how to break out of the cycle of shame. There is good practical advice in the last couple of chapters and some examples that really hit home for me. While I was reading I was thinking of which people in my life could benefit from reading this. I'm not sure who to send it to first!

  • Sunshine

    I'm going to buy this book as soon as I can. For me, it's become a Christian classic along the lines of 'Beyond Ourselves' (Marshall) and 'He Loves Me' (Jacobson). Not only does it reveal a lot of the shame-based motives in Christian circles, but outlines practical methods for clarifying a new lifestyle and thought patterns free of guilt, shame, and people-pleasing.

  • Andrea D'avignon

    Well written and helpful book for those of us who always are trying to be accepted. I highly recommend and know a few people who might benefit from reading this. I found myself agreeing a lot throughout this book and look forward to applying the techniques.

  • Shannon

    Excellent read. I am currently finishing a Theology course that required I read this book. It is a great insight into the Christian life oppressed by shame. I will likely read more of this authors books.

  • Rhonda Martin

    I would love everyone to read this book for the message it is sending. Is it most well written or engaging thing I have read? Not exactly. However, the concepts are so important and the good parts so good you can surely over-look the imperfectness, and maybe even incompleteness, of this book.

  • Tammie

    Life changing!

  • Karen

    Excellent book, particularly for those who grew up in Christian fundamentalism or struggle with legalism, guilt for not "measuring up." Very healing.

  • Julie

    I took my time reading this one. It was full of mind bending, thought provoking statements. I will definitely have to re read this one again.

  • Mark-robyn

    Speaks to an issue commonly experienced among believers.

  • Amy

    Haven't finished this book yet. Only starting Chapter 3 and I've learned So much already! It's insightful & challenging.

  • Lisa Vu

    Excellent read! This book addresses the works mentality that can enslave Christians and the true meaning of God's grace that leads us to work from The Rest and not just rest from The Work.

  • Kerry

    Jeff Van Vonderen is a very good writer and I have especially enjoyed his other books also.

  • Tamera

    Really good book. Very eye opening!

  • Jay Risner


  • KD

    Excellent book braking mindsets and moving on. Resting in who Christ is and what Christ achieved.

  • Jeremy Maddux

    Typical 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' pep talk with no respect for individual liberty as laid out by the architects of America.

  • Alex

    Perfect for an age consumed with self validation and building our resumes. The writing is simple and insightful.

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  • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ Tired of Trying to Measure Up : by Jeff VanVonderen ê
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