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Everyone knows Jack Tulle as a widower, a doting father, and an honest businessman The problem is, it s all a lie For eight years Jack has enjoyed the quiet life in the sleepy little town of Bodey, Colorado where he owns and operates the General Store He sits on the town council He dotes upon his eight year old, headstrong daughter, Abigail He is even being sized up aEveryone knows Jack Tulle as a widower, a doting father, and an honest businessman The problem is, it s all a lie For eight years Jack has enjoyed the quiet life in the sleepy little town of Bodey, Colorado where he owns and operates the General Store He sits on the town council He dotes upon his eight year old, headstrong daughter, Abigail He is even being sized up as a prospective new member of the family by the bank president But when the local saloon announces plans to host a grand prize poker tournament, Jack realizes it could spell trouble One of the many secrets he s been hiding is that he used to be a con man mainly underhanded poker, but he wasn t above the odd swindle when the situation presented itself And a contest like the one his town is planning is sure to draw some old business acquaintances fellows Jack would really rather not admit to knowing Of course there s one man in particular Jack is worried about seeing Tom Jude is the only person who knows the truth behind all his secrets Tom wasn t just Jack s partner in crime, he was also the love of his life And Tom knows things like the fact that the little girl Jack is raising, really isn t his As Jack scrambles to maintain his deceptions by lying to friends and neighbors as well as the child he has grown to love, he discovers the real truth when your world is built on A Hundred Little Lies, exposing a single one of them can bring the whole thing crashing down Charming, witty, and intensely romantic, this is an outstanding debut novel from a writer to be watched Victor J Banis, author of LOLA DANCES

  • Title: A Hundred Little Lies
  • Author: JonWilson
  • ISBN: 9780982826751
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


Growing up, Jon Wilson wanted to be a stunt man, a professional wrestler or a rodeo clown After breaking his neck in 2001, he decided writing might be safer.He was wrong.Currently living in California, he is occasionally hard at work on his next novel The first of his Declan Colette Mysteries, Cheap as Beasts, was short listed for Lambda Literary s Best Gay Mystery.Learn at jonwilsonauthor

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Comments A Hundred Little Lies

  • Lori

    3.5 - it's a great book but this fits in with how I've rated other books. Will review properly later.

  • Kassa

    A Hundred Little Lies is an absorbing historical debut. This is an author I’ll keep an eye out for what they do next. The story is an easy day in the life narrative in the first person told by Jack. His bias colors the story and as the plot progresses the reader realizes that Jack may or may not be telling the truth. He’s built his life on lies so it’s difficult to tease out the truth from those lies, even within the context of the story. Thus sometimes the story assumes the reader knows m [...]

  • Elisa Rolle

    If you expect to read you classical western romance (even with the addition of the gay element), A Hundred Little Lies will surprise you. Western romance are mostly about midday appointment under the sun, or corrupted small town where justice is not at home, or bittered men who are searching for vengeance. But that is not the case here, and even if, like in an old classic western romance, Jack Tulle has a past he would prefer to forget, and being forgotten, that is basically the only common elem [...]

  • Sally

    Words that come to mind when thinking back on this book? Charming, entertaining, delightful, and romantic. Jon has done a wonderful job with the material here, and his writing style is so clear and warm, you can’t help but settle into the story. I only intended to give the first chapter a read last night, and I found I was halfway through before my eyes challenged my brain to a duel at twenty paces . . . and won.What struck me most about the story is how beautifully the feeling of family is de [...]

  • Smith Barney

    Some promising writing.d sexy gunsmoke-era man-on-man moments. But I'm not especially fond of actively participating kids in storylines. I find them too cliche and wish we could just shove them off to boarding school or some shit

  • Erastes

    A debut novel, and a quite impressive debut too. I really liked the style of writing Wilson employs. It reminded me very much of "The Winter of our Discontent" by Steinbeck with the everyday narrative flow and observation of small-town living. We are introduced to Jack through his waking up, getting his daughter ready for school, interraction with towns people and working in his general store. We are set up to think, as do the townspople that he is indeed a pillar of the community.But of course, [...]

  • Erik Orrantia

    Spoiler WarningI enjoyed this book. I particularly liked the old town setting, and the unusual circumstances. The relationship between the father and daughter seemed quite genuine. The overall language was easy to read and the frequent use of slurs or abbreviations from the era added to it.I did have a few points with which I struggled. Namely, I felt like the author emphasized at times unimportant details which might not have added (ie. my comment about too many greetings--"hello Mrs. so-and-so [...]

  • Aussie54

    I'm so glad I recently discovered Jon Wilson's stories. I really liked "A Hundred Little Lies". I read several reviews before starting the story, so I was prepared to find an unlikeable Abigail, and a story that was somewhat confusing at times, due to the author knowing more about the life of his characters than he shared.What I found was a fairly normal little girl, albeit one with an accent that fit the story fine with me. She spent most of her time playing with children who spoke just that wa [...]

  • Jerry

    Unique historical story built on a smattering of truths and a bunch of lies. Strong love between father and daughter. Even though this is set in the old west, a few characters appear to be OK with guys being gay. So many threads of connections that it is hard to cipher them out. HFN. Would have liked an epilogue to find out a little more of how it all turns out.Erastes has written a great review, check hers out. Although I don't altogether agree with her assessment of Abigail. I think parents ha [...]

  • Lena Grey

    At some time or the other, everyone lies, from little white lies to spare someone's feelings all the way to deceitful lies. Sometimes there are no consequences. However, when your existence is filled with more lies than truth, as Jack Tulle's in 'A Hundred Little Lies' by Jon Wilson, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish one from the other. Eventually the lies will come back to haunt you. Jon Wilson did a good job of depicting life as it was in the old west without burying us in long, [...]

  • Bo

    Sweet and Unique Old West RomanceJack Tulle is a completely unique character with a totally hidden past and an openly respectful relationship with the townsfolk who like him and adore his precocious eight-year-old daughter Abigail. But how Jack got here with Abigail and how they will figure out how to keep going with their interestingly loving life together both gets thrown for a loop and also tied up neatly with a ribbon simultaneously with the arrival of one Tom Jude, who is the second most co [...]

  • Tyrannosaurus regina

    I really wanted to love this, because gay romances about single fathers are my crack. And there is a lot to like about it, the characters and the setting are vivid and you believe in the social structure. My problem was that the story didn't really come together, and ended very abruptly with a lot of threads dangling. I wanted to see how things played out and I wanted to understand what people were up to and their relationships to one another, and I never got that. There were a lot of shortcuts [...]

  • Lee

    A Hundred Little Lies has a real nice feel to it. The story unfolds in a very nonlinear way. Often a scene was played out without the reader knowing why until the last sentence. It was a bit unsettling and it took me a while to get use to it, but I did and I'm glad that I read the book. I give A Hundred Little Lies three stars.

  • Joe Heibel

    Really enjoyed this book. The characters are down to earth and relatable. My only regret was coming to the end. As in A Shiny Tin Star, Mr. Wilson leaves you wanting for more, a hallmark of a good writer.

  • Rachel

    This is just really goood, really well written. Not at all what you'd expect from reading the descriptors, it rises above and ignores genre conventions.

  • Cecil

    The book gained momentum as it went along until I was thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Bt

    I hope i win this one sounds great! i love historical fiction!

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  • Unlimited [Chick Lit Book] ☆ A Hundred Little Lies - by JonWilson ↠
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