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By Nicole Hunn | Comments: ( 325 ) | Date: ( Jul 05, 2020 )

Gluten free cooking has never been this easy or affordable Tired of spending three times as much or on gluten free prepared foods If you re ready to slash the cost of your grocery bill, you ve come to the right place In Gluten Free on a Shoestring, savvy mom Nicole Hunn shows how every gluten free family can eat well without breaking the bank Inside this compreGluten free cooking has never been this easy or affordable Tired of spending three times as much or on gluten free prepared foods If you re ready to slash the cost of your grocery bill, you ve come to the right place In Gluten Free on a Shoestring, savvy mom Nicole Hunn shows how every gluten free family can eat well without breaking the bank Inside this comprehensive cookbook, you ll find 125 delicious and inexpensive gluten free recipes for savory dinners, favorite desserts, comfort foods, and , plus Nicole s top money saving secrets Recipes include Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries Focaccia Spinach Dip Ricotta Gnocchi Chicken Pot Pie Szechuan Meatballs Tortilla Soup Baked Eggplant Parmesan Never Fail White Sandwich Bread Banana Cream Pie with Graham Cracker Crust Blueberry Muffins Cinnamon Rolls Perfect Chocolate Birthday Cake With advice on the best values and where to find them, meal planning strategies, and pantry stocking tips, Gluten Free on a Shoestring is your essential guide Never fall victim to the overpriced, pre packaged gluten free aisle again Roll on by happier, healthier, and wealthier.

  • Title: Gluten-Free on a Shoestring: 125 Easy Recipes for Eating Well on the Cheap
  • Author: Nicole Hunn
  • ISBN: 9780738214238
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Nicole Hunn

I write a gluten free recipe food blog, Gluten Free on a Shoestring, and gluten free cookbooks Gluten free food can be very expensive, but it shouldn t be I help you make it enjoyable and affordable.

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  • else fine

    I just now pulled a crusty, flavorful, tender loaf of gluten free bread out of my oven. I could have cried. And it's thanks to this book here.I've previously bitched about gluten free cookbooks that were either a) gross or b) weirdly complicated. Most cookbooks I've seen have either been written by nutritionists (boring, complicated, strange reliance on powdered gelatin) or require a professional kitchen to pull off. Here is - finally - a useful, simple gluten free cookbook. No weird admixtures [...]

  • Samantha

    So far I have made pumpkin-carrot muffins and pumpkin granola cookies (which are actually from the author's blog this past week, but whatev) and also the apple crisp. All of them tasted great, but what really got me was the sandwich bread. My husband made it for me last night (cuz along with an aversion to cutting veggies, I also hate making bread). It is phenomenal. I used Better Batter, which is what the author uses and I've found I pretty much like everything using this flour. Maybe because i [...]

  • Jaime (Twisting the Lens)

    I am not a person who chooses to eat gluten-free, or has to eat gluten-free. I do, however, watch my carbohydrates and stick to a fairly regimented diet for health and fitness purposes. As anyone who is forced to stick to a diet that is gluten-free knows: it can be tedious, time-consuming, and pretty expensive. This book solves all those issues. The author cuts through all the extras associated with baking and cooking within the parameters of the gluten-free world by noting that it is alright no [...]

  • Cassidy

    I always enjoy reading cookbooks. Never mind that I don't like to cook, somehow, by the time I get to the end, I'm always convinced that I'd be great at it. Then I get home, and it's late, and that microwave dinner doesn't sound that bad after all. Sadly though, I have to give up gluten and all of its glorious deliciousness. That means that soon, very soon, I'm going to have to learn how to really cook. Blech.I thought I'd go all Paleo at first, but then I realized I needed food I might actually [...]

  • Michelle

    I have been gluten free for almost two years now. And until I ran across this it was ridiculously expensive, I have celiac disease, gluten allergy and an allergy to most crops (wheat, oat etc that can contain smut mold). In addition, my husband is allergic to all tree nuts, peanuts, oats, cherry. And the list goes on. So between the two of us eating is tough. While this book did not fit all out combined needs it only needed minor adjustments to fit our lifestyle and our wallets. It helped us rea [...]

  • Christine

    I love the Sweet and Sour chicken recipe! yummy! lots to be tried and revisited

  • Alicia Bayer

    My husband got me this cookbook as a present since I've been wanting it for a while. There seem to be a lot of basic, easy recipes for tasty foods but I have a few major problems with it.1. Every recipe calls for Better Batter flour or an all purpose GF flour mix. There are no recipes at all for making your own basic GF flour mix. If you truly want to make GF foods "on a shoestring," you cannot get any more frugal than mastering a few basic mixes for breads and general cooking. If you look at th [...]

  • Punk

    Nicole Hunn starts off this cookbook by giving nine tips for how to save money while on a gluten-free diet, but weirdly, not buying commercial gluten-free flour mixes ($$$) isn't one of them, and in fact most of the recipes in this book call for "all-purpose gluten-free flour," though I can't see a place where Hunn recommends a brand, which is always very fishy. The recipes with flour also call for xanthan gum, which means whatever mix you use shouldn't already have gums in it.Still, if it had m [...]

  • Joyce L. Amato

    Lots of great recipesI like the variety of recipes on this book. I was looking for mainly some traditional desert and comfort foods. I wish there were pictures in the digital version.

  • Kelly

    I enjoy her recipes, but the book doesn't retain your attention very well. It is good for a quick glance.

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)

    When my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was lost. What would we eat? What could we eat? I spent tons of money at the stores on food that was not as good as the gluten filled versions. I found this blog and quickly bought the cookbook. I made the decision that if I could not buy good tasting gluten free fooden I would have to make it myself. I jumped right in and ordered a 25 pound bag of Better Batter and went to work. Nicole does use a gluten free flour blend and recommends Better [...]

  • StevieRaine

    Gluten free for five years now and this is the best gluten free cookbook I have found! Not only are the recipes incredibly frugal they taste better than any others I have tried at any expense and they taste far far better than anything store bought at a tiny fraction of the cost. The texture is amazing. The directions are easy to follow and don't require obscure ingredients. There simply isn't a bad recipe in the book. This book was a turning point from making a diet change to becoming one with [...]

  • Amber

    My one gripe: lacking photos for every recipe. I'm someone who likes a visual guide. The breadmaking in particular would benefit from a step-by-step series of photos. I understand this ups publishing costs, but even a gallery on the official site would be great. I'd also appreciate maybe some tips for someone who doesn't tolerate corn well or more recipes without it (kind of like the adaptations mentioned for dairy-free diets).That said, the recipes taste great and the opening section's lists an [...]

  • Beth

    I found this cookbook to be accessible in terms of ingredients, skill-level and general tastiness. It was the first gluten-free resource (online/blog/cookbook) that I felt truly recognized how expensive specialty cooking can be and advised ways around it. Also, the author provides lots of suggestions for adapting recipes to be low-dairy or dairy free, and I greatly appreciated that as many recipes I've found that are adapted to be GF go heavy on the cheese content. So this was an added bonus.

  • April Emery

    This is one of few cookbooks that is not filled with fancy and elaborate recipes, but ones that you will actually use! Each recipe has a cost comparisson of what it would cost in the store versus the cost of making it from scratch at home. This is one of my favorite cookbooksick here to buy on

  • CM

    I really enjoyed this book. She put the gluten-free cookies on the table where we can all reach them! If I could, I'd love to cook EVERYTHING in this cookbook, well, maybe 100 of the 125 recipes!! There is something for everyone here who has to eat gluten-free!!! I'm sure I will be trying lots of these recipes! My only critique: MORE PICTURES NEEDED!

  • Heather

    I feel like I have found this missing link: something I could afford + some recipes to fill in the gaps (tortillas anyone).My only "bummer" is that the recipes rely on you purchasing "gluten free flour". I would have a recipe to make the flour myself as the GF four is very expensive. But most people will actually like that she does it this way.

  • Sheila

    I read this all the way through, then went back and marked the recipes I want to try first.I'm new to wheat-free/gluten-free eating, and my cooking skills are not what they should be, but this is the first set of recipes I've seen that don't make me feel overwhelmed about the process.More pictures would be nice, though.I will report back after I've tried things!

  • Alyssa

    I will admit, I didn't read this book cover to cover. However, I did read the beginning tips and skimmed through the recipes. I made two recipes (the Banana-Blueberry Muffins and the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares), and they turned out really well! The instructions were easy to follow, and the tips in the beginning of the book on where to find cheaper GF food were really helpful.

  • Nichole

    Every recipe looks absolutely amazing! (Even the meat-based ones! (I'm a vegetarian.)) In the whole book there's only one recipe I'm not interested in making. (I don't like beets.) And there're only a couple recipes that are labor intensive–and even then those recipes aren't all that labor intensive. I can't wait to eat as many of these as possible!

  • Nikki

    Some awesome recipes, and some good recipes. Lots of good tips and tricks for keeping costs of GF cooking down. Her bread recipes weren't my favorite, and my son refuses to eat her dinner rolls, even thought I thought they were pretty good. I don't know if I should try the GFOAS specific bread cookbook or not. The blog the author keeps up is pretty awesome.

  • Candy

    Very helpful in identifying a gluten free flour that I can order and try for making pie crust. My daughter has gone gluten free and has not had a migraine in 7 months, so I want to be sure we can make a pie for Thanksgiving that she can eat. I ordered from Better Batter and have a recipe, so here goes!

  • Sherry

    A very good cook book for those who are wondering about "Gluten-Free" and has went into sticker shock at the prices of gluten-free foods. A common sense and thrift minded approach to this usually pricey eating style.

  • Valerie

    Simply stated: THIS is the BEST Gluten free book out there. She also runs an extremely helpful blog and has a second cookbook being released! ABSOLUTELY the most common sense, easy cookbook I've read. VERY helpful beginner tips too!

  • Jen

    I love this book. I have recently become gluten-free and it is all about educating myself. I have taken the book out of the library about 3 times now. IT is great when you are on a tight budget because gluten-free living can be costly.

  • John Gentry

    look if you're gluten free then this is a decent cookbook to have. I would definitely call shoestring stretch though. also be ready for a lack of photos, so that if thats what you look for in cookbooks you might as well avoid this one.

  • AnnMarie

    I love this book. My daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and this book is a world of resource for us with tons of a recipes and information on cooking gluten free. I highly recommend this book for both those new to celiac and those that have been dealing with it for a while.

  • ReadingWench

    A friend recommended this book to me. I avoid cookbooks with no pictures at all costs. However, I am glad she told me I must get this. I will be buying this book.Quick, easy and simple recipes. Awesome.

  • Jennifer

    Good, solid recipes, but sadly only a couple of photos.

  • Iroquois

    blah! this cookbook only had like 3 pictures so returned to the library. I need visual aids.

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