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By Julia Kavan | Comments: ( 360 ) | Date: ( Feb 29, 2020 )

Short story 2,500 wordsSome nightmares are too good to resist.A woman is tempted away from the safety of her husband s arms by a skillful nighttime visitor But they both find nothing is what it seems

  • Title: Dreaming, Not Sleeping
  • Author: Julia Kavan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition

About Author:

Julia Kavan

Julia has spent most of her life living in Cambridgeshire, England atmospheric and the perfect inspiration for ghost stories She devoured horror stories as a teenager, including James Herbert and Stephen King in her list of favourite authors, moving on to Clive Barker and Peter Straub As a child she would watch anything that even vaguely looked as if it may be scary so perhaps it is only natural that this is the area her writing tends to wander into even if she don t always intend it to She has taught creative writing classes for the last ten years, whilst writing screenplays, tackling a novel and experimenting with short stories A true Scorpio, her tastes definitely err towards the dark side her favourite painting is Salvator Rosa s L Umana Fragilita and her music collection includes Holst, Orff, 30 Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park She has just acquired her first tattoo a bleeding Capricorn symbol and is about to give in to the temptation to get another Dreaming, Not Sleeping is her first short story to be epublished ,and she is busy working on mo

Comments Dreaming, Not Sleeping

  • Emma Shortt

    This is a beautifully written short story. I was very impressed with the writing talent of Julia Kavan, and thoroughly enjoyed this offering. I've four starred it only becuase I would have liked to see this worked into a novella, rather than a short. It had so much potential throbbing within it and it's a shame that Julia didn't expand on it. Still, this is Julia's story and if she felt this was the write length for what she wanted to convey then so be it. The premise was intriguing and I found [...]

  • Gary Bonn

    Wonderful!What a clever idea - and written with such intensity. I must keep a look out for more by this author. Mind you, I will also read this again.

  • Yvonne (Fiction Books)

    "Sometimes our nightmares are too good to resist."Best to be warned that this is a very short story, only some 12 pages long, a mere 2,500 words.The book also contains references to some mild eroticism.I haven't read a short story for many years and I really don't know why. For an author a short story must be as, if not more, difficult to write than a full length novel. Being able to construct a mini plot, with a structured sequence of events, must need some intense planning and thought.Not a pr [...]

  • Sheri White

    In "Dreaming, Not Sleeping," a woman is tortured by a man in her dreams who beckons to her to find him. She impatiently waits for night so she can dream of him, find him. She barely tolerates her husband, so anxious is she to find the man of her dreams.Her husband is aware of a presence in his wife's life, but doesn't know what to do to to keep it from possessing her in her sleep, except to hold her as tightly as he can. But that's not enough."Dreaming, Not Sleeping" is a well-written short stor [...]

  • Geoff North

    I loved this story. Julia is a wonderful writer. And when I use words like loved and wonderful, I mean she was able to get under my skin and give me the chills. Not sure what I'll dream tonight, but this creepy tale will definitely be with me as I drift off

  • Michelle

    (Originally published at Red Adept Reviews.)Overall: 3 starsPlot/Storyline: 3 starsThe story description above is pretty much the story. Very simple. Dreaming, Not Sleeping was about a woman who cannot wait to go to bed because of a night visitor. A demon? An incubus? While the story deals with sexual longing, I think it's also the story about losing someone you love and being powerless to stop it, as well as falling out of love with one person and in love or lust with someone, er, something els [...]

  • Lisa Hollar

    Dreamin, Not Sleeping is a slow ride into terror as you experience a woman's seduction into a dream world and the arms of a lover who isn't what he seems. Deceived by her dream lover, she finds herself unable to escape, while her husband watches in horror as his wife slips away.I was pulled into this story from the beginning. The end left me stunned snd longing for more. A great read.

  • Heather Faville

    Review coming tomorrow

  • Susan Roebuck

    I read this book in bed and scared the living daylights out of myself. Lovers of horror will delight in this short read and shiver as their deepest fears are realized. Definitely recommend it.

  • Steve Emmett

    Kavan is a brillian writer of suspense. This short story is chilling. I look forward to a longer work soon.

  • Renzo

    Short enough to read while waiting for the train, this is nevertheless a masterpiece of creepiness. It made me shiver and is worth ever penny.

  • I. Verse

    Seductive and creepy. Read late at night and then sleep with the light on.

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  • ò Dreaming, Not Sleeping || ó PDF Download by ✓ Julia Kavan
    109 Julia Kavan
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