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Welcome to The Teahouse, where a motley bunch are ready to serve in and out of the bed Enter Sir Rhys, a regular client who has turned The Teahouse upside down with his blunt put downs and skilled moves Will he choose shy virgin Rory, or the ladies favorite Axis Axis is hoping he won t have to service Sir Rhys again, but he can t get him out of his head What will happWelcome to The Teahouse, where a motley bunch are ready to serve in and out of the bed Enter Sir Rhys, a regular client who has turned The Teahouse upside down with his blunt put downs and skilled moves Will he choose shy virgin Rory, or the ladies favorite Axis Axis is hoping he won t have to service Sir Rhys again, but he can t get him out of his head What will happen when these two opposites meet again in the bedroom Must be 18 years or older to order The Teahouse Chapter One book is 48 pages of full color and 18 only in content It includes the following Chapter One, 24 pages Linneus and Atros backstory, 4 pages Axis x Rhys backstory sex backstory, not online , 7 pages Axis and Claret backstory not online , 3 pages character bios character pin up gallery

  • Title: Teahouse, Chapter 1
  • Author: Emirain
  • ISBN: 9781450740104
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:


Emirain is the combination of Emi Artist and Rain Writer of the Teahouse series.

Comments Teahouse, Chapter 1

  • Lena♥Ribka

    3,8 starsThough I'm not a regular comic fan, I have to admit that I enjoyed it a lot. I am looking forward to see/read/know more of the characters. It is even worse than potato chips. Once you start you're not able to put it down. Very entertaining and enjoyable!

  • Rach

    Loved it so much I started it and am on to chapter 4 already as cannot quit reading.It does take some getting use to reading in comic style but once you are into the flow its brilliant :)The only downside for me is having to read to from my laptop :( which can be annoying! But still worth it :)

  • Serith

    [Note: This review is focusing on the series (currently incomplete) and not the first chapter alone.]I want to like Teahouse way more than I do. It has such a lovely setting, intriguing concept, and detailed character design to go along with it… but there is a serious lack of romance that frustrates me the longer it goes along. There is plenty of angst between the couples but shows none of the bonding to make me care about the outcome. Or the smut. It would not be so bad if it wasn’t the foc [...]

  • DaisyGirl

    3.0 StarsThis was my first manga-yaoi read. The artwork is impressive but I'm not sold on the storyline and some of the characters, especially Axis. I'm unsure about Sir Rhys; the jury is still out there too. Despite initial misgivings, however, I'm moving on to Chapter 2.

  • Jeanne

    If you love the Teahouse webcomic this is a must-have. Not only do you get to hold the breath-taking art in you hands to get an extra (NC-17) sex scene, not available on the website. $10 was so reasonable for something I will treasure for years to come.

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    I loved this. The art was amazing. And oh the drama. Look forward to reading the rest.

  • Mary

    1st read: 2/4/11Reread: 7/16/11, 6/17/12Xanthe Atros (aka The Owner) as well as the manager of Teahouse-a brothel he inherited from his father. Within it's walls a colorful and assorted cast of characters make a living as courtesans. There's Linneus (aka The Doormat); he is the longest running courtesan of the group. He is quiet, reserved, and with a delicate sort of beauty and grace that doesn't manage to hide the indefinable emotions and tension between him and Atros.Lilith (aka The Bitch) is [...]

  • Hester

    So I just heard about this the other day and read every single thing in one sitting. It's one of the best comics I've even seen in style, characterisation and content. Honestly, it blows my mind that it's free. There is so much detail on every page and a lot of reading between the lines with the character development. Also, it's probably one of the hottest things I've ever read. Axis. Oh my sweet lord, Axis. Some of the pages I just like having up so I can keep glancing at themThey put up one ne [...]

  • Ingela

    See link: Teahouse teahousecomic/comic/ar

  • Sarah Hayes

    A perfect mixture of humor, drama, and sex came be found within the opening chapter of ongoing boys' love webcomic Teahouse. If you love yaoi and wish there were American-made comics that can stack up to the Japanese equivalent, look no further. This book is work every single penny and then some - and will certainly make you want more.Look out for my full review of this book at my anime/manga blog: nagareboshi-reviews/

  • Suze

    I first came across The Teahouse online, probably through a discussion. It was lovely to get these books and nice to be able to read the chapter in one go rather than waiting for each weekly installment.I love the art and this chapter sets the background of The Teahouse and introduces the characters. For a short read you do get a feel for snarky Axis, lovesick Linneus, nervous Rory, sadistic Rhys and the mysterious Reed makes a late appearance. And Mercutio spent his time cleaning dildo's! The [...]

  • Blak Rayne

    My synopsis: Teahouse is a whorehouse, run by Xanthe Atros. Supposedly, in the past, Xanthe’s father owned Teahouse, and Xanthe possibly grew up there? Whether his father built the place with the idea in mind to make it a whorehouse, I couldn't tell you. Actually, beyond that, I can't tell you much about this story. Other than Xanthe is a central character out of a cast of fifteen. He runs the show. And while his prostitutes make him money, there are several love interests, that I assume are t [...]

  • J'aime

    Akadot has jumped into the publishing end with two new OEL yaoi novels, and I ordered them mostly out of curiosity. All the OEL I have read before were lacking compared to the quality of Japanese yaoi. However, this has a lot of potential. The Teahouse is a brothel, with several main characters, which lends itself to a series with alternating stories. What was surprising is that there are also two female characters. I liked that because they can be catalysts for stories, and also provide a diffe [...]

  • LectoraEstherica

    Mil millones de estrellas le daría yo a este webcómic.Lo puedes leer de forma gratuita en su página web, las ediciones impresas son para los que quieren MÁS de estos personajes. Las páginas extras merecen de verdad la pena si eres un fan: éstas forman unas versiones explícitas y extendidas de los encuentros sexuales entre los protagonistas. Además de otras imágenes inéditas más artísticas.

  • Lelyana

    A friend of mine told me to checked this one, and I'm hooked!The story was really good, the twist and turn damn! Stirred my hart.I think I have a little crush on Rhys just like Axis :)And Rory was just that cuteOMG! I want to kiss him!

  • Peche Esse

    Beautiful webcomic, interesting storylines, ended too soon but the authors put together the story arcs for the characters - well done! I looked at some other similar sites to compare, as I'm just getting into this area. That research made me realize that this was REALLY well done.

  • Rebecca

    If you're wondering, "Why should I pay for something I can get online free?" All I can say are the books are worth it. Firstly, to support the artists, and second, because the books are uncensored and include bonuses (including extended sex scenes) not found online. I can't wait for ch 5.

  • dumbells

    Rushed at the end, the images definitely added a kind of subtle deeper connection to the characters, but guess I'm grateful I got an ending for a work that had to be cut short. So Thanks for the effort. :)

  • Chele

    A refreshing take on brothel life, with lush, sexy characters and beautiful illustrations. Though the online version is brilliant, and keeps me refreshing to get the next updated page, there's nothing quite like holding this in my hands.

  • Ann Roberts

    This is one of my first web comic, especially depicting erotic scenes. The story is good and the art is completely amazing. I was riveted by the attention to detail and the many perspectives used! I'm definitely going to finish the series!

  • Sheziss

    My review of the whole Teahouse series

  • Tutu

    Oh my god, the talent these ladies have, it’s unbelievable. I can look and look and look at one page and still be overwhelmed with the details.Simply amazing !

  • Tara


  • Saura Underscore

    It's a brilliantly done comic, in which you can find anything that your heart might desire.

  • Rhonda

    My first adult manga - lol. Pretty graphic.

  • Dragana


  • Calatasde

    I'm in love AXİS!!! He's so arrogant!!! I love it!!!

  • Firfir

    A very fun and playful comic, following a handful of well-drawn male characters. I do recommend one being open-minded when reading this.

  • Nana

    I love the setting (a whorehouse, perfect!) and the characters work just fine as manga characters. A lovely combination of manga and Yaoi with beautiful and sexy illustrations. Just what I needed.

  • Kate

    Oh boy how long ago that was when I first read these series. All the excitement for new chapters, discussions, anticipation. Good memories indeed.

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  • [PDF] Download Å Teahouse, Chapter 1 | by ç Emirain
    177 Emirain
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