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By Emirain | Comments: ( 855 ) | Date: ( Feb 20, 2020 )

Welcome to The Teahouse, where a motley bunch are ready to serve in and out of the bed Enter Sir Rhys, a regular client who has turned The Teahouse upside down with his blunt put downs and skilled moves Will he choose shy virgin Rory, or the ladies favorite Axis Axis is hoping he won t have to service Sir Rhys again, but he can t get him out of his head What will happWelcome to The Teahouse, where a motley bunch are ready to serve in and out of the bed Enter Sir Rhys, a regular client who has turned The Teahouse upside down with his blunt put downs and skilled moves Will he choose shy virgin Rory, or the ladies favorite Axis Axis is hoping he won t have to service Sir Rhys again, but he can t get him out of his head What will happen when these two opposites meet again in the bedroom Status Chapter 01 05 CompleteChapter 01 05 Backstory CompleteChapter 06 Backstory Complete RoughChapter 07 Incomplete Discontinued completed in summary Summaries for each story couple Complete posted in 4 parts Note Some extra and explicit content is not available online.

  • Title: Teahouse
  • Author: Emirain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: ebook

About Author:


Emirain is the combination of Emi Artist and Rain Writer of the Teahouse series.

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Comments Teahouse

  • Dd

    Hello Readers.I'll describe this one in one word - AWESOME!!!Okay,let me add one more word - BLOODY AWESOME!!!No,scratch that.This one needs three - BLOODY FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!Oh my God,this webcomic is filled with lust, hunger, tenderness, sweetness, heartbreakDamn but this is smokin' hottt!!!! Some one please get me some ice.A bucket or two will do.This webcomic mainly revolves around 3 highly dysfunctional, crazy, and amazing pairs of men.What do they have in common???Passion.Hunger.Need.And p [...]

  • Lisa Henry

    How the hell did it take me so long to discover this? I mean, I knew it was there the whole time because every so often my updates feed is full of this: Teahouse!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Omigod-I just-no words-TEAHOUSE! So I put it on my To Read shelf and kind of forgot about it. More. Fool. Me. Teahouse is brilliant! That's not even including the illustrations, which are fantastic and HAWWT. Teahouse has everything I love: brilliant world building, awesome character development, and so much subte [...]

  • MsMiz (Tina)

    (WIP) HolywowPage 83 is up - like whiplash I tell ya.ose girls keep us on our toes.84 is upd shit Reed, I am not going to be able to keep defending you when you say shit like that to our sweetie Rory!!85 - choke - the Princess is in da house and guess who she is going up the stairs with? That is too funny!!!86 - I LOVE that they are having pillow talk!! hee87 - Ohhh Gilder, do not ask questions like that man.88 - ahh the end of a chapter. Atros, you sad sack.89 - sugar overload!90 - Oh there is [...]

  • KatieMc

    Sob Sniffle Teahouse is dead. I can't say that I didn't see it coming, but it is still sad.Teahouse was always beautiful. Lots of characters and setup, there was so much potential. Unfortunately, we will never get to see how this came to be:The authors will publish some written storylines over the next month, so fanart people, get ready.teahousecomic/comic/ETA - I am reading the written storyline round-ups and they are quite fun. Not as good as the comic, but it does give it all a sense of closu [...]

  • Sheziss

    This is one of the most awesome things my grabby greedy little hands have ever touched. I wish I could have it finished, and in a physical copy. Anyway, the summaries were the next best thing. Thanks for those, guys.The pics are so great. With a cherry on top. I would spend hours admiring each one of them if not for the utter compulsion to read more and more, to see what's going to happen.Cute when they need to be cute. Hot when they need to be hot. And of them are verrryyy verrryyy HOT (damn, A [...]

  • ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

    Sometimes when people online want to express how excited they are about something great they go "*SQUEEEEEEEE*".I'm always like "Wtf is a squeeee?"I didn't understand. Now that I've visually gorged myself on the awesomeness that is Teahouse, I understand.Screw it. *SQUEEEEEEEEE* This comic is amazing. Amazing!Let me tell you how amazing.I was chatting with the lovely Lauraadrianna, through the messenger app on my phone. I was being lazy and laying around. She tells me about this comic that she's [...]

  • Meep

    I liked this. But the art blew me away. Strong Art Nouveau influences made for a visually unique comic - not really surprised the comic eventually folded, the amount of work that went into each page must have been incredible. Really liked that although the comic is incomplete they posted summaries for each character so readers weren't left hanging.The characters are appealing though the story is slow and follows familiar tropes. It's interesting, often hot (though circumspect unless you buy the [...]

  • Meags

    4 Stars“Much like Melrose Place, Teahouse is a story about a bunch of whores living in the same building. Only without the pool.” – EmirainPlus, these whores include dudes who like other dudes -- SOLD!!!I was just bombarded with years’ worth of awesome storytelling in one sitting! I’m pretty miffed at myself for not knowing about this whole subset of Manga until today, but being on the late-comer train has its perks because I just gobbled this shit up in a matter of hours and it was DE [...]

  • Alvin

    This was wonderful!The illustrations are amazing. And the coloring is just beautiful! I love the characters! Linneus is so beautiful! I ache for Xanthe & Linneus.I love Axis he's so awesome. I love Rhys & Axis' tandem, they're very hot. And I love the rest of the cast too! It's still an ongoing series by the way.If you guys wanna try webcomics I think this is a good one to start!RECOMMENDED M/M WEBCOM!

  • Dreamer

    I am bereft, Teahouse is no more, I have been checking in weekly for years now, so sad to see this end! Just some written summaries coming up to finish off the storylines. Grateful thanks to the author and artist for all their hard work.Teahouse - a hot online comic about a brothel serving the aristocracy.

  • Emma Sea

    I have a confession. I have fallen out of love with Teahouse.Don't get me wrong: the colouring and illustrations are out of this world. It's the most lush and beautiful yaoi of all time. I love the characters. I love the angst. But because of the time demands of the art the plot is moving so slowly that I am finding it only frustrating and annoying. I'm diarying to read it again in Jan 2014 and (hopefully) have a glorious immersive catch-up.

  • Natasha

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!---Best EVER! I can't believe this is free!I've decided to get a tattoo that says "teahouse" on my bum.

  • Elizabetta

    ETA: 12/17/2014:It's done. Over, the authors have moved on. That's it for Teahouse. *sob*3.5 stars rounded up(previous review; 5/30/2012)Updating to 5 stars. This graphic novel about a brothel is so fun to read and beautifully drawn; and the characters are so enigmatic you'll want to know more about them. The three major relationships: Xanthe & Linneus, Axis and Rhys, Reed and Rory keep you guessing about motivation and hidden agendas. All this in a comic. Amazing.Ongoing with weekly updates [...]

  • Lena♥Ribka

    3,8 stars for chapters 1-6Though I'm not a regular comic fan, I have to admit that I enjoyed it a lot. I am looking forward to see/read/know more of the characters. It is even worse than potato chips. Once you start you're not able to put it down. Very entertaining and enjoyable!

  • Ana

    4.25 Stars, so farPretty awesome, brilliant and fun webcomic;)

  • Steelwhisper

    3.5*Obviously you have to like manga to like such comics. It was my first foray into this style, I'm afraid to state, being much more a fan of the Heavy Metal and Belgian school.It is an enormous amount of detailed work, and it is well-drawn in itself, hence the 3.5 stars. But there are too many things I dislike to go up higher:I really dislike those feminised men, not as men in drag, or even drag queens, nor as in cross-dressing, no, except for the tits there's no difference at all between "bot [...]

  • Macky

    If you don't check this out your all numpty's!! Its FABULOUS. Nuff said! :D

  • Ingela

    TEAHOUSE ~ An great ongoing (M/M) web comic (manga) to readteahousecomic/comic/arStill reading but 4 1/2 stars so far28 to 29 July 2013Read chapters 1-5, really good Xanthe Atros the stiff owner and manage of the Teahouse and his dear Linneus, the Teahouse's most seasoned male courtesan.September 22, chapter 6, page 172-179I want more is far too slow with the release October 27, chapter 6, page 180-183It's slow - more new pages, please!~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~Highly recomme [...]

  • Tara♥

    I think I'm in love with everyone in this. (Except Remy, I think she cray, cray)Having just found it I am devastated that it won't continue but at least the creators finish up with conclusions for all the main characters. Linneus and Atros story is ongoing though with just Part One being available at the moment. Can't wait to see how they finish up. Cast Line Up It is stunning and I can totally see the amount of work that must go into it so I guess it would be difficult to have an actual life an [...]

  • Lauraadriana

    It's a WIP and HOLY MOTHER!!! Beautiful and just awesome!ETA: Got the paperbacks for chapters 1 and 2 today! So pretty and yummy!

  • Kristen Burns

    I almost don't even want to mark this as read on GR because it was so rapey. And sexist. And most of the characters were total jerks. Not a fan.

  • Sofia

    Read Chapter 1 to 6 pg 196 ongoing My first yaoi, a new experience, fun and quite delicious.A webcomic soap opera with characters breezing in and off stage and high and low drama. I think I like the Rhys - Axis segment best. Can't quite grasp Linneus and Rory they look and act like the most girly of girls. I'm not saying that that is wrong but I can't see the boy part so the characters do not quite ring true to me because even 'straight' girls have 'masculine' traits.

  • Bookwatcher

    Work in progress Review up to page 60G!!! It's an amazing freebie! The story seems simple, a brothel and everything that is happening in the houseBut no!!! It's much more!Such delitful draw, bright colors and good love triangles! Love all characters, and BOYS AND GIRLS!!!! IT's FOR FREE! What are you waiting for? Go check it and fall in love with the story as I did!I'm looking forward for more!

  • Adam

    A book with probably less than 10 full pages of text should not give me so many feels!I need more!Oh and, Atros is a major dickhead. (view spoiler)[ Seriously. Dickhead to his wife. Dickhead to his prostitute lover. Dickhead to his would-be childhood love. Dickhead. (hide spoiler)]And I may be in love with Gilder. And maybe Rhys, not sure yet.That is all.

  • MaDoReader

    Los dibujos una pasada, la historia, no tanto, una pena que no esté terminado.

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

    Monkey Balls! This is truly amazing. I'm so addicted to everything about it. The characters The artThe dialogue The storylineThe masterful weaving of it all together Fucking SuperbChapter 1: review I loved this. The art was amazing. And oh the drama.Look forward to reading the rest.Chapter 2: Holy crap what an intriguing story.It's told amazingly well through a mix of words and illustrations and the story just comes to life as you read it. So extremely well done! Chapter 3 & Chapter 4: Omg [...]

  • L-D

    This online Yaoi Manga is one of the most interesting I have read so far. And it's all FREE! The only thing that kills me is that there are 20 chapters planned and at the pace they are released, I think the story will end in about.8 years. I know, right??? But it is SOOOO good. Xanthe is the owner of a brothel and Linneus is one of the whores that works there. They are the main MCs, but there are a lot of other characters and interesting storylines as well. The way this story is set up is intere [...]

  • Sara

    I guess I am done? I mean there are no more pages*pouts* We were left with Reed and Rory in that almost frot and it just stopped. I know there will be more but I like theah. This is so good! I cannot believe how addicted I am to each of the characters. What talent these girls have. The coloring has to be the biggest bitch but I love all of it. Oh Axis and Rhys need to just give into what they have and Remy is all kinds of creepy. That's your twin honey, get your ass out of the light. I need more [...]

  • Jenn

    Pretty, pretty, pretty. I love Linneus, no matter what. :-P This is too fun.

  • Lenore

    Great. Another WIP Kate got me hooked on. Read up to page 93.

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