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By Kio Stark | Comments: ( 970 ) | Date: ( Feb 22, 2020 )

It begins with an envelope Twenty years old, maybe , with the dust of the dead letter office still clinging to the stained, fraying paper It arrives in the mailbox of Lucy with the address of a vacant neighborhood lot barely legible on the front Inside she finds only a photograph of a man she does not recognize, but whose face captivates her instantly She hunts forIt begins with an envelope Twenty years old, maybe , with the dust of the dead letter office still clinging to the stained, fraying paper It arrives in the mailbox of Lucy with the address of a vacant neighborhood lot barely legible on the front Inside she finds only a photograph of a man she does not recognize, but whose face captivates her instantly She hunts for him, feeling for blind answers in the boroughs of her soul and city The details of her world of a neighborhood decaying and maimed in daylight, yet pulsing with some hidden life in dark the shaded, shifting menace of shadow on the night sidewalk blur together through the fogged lens of her favorite plastic camera, and the casual banter of summer afternoons evaporates into the hiss of something missing, leading Lucy across the darkened city, from the canal slicing through her neighborhood over the rivers at the city limits, its mystery resolving into vivid, caustic focus in the book s concluding scenes Follow Me Down owns moments both wondrous in their sympathy and wild in their desolation, as Stark culls from the crumbling city setting characters mercurial and impassable, joyous and redemptive.

  • Title: Follow Me Down
  • Author: Kio Stark
  • ISBN: 9781935869061
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Kio Stark

I m a writer, teacher, researcher, and passionate activist for independent learning I currently coordinate the Knight Mozilla OpenNews Learning initiative I also write fiction, my first novel is Follow Me Down 2011.

Comments Follow Me Down

  • Brian

    If you have ever started reading a book on an airplane, and upon landing have sat yourself back with the huddled masses of air travelers to finish the book before getting back to your real life, then you'll understand that this just happened to me with this novel.Stark's protagonist, the traffic-stoppingly beautiful Lucy has a name that doesn't fit her and a life that is wearing thin in crucial patches. What is she running from? How can she be so good at finding all the mistakes others make but [...]

  • Matt

    This novel is definitely a type, an exploration of city streets by an interested, artistic outsider. I think, honestly, we used to call it a Lower East Side novel, but that gentrification has complicated that marker. But here, we have a very attractive redhead who is, in some senses, chasing her brother who has disappeared, not in a dramatic way but more than anything metaphorically, into drug abuse, and she is now living his life, hoping for a trace. This motivates the main plot, tracking down [...]

  • Julie H.

    Follow Me Down contains a bit of a mystery surrounding a misdirected "dead letter" that arrives in a young woman's NYC (probably Brooklyn from the sounds of things) mailbox some 30 years after the fact. But it is not, in point of fact, a mystery story. Instead, it's an interesting bit of fiction in which the author's ability to describe the finely-honed awareness of people and place that women in particular (especially young attractive women) who live in urban areas develop about their surroundi [...]

  • T. Greenwood

    Kio Stark writes with intimacy and familiarity about this haunting and stark urban landscape. It reads like a dream -- atmospheric and impressionistic. The story is simplea twenty year old letter arrives at Lucy's address, and she becomes obsessed with learning the story behind the photo. We follow her in her journey for a truth that has nothing to do with her, or possibly everything to do with her. Lucy, the protagonist, keeps people (including the reader) at a distance. The result is that her [...]

  • Richard Thomas

    [Originally published at The Nervous Breakdown.]“Sometimes what you want is to be somewhere you do not belong.”Kio Stark’s lyrical Follow Me Down (Red Lemonade) is a densely packed novella that wanders the projects of New York City capturing the lives of the people that live there in glorious detail—photographs melting into still life paintings, fingers smudged from handling wet paint that should have been left to dry. Sometimes you get a little dirty when you dig, and sometimes people n [...]

  • Todd

    An absolutely phenomenally written book that is fast-paced, anxiety-ridden, and unequivocally captivating. Kio Stark develops a main character that can be summed up in one line from the text: obsession can be medicine. The main character is incredibly observant, as if the book was written to pay homage to all the people-watchers of the world. The book is about a proofreader (another example of her obsessiveness) and her accidental reception of a letter; it captures her journey, a voyage that has [...]

  • Laura J. W.

    Kio Stark’s Follow Me Down, is one of those, “little-big” books that I love finding, and another one that I've read recently published by Red Lemonade. This book contains exquisite storytelling, beautiful writing, snapshots of images that are bits of a larger picture, very precise, an honest-to-goodness book—a human document that is unique. I love this book for what it is and I have dog-eared many favorite pages, underlining passages that resonate with Stark’s crisp vision, as if throu [...]

  • Kevin Adams

    Kio Stark's 'Follow Me Down' gets the readers interest from page one. We sit through an interesting and not at all too short 110 pages of Lucy's adventures through the neighborhoods of an unnamed town (Brooklyn, NY?) while she looks for the person and meaning of a lost photograph taken some 30 years earlier. Each chapter/month is packed with eccentrics roaming mostly trying to not engage with her. Could the book have been longer? Sure but I think that would've added another layer that made it un [...]

  • Amy

    I did like this book, but for me there was something missing. I can't put my finger on it exactly. Really amazing descriptions of neighborhood interactions and space, but I wasn't terribly into the story. But it was a well executed little book, and I'd read her next novel, provided she writes one (I'm not sure why, but I thought - for no real reason; not like I read it somewhere - that she was a poet - am I wrong?).

  • Dana

    The books summary of the story was quite misleading. Upon reading it, I was int-reed as portrait the story to flow of mystery and the unknown. It disappointed was told from a young girls view of how she wanted and longed for mystery but never quite got there. Come across strongly this this was the authors first novel. The author would set up the story line to lead you into suspense but never provide the drama related.

  • Adam

    The fact that I just finished this book and barely remember a thing about it is not a good sign. I think I liked parts of it, but found the whole thing trying a little too hard to be "literary." Also, the entire plot hinges on whether or not you buy the conceit that a woman is willing to risk life and limb to find out who an anonymous man in a picture is. I mean, come on, use a dildo like everyone else.

  • Thinking Chimp

    Beautiful words. Not a very compelling plot, and lots of bits that seemed to go nowhere, but if you want a book that shows how to construct beautiful sentences into beautifully crafted scenes of life then this is the one for you.

  • Vanessa Veselka

    I'm a bad reviewer but I love this book. It wasn't one I could read in snippets, I had to really give myself over, but when I did, it was like a seductive opiate and the tone stayed with me for days. And yes, I am on the same press with KIO, but I would say that anyway. It's earned.

  • Jenny Wren

    Beautiful. The kind of book I will come back to. The pleasure is not just in the story, but in the mood and the way Stark uses words.

  • Ben Lainhart

    I enjoyed this spare and slender novel. Stark has some great imagery and lovely sentences.

  • Josh Knowles

    Good! It's a quiet and well-drawn story, with a mysterious plot that moves it along nicely.

  • Ryan

    4 1/2 stars - loved this book

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  • ✓ Follow Me Down || ↠ PDF Download by ↠ Kio Stark
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