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By Suzie Carr | Comments: ( 516 ) | Date: ( Jul 16, 2020 )

Becca James wants to make it big And she will, as soon as the idea of performing doesn t scare the voice out of her Until then she orchestrates another life predictable, responsible, and dull Then Kara walks on stage, a flirty goddess with long, wavy hair and sultry caramel flecked eyes that drip with sex appeal Inhibitions and commitments fall like shattered glass, asBecca James wants to make it big And she will, as soon as the idea of performing doesn t scare the voice out of her Until then she orchestrates another life predictable, responsible, and dull Then Kara walks on stage, a flirty goddess with long, wavy hair and sultry caramel flecked eyes that drip with sex appeal Inhibitions and commitments fall like shattered glass, as the duo form a musical sensation Becca is big But can self indulgence substitute for self respect Can a wild ride stop at happiness In this fast paced, sexy novel, finding out what really matters in life doesn t always mean you get it Or does it

  • Title: Tangerine Twist
  • Author: Suzie Carr
  • ISBN: 9781456514907
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Suzie Carr

Suzie Carr is a contemporary novelist, podcaster on the Lesbian Talk Show, avid blogger, and Director of Membership for the Golden Crown Literary Society When she s not writing, conducting hands on research, exercising, or blending a green smoothie concoction, she s likely snuggling with her beloved white Boxer, Bumblebee Whether it s writing fiction books about love and life, inspiring new authors, advocating for LGBT equality and animal welfare or blogging about community awareness, positive living, taking action and inspiration, Suzie remains passionate in her beliefs Suzie s love for the written word started back when she was a child She enjoyed visiting the library every Saturday to spend hours reading Books quickly became a constant companion to her and remained as such throughout her childhood.Always in the creative mindset, she dreamed of a life where she would work by day and write books by night Unfortunately, twelve hour work days left her no time or energy for learning how to craft a novel So, off to college she went to pursue her passion for writing.College fed her hunger for the written word and Suzie devoured anything and everything written on the subject of novel writing while pursuing her degree in communications at Rhode Island College.Soon after graduating, The Fiche Room, a coming of age novel about two women falling in love, was born Over the years The Fiche Room grew from its humble e book origins to an Kindle best seller receiving glowing reviews.Suzie s novel, Sandcastles, placed as a Runner Up in the 2015 Rainbow Book Awards for Best Contemporary Lesbian General Fiction and for Best Lesbian Book With eleven bestsellers on Kindle, Suzie continues to enjoy writing about the beauty of love and life In January 2018, I Bared My Chest 21 Unstoppable Women Get NAKED will be RELEASED to raise one million dollars for charity Suzie wrote Chapter Five Suzie Carr believes strongly in giving back to the community She donates a portion of book sale proceeds to the Hearts United for Animals.

Tangerine Twist Suzie Carr Fremdsprachige Bcher Tangerine Twist Suzie Carr ISBN Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch . Tangerine Twist The Musical Journey Book English Unlike her first and much tentative book The Fiche Room , in Tangerine Twist, she portrays a very explicit and raw sensuality between Becca her heroine and the other women in Becca s love life When Carr writes about the making of music, she takes us on a journey that even non musicians can relate to powerfully There is a lot to like in this book. Tangerine Twist Dulux Tangerine Twist Soft Truffle Inspirational articles with this colour View our inspiration page Striking Feature Wall Ideas Get a global vibe with warm, earthy shades Create drama with charcoal grey walls Join our newsletter Discover decorating trends and ideas in our new monthly newsletter Please enter valid email address I agree to the processing of my personal data by AkzoNobel Skully Gin Tangerine Twist Entdecke die Der Skully Gin Tangerine Twist ist eine Hommage an den Marokkanischen Hafen von Tanger, von dem aus die chinesische Mandarine, auf Englisch tangerine, ursprnglich in alle Welt exportiert wurde Denn eben diese Mandarine ist geschmacklich tonangebend im Skully Gin Tangerine Twist, der neben ihr noch die Aromen von frischen Orangen, bitteren Frchten und exotischen, orientalischen Botanicals aufweist. Tangerine Twist Salon Info Facebook Tangerine Twist Salon Mason St, Benton Illinois Mit bewertet, basierend auf Bewertungen Penny and Angie are amazing stylists Penny Skully Gin Tangerine Twist Ginnatic Skully Gin Tangerine Twist Kennt ihr schon den Skully Gin Tangerine Twist Beim Skully Gin Tangerine Twist handelt es sich um einen Dry Gin mit ,% Alkoholgehalt. akamuti Tangerine Twist Foot Smoothie, ml Ecco Verde Fragen Antworten zu akamuti Tangerine Twist Foot Smoothie Erhalten Sie spezifische Antworten von Kunden, die dieses Produkt erworben haben

Comments Tangerine Twist

  • Cindy Stein

    Becca is in a relationship with her girlfriend Kelly that seems to have stalled at the same time that Becca's prospects to become a successful musician and performer have done so. When she meets the alluring Kara, she's immediately drawn in, especially after Kara offers her the opportunity of a lifetime that will launch her musical career. But Becca's attraction to Kara and her wild lifestyle comes at a price.This book started slowly, and it was difficult frankly to get through the first third. [...]

  • Lara Estes

    Suzie Carr's ability to describe her characters and settings will leave the reader wanting more. A tale of a young women searching for stardom and the wreckage she leaves behind her. Not your typical romance novel but a story that will touch your heart, willing the character to find herself before it's to late. This is a book you will not be able put down or read just once. Suzie Carr is a gifted author you will want to follow.

  • Melissa

    This was a first reads win, and I'm glad I won it! This book kept me interested all the way through, I found myself staying up too late at night to finish chapters. Very well written!!It arrived autographed with a handwritten card inside as well, which was a sweet touch. Thanks for the book, Suzie!!

  • Felicia

    Tangerine Twist is a great book by Suzie Carr that captures the journey of a woman trying to pursue her dreams that kept me captivated until the very end. The emotions in this book felt real to me and the writing really pulled me into the story. This novel is flirty, fun, heartfelt, and sexy all at the same time. I will definitely be reading The Fiche Room by Suzie Carr soon!

  • Kennedy

    Becca yes. Kara no. Sometimes you just have to go there and see for yourself even if others say don't do it. This story makes me think of all the wanna be entertainers today. I found the story engaging and the characters for the most part believable.

  • Marty Preslar

    Hard characters to root forWhile the story is interesting, I found that the lack of characters that really drew me in and made me root for them hurt my enjoyment of the story. In particular, I felt that we were suppose to be more on the ex-girlfriend's side in the greater scheme of things, but the way she treated Becca when they were dating made her very unsympathetic. Becca's self destructive behavior didn't make her very sympathetic either. The open ended ending suggests the second book may re [...]

  • Stephanie Ladue

    DudeThroughout this book I had so many feelings and emotions concerning the characters. I really hope Becca gets her happy ending in the next one.

  • Allison

    I won this book from First Reads on . The author included a thank you card and autographed the title page, which I thought was sweet. I figured the book would come from a faceless publishing house, but the fact that it didn't is probably because the book is self-published. There's nothing wrong with that, but a little of the formatting bothered me (Marker Felt Thin-ish title font, different symbols as breaks between scenes), and there were some errors that I thought an editor would have picked u [...]

  • Kimmer

    Normally, the only reason I would give a book a two is if it was poorly written, which this was not, and contained just too many typos and errors to allow for smooth reading, which this didn't. No, this one gets a two because I hatedHATED the protagonist. I get books where there is a redemptive journey, where someone imperfect learns along the way, finds love,etc. and becomes a better imperfect person. Imperfection I can tolerate. The sheer stupidity of this girl just took my breath away, and I [...]

  • Elaine Phillips

    Affordability, availability and affirmative.I decided to read this book based on it's availability on Kindle at an affordable price, and I have enjoyed this author's books previously. I like the way the plot was developed. The story is about values and integrity, and what can happen when you let those things become less important in your life. We L.G.B.T folk can lead monogamous, committed relationships. Your books support this and I think they are good reading for any persuasion.

  • Trish

    Suzie Carr tells a captivating story of one woman's journey -- a wild, twisted ride through love, loss, and gain. The story is punctuated by incredible descriptions that make you feel like you're right alongside Becca James as she gains it all and discovers that realizing her dreams is not at all what she had imagined. The story is fun, addicting, and teaches a very valuable lesson. I couldn't put it down. I hope Suzie Carr is working on her next novel; I'm hungry for it!

  • Kate Ennis

    This was the first book from this author I've read and I have to say I am completely taken by this novel. I felt and identified with Becca throughout this book. Life is a struggle. The choices we sometimes have to make as well as lessons we have to learn are often hard and uncertain. This is a well done slice of life.

  • Heidi

    Feels like the story isn't finished. I learned there is another story that continues with the characters, so just re-read tangerine Twist and looking forward to what will happen next.

  • Lori Russie Judkins

    Very well written book. Made me hate and feel sorry for the main charecter all in one. I just wish there was so much sex in books, movies and music today.

  • Christy Keller

    Great book great author great story. If you haven't read her books yet you are missing out on an amazing writer.

  • Heather Henkel

    Interesting storyThis was an interesting story and I liked the ending especially. It is a story of a woman's journey to lose herself and begin the journey beck.

  • Blu

    My impressions reflect those of Kimmer and Kiriszta's

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  • Free Read [Comics Book] ☆ Tangerine Twist - by Suzie Carr ✓
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