Unlimited [Classics Book] ✓ In Due Time - by J.Ross ✓

By J.Ross | Comments: ( 670 ) | Date: ( Jun 03, 2020 )

Jake Taylor has always been gay and he s always been very careful when it comes to hiding it Even if it means ignoring that part of himself altogether It was no big dealuntil he met Shane Friends are lost and gained, worlds are literally turned upside down, and Jake Taylor learns what it means to accept himself.

  • Title: In Due Time
  • Author: J.Ross
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: ebook

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Comments In Due Time

  • Mandapanda

    A free online coming-of-age story of 16 year old Jake who finds himself falling for fellow swim team member, the 'weird' and friendless Shane. There is SO MUCH teenage angst and navel-gazing in this very long book. Jake is painfully and annoyingly self-absorbed but in all fairness to the author, it's an authentic portrayal of that 'it's all about me' period of a teenager's life. A lot of the book is also devoted to the Jake's two best friends, Ry and Chloe and how his coming out affects his life [...]

  • Katie

    Can you believe I wish this had been longer???? Or had a sequel????

  • Khoval

    This is my favorite m/m book ever. I hope the story gets a sequel like Jake and Shane going to college together or something along that line. Totally struck me when I was still on the closet and trying to accept myself.Praise for Jordan Ross!

  • kasjo_peja

    A very good story with believable pace and characters. Light on sex; not overly dramatic (like many online fiction tend to be).Solid 4.5 stars

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  • Unlimited [Classics Book] ✓ In Due Time - by J.Ross ✓
    183 J.Ross
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