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By Erin Dealey Hanako Wakiyama | Comments: ( 291 ) | Date: ( May 28, 2020 )

Goldie Locks has chicken pox from head to toe were polka dots When Goldie Locks spies her first spot, her mother knows it must be chicken pox Soon after, a steady stream of storybook favorites including the Three Bears and Little Bo Peep stop by to wish Goldie Locks a speedy recovery But how will Goldie get well when her little brother just won t stop teasingGoldie Locks has chicken pox from head to toe were polka dots When Goldie Locks spies her first spot, her mother knows it must be chicken pox Soon after, a steady stream of storybook favorites including the Three Bears and Little Bo Peep stop by to wish Goldie Locks a speedy recovery But how will Goldie get well when her little brother just won t stop teasing her

  • Title: Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox
  • Author: Erin Dealey Hanako Wakiyama
  • ISBN: 9780689876103
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Erin Dealey Hanako Wakiyama

I write in many genres, from board books to YA K IS FOR KINDERGARTEN will release August 15, 2017 with Sleeping Bear Press illustrated by Joseph Cowman Look for a Giveaway opportunity this summer I am thrilled to announce THREE picture books set for publication beginning 2018 GRANDMA S FAVORITE and GRANDPA S FAVORITE Kane Miller illustrated by Luciana Navarro Powell PETER EASTER FROG Caitlyn Dlouhy books Atheneum SS BABIES COME FROM AIRPORTS is now available from Kane Miller reps and the Usborne Books and More web site to be released to Indies and BN next year My picture book, DECK THE WALLS, is a kid s eye view of the holidays and a fun sing along for school celebrations My picture books with Atheneum SS, GOLDIE LOCKS HAS CHICKEN POX, and LITTLE BO PEEP CAN T GET TO SLEEP have taken me to school visits as far south as Brazil and as far north as Tok, Alaska.I m a Language Arts theater teacher with decades of classroom experience and head the theater department of Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp As a member of the Area3WP, I lead writing workshops for teachers and students of all ages If you re wondering why I look familiar, I m the former RA for SCBWI CA North Central, and have presented at SCBWI, reading associations, school library associations, and the PK1 Conference.If you re still reading this thanks , you can find my full bio and Writer s Rap at erindealey and Twitter ErinDealey.

Comments Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox

  • Luisa Knight

    Oh man, I was really enjoying this book. It's a fun, clever idea and I was appreciating the nods to children's nursery rhymes and picture book characters. But then there's this little sibling rivalry thrown in and it brought it down a notch for me. I like it best when children's books show sibling camaraderie. Ages: 4 - 8Cleanliness: You see Goldie from behind in only underwear. Goldie's brother teases her about having chicken pox.**Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that [...]

  • Kathryn

    I loved Wakiyama's illustrations in The Best Pet of All and found this book after I searched for more of her work in my library. The cover illustration is certainly adorable and has the same retro look that I loved in "Best Pet" but overall I wasn't quite as fond of the illustrations in "Goldie Locks"--a few of the expressions just didn't seem as winsome and I was perplexed at the placement of the barrettes in Goldie's hair (I thought they looked a bit like devil horns, though that didn't make a [...]

  • Nicole Gray

    Oh no Goldie has chicken pox! Where did she get them? Very cute story and lots of fairytale/mothergoose character references within the book. Little Red stops to see if Goldie can play. Illustrations are cute and very retro.

  • myKCmom

    I loved Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes as a girl, and I loved them even more when I discovered as a grad student (studying Cognitive Development) the benefits of rhyme and the important role rhymes play in reading fundamentals! In fact my daughter's room was completely done in Mother Goose thanks to Mary Engelbreit and some great nostalgic pieces I found So I cannot even begin to describe my enthusiasm when I stumbled upon this book, but so often we find something we think will be amazing only to f [...]

  • Tina

    I just read this book to my son and I think I enjoyed it more than he did.The story in cute, told in an easy rhyme with many references to other fairy-tale/Mother Goose-ish characters. However what did it for me are the illustrations.The look and feel are very retro fifties with a dash of wit. While Little Red (just Little Red, no Riding hood, thank you very much) comes skipping by to ask "Can Goldie come to Gran's with me?/I sure would like the company." We see the Bid Bad peeking cheekily thro [...]

  • Natalie

    Several nursery rhyme/fairy tale characters make cameos in this story of a little girl plagued not only by chicken pox, but her pesky little brother as well. The illustrations are a most striking element. They have a very 1950's everything is wonderful in Donna Reed's kitchen feel, with Goldie, last name: Locks, seemingly inspired by the Coppertone girl. This book is a great conversation piece to get kids talking, recalling their own experience with chicken pox or just to point out all of the ch [...]

  • Connie

    Poor Goldie Locks. She has chicken pox. We rhyme our way through the large cast of Mother Goose figures and one annoying baby brother (who, after being so annoying to his sister, including playing connect-the-dots on her face, eventually gets sick himself, a just desert if I ever saw one!)Cute, retro illustrations and nice rhymes. I'm not as thrilled with the book as my nieces are, but they like it enough to justify giving it the fourth star.

  • Lena

    Cute as can be! I love it, Red Riding Hood and Bo Peep wanted Goldie to come out and play and she could not. Then her brother was a pest! Need to read this one!

  • Margie

    Charming author who is just as lively in person. A fun book!

  • Kfooshee

    Such a fun book with awesome retro illustrations!

  • McKendra Fisher

    Cute little story about chickenpox with fairytale characters.

  • Nicki

    Lots of ties into other fairy tales for kids to notice :)

  • Kayla

    Such a cute book. I loved it as a kid

  • Kaitlyn Kinslow

    I loved this book because it was based off of the book Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. The book had a fun twist to it and brought Goldie Locks family into the book and other popular fairy tale characters! Overall this book would be a fun book for children to read and relate to.

  • Kari

    Cute story, amazing art!

  • China Harris

    When Goldie Locks notices her first spot, her mother knows that it must be chicken pox. She immediately calls the Three Bears and apologizing for the chair, to see if Baby Bear has chicken pox, too. Well known storybook characters like Little Bo Peep and Henny Penny, stop by to visit the sick child. Goldie Locks tries to ignore her brother teasing her about her unfortunate condition. When more visitors arrive, brother intensifies his teasing. Everyone is suddenly looking at him. He may have caug [...]

  • Anna Summers

    In the book, Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox, Goldie is at home recovering from chicken pox when her fairy tale and nursery rhyme friends, like Henny Penny, Mama Bear, and Bo Peep, stop by to visit her. Throughout the book, Goldie’s brother teases her about having the chicken pox, and at the end of the book, he notices a few red spots on his own face. What a clever idea to include some classic characters in one story! The rhyming text makes it catchy and fun to read. I like how Goldie’s brother [...]

  • Markus

    This is a story in which Goldilocks, from the fairy tale has contracted a childhood communicable disease. First, the book is invested in trying to figure out who gave her the chicken pox, and the end of book is about how her annoying brother chooses to torment her. This Goldilocks seems to live in a more modern time than the fairy tale world we know, but her friends like Red Riding Hood and Chicken Little and others make appearances. I liked the inclusion of all these characters, like they know [...]

  • Eva Leger

    I didn't read this with Julia but I did overhear my Mother, Julia's Oma, reading it to her. I wasn't exactly paying attention and it could be that my Mom has extra special reading-to-kids skills but it sounded quite nice. Rhyming books usually can always jump to the front of the line with me. Julia says she liked when the brother wanted some of the girls ice cream and she didn't like the "Little Red Riding Hood" part. I may reread this with her myself so I can add my input. If we do read this ou [...]

  • Leslie Rendon

    Goldie locks is suffering from chicken pox and she is trying to figure out who gave them to her. She thinks about everything she did and even brings up the Bears soup she had earlier but the bear do not have it. Turns out her bother who kept teasing her about it had it all along. I think the illustrations in this book are adorable for children. These books certainly catch my attention because it has a retro look and I'm always fond to read them. I like the fact that there were other fairy tales [...]

  • Jan

    A cute rhyming story about Goldie Locks when she comes down with chicken pox. Plenty of funny twists and clever rhymes, but the subject matter is becoming less familiar. Although when the book was first published in 2002, chicken pox was still pretty common, it has become less and less so now that most kids are immunized. Soon, writing a children's story about chicken pox will be like writing a children's story about measles. Children will recognize the name of the disease because of the immuniz [...]

  • Dayna

    This book is quite clever. The illustrations are something set in the 50's I believe with a little bit of a modern flare. The story is about Goldie Locks who has come down with the chicken pox. As she is recuperating we see visitors from other classic children's tales. The book flows page to page with a nice rhyming text. The main plot being that Goldie's little brother is tormenting Goldie because of her spots. He even offers to connect her dots.

  • Rena`

    this book is oh so cute little goldie locks has chicken poxs and cant have vists from her frineds little rididng hood and little bo peep it so nice and her little brother is always borhtering her and making fun of her but at the end she is making fun ofher little brother because he ends up with the chicken pox for being a little pest and for being anround his older sister when she had the chicken pox.

  • Kristin Palumbo

    In Goldie Locks has Chicken Pox, Goldie starts to find dots on her which turn into being the chicken pox. Her little brother is a pest as she tries to rest. Her brother also keeps teasing her of having the chicken pox. At the end of the story when Goldie Locks is sick of her brother nagging her she goes to her mom and tells on him. Then they find a red dots on her brother, it was his turn for the chicken pox.

  • Alyce Dougan

    I thought this book was great for children. It's about Goldie Locks (which most children are familiar with) and she has the chicken pox! The story includes other characters that children will recognize like Little Bo Peep and Little Red Riding Hood. All throughout the story her little brother is teasing her for having the chicken pox but guess who get them at the end! Children will love this story because its fun, has familiar characters, and it rhymes!

  • jacky

    A classmate brought this book in as part of her Literacy History presentation on her daughters. I liked how different fairy tale / nursery rhyme characters showed up throughout the story. However, to fully enjoy the story, children who read it need to have a solid base in these classic stories. There were clever things happening in the illustrations as well. The end had some nice foreshadowing from which kids could make a prediction.

  • Cynthia

    This story is written in verse. Lots of fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters pass through, including The Three Bears, Little Bo Peep, and Jack Be Nimble. When Goldilocks get chicken pox.her brother torments heruntil he winds up with them, too.The retro style of the illustrations (by Hanako Wakiyama) really give this book a great look.

  • Ronster

    Children's picture book, fractured fairy tale and poem. Goldie locks comes down with the Chicken Pox. She is miserable because of the pox, but also because of her pesky brother. Fun poem, lots of humor. Good illustrations. Use for an entertaining read aloud in the classroom and put in the class library. Compare with other fractured tales.

  • Rana

    Goldie Locks got the chicken pox! A very sweet story about how annoying siblings can be when one is sick. For math one could cound the number of chicken pox spots Goldie Locks has on her face and make shapes out of them. This would also be a good book to use to discuss what happens when we're sick and how we take care of ourselves in different ways when we are sick from different things.

  • Hilary

    Goldie Locks has chicken pox -- but she didn't get them from the Bears, since bears can't get chicken pox. A full cast of fairy tale friends drops by to visit, and the question of who gave her the pox soon becomes how to keep others from sharing her condition. Goldie's unsympathetic brother will soon have a dose of his own medicine!

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