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By Otfried Preußler Farkas Tünde | Comments: ( 307 ) | Date: ( May 31, 2020 )

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  • Title: Krabat a Fekete Malomban
  • Author: Otfried Preußler Farkas Tünde
  • ISBN: 9631140164
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Otfried Preußler Farkas Tünde

Otfried Preu ler sometimes spelled as Otfried Preussler was a German children s books author His best known works are The Robber Hotzenplotz and The Satanic Mill Krabat.He won the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 1972 for Krabat.He has sold roughly 50 million copies worldwide.He was born in Liberec German Reichenberg , Czechoslovakia His forefathers had lived in this area since the 15th century, working in the glass industry His parents were teachers After he graduated school in 1942, in the midst of World War II, he was drafted into the Wehrmacht Heer Although he survived the military action on the Eastern Front, he was taken prisoner as a 21 year old lieutenant in 1944 He spent the next five years in various POW camps in the Tatar Republic.After his release in June 1949, he was lucky to find his displaced relatives and his fianc e, Annelies Kind in the Bavarian town of Rosenheim They celebrated their wedding that same year.Between 1953 and 1970 he was initially a primary school teacher, then a school principal in Rosenheim There his talents as a storyteller and illustrator were put to good use, and often the stories he told the children would later be written down and published.Preu ler died on February 18, 2013 in Prien, Chiemsee.

Comments Krabat a Fekete Malomban

  • Manny

    Excuse me for sounding smug, but I have managed to read a book in German. A real book, 250 pages long with no pictures. And, unlike earlier attempts, I did not cheat in any way: there was no accompanying parallel text, I didn't look anything up in a dictionary and I hadn't previously read it in another language. There is, to say the least, ample room left for improvement; but based on previous experience with learning languages, I think I've now reached the point where I can continue to progress [...]

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    Krabat has dreams of a near-by mill. The pull is too strong and he ends up going there. The Master takes him in and he becomes that needed twelfth to keep the mill going. That mill is not just a mill though. On Fridays they are taught the black arts by the master.I love folk/fairy tales and expected to be crazy over this book. I don't know if it was my mood at the time of reading or something for me being lost in the translation, but it was just an okay book. I finished it last night and it's al [...]

  • Geo Marcovici

    Translation widget!O carte interesantă, care îți pune răbdarea la încercaremic din ce te aștepți sa se întâmple nu este ceea ce se întâmpla de fapt. Se citește ușor, la final ai un zâmbet.Recenzia mea completa o găsiți aici: justreadingmybooks.wordpress.

  • Manny

    My German has improved, and I felt compelled to reread this beautiful and poetic novel. First time round, I had to guess too many words; now I appreciated it properly.The simple and powerful story is divided into three books, one for each year of the action. The first book starts in midwinter. Krabat, a fourteen year old boy at the time of the Swedish war, is making a precarious living as a beggar when he has a series of strange dreams. They direct him to the mill at Koselbruch, where he finds h [...]

  • Hank Horse

    A spooky and humane classic. Our young orphan Krabat apprentices at a mill, which turns out to be a magic school far more sinister than Hogwarts. Essentially a fairy tale, the story resonates on many levels.One of the things I love about it is the way Ottfried Preussler portrays the world of magic as having limits. The powerful and despotic master at the mill has his own master in turnThe logic of the story is carefully constructed, and every action and development has consequences. Though it is [...]

  • Suzanne

    As I'm rereading my favorite books from childhood, I find myself having to reset my rating system. After reading The Satanic Mill, for instance, I see that some other books I noted as 5 stars are really 4, and some 4 stars are really 3.This book is flat out good. For a book about good and evil it's free of saccahrine and moralizing. Economically written and tightly plotted, there aren't anvils falling on your head indicating where the story is going. And somehow the lack of flowery description m [...]

  • Julia

    Jetzt verstehe ich zumindest, wieso so viele Leute nicht gerne lesen. xD

  • Kate

    3.5**Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*Krabat is a young boy who is strangely compelled to travel to an old Mill, once there he becomes an apprentice to the miller and his other workers. This is no ordinary mill and Krabat learns that the master uses the mill to teach black magic and that once you become a journeyman it is almost impossible to leave. Krabat becomes a model pupil but also dreams of life away from the mill and the often [...]

  • Caren

    When I read that this book had been an inspiration for the likes of writers Cornelia Funke and Neil Gaiman, my curiosity was piqued. The book appeared in German in 1971 and was translated into English soon after. It was re-released this year by New York Review of Books in their collection of classic children's titles.The author grew up in a Bohemian town that was annexed, as part of the Sudetenland, by Hitler. He was drafted into the German military in 1944 and sent to fight on the Eastern front [...]

  • Grüffeline

    Wie auch früher schon war ich dieses Mal wieder gefangen von der düsteren Geschichte um Krabat und die restlichen Müllerburschen am Koselbruch. Dass sich das nicht geändert hat, seit ich 10(?) war, spricht für mich für eine zeitlose Geschichte, die mich jedes Mal auf's neue verzaubert.

  • Bine

    Hach, es war noch viel, viel besser als in meiner Erinnerung. So spannend erzählt, so tolle Charaktere, eine so wahnsinnige STimmung. Einfach ein geniales Jugendbuch. Berechtigt ein absoluter Klassiker.

  • Bücherhäschen

    INHALTKrabat hört immer wieder eine Stimme in seinem Kopf, die ihn zu sich in die schwarze Mühle am Koselbruch ruft. Er folgt ihr, und fängt dort als an das Müllerhandwerk zu lernen- und alles andere. Bald schon merkt er, dass es dort nicht ganz mit rechten Dingen zugeht, dass er aber auch nicht mehr flüchten kann. Und so beginnt seine Ausbildung in den schwarzen Künsten. Er hat kein schlechtes Leben in der Mühle, im Gegenteil, er hat Freunde und reichlich zu essen und auch die Arbeit lä [...]

  • Nicole

    Manche Bücher brauchen Zeit. Das erste Mal habe ich Krabat als Kind geschenkt bekommen. Ob ich es damals vollständig gelesen habe, kann ich nicht mehr sagen. Vollständig verstanden aber bestimmt nicht.Das nächste Mal gelesen habe ich es vor caei Jahren und ich war eher mäßig begeistert. Und nun hatte ich es mir ein drittes Mal vorgenommen.Die Geschichte eines jungen Knabens, der sich aufmacht aus Neugierde und Hoffnung sich ein leichtes und schönes Leben zu sichern mit dem Bösen einläss [...]

  • Laura

    Reread! Es war ein ganz seltsames Gefühl, wieder in dieses Buch einzutauchen, weil ich es das letzte Mal mit 12 in der Schule gelesen habe und mich nur noch ganz schemenhaft darin erinnern konnte. Damals war ich total begeistert - heute sehe ich einige Schwächen; doch die tun der Magie der Erzählung keinen Abbruch. Auch wenn in meiner Erinnerung Vieles größer und ausführlicher dargestellt wurde, liebe ich nach wie vor, wie düster die Geschichte ist und wie viel sie evoziert. Ich habe unte [...]

  • booklady

    The Satanic Mill is a delightful story with a wicked sounding title. Reading it I was reminded of a Brothers Grimm tale expanded to a full-length book. I’m not sure if that is because of the style of writing, the innocence of the main character, or the old-fashioned names used throughout or something altogether different. Krabat is a fourteen year old orphan beggar in sixteenth century Germany who stumbles on a mill where he finds conditions too good to be true—at least for his time and plac [...]

  • Marjolein

    Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes Alternative Title: The Satanic MillWhen I started reading it the story felt somewhat familiar. It was only then that I realised this book had been translated into Dutch a long time ago (as De Meester van de Zwarte Molen) and that many of my friends had read this while we were young.And it makes for a perfect children's story. Krabat gets to work in a mill, but soon finds out the Master is training them in black arts and mysterious things are going on. [...]

  • Missy J

    Ok, I will try to describe what this novel made me feel. First of all, I read this novel for the first time when I entered secondary school, but I couldn't remember a single thing of the story. But when I started re-reading this last week, the names immediately came back to me. Krabat. Tonda. Michal. Jirko. Lobosch. Lyschko. The story is set in a magical Germany that is already long gone. That Germany was a diverse place and many languages were spoken besides German. Krabat, the protagonist is a [...]

  • Ana

    anaslair.wordpress/2015/1My first reaction to Krabat was that it was obviously not originally written in English. I found it difficult to believe it is a children's book because it deals with pretty heavy stuff, namely black magic.Our Krabat is a 14 year old boy who makes a living out of begging with two other kids. Then he moves to a creepy mill with a terrifying master and 11 other journeymen.The story has the feel of a folk tale. I was enthralled by the sense of elusiveness conveyed by the wr [...]

  • MaggyGray

    Düster, gruselig, aber doch ziemlich antiquiert. Trotzdem habe ich es gerne gelesen.

  • Yzabel Ginsberg

    (I got a copy of this book through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)I liked this story well enough: it has the definite markings of a fairy tale, somehow reminding me of old legends from my home area. (I'm not German, but we do have our own tales dealing with similar themes, such as clever journeymen who manage to outsmart supernatural beings, etc.)There was magic in the atmosphere here—no pun intended: though sorcery was obviously a strong theme, indeed, events and descriptions th [...]

  • Helmut

    Hinter Sonne und MondDer jugendlichen Krabat gelangt als Lehrjunge in eine seltsame Mühle, die sich schnell als Zauberschule entpuppt. Neben der harten Müllerei lernt der Junge einige geheimnisvolle Zauber und einige wenige Freunde kennen, aber auch Gestalten, die nichts gutes im Schilde führen, wie zum Beispiel seinen undurchschaubaren MeisterNein, ich habe es als Kind nicht gelesen - schade, denn ich glaube, mir hätte dieses Buch außerordentlich gut gefallen. Sogar als Erwachsener zieht m [...]

  • Patricia

    2,5/5An sich hatte die Geschichte Potenzial, man hätte definitiv mehr aus ihr machen können, aber leider wurde das nicht gemacht. Für meinen Geschmack war es zu flach geschrieben, zu viele Sachen blieben unerklärt und auch das Ende ging mir zu schnell. Alles in allem war das Buch okay und bekommt von mir 2,5/5 Sternen.

  • Steelwhisper

    A re-read. Brilliant.

  • Ellinor

    One of my favourite books from childhood: Krabat is one of the rare books I could read again and again.

  • Books'N'Tracks

    Obwohl ich schon mehrere Bücher von Otfried Preußler gelesen und für gut befunden habe, muss ich einräumen, dass dieses hier leider mehr Qual, als Vergnügen für mich war. Schon der Film, den ich vor Jahren mal in der Schule gesehen habe, hat mich Schlimmes befürchten lassen. Aus diesem Grund habe ich lange Zeit einen Bogen um dieses Buch gemacht, bis eine Challenge von mir verlangte ein Buch zu lesen, "an das ich mich bisher nicht rangetraut" habe. Also habe ich mich mit misstrauisch zusa [...]

  • N

    Het verhaal gaat over een 14-jarige jongen genaamd Krabat, die zijn ouders heeft verloren.Nu als bedelmuzikant met twee vrienden, krijgt hij een droom waarin hem word verteld om naar de molen aan het Kosemoeras te gaan. Daar leert hij de molenaarsmeester kennen en ontdekt hij dat het eigenlijk een school der zwarte magie is. Samen met elf andere jongens leert hij de kunst, maar dan valt Krabat iets op; elk jaar verdwijnt er een jongen. Normaal gesproken vind ik dit soort boeken heel erg leuk; ee [...]

  • Jovi Ene

    Spre deosebire de cărțile care compun acum ciclul de Young Adult, pline de personaje neverosimile, de vampiri și monștri, cartea lui Otfried Preußler mi-a adus aminte de basmele autentice, pline de folclor și de legende din negura timpului, savuroase și, în același timp, pline de învățăminte. Cărți culese sau scrise pentru artă, nu pentru a fi comerciale.Krabat, eroul nostru, ajunge la un moment dat la o moară de apă plină de necunoscut, acolo unde tronează meșterul, ajutat [...]

  • Nanna Tirsted

    Nogen gange synes jeg, det er det interessant at genlæse bøger fra min barndom. Krabat er tungere og mørkere end jeg husker den, men jeg blev ikke skuffet over den. Kantorka-pigen står skabere i min erindring, end hun gør i bogen og Krabats prøvelser er svundet ind. Men det siger vel mest om, hvad der betød noget for mig sidst jeg læste den. Krabat er en fin lille bog om mørk trolddom, og hvordan man slipper ud af dens greb. Om venskab og kærlighed.

  • Reelika Raimet


  • Nantiny

    ถ้าเด็กอ่านก็จะสนุกเพราะเป็นเรื่องราวเวทมนตร์ ต่อสู้ผจญภัย แต่ถ้าผู้ใหญ่อ่านก็จะเข้าเค้าว่าจำลองมาจากยุคส.2 ครั้งนาซีคุมอำนาจ เพราะในเรื่องมีแต่หนุ่มๆทั้งน้านนนซึ่งความดี [...]

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