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By Donna Williams | Comments: ( 340 ) | Date: ( Jan 25, 2020 )

In the acclaimed sequel to Nobody Nowhere in which Donna Williams gives readers a guided tour of life with autism Williams explores the four years since her diagnosis and her attempts to leave her world under glass and live normally NPR sponsorship.

  • Title: Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism
  • Author: Donna Williams
  • ISBN: 9780812925241
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback

About Author:

Donna Williams

Donna Williams is the author of Nobody Nowhere The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic, in which she tells of her lifelong battle with autism a developmental disorder originating in infancy and characterized by self absorption, repetitive and rigidly structured behavior, language dysfunction, and an inability to interact socially Williams depicts in her book a world of disembodied color, pattern, and sound At times she would madly rub her eyes and withdraw into bright spots of fluffy color, attempting to escape what she called the intrusive gabble of other people Torn between a dread of physical contact and a desire for emotional connection, Williams would often beat herself then assume a fetal position Hurting herself, as New York Times Book Review contributor Daniel Goleman relates, or doing shocking things were ways to reassure herself that she did indeed exist Goleman explains that books such as Williams s provide a valuable insight into an unfamiliar world, revealing to outsiders that what may seem bizarre and unpredictable follows its own internal logic, however strange Writing for the Los Angeles Times Book Review, Chris Goodrich found that Williams proves herself to be rigorously analytical and remarkably free of self pity, despite a life fraught with fear, pain, and misunderstanding Nobody Nowhere was written by Williams in her efforts to better understand her world Only upon the advice of two therapists familiar with autism did Williams decide to publish her writings Goleman noted that the work provides a fascinating testimony to an intelligence undimmed by mental turmoil, while Goodrich proclaimed that Nobody Nowhere is as brave a book as you ll ever read Williams told CA Autism is not a mental disorder any than it is a communication, social, perceptual, or neurological disorder It is a pervasive development disorder PDD affecting many areas of development It is not a mental illness, nor is it synonymous with mental retardation Source Contemporary Authors Online, Gale, 2003.Source Database Contemporary AuthorsPEN Permanent Entry Number 0000115308

Comments Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism

  • Tracy

    This book continues the story of the author's life after her diagnosis of autism. I found it interesting to read about how she interacts with others with autism, often picking them out in public settings and understanding their perspectives on the way they interact with the world.

  • Daniel L.

    For Somebody Somewhere, "Autism Is Not Me" As we learned from Donna Williams’s first memoir, Nobody Nowhere, there is no typical person with autism; yet, like many people on the spectrum, Donna Williams was distant from the world. That was her world. Donna, a gifted writer, sought to reconcile her world with the world around her. In her first book, Donna felt compelled to “Run and hide, to the corners of your mind, alone/Like a nobody, nowhere.” In looking back, Donna said: On the edge I a [...]

  • Jigme Datse

    OK. I picked this up (I thought I had grabbed Nobody Nowhere: The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic) 3 weeks ago from the library. I remembered that the first time I read these two books that I had really connected with them.Again, I really connected with them. I don't know if this time reading them "second then first" is going to change things. I really connected with this one in particular. She talks a lot about how she is handling the process of becoming herself at the time of the pu [...]

  • Valarie

    **Some people have called the author's autism diagnosis into question, claiming she actually suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which does make sense. Do not read this book as one of your first autism memoirs**More structured than her first book (Nobody Nowhere), this is an interesting memoir of the challenges that face an adult with autism. Very valuable insight for anyone who works with people on the spectrum, though I'm not sure it would interest the general population.

  • Alix Oates

    Great book. Very interesting and very eye opening.

  • Ines

    stupendo!!! di fronte ad un vissuto simile rimango senza parole e capacità di commento.Dio unicamente sa il perchè di questi vissuti e destiniGrandissima Donna Williams!!!

  • Nicole Serrano

    Donna explains how it is to be autistic, how she sees things differently and it's like a complete different world that she is accustomed to and so she tends to distances the real world and her own world. She has 3 specific characters she describes are different sides of her and then her friend, the only guy who has come closest to her world, he helps her and cares for her like no other. It was the hardest thing for her to overcome the fear of exposing her world. I found it sad how she and others [...]

  • Eva Arnold

    I found this to be an honest, insightful and incredibly meaningful book. Donna describes her conflict between the personal and external worlds ('my world' and 'the world'), and how her understanding of the two can't exist simultaneously; either she's in touch with herself, existing in a vacuum of private language, unable to function satisfactorily according to 'the world' standards; or her identity is submerged in 'the world' characters - 'Carol' and 'Willie' in this case - whose social scripts [...]

  • Katie

    I picked up this book in the library as I have read nobody nowhere and found that I liked her voice and explanations of what being autistic was like. This second book was a little more positive as she overcame the temptation to be someone else and hide from herself and also helped others to begin to do the same. I have learned a lot about what it may be like to be autistic from reading the book. And from reading about her talking to other autistic penpals that later went on to form Autism Intern [...]

  • Alisa

    This was another one of those books where it was sitting on the shelf at work, I was bored, so I started reading. This book was interesting. It follows a womans life once she learns she has Autism. At parts it is upsetting and you feel sad for not only this woman but others whom you know have faced the same obsticles as she. I know several people whom have Autism, they learn differently, other than that they are the same as you and me.

  • Emily

    This is the only book I've read thus far by someone with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome. I really enjoyed this woman's story and thought she was insightful about the ways that society might treat someone with this disability. She was really honest about her experiences and hurts, I was thankful to read it.

  • Jennifer Biggs

    This one was really good as well. Sometimes hard to follow, but the ideas and thoughts that Donna voices are amazing. Some left me shocked and others wanting to scream at how we treat people we feel do not belong.

  • Melanie

    I can't tell you how many years it's been since I stopped reading a bookI just couldn't do this one.

  • Michelle.beller

    really interesting insight into what it's like to have autism

  • chaula

    Autism selalu menarik untuk ditelusuri

  • stacey

    A book that opens up a new world for anyone who reads it.

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  • ☆ Somebody Somewhere: Breaking Free from the World of Autism || ☆ PDF Download by ↠ Donna Williams
    428 Donna Williams
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